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FIX: Low FPS in Cyberpunk 2077




Cyberpunk 2077 is the biggest RPG in recent years, and it comes with high system requirements.

Players have been complaining about performance issues, and we will be covering them below.

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Cyberpunk 2077 is a Sci-Fi RPG created by CD Projekt Red, the same developers that brought the Witcher to the gaming world.

The game is an amazing display of how far technology has come, but it did get off to a rocky start at launch, being plagued by issues like crashes, not being able to launch and more.

Unfortunately, a lot of the players that did make the game work are complaining about performance issues, such as FPS drops, performance spikes, long loading times, and more.

Because the game is so popular, we’ve decided to look into several solutions that can se used to fix the problem, and we will be listing them to you in a step-by-step manner in the guide below.

How do I fix performance issues in Cyberpunk 2077? 1. Check your PC’s system requirements

Your go-to solution whenever you are facing performance issues in games is to check out whether your PC meets the minimum system requirements or not.

In fact, most of the times not having a powerful PC can prevent you from launching the game entirely.

That being said, check out the official system requirements of Cyberpunk 2077.

2. Lower your video settings

If your PC does meet the minimum system requirements but still has low FPS, then your next best solution is to simply play the game at lower video settings.

While the game will indeed no longer look as appealing, at least it will be able to play it.

If your PC is powerful enough to run Cyberpunk 2077, it amounts to nothing if the drivers running it are outdated, especially the GPU‘s drivers.

That being the case, a good third-party software utility can come in handy to repair, update, and find all the missing drivers that your PC needs, and one such tool is Outbyte Driver Updater.

Not only will it completely bring your PC up to date driver-wise, it is also incredibly easy-to-use, and lightweight.

Cyberpunk 2077 will run faster and better with updated drivers. Use Outbyte Driver Updater to boost your PC now!

Check priceVisit website

4. Verify the integrity of your game’s cache 4.1. GOG players 4.2. Steam players 4.3. Epic Games players

Press Start

Type in update and select Check for updates

In the Windows Update menu, select Check for updates

Download and install any updates if any are found

Restart your PC

6. Upgrade your PC

This is arguably the most costly solution, yet it is a surefire way to ensure that performance issues in Cyberpunk 2023 will be a thing of the past.

If you don’ have the budget to replace the entire PC, here are some of the key components that can make a difference in terms of gaming performance:




⇒ SSD 

Note: replacing your PC’s HDD with an SSD will greatly decrease loading times if Cyberpunk 2077 is installed on it

If you do have the budget to replace your entire PC, there are several PCs out there that will run Cyberpunk 2077 like it were nothing.

For those that like gaming on the go, a gaming laptop is also a viable option.

By following these steps, you should be able to have a smooth experience playing Cyberpunk 2077.

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Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty Hands

This article was translated from German to English, and originally appeared on

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty looks gorgeous

We’re sitting in a cyberpunk bar sparkling with neon at CD Projekt RED’s super stylish headquarters in beautiful Warsaw, playing on a GeForce RTX 4090, all graphics settings turned up to maximum and in the eye-meltingly beautiful overdrive mode with full real-time pathtracing. It’s the next-generation evolution ray tracing, in which every ray of light is physically correctly reflected, refracted or absorbed when it hits a surface. And this is the Crysis moment that PC gamers have been waiting for for decades.

Mega exciting: Phantom Liberty is staged as a spy thriller, political intrigue in the style of 24 meets House of Cards included. And it just looks damn good. The reflections of the lady’s exosuit here, the sharpness of her facial texture, the naturalness of her lips.

CD Projekt RED

“Can It Run Crysis?” may now be replaced by “Can It Run Cyberpunk with Path Tracing?” Crysis was a game several graphics generations ahead of its competition in 2008.

And Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty is now at least one graphics generation ahead of everyone else. It’s a completely new experience, taking games to a whole other, much more cinematic level. Where we are used to having almost a cone of light pointed at protagonists when we talk to them, here the soft glow of neon lights in a market can only outline their faces, so that we only really see them at close range. It’s much more realistic, and gorgeous.

Again: How sharp the Mantis Blades look, how real the reflections of ambient light feel on the steel. This is the Crysis moment we’ve been waiting for for a long time.

CD Projekt RED

And it works fantastically in this whimsical high-tech world of Cyberpunk 2077, where people have bionic eyes or we don’t see their exoskeleton on their back until they stand up. What makes Cyberpunk 2077 so incredibly strong is that every shop assistant in a market has a story to tell that transports the fantasy of Night City. There are those who have lost their legs in the war. And others who get augmented for fun and because it’s in vogue.

Just look at how real the fire looks here – how the flames shoot up into the sky and are broken through by the drone’s spotlight. It feels like playing a film, which is very impressive.

Dogtown is a fantastic open-world

Dogtown has that vibe of a Las Vegas that didn’t get finished: the ornate pyramid with LED architecture is roughly reminiscent of the Luxor, but all around are run-down casinos, unfinished bars, trash and junk everywhere.

CD Projekt RED

CD Projekt RED is incredibly good at defining a setting through its people and architecture. Dogtown is this wild mix of “shoulda been Night City’s Las Vegas”, with posh hotel complexes and lavish architecture punctuated by curved OLED walls. And then elsewhere it seems so improvised and self-cobbled together again, like in Mad Max: Fury Road. Those areas where corporations don’t matter are ruled with a stern hand by a former military man named Colonel Hanson, and yet it’s not one of those apocalyptic places like downtown LA in Blade Runner 2049.

The market here offers Militech hardware that the corporation left here after the war and rare cyberware in Night City. But each character also has a story to tell, sometimes sad, sometimes funny, sometimes just whimsical and cynical as this world is.

CD Projekt RED

When the futuristic Space Force One crashes into a market, it kills numerous people, sends vehicles in the area careening, triggers explosions in an apartment building, and—because no one can count on fire brigade or trauma units here (which only fly in if you have the right insurance)—the people help themselves.

That’s exactly the beauty of an open world: we can sit on one of the motorbikes here, such as the Brennan Apollo on the side of the road, race through the cordon of Colonel Hansen’s troops and engage in the first wild firefight of Phantom Liberty.

Secret Service robots from the NSU try to secure Space Force One with the President on board, but the spaceship is already surrounded by Kurt Hansen’s Special Forces.

CD Projekt RED

Or we can watch as the people of Dogtown pull others from the rubble, support drones with searchlights, and enjoy some of this exciting architecture.

Phantom Liberty‘s Dogtown is big. This first section oozes that Las Vegas vibe, driven home by an LED pyramid that’s directly reminiscent of the Luxor Hotel on the Strip. Above it are cranes that don’t seem to have been used for ages and half the district is a construction site, including a huge amount of rubbish – Hansen doesn’t seem to have a rubbish collection service.

CD Projekt RED

The bar chain Haven, which also exists in Night City, probably also wanted to set up a location here – we cruise past an LED sign. The sign is still there, but the bar was never built, instead there is now a multiple rocket launcher. I guess they don’t like guests here. Wait a minute, isn’t that where the missiles on the US president came from?

Completely new gameplay and AI

Weapons fanatic Hansen sends Militech killer robots after us. Thank goodness we can now shoot from cars and motorbikes with MP5s and other one-handed weapons.

CD Projekt RED

All right, we’ll be honest: we could have bypassed Hansen’s special commandos entirely Solid Snake-style. Phantom Liberty always gives us multiple play options, but the path to the crashed Space Force One is absolutely swarming with his troops.

Of course, we can also take them out from a distance with the Nekomata sniper with thermal sight, but as soon as we get closer to them, the useful skills of the brand new Relic skill tree become apparent: as Fast Solo, we can activate a kind of bullet-time from the air and riddle the enemy in slow motion – either sneaky, with the Apparition in combination with a silencer.

Practical: The grey market in Dogtown has bullet-time cyberware – if Keanu Reeves is our hologram buddy, we want to shoot like in the Matrix.

CD Projekt RED

Or the good old Warden strum rifle, which we charge up beforehand for maximum firepower (with a particularly opulent muzzle flash shadow thanks to path tracing). With new reflex builds, we now block bullets in mid-air with the Mantis Blades and, with a little skill, bounce them off so that they send their senders to the graveyard of Dogtown.

Or accelerate on a motorbike with our katana and slash Hansen’s boys’ tyres in a car chase.

Or hack cars while driving via cyberware, initiate an emergency stop or make them spontaneously explode.

With katanas we now deflect bullets and slash tyres as motorbike bikers, which makes the ninja weapon much more versatile. CD Projekt RED refines an enormous number of features in a smart way.

CD Projekt RED

The now-much-more-aggressive (and smarter) police AI of Dogtown tries to surround our vehicle with T-bone maneuvers, ram us off the road, and set up their armored trucks and Humvees for roadblocks…which we immediately blow up with heat-seeking missiles mounted permanently in the car. Yippee-ki-yay pork chops. These new James Bond-style vehicles, armored and armed to the teeth, are one of the highlights of Phantom Liberty. Gatling guns on the bonnet? Guided missiles on the gullwing door? Dogtown has something for everyone.

The Barghest introduce wacky home-made armoured vehicles that have more weapons on board than James Bond’s Aston Martin. Would you like a Gatling gun on the bonnet? Or guided missiles from the side wings.

CD Projekt RED

Depending on the heat level, we can change our appearance via cyberware, the cops and Dogtown mercenaries then no longer recognize us directly.

Even better? These many AI optimizations for mercenaries, security, and the Night City Police Department are also coming to the main game, even if you don’t buy the Phantom Liberty expansion. At maximum heat level, we even have to face five new Max Tech Special Forces bosses.

Phantom Liberty’s story and characters

The characters are excellently written across the board so far: President Myers in particular is pretty badass, but also comes across as delightfully scheming – after all, she was CEO of Militech, so she certainly has a ton of bodies buried in the foundation of her mansion.

CD Projekt RED

First, the most important news first: Phantom Liberty still features a lot of Keanu Reeves. Johnny Silverhand is still the ex-rockstar, ex-military dynamo cyber ghost who is deeply jaded in his fury about the world, but puts his cynicism into the best one-liners we’ve seen in videogames in recent years. “The politician bitch will ram her fist a meter up your ass and never pull it out again,” he opines at one point, but that’s just Johnny as he lives and breathes.

Speaking of HBO quality, Hollywood superstar Idris Elba plays Solomon Reed, Myer’s best agent and a man who was betrayed by the Agency and thus became a sleeper agent. He’s a classic CIA guy, good at bringing down governments without you realizing the US is behind it. Phantom Liberty oozes spy thriller vibesl we have no idea who we can trust and who is just playing games with us. Think somewhere between 24 and Clear & Present Danger.

In general, all the characters are very well written, with many shades of gray. There are no classic good guys and bad guys in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty, only go-getters who push through their goals.

“Conflict is storytelling,” as the head writer says. Colonel Hansen is an enormously exciting antagonist because he plays the role of an Escobar, so to speak – he takes care of the inhabitants of Dogtown, who thereby do not realise that he is actually subjugating them.

CD Projekt RED

Songbird wants to help V with her illness, gives us the job, then just disappears after Space Force One crash lands. She seems unconcerned about the President, but nevertheless keen to get final confirmation that Meyers is indeed dead – as if someone paid her to do it. Or is she just unable to show emotion because she’s a holographic AI?

CD Projekt RED is promising the biggest DLC in the company’s history and it certainly seems like we’re going to be introduced to a lot of new characters with shifting motivations.

CD Projekt RED

President Myers seems to have only limited faith in her country’s political elite and seems discreetly cunning – a power politician who would certainly have no problem sacrificing her agents to remain president. In certain moments she also comes across as very human, almost friendly, but she was CEO of Militech and arms suppliers are rarely the Good Guys.

The president offers V, your player character, to become the NSU agent. Whether or not you refuse the offer is up to you but there’s sure to be appropriate consequences either way. With gangs, an NSU agent is more likely to face a bullet, but with certain corporations, it’s likely to open doors

Idris Elba is an interesting cast because he can play many roles: The tough swashbuckler, the lone wolf in Luther. But he can also exude the charm of a James Bond, which we see here in this scene. CD Projekt can vary a lot with him.

CD Projekt RED

Solomon Reed: Idris Elba is a character actor and his character oozes, well, Idris Elba in Phantom Liberty. In Cyberpunk 2077 he’s a Jack Bauer type: a tough dog and old wolf who has seen a lot. His rather reserved manner tends to be a good choice, because Johnny Silverhand is and remains a blabbermouth. There is no harm in a cool, methodical tactician, who can also play the gentleman in the club. But he rarely plays the first violin as Keanu Reeves remains Cyberpunk’s biggest star. And that’s a good thing

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty will be released on September 26, 2023 for PC, Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5.

Fix: Sons Of The Forest Low Fps And Stuttering

Getting low FPS or stuttering issues on newly released high-quality games is becoming the new normal for gamers.

Sons of the Forest is the highly anticipated sequel of The Forest, and its launch has been pretty rough with all the bugs and optimization issues.

Fortunately, there are ways to boost performance, and here I have shown how you can fix it.

We have shown a VIDEO walk through at the end of the post for easy solution. 

The first thing you can do is change the in-game graphics settings. This method is the easiest way to get a performance boost in the game. Follow as shown, and you should see a significant increase in FPS after applying the changes.

In the Display section, set Fullscreen mode to Exclusive Fullscreen.

Next, change the resolution to the native resolution of your monitor.

After you have set the native resolution, set the Vsync to Disabled.

Once you have done that, set FPS to Max.

Set the Quality Preset to Low. If your PC barely meets the minimum requirements, set the preset to Ultra Low.

Scroll down and set Motion blur, Micro Shadowing, Contact shadows, and Chromatic aberration to Off.

Now play the game, and you should see a significant boost in FPS.

The next thing you can do is verify the integrity of game files. Verifying the integrity of the game files will make Steam match the game installation files with the files on its server to find any corrupted or missing files.

Once Steam finds it, it will automatically reacquire and add it. Doing this should fix any stutters you see in-game.

Here is how you can verify the integrity of game files:

Open Steam and head to Library.

Wait for Steam to finish verifying, and once done, play the game.

Another thing you can do is set the game to High Performance from Settings. Doing this will allow Windows to use the dedicated GPU in your PC to run the game with high priority.

Doing this will boost the fps of the game to an extent.

Now, press the Windows + I keys to open Settings.

Next, you can set the power settings to high performance. Doing this will allow the PC to go for performance optimization over power saving.

Type Control Panel on the search bar and select it.

Look for Power Options and select it.

Expand the Show Additional Plans, select

 the High-performance plan and save the changes.

The next thing you can do is ensure the Windows game settings are configured properly for the optimal FPS.

Type Game Mode in the Windows search bar and open the top result.

Turn On the Game Mode toggle.

If you use an Nvidia Graphics card, you can change the settings from the Nvidia Control Panel to boost the performance. Here is how you can do it:

Select Manage 3D settings from the left side.

Head to the Sons of the Forest installation folder and add the exe file.

After adding the game, find Open GL rendering GPU and set it to your graphics card.

Now find the Power Management mode and set it to Maximum Performance.

Next, find Vsync and set it as adaptive.

Next, you can close any unnecessary apps running in the background. Doing this will stop Windows from prioritizing system resources to useless processes and instead focus it on the game.

Doing this should add a five to ten percent increase in performance. Here is how you can do it:

Apps like Discord, GeForce Experience, Google Chrome, and Nvidia Shadow Play are some that you should close before playing Sons of the Forest.

The next thing you need to do is update your graphics drivers. When a new game is released, newer drivers are released to optimize the game’s performance. Here is how you can update the graphics drivers:

For Nvidia graphics card users:

Run the GeForce Experience. If you don’t have it installed, download and install it from Nvidia’s website first.

Restart your PC.

For AMD graphics card users,

Download and install the latest drivers.

Restart your PC.

Another thing you can try is reinstalling the graphics drivers. This solution will fix any driver corruption causing the stuttering or low fps.

Select Uninstall Device and follow as shown.

After the driver gets uninstalled, you will have to install it.

For the AMD graphics driver, install the Radeon app and run it. Similarly, you will need to install and run the GeForce Experience for NVIDIA graphics drivers.

If you already have them installed, simply running them will automatically detect that the graphics drivers are missing, and they will download and install them.

Restart your PC after installing the drivers.

You can also try updating your Windows. Updating Windows can fix any conflict with running the latest games.

Older Windows versions are not optimized for the latest high-quality games, so always try to keep your Windows version up to date.

Here is how you can update Windows:

Type Check for updates in the search bar and select the top result.

Download and install the updates. Once done, restart your PC.

Iphone Ringer Volume Too Low Or Fades, How To Fix

You may be having a problem where your iPhone seems to ring too softly even though you have checked and turned up the volume. There are several settings on your iPhone that can affect the ring volume. In this article, we will take a look at those settings to help you find the problem and get your iPhone ringing as loudly as you would like it to.

The basic volume controls The Ring/Silent switch

If your iPhone is in Silent mode, it won’t ring. The Ring/Silent switch is located on the side of your iPhone, above the volume buttons. If the switch is pushed away from the screen, you will see orange on the switch, and the phone is in Silent mode. If this is the case, flip the switch toward your iPhone screen.

Volume buttons and Control Center volume controls

You can turn up your iPhone’s volume using either the physical buttons on the side of your phone or the volume slider in the Control Center. To open Control Center, swipe down from the upper-right corner of your iPhone screen. These controls may or may not increase your ringtone volume, depending on your settings (see the next section).

Ring tones and ring settings

You’ll find the ringtone and ring volume settings in Sound & Haptics. Open Settings, then tap on Sound & Haptics.

Ringtone and Alert Volume

The main volume controls for your ringtone are in the Ringtone and Alert Volume section. Here you can:

Adjust the volume slider to increase your ringtone volume.

Toggle the Change with Buttons switch. Turn this off if you want to make sure you don’t accidentally turn your ring volume down too low. With it toggled off, your ring volume will always stay at the level you set it with the volume slider.

Sounds and Haptic Patterns

In this section, you can choose your ringtone and vibration pattern.

Tap on Ringtone.

If you want to change the vibration pattern, tap on Vibration.

Under Ringtones, tap on a ringtone to hear a preview. Choose one, then tap on Back in the upper-left corner.

Ring/Silent Mode Switch

In this section, you can choose whether or not your iPhone uses haptics (vibration) when your phone is in Ring and Silent mode.

Other settings that affect the ringer Focus (fka Do Not Disturb)

Any of the Focus modes can affect whether your iPhone rings or not when you receive a call. If you have one of the Focus modes enabled, you will see a small icon at the top of your iPhone screen, such as a crescent moon (Do Not Disturb) or a bed (Sleep). If you have any of your Focus modes set on a schedule, however, you may not see the icon just now, but your Focus modes could still be interfering with your iPhone’s ring during the scheduled times. To check your Focus modes:

Open Settings, then tap on Focus.

Tap on a Focus mode, then scroll down to the Turn On Automatically section.

If you see a schedule there, you can modify it if you like.

You can also scroll to the top under Allow Notifications and tap on People. Under Phone Calls, you’ll see your Allow Calls From setting. Tap on that to change it. Choose from Everybody, Allowed People Only, Favorites or Contacts Only.

Check each of your Focus modes.

Attention Aware

Your iPhone has a feature called Attention Aware that detects whether or not you are looking at your device. This works on all Face ID iPhones, even when Face ID has not been set up on the phone. Attention Aware makes sure the display doesn’t dim while you are looking at it. It also lowers the volume of some alerts if you are looking at your phone. If you don’t want your phone to automatically fade the ringer volume while you are looking at the phone:

Open Settings.

Tap on Face ID & Passcode. Enter your passcode if prompted.

Scroll down to find Attention Aware Features and toggle it off.

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Best Aptx Low Latency Headphones In 2023

Before buying aptX low latency headphones:

Check Codec – It should boast an aptX low latency codec; just aptX or aptX HD won’t suffice.

Check Bluetooth version – 4.0 or above is great, 5.0 is perfect, anything else isn’t worth considering.

Comfort – Consider the weight, shape, size, and material of the headphone and keep your comfort above anything else.

Features – Compare the goodies vs. price, does it has control buttons, app, virtual assistant, noise cancellation, etc.

Is there anything more irritating than listening to the dialogues after the actor’s lips move? Latency can be highly off-putting whether watching a movie, show, music video, or home video.

The great thing is that an excellent quality aptX low latency headphone can erase the issue off your worry list. aptX low latency is a codec specially designed by Qualcomm to enhance the end-to-end speed of audio transmissions, almost killing delays.

The technology lends approx 40ms of latency with compatible Bluetooth devices. So what are you waiting for? Swipe down.

1. Sennheiser HD 450BT: Editor’s choice

Bluetooth: 5. 0

Codec: AAC and aptX low latency

Battery: 30 hours

App: Sennheiser Smart Control

Following suit with Sennheiser’s signature balanced fidelity, the HD 450BT produces a smooth, balanced and enjoyable sound. And thanks to the Qualcomm aptX low latency codec support, it syncs audio and video with less than 40ms of latency.

So, you can watch your shows, listen to music or podcasts without delay. Add in the intuitive equalizer featured in the Sennheiser App, and you’ll get a listening experience tailored to your taste.

And while the ANC (active noise cancellation) is not the best in the industry, it is pretty decent at the price point. Further, the compact foldable design, carry case, and 30-hour battery life makes it a great travel companion.


Superior sound with deep dynamic bass

Decent ANC

Compact foldable design

Intuitive controls from the app

Value for money



Can’t control ANC levels

Check out on Amazon

2. Tribit QuietPlus: Best budgeted aptX low latency headphones

Bluetooth: 5. 0

Codec: aptX and aptX low latency

Battery: 30 hours

App: No

Tribit QuietPlus packs some fantastic features under its hood. For starters, dual 40mm drivers push out high fidelity sound with rich mids and clear highs. And an exclusive hybrid noise cancellation technology with dual microphones.

The over-head earphones can block noise up to 35dB and low-frequency sound by up to 97%. Another plus point is the built-in microphone and CVC 8.0 that enables cleared hand-free calls.


Clear sound

Decent mic performance

Fast charging, up to 3 hours charge in 10 minutes

Cute carrying case


No apps to manage sound output

Lacks proper notification for low battery

Check out on Amazon

3. Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H9 3rd Gen: Most luxe aptX low latency headphones

Bluetooth: 5. 0

Codec: aptX low latency

Battery: 25 hours

App: Bang & Olufsen

Designed to look good and sound amazing, Beoplay H9 3rd Gen is constructed from polished, anodized aluminum, genuine cowhide leather, soft lambskin, and adaptive memory foam.

A dedicated button for Google Assistant and two-device simultaneous pairing further makes things more comfortable. However, it is a tad bit expensive to have just Qualcomm aptX low latency codec; even aptX adaptive or AAC could have been a great addition.


Great audio quality

Two-device simultaneous pairing

Effective ANC

Google Assistant integration



Lacks fast charging

Does not fold down

Check out on Amazon

4. HyperX Cloud MIX: Great aptX headphone for gaming

Bluetooth: 4.2

Codec: aptX, aptX low latency, SBC, AAC

Battery: 20 hours

App: No

HyperX brings the best of both worlds, wired and wireless, to the table. On the one hand, it offers impeccable performance over Bluetooth, whether you are playing movies, songs, games, or taking important calls.

And on the other hand, it comfortably pumps out Hi-Res Audio (10Hz to 40kHz) when wired. Furthermore, it boasts custom-designed 40mm dual-chamber drivers that seamlessly cuts distortion by separating the bass from the mids and highs.

Another brilliant inclusion is a detachable boom mic. While the built-in mic can handle calls efficiently, you can enhance the calling or gaming experience with the Discord and TeamSpeak™ certified mic.


Comfortable wear

Supports Hi-Fi when wired

Detachable braided cable and boom mic

Multi-device compatibility


Slightly expensive

Check out on Amazon

5. Avantree Aria Pro: Great for ‘better-than-CD’ experience

Bluetooth: 5.0

Codec: aptX, aptX HD, aptX low latency, Fast Stream, SBC

Battery: 20-hour

App: Avantree Audio

Between aptX low latency and aptX HD support, Avantree Aria Pro has something for everyone. If you are using low latency compatible devices, lip sync delay during audio-visual listening will be negligible.

And the aptX HD codec delivers a well-balanced, better-than-CD experience with dynamic bass. However, the audio latency is quite prominent here, around 250ms. You are also privy to an effective ANC mode to zone out all the surrounding disturbances.

A remarkable feat is its build. The protein earpad offers a skin-like texture, and you can adjust the earmuffs (up to 90°) and headband to suit your comfort level. You also get a detachable and flexible boom mic when you have to attend many meetings or calls.


Adapts to your music/work/leisure needs

Well-balanced sound

Adjustable earmuff and headband

Detachable boom mic


ANC is average

Latency is high when using aptX HD

Check out on Amazon

6. MEE audio Matrix Cinema: Best aptX headphones for bingeing

Bluetooth: 5.0

Codec: aptX, aptX low latency, AAC, SBC

Battery: 33 hours

App: No

MEE brings some cute and aptly name features/technology to the table. The proprietary audio enhancement technology, CinemaEAR, allows you to switch between four modes that suit your ear and the content you are bingeing on.

If it’s music, the Bass Boost or Dynamic Music mode does the trick. And for shows and movies, you can choose between two Clear Voice modes that boost speech (dialogues) clarity. Then, there is NoiseSHIELD ANC that keeps distracting surrounding noises at bay.

And the man of the hour, Qualcomm aptX low latency codec, ensures that lip-sync for video/audio streaming is on point. Add in the 40mm driver, 33-hour battery life (20-hour with noise cancellation), and you get a perfect TV companion.


All-day wear comfort

Binge modes with CinemaEAR

ANC is fairly good


Slow charging (micro USB)

Default modes, can’t tweak them further

Check out on Amazon

7. Sennheiser CX 350BT: In-ear aptX low latency headphones

Bluetooth: 5.0

Codec: AAC, SBC, aptX and aptX low latency

Battery: 10 hours

App: Sennheiser Smart Control

If overhead, over-the-ear headphones are not your thing, then Sennheiser’s CX 350BT earbuds are one of the best, budgeted, low latency options. The combination of AAC and aptX codec ensures that you get superior audio clarity and perfect sync.

You can also use the Sennheiser’s app to customize the sound further to match your preference. Plus, if you are into podcasts, the in-app podcast mode for optimized speech will have your heart.

And though a noise isolation mode is MIA (missing in action), you’ll find this lightweight neckband headphone perfect for the gym, commute, and more.


Comfortable fit

Two-device connectivity

4-button remote on the neckband

Awesome features in the app


ANC is missing

Check out on Amazon

FAQs related to aptX low latency headphones

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A self-professed Geek who loves to explore all things Apple. I thoroughly enjoy discovering new hacks, troubleshooting issues, and finding and reviewing the best products and apps currently available. My expertise also includes curating opinionated and honest editorials. If not this, you might find me surfing the web or listening to audiobooks.

How To Use Scanline Sync And Cap Fps In Rivatuner

While RivaTuner Statistics Server (RTSS) is most well-known for being bundled with MSI Afterburner and used for monitoring and overclocking GPUs, RTSS actually has some use separate from Afterburner. Here, we discuss those functions and teach you how to use them to cap your FPS (frame per second) or enable Scanline Sync.

What is RivaTuner?

RivaTuner Statistics Server (usually shortened to RTSS) is an application most known for being shipped with MSI Afterburner. The purpose it serves with MSI Afterburner is enabling an on-screen display of framerate and other performance metrics, including GPU utilization and temperatures.

With or without Afterburner, however, RivaTuner is capable of applying FPS caps and enabling Scanline Sync on any monitor.

What is an FPS cap?

Using an FPS cap, you can set your in-game framerate to just at or just under your screen refresh rate. If the game you’re playing offers an FPS cap, chances are high that you’ll want to use that cap instead of RivaTuner’s, but if you want to learn how to use RivaTuner’s for universal application, keep reading.

What is Scanline Sync?

Scanline Sync, like FreeSync and G-Sync, is another technology that looks to replace the V-Sync standard. FreeSync and G-Sync are both hardware-enabled features, though, whereas Scanline Sync is used in software to achieve a similar effect. Scanline Sync is particularly ideal for displays that don’t have FreeSync or G-Sync (e.g. your living room TV, should you want to game on it without horrific screen tearing or input lag).

Where Scanline Sync differs from other V-Sync alternatives is actually hinted at in its name. Unlike other techniques, which work with complete frames as much as possible, Scanline Sync actually allows you to choose a specific scanline, one where screen tearing is near-guaranteed but contained. With the right adjustments, this scanline can be moved nearly offscreen and provide a tear-free, lag-free alternative to V-Sync.

Should I use an FPS cap or Scanline Sync?

While RivaTuner offers both FPS capping and Scanline Sync, you can’t actually use both simultaneously.

The main way to decide between the two features is to take a look at your existing hardware.

FPS caps will work on the most systems with the fewest issues and is preferred to Scanline Sync if you already have a FreeSync or G-Sync monitor. In this case, Scanline Sync’s job is already being done by the monitor (and compatible GPU), so it’s unneeded.

Scanline Sync is best used to compensate for the lack of FreeSync and G-Sync, but it comes with a catch, too: high GPU utilization (~80%+) under Scanline Sync can introduce major screen tearing to an image. If you’re looking to run games on a 60 Hz display with Scanline Sync and have plenty of GPU power to spare, this shouldn’t be an issue. But if you experience any, we highly recommend turning down settings or using an FPS cap instead.

How to set an FPS cap in RivaTuner

Make sure “Application detection level” is set to Low or higher, and you’re good to go: you’ve set a global FPS cap. Should you ever want to remove it, simply turning off RivaTuner will do the job.

How to set up Scanline Sync in RivaTuner

In order to use Scanline Sync in RivaTuner, the framerate limit must first be set to 0, since the two functions are mutually exclusive. Don’t worry, as this won’t literally set your frames to 0 – it just disables the FPS capping function so Scanline Sync can be used.

Now that the Framerate limit is set to 0, it’s time to set the Scanline Sync. The number that you’ll be setting in this field is not a framerate limit but rather coordinates for the tearline. Your exact results will vary depending on the size and resolution of your display, and you will need to manually adjust this value in increments of 10 since there is no one-size-fits-all option.

The best place to start is to take your vertical resolution (for instance, 1080 pixels on a 1080p screen or 1440 pixels on a 1440p screen), and subtract that number by 150 to 200. For a standard 1080p display, we recommend starting at 930 as a baseline and reducing as needed until you’ve achieved the desired result.

Christopher Harper

I’m a longtime gamer, computer nerd, and general tech enthusiast.

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