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Businesses making temporary changes to their usual services can now prominently display those changes on their Facebook page.

If a customer visits the Facebook page of their favorite restaurant, for example, they can quickly see if it’s still offering delivery and/or pickup service.

If a business is simply closed for the time being, with no services being offered, that can be indicated as well.

This capability is being added in response businesses being forced to close due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

In an announcement, the company states:

“To help businesses respond to the COVID-19 outbreak, we’re enabling businesses to announce temporary service changes on their Facebook Page and in searches on Facebook.

Businesses that have changed how they operate, like fitness studios offering virtual classes or restaurants offering delivery instead of dine-in service, can easily indicate those changes to customers.”

Here’s how to add temporary service changes to your Facebook page.

Updating Temporary Service Changes

From there, either indicate that the business is temporarily closed or choose from a selection of other options.

If applicable, businesses can indicate they’re “Open with Service Changes” such as:

Online Services



Other Changes

The “other changes” option should be used to indicate things such as special hours for the elderly, access to gift card purchases, or anything else that has changed in response to COVID-19.

How Temporary Service Changes Appear on a Facebook Page

Information about temporary service changes will appear on a business’s Facebook page, in the Facebook page preview, and in Facebook search results.

This information will also be used to curate a list of local resources on Facebook.

For example, in the Events section, you can find a featured list of businesses offering delivery, businesses offering online (virtual) services, and so on.

Other New Features for Businesses on Facebook

Gift Card Discovery

Facebook has been updating its platform on a near-daily basis in response to the rapidly changing nature of the COVID-19 outbreak.

As a way to support local businesses during this time, communities are encouraging customers to purchase gift cards that can be used when the business eventually reopens.

Now, Facebook is shining a spotlight on gift cards with improved discovery features.

Customers can discover the gift cards right on Facebook and purchase them immediately.

First, businesses have to set up gift card purchasing with either Square or Kabbage and follow the provided instructions.

Once set up, businesses can share links to their digital gift card purchase page in posts, stories, or anywhere else they choose.

Facebook will also highlight gift cards in other areas of its platform, so customers can discover them even if they’re not following the business.

Businesses can sign up for this new program here.


Previously reserved for non-profit organizations and charities, local businesses can now create fundraisers on Facebook.

As Facebook phrases it, this is as a way for customers to support struggling businesses and help them cover sudden expenses.

A business fundraiser can be set up just like setting up any other kind of fundraiser on Facebook.

During the setup process, indicate that you want to “Raise Money for a Personal Cause.”

Then select “Business” as the category of fundraiser.

Source: Facebook for Business

You're reading Facebook Lets Businesses Show Temporary Service Changes On Their Facebook Pages

Should Facebook Have A Temporary Unfollow Feature?

Although Facebook is a great place to catch up with friends and family, it can also be a bit exhausting to deal with the intensity it sometimes brings with it. Since people can socialize about virtually everything, they actually might do just that, making some discussions a bit annoying. They can clutter your news feed and (dare I say) annoy you a bit. On 14 September 2023, TechCrunch noticed a snooze feature on Facebook that allows you to temporarily eliminate a person’s or page’s posts on your news feed. Hype aside, this feature might actually prove useful in the long term.

How the Feature Works

Have you ever had someone post a bunch of stuff on your news feed that makes you grind your teeth at times? You usually have two options: You can either block the person (which effectively removes them as your friend) or permanently unfollow them (which means you’ve muted the person for good from your news feed). There is no in-between. You either outright remove their presence or swallow it until the saga is over.

Facebook read between the lines and decided to begin testing a feature that would make it possible for you to temporarily mute someone from your news feed just as you would from their Messenger platform. You have the option of determining the length of this “time-out period” which would fall anywhere between just twenty-four hours and thirty days for the most extreme cases. Once that period is over, you’ll see that person’s posts on your news feed again. You could also do this to a page that you just don’t feel like following for the time being.

Is There Some Merit to It?

Until recently it seemed sufficient to just scroll over posts one would find annoying, but the snooze feature that Facebook has just recently debuted might actually prove to be useful for some who wish to keep their news feed “clean.”

Anyone who uses Facebook frequently can tell stories about that one time their friend started going on somewhat unnerving rants for a short period of time until they cooled down. Things happen in people’s lives that sometimes prompts them to use social media as an outlet for their frustrations. That doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone on their friend list wants to be an audience to these rants.

Usually these outbursts cool down after a certain period of time. Having the option to “snooze” the person for a couple of days might actually be useful for someone who doesn’t want to burn a bridge with the individual but at the same time would prefer not to see these ramblings. For some people simply scrolling past the posts might be insufficient, and this presents a good compromise that doesn’t require them to block another person for what would seem like a petty reason.

Miguel Leiva-Gomez

Miguel has been a business growth and technology expert for more than a decade and has written software for even longer. From his little castle in Romania, he presents cold and analytical perspectives to things that affect the tech world.

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How To Search Facebook For People, Posts, Businesses, And More

How to Perform a Facebook Search on PC

How to Perform a Facebook Search on Android and iPhone

Open the Facebook mobile app.

Tap on the search button at the top, type your query and hit the Search icon.

You will be greeted by relevant search results. Filter the results by Posts, People, Groups, Photos, etc., using the tabs at the top. Swipe left to view all of the available filters.

Inside each filter, tap on the Options icon at the top-right corner to apply more filters based on each category.

How to Search for Old Facebook Posts Using Filters

You can use Facebook search to find your own previous posts, your friends’ posts, or posts of non-friends without scrolling.

How to Search within Your Profile, Someone Else’s Profile, a Page, or Group

Besides the above method, you can search for a post directly from your own profile, someone else’s profile, or within a group or page. This feature is available on both mobile and PC.

How to Search for People on Facebook

Different people will have the same name on Facebook, and it becomes difficult to find the person you are looking for. To make things easy, Facebook lets you find people based on their city, education, and work.

How to Search for Photos and Videos on Facebook How to Search for Items within Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a great place to buy things, especially when you know how to search correctly.

How to Find Facebook Pages, Groups, and Places

Similarly, if you are looking for a specific page, group, or place, you can narrow the search results using various available filters as shown below:

Pages can be found by their location, verified badge, and category.

Groups can be found by their city and type of group.

Places filters are based on functionality, such as delivery, takeaway, location, price, status, visited by friends, etc.

You can search for events based on their type, such as online or paid events, location, event date, family friendly, categories, and popularity with friends.

How to Find Jobs on Facebook

Sadly, Meta, who owns Facebook, has removed the native feature of finding job listings on Facebook. Only users based in the U.S. and Canada can create new job postings.

How to Search Facebook for Events

Events are quite popular on Facebook. You can easily find events in two ways.

Method 1: Find Events Near Me

In Facebook’s search, type “events near me.”

The Events card will show up. Tap on it to view upcoming events.

Use the filters and categories on the left and at the top to find the desired event.

Method 2: Find an Event Using Its Name How to Manage and Clear Facebook Search History

Facebook offers an easy way to clear the entire search history or even individual search queries.

Clear Facebook Search History on PC Clear Facebook Search History on Android and iPhone

On the mobile app, tap on the Search icon on Facebook’s home page.

When the search screen appears, tap on the “X” icon to delete a recent search or press “See All” to view all of the search history records.

Tap on “Clear All” to clear the entire history or remove individual items by using the “X” icon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Other ways to search Facebook include dedicated search engines for social media sites and social searcher.

Can someone tell if you look at their Facebook profile or search for them?

Luckily, no. Facebook will not inform the other person even if you search for them or look at their profile a thousand times. However, be cautious not to like a post accidentally on their profile.

If you don’t want others to find your profile in their Facebook search, you can either lock it or make Facebook private. You can even deactivate your account if you want to stop using Facebook temporarily.

Mehvish Mushtaq

Mehvish is a tech lover from Kashmir. With a degree in computer engineering, she’s always been happy to help anyone who finds technology challenging. She’s been writing about technology for over six years, and her favorite topics include how-to guides, explainers, tips and tricks for Android, iOS/iPadOS, Windows, social media, and web apps.

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Add A Theme To Facebook Using My Facebook Theme

Getting started

Have you ever wanted to jazz up your Facebook profile? While the social network does not allow themes, there are many utilities that let you add a theme to Facebook. One of the better tools for doing this is My Facebook Theme.

In order to get the most out of My Facebook Theme, you actually have to install two extensions: My Facebook Theme and Facebook Theme Creator.

They are both by the same developer and work well with one another to give you the most pre-made themes, along with the ones you create yourself.

Once both are installed, you can open the extensions to either utilize a pre-made theme or create your own. There are a wide variety of pre-made themes to choose from. In other wordss, you have many options for adding a theme to Facebook.

You can open My Facebook Theme from Facebook with the handy little link added to your top toolbar.

Creating your own themes

My Facebook Theme’s biggest asset is being able to create your own theme. While this is a very simple theme maker, it can make a big impact depending on what you want to do and the time you have to be creative.

The first part of the Editor deals with the Background.

You can choose the color of the background or use an image. If you use an image, you can choose whether it scrolls or stretches across your Facebook page or how to tile it for the best fit possible. Then, you can choose the image position if you choose to center it or off-set it.

The second part of the Editor lets you change how the primary Facebook toolbar looks.

You can change its background color and link color.

The final part of the Editor lets you change the links, text and header colors of your Facebook feed and profile.

Depending on the type of changes you make and the background you use, you are given a lot of leeway in the color choices you make to get just the right match.

These changes, along with the pre-made themes you may end up using, will be utilized across all profiles and pages on Facebook.

Using pre-made themes

My Facebook Theme also utilizes pre-made themes. These come in a variety of categories from cartoons to nature to holidays and more.

You can also take a pre-made theme and make it more your own by customizing it with the “Build Your Own” option once you have installed it.

Sharing your themes

After you create your own theme, you can save it to My Facebook Theme by linking the two via Facebook.

You can then switch in and out of themes as you see fit but still keep the creations you have worked hard on.

You can also share the theme with others through social networks and if they use the extensions, they, too, can use it to theme their Facebook.

My Facebook Theme used to be available for Firefox but is no longer supported for the browser.


My Facebook Theme is a great way to customize your Facebook experience, especially if you are bored of the everyday look of the social network. You can add a theme to Facebook by using pre-made themes, tinkering with them or creating your own which gives you creative control over what Facebook looks like.

Image credit: Facebook wallpaper

Melissa Popp

Melissa Popp has been a freelance writer for over a decade. While she primarily has focused on writing about technology, she’s also written about everything from custom mailboxes to health care to just about anything in between. Melissa is the Content Strategist for chúng tôi the nation’s leading marketplace for trailers for sale, the Social Media Manager for the best roofing Denver company as well as a Writer here at MakeTechEasier. She’s a proud support of the Denver SEO community and a big fan of online radio.

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How To Play Games On Facebook Messenger

Over the last few years, Facebook has struggled to find a home for its gaming feature. The social media games were once found in the Facebook Messenger app, but can now only be accessed via the Facebook app itself.

In this article, we’ll explain how you can play games on Facebook and what kinds of games are available.

Table of Contents

Can You Play Games on Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Messenger games used to be accessible via a game controller icon hidden inside chats in the Facebook messaging app. These games could be played as embedded apps or via video calls in Messenger Rooms.

In the latest version, games are found via the Facebook website or Facebook app (rather than the Facebook Messenger app). This is true for both iPhone and Android users. If a multiplayer game is started, you’ll be able to send an invite to another player via Messenger, but the game has to be initiated from the Facebook app.

What Games Can You Play on Facebook?

The number of Facebook instant games has risen exponentially over the last few years. Starting with a humble 17 games, there are now hundreds of single and multiplayer games available to play.

Here are some of the best games:

EverWing – A scrolling shooter game using dragon sidekicks to fight against monsters.

8 Ball Pool – A virtual billiards game that you can play with friends.

Candy Crush Saga – A version of Candy Crush that is playable on Facebook.

FarmVille 2 – A remake of the famous FarmVille game, playable on Facebook or as a standalone app.

Note: Unfortunately, some of the popular games that used to be available no longer are, including Space Invaders, Pac-Man, and Galaga.

How to Play Games on Messenger

To play games in the Facebook app:

Download the



Facebook Messenger

apps. These can be found in the Google Play Store if you use an Android device, or the App Store if you use an Apple iOS device like an iPhone or iPad.

On the Facebook app, log in to your Facebook account.

On the home page, tap the icon made of nine squares in the top-right corner of the screen.

Under “All shortcuts”, tap



Choose the game you would like to play. If it’s a multiplayer game, you can send an invite via Messenger for another person to have their turn. They will receive a notification informing them of your invite that they can use to access the game.

How to Play Games on the Facebook Website

To play games on the Facebook website:



in your web browser and log in to your account.

Select the game you want to play. As above, you can send invites via Facebook messenger for multiplayer games, or play alone if you wish.

Gaming Has Never Been Easier

If you’re looking for something to do on your lunch break or you just want an excuse to message someone you haven’t spoken to in a while, why not try Facebook’s instant games? Hopefully, with this tutorial, you can get your Messenger gaming up and running again.

Facebook Releases Ar Camera Effects Platform, & Vr Facebook Spaces

At Facebook’s developer conference F8 today, the company announced its new software platforms that mix augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality.

The company is taking a leap into a new realm of interactions, and they’ve started by sharing a lot of them today. Some of the new software can already be seen inside of Facebook’s camera app starting today.

New live 3D camera effects for Facebook

Available today, the official Facebook app now supports adding live AR effects in the camera app. Shown off on stage, different artists from around the world will be able to contribute different effects and styles to the camera.

To get started, users can swipe over to their camera from the main Facebook feed. From here, they’ll see some messages about the new effects added in. Users will be able overlay masks and different visuals to their photos before sharing.

Facebook’s new augmented reality Camera Effects Platform

Launching today in a closed beta, Facebook believes its Camera Effects platform will be able to utilize smartphones as the next step in augmented reality. Mark Zuckerberg took to the F8 stage to explain that phone camera’s are the “primitive versions” of the glasses or contact lens AR experiences many hope to eventually achieve. Facebook announced that its new closed beta AR platform will focus on the device’s camera to build out this new system.

The AR platform will rely on three key aspects in helping developers build out software: Precise Location, 3D Effects, and Object Recognition.

Using Precise Location, the AR platform will be able to place different imagery atop the camera’s viewfinder live. Zuckerberg showed an example of sharks swimming around a cereal bowl, and the camera panning around while the sharks stay in place.

With 3D Effects, the platform can build out limited 3D environments using a 2D photo. On stage Zuckerberg showed an image of a small room, and how he was able to pan about and drop in bouncing balls and fill the room with Skittles.

The AR platform’s Object Recognition can use real-time visuals to understand objects within a space. Showing a photo of a plant, a coffee mug, and a wine bottle, the platform was able to detect and apply applicable imagery to the objects. The plant got a thunderstorm overhead that “watered” it, and the wine was able to get a small information card detailing it’s price and origins.

Connecting in VR with Facebook Spaces

Launching today and available for the Oculus Rift and Touch, Facebook has created a place to meet with friends in virtual reality. Dubbed Facebook Spaces, users will be able to create identities that look like and represent themselves online.

By picking a photo already uploaded to Facebook, Spaces will automatically give an array of options for users to pick from. After the look has been chosen, users can invite other Facebook friends to join in online.

Facebook’s intention here is to create a world where others can meet, even if they can’t be in the same physical space at the same time. Friends will be able to sit down together at tables and draw 3D objects and share them with one another live.

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