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Facebook reports that roughly 7 out of every 10 people in the world use devices less sophisticated than a smartphone to access the Internet, like a feature phone. Many of these people reside in high-growth countries like India, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, South Africa and Nigeria.

Since then, we’ve improved ad delivery by optimizing for low-bandwidth connections and offered enhanced features that give brands more storytelling options. Advertisers can reach millions for people — some for the very first time — on any device and in any country.

“Missed Call” Ad Units

Facebook has been using local insights to find new solutions. For example, in India there is a “missed call” behavior that acts as a workaround for expensive voice calls.

Think of it like how pagers used to work. People dial a number and hang up before before the call connects, that way they’re not charged for voice minutes. The purpose of this is to send a signal such as “I’m outside,” or “Call me back.”

Facebook is testing an ad unit in India that builds on this behavior:

Facebook reports that they have seen positive results in early tests, and plans to scale this product in the coming months with additional partners and markets.

New Ad Targeting Options

Geo-targeting: Advertisers in high-growth countries can now target people by state or even multiple states in India without having to list multiple cities. Facebook adds that their teams are currently working on additional geo-targeting enhancements in Nigeria, Turkey, South Africa, India, Indonesia and across Latin America.

Facebook points out that they will continue to rethink how they develop and implement products and services in high-growth countries: “Businesses in high-growth countries need customized solutions to connect with people.”

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How To Change Netflix Password On Any Device

Quick tips:

If you share your Netflix account with someone else, it’s always good to know how to change the Netflix password because you never know when it might come in handy. Additionally, it often becomes difficult to remember the password.

So to prevent you from being an outsider in your own account, here’s how you can reset or recover the password of your Netflix account.

Note: You can’t change the Netflix password through the mobile app. Hence, whether you have an iPhone, Android, or a smart TV, you need to visit Netflix on the web to change the password.

Change the Netflix password on browser

Since almost every platform has access to a browser, this method can be considered best to change the password of Netflix, especially if you are using it on Windows or Mac. But in this method, you need to know your previous password. Here’s how to do it.

Note: If you don’t know your current password, I have added the steps to reset your Netflix password below.

You can also enable Require all devices to sign in again with new password to make the previous logged-in devices re-login with the new password.

How to reset your Netflix password 

If you don’t remember your Netflix password, here are not one but three different ways to reset it.

1. Change your Netflix password by email

The link will only be valid until 24 hours since you have received it. If you didn’t use it within that time, you need to visit the official Netflix help page again to get the reset link.

What if you didn’t receive any reset link?

Make sure you have entered your email correctly.

Check your spam, junk, promotions, or other email filter folders you have created.


[email protected]

to your contact list, and try the password reset link again.

Wait for some hours and see if you have received it.

What if the link doesn’t work?

Delete all the Netflix password reset emails that you have received.

Visit  chúng tôi  to clear the cache.

Now, visit the Netflix help page again to send the reset link.

Check if you can use the link now.

Despite these steps, if you can’t still use the link, try to open it through another device.

2. Reset Netflix password by phone number 

If you haven’t linked your phone number with your account or have an old number that you don’t use:

How to recover email and password linked with Netflix account

Do you always forget the email and password of your Netflix account? Because I do, and I have the solution for that. Finally!

By these steps, you will be able to find your account. Try to keep the information in a safe place inside your iPhone or Mac instead of taking this big route to recover your Netflix account. If these steps are not helping, better contact Netflix customer care for further assistance

What to do if you’re kicked out of your Netflix account?

Yeah, some people will kick us out of our account (well, that’s how grateful some people are). It could be either that one “good” friend or someone who has access to your account. So, what to do if you are removed from your own Netflix account?

Use the email reset method and enable Require all devices to sign in again with new password to prevent them from accessing your account.

You may get an email from Netflix to recover your account if someone tries to hack it.

If none of the ways works, contact Netflix Customer support.


Q. Can anyone change my Netflix password?

If anyone has access to your account with the login credentials, they can change the password or even the email and phone number linked to your Netflix account.

Q. Is sharing my Netflix password illegal?

Yes, Netflix is now taking measures to stop password sharing outside a household. The streaming giant is planning to bring additional charges for those who share their password with others outside their home.

That’s it!

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Anoop loves to find solutions for all your doubts on Tech. When he’s not on his quest, you can find him on Twitter talking about what’s in his mind.

This Ios Date Trick Will Brick Any Device

An interesting bug relating to the date and time system in iOS has emerged recently. Several users have discovered that if you change your iOS device’s date to January 1st, 1970, your device will be permanently bricked. You can see the process in the video below, and while I don’t have any desire to try it out to confirm, it’s pretty apparent based on separate reports that it’s a legitimate issue.

In order to change your date and time settings, you have to go to the Settings app, tap the General menu, choose Date & Time, and turn off the Set Automatically option. From there, you’ll have to scroll through the menu until it reaches as far back as it goes. After that, go back to the General menu then go back into the Date & Time settings and scroll backwards again. You’ll have to repeat this process until you reach 1970. The video below shows specifically how to do it.

After you successfully set your iOS device’s date to January 1st, 1970, you’ll then want to reboot your phone and book a trip to the Apple Store. Once you reboot, your device will reportedly not come back on. You can put it into DFU and even get iTunes to recognize it to perform a restore, but even after that, it will remain stuck on the boot up screen.

@9to5mac If true, then it’s impossible to replace the battery. 010170 is the default after disconnecting the battery. Maybe error 54?

— Jürgen Kraus (@ElectronicFart) February 11, 2023

A Reddit thread offers a handful of possible causes of the issue. The most reasonable appears to be that it all comes down to time zones and that setting the date to January 1st, 1970 causes the internal clock to be set to less than zero, which confuses the device and crashes it.

One Twitter user says that the device could come back on after 5 hours, while another notes that changing the SIM card could fix the issue, as well. Other users, however, say that it has been longer than 5 hours, some upwards of a day, without the device coming back on. If your device comes back on after 5 hours, expect it to be very laggy, but you should be able to go into Settings and change the date back.

@9to5mac Many kids testing at apple store as we speak.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen odd bugs causing iOS devices to crash. Last year, sending a text message with a certain string of Arabic code caused the Messages app to crash and the iPhone to reboot, sometimes continuously. This year, a website emerged that crashes Safari every time you visit it. This date and time bug, however, is unique in that it permanently bricks your device.

We haven’t tested this issue first-hand and we don’t recommend that you do either, as it will likely result in you having to make a trip to the Apple Store to get a new phone. Nevertheless, the video below demonstrates the process:

Thanks Zach!

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How Is Digitalization Helping Cash Management?

The Financial Sector has to be meticulous in its cash management as there are a daily inflow and outflow of cash in large volumes. Organizing the flow of cash is essential to have liquidity for business operations and grow better, especially when the world is becoming much smaller. As an important financial activity, cash management is now assuming a new form to meet the requirements of the modern world. This digitalization of cash management is required to store and transfer cash in the form of ‘e-cash’. A digital ecosystem allows for ease of connectivity and communication of important information. A bank can benefit significantly by making the shift from in-house employees to hiring a cash management service provider. This provider can optimize your cash distribution network, provide

Digitalization and Cash Management Automation

Traditional cash management is proving to be no longer viable. The digitalization of cash management helps in automation. As numerous, monotonous transactions are constantly taking place, digital cash management can make this entire process faster and efficient. Errors by employees in the course of their employment is avoided to a considerable extent. Therefore, the institution or business can eliminate the possibility of human error. With a variety of tools and smart functionalities, the whole cash management process is enlivened by technology.  

Customer Service

With modern-day cash management services, there is an increase in customer satisfaction. There is an active engagement with the customer. Customers of today, millennials, in particular, are very tech-savvy and expect the banking services to be in alignment with and support their fast-paced living. Customers expect quick, timely responses. Digital money helps in making very quick, long-distance transactions. Customers can be served to their maximum satisfaction through digital cash management as it uses databases. Using these services is a great way to retain customers, encourage customer loyalty and increase the customer base.  

Preventing Fraud

There is a real-time record for every transaction that takes place. The digital cash management system is empowered with analytics and monitoring capacities to check for discrepancies, fraud, and illegal activities. It can keep a check on the behavioral activity and detect any suspicious deviation from the norm. With the rise in theft and loss, it is essential to optimize banks and businesses’ cash management system. With secured gateways, there is a greater sense of trust that can prevail with these systems. Integration of cash management solutions with financial institutions is an absolute necessity keeping in mind all the numerous cyber threats, cyber-attacks and the possibility of other illegal crimes that can threaten a financial institution’s service and reputation. With a modern cash management platform system, a user-friendly interface paves the way for a better overall customer experience.  

Reduction of costs

A good digital cash management system can help avoid all the unnecessary, time-consuming infrastructural needs and the burden of hiring employees and having ongoing obligations and formalities as an employer. Digitalization of cash management has proven to be very cost-effective in this regard. However, the existing employees themselves will find that much of their redundant, monotonous and repetitious work is eliminated because of the automation that a digital cash management system offers. And so, they have more time on their hands to meet the important needs and for the business’s core functions. With the reduction of operation costs and other organizational costs, a business can have more room for investment. Having all the business processes automated and inviting new technology such as cloud-based banking is an excellent way to reduce the costs that come with traditional cash management. A business can expect more profits this way.  

Financial Planning

Opting for digitalized cash management services has the benefit of giving you a very clear-cut, accurate picture of the cash flowing in and out of your business. This allows the finance department in your business in making better, healthy plans for investment, growth, development and expansion of the business. Digitalization of cash management services has, therefore, resulted in better forecasting ability. The digital software and products available can show you where your business stands when it comes to balances, income, expenses and other important information. It will provide you with the most accurate, best financial reports regularly.

Avoiding downtime

A financial institution or a business can experience cash shortages and downtime. Digital cash management systems can reduce the possibility of these unfortunate occurrences by using accurate predictions and performing diagnostic functions. Businesses will not have to rely on a technician to come to the site for regular maintenance and to fix these issues. With remote monitoring and 24×7 superior service, digital cash management services stand unparalleled. They can even solve these problems in the system even before they occur.  

Digital Services Are Customizable

A good cash management service provider offers you a wide range of products and services, from a-la-carte services to package services to customizable services. Incorporating these tailor-made-services into your business structure can optimize all your cash management processes.  

Streamlining of Cash Management Processes

The digitalization of cash management solutions has proven to be more effective in cash-handling processes than hiring and training employees to perform these functions. These cash solutions provide troubleshooting and perform other diagnostic functions. There is undoubtedly more transparency as there is quick access to reports that effectively increase the scale of operations and business performance.  

In Conclusion

Due to their smart functionality and high utility, Digital Cash Management Solutions has led to increased liquidity and cash management. With a sound cash management policy, a business can strategize better and make informed decisions.  It helps a business safely collect, organize and distribute the cash smoothly. Many banks, because of their diversified and complex functions, now choose to outsource many of their services.

This Couplepreneur Is Helping Charleston Startups Attract Funding

When Belinda and Jake Hare founded Launchpeer a few years ago, they weren’t sure if they could make it. Charleston’s tech scene was still emerging and finding new business was an uphill battle. Growth wasn’t happening and revenue was so low that they drained their savings accounts, maxed out credit cards, and even missed mortgage payments. It’s a story that might sound familiar to most entrepreneurs, but one that’s rarely shared.

“The first year building Launchpeer was extremely difficult.” Jake said. “At one point, we were planning for the worst and even started fixing up a small camper that we could move ourselves and our two small children into if needed. We were all in, with no safety net whatsoever.”

After making several strategic changes and tweaking their business model, things started to turn around. The team grew from four to 22 employees in just nine months, working alongside more than 200 startups in the past two years. Better yet, the Hares didn’t have to move their family into a camper.  

After their entrepreneurial rollercoaster ride, Jake and Belinda knew they wanted to do something to help early-stage entrepreneurs avoid those same pitfalls.

“We learned a lot during that time,” Belinda said, “but it would have been nice to have some support.”

Three years ago, Charleston, South Carolina was still getting its footing as a tech hub. Now, the coastal city ranks 11th in the U.S. for high tech GDP growth and 4th for its entrepreneurial ecosystem, according to Inc. It’s home to major technology companies like Blackbaud, Benefitfocus, and Snagajob, as well as an increasing number of coworking spaces and early-stage startups.

Read our coverage from DIG SOUTH at TechCo

But there’s certainly room for improvement.

“Startups in Charleston and around the Southeast don’t have the same resources as our counterparts in New York and San Francisco, especially when it comes to funding,” Belinda said.

“The local community is thriving, and thanks to our smaller scale, it’s easier for entrepreneurs to tap into all the available resources in a very short amount of time,” adds Jake. “But if we want the Charleston tech scene to continue to grow, we have to do more to prop up real, viable, revenue-generating startups so investors in larger metros will start to take notice.”

So the duo is rolling up their sleeves to make it happen.

This summer, Jake and Belinda started Launchpeer Labs, a combination of part investment fund, accelerator, and startup studio geared towards idea-stage companies who haven’t yet built a product, created a team, or secured funding to bring their idea to life.

“Launchpeer Labs is our way of propping up new startups, giving them the resources they need early so they can get to revenue, get follow-on investment, and then begin to draw larger investors to the Charleston tech scene,” Jake said.

The hybrid startup program will provide new companies with a $50,000 investment and access to a cofounding team to build their MVP and MDP.  Launchpeer team members who work with Labs participants will each get vested in the equity from the Labs startups, ensuring their dedication to the long-term success of Labs portfolio companies. In exchange for seed funding and talent, Launchpeer Labs will take 30 percent equity and will require the startups, or “Founders-in-Residence,” to relocate to Charleston, SC for at least one year.

The Labs startups will work alongside Launchpeer to go from zero to fully validated, revenue generating, and seed-funded within 4 to 6 months.

“We’re providing a resource that doesn’t readily exist in the Southeast,” Jake said. “It’s one we would’ve loved to have when we started our company, and we hope it will fuel new business growth, increase job creation, and bring the investment attention our startup community needs.”

As part of this bigger mission, Jake and Belinda partnered with VentureSouth, one of the nation’s largest angel investment organizations, to help the Labs startups secure follow-on funding of $100-500K. The VentureSouth network invested $4.5 million in 15 Southeastern companies in 2023, and they’ll offer additional funds to Labs companies who meet their criteria after the program.

“The ultimate goal of this program is to continue growing Charleston as a thriving tech hub,” Belinda said. “Until now, idea-stage entrepreneurs haven’t had this level of targeted support or direct connection to investors. We’re solving that problem, all in an effort to strengthen our region’s startup ecosystem.”

How To Search Facebook For People, Posts, Businesses, And More

How to Perform a Facebook Search on PC

How to Perform a Facebook Search on Android and iPhone

Open the Facebook mobile app.

Tap on the search button at the top, type your query and hit the Search icon.

You will be greeted by relevant search results. Filter the results by Posts, People, Groups, Photos, etc., using the tabs at the top. Swipe left to view all of the available filters.

Inside each filter, tap on the Options icon at the top-right corner to apply more filters based on each category.

How to Search for Old Facebook Posts Using Filters

You can use Facebook search to find your own previous posts, your friends’ posts, or posts of non-friends without scrolling.

How to Search within Your Profile, Someone Else’s Profile, a Page, or Group

Besides the above method, you can search for a post directly from your own profile, someone else’s profile, or within a group or page. This feature is available on both mobile and PC.

How to Search for People on Facebook

Different people will have the same name on Facebook, and it becomes difficult to find the person you are looking for. To make things easy, Facebook lets you find people based on their city, education, and work.

How to Search for Photos and Videos on Facebook How to Search for Items within Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a great place to buy things, especially when you know how to search correctly.

How to Find Facebook Pages, Groups, and Places

Similarly, if you are looking for a specific page, group, or place, you can narrow the search results using various available filters as shown below:

Pages can be found by their location, verified badge, and category.

Groups can be found by their city and type of group.

Places filters are based on functionality, such as delivery, takeaway, location, price, status, visited by friends, etc.

You can search for events based on their type, such as online or paid events, location, event date, family friendly, categories, and popularity with friends.

How to Find Jobs on Facebook

Sadly, Meta, who owns Facebook, has removed the native feature of finding job listings on Facebook. Only users based in the U.S. and Canada can create new job postings.

How to Search Facebook for Events

Events are quite popular on Facebook. You can easily find events in two ways.

Method 1: Find Events Near Me

In Facebook’s search, type “events near me.”

The Events card will show up. Tap on it to view upcoming events.

Use the filters and categories on the left and at the top to find the desired event.

Method 2: Find an Event Using Its Name How to Manage and Clear Facebook Search History

Facebook offers an easy way to clear the entire search history or even individual search queries.

Clear Facebook Search History on PC Clear Facebook Search History on Android and iPhone

On the mobile app, tap on the Search icon on Facebook’s home page.

When the search screen appears, tap on the “X” icon to delete a recent search or press “See All” to view all of the search history records.

Tap on “Clear All” to clear the entire history or remove individual items by using the “X” icon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Other ways to search Facebook include dedicated search engines for social media sites and social searcher.

Can someone tell if you look at their Facebook profile or search for them?

Luckily, no. Facebook will not inform the other person even if you search for them or look at their profile a thousand times. However, be cautious not to like a post accidentally on their profile.

If you don’t want others to find your profile in their Facebook search, you can either lock it or make Facebook private. You can even deactivate your account if you want to stop using Facebook temporarily.

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