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Santa’s Workshop is the first escape room in Escape Simulator in Holiday.

In this quick guide, you’ll learn the answers for Santa’s Workshop in Holiday in Escape Simulator. 

This includes the steam train toy, shooting stars, teddy bear, rocking pony, and golden key.

1. Steam train toy

The child in the first letter states that they want a steam train.

Collect the train wagon containing logs.

Open the green cabinet (the second one from the bottom left) and collect the locomotive.

Open the right drawer under the train tracks and collect the train wagon containing coal.

Lastly, open the red drawer under the presents and collect the train wagon containing 3 windows.

Here’s the order of the train: locomotive, train wagon containing 3 windows, logs, and coal.

After you’ve placed them correctly, collect the train toy box.

2. Shooting stars

Align the telescope until all 4 shooting stars are visible.

Now, you need to place each of the shooting stars in the right position.

If you look outside the window, you’ll see 4 shooting stars.

You need to see the position of each shooting star.

To accomplish this, you need to look through the telescope.

Before you look through the telescope, you need to align it until all 4 shooting stars are visible.

The correct positions are southeast, northeast, north, and north (top-left, top-right, bottom-left, and bottom-right respectively).

3. Deliver the steam train toy

Now, place the train toy box inside the glass chamber.

4. URL Decoder

The second letter contains a long URL.

The letter also states that you need to use the URL decoding manual.

To get the URL coding manual, you need to refer to the postcard containing a Christmas tree on the left window pane.

The postcard contains ornaments in different colors.

You need to open the colored drawers by following the order of the ornaments in the postcard (as shown in the screenshot above).

Collect the paper overlay.

Drag and drop the paper overlay over the letter.

Here’s what you’ll see:

Toy material: X04

Toy type: 5W2

5. Needle and thread

Look at the paper note next to the telescope.

The paper note contains toy material codes and toy type codes.

The toy material that you need to get is X04 and the toy type that you need to get is 5W2.

X04 = Plush and 5W2 = Bear.

Hence, you need to get a teddy bear.

Collect the teddy bear on the shelf.

The teddy bear is torn, so you’ll need to fix it.

Before you can fix the teddy bear, you need a needle and a thread.

To get it, you need to refer to the postcard containing a Christmas tree on the right window pane.

You need to open the colored drawers by following the order of the ornaments in the postcard (as shown in the screenshot above).

Collect the needle and thread.

6. Deliver the teddy bear

Use the needle and thread to fix the teddy bear.

7. Rocking pony

The letter says that Sally wants a pony.

Collect the Rocking Pony blueprint on the left window pane.

The blueprint states the materials required to make a rocking pony.

This includes d4, b2, a4, d3, and c3 (you need to input these into the Toy Maker).

8. Deliver the rocking pony

Now, place the rocking pony inside the glass chamber.

9. Golden key

After you’ve sent the last toy, you’ll get a framed blueprint of a golden key.

Collect the framed blueprint.

The blueprint states the materials required to make a golden key.

This includes b3, c4, a1, and c2 (you need to input these into the Toy Maker).

Collect the golden key and use it to unlock the door and escape Santa’s Workshop in Holiday in Escape Simulator!

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Nightlife: Escape Velocity At Artisan’s Asylum

Nightlife: Escape Velocity at Artisan’s Asylum An interstellar solve-the-puzzle game in Somerville

At Escape Velocity, players must solve puzzles to escape their doomed spaceship. Photos courtesy of Escape Velocity

Escape Velocity, which opened last month and ends November 22, is in a section of Artisan’s Asylum, a nonprofit offering professional-level design and fabrication tools for public use and daily classes in such areas as programming, woodworking, screen printing, and jewelry making. It was created by a team of live action role players who transformed the area into a 30×30 foot replica of a luxury spaceship, the Exodus.

We went recently to see what the experience was like. It was our first venture into this realm of fantasy and we had no idea what to expect.

The playscape is a set of three makeshift rooms with lighting, sound effects, and props designed to feel like a sci-fi movie set. Each session is about an hour and up to 10 players can participate per session.

The premise: a group of passengers have boarded an interstellar luxury liner in 2145 to travel to Argus IV (“the planet of nothing but white sand beaches”). Despite the spaceship’s perfect safety track record, something goes wrong. Turns out the main engineer has been slacking and the starliner is now in danger of crashing.

After the game was explained to our group of eight, we started playing. Solving five separate puzzles would open the emergency exit door, allowing us to escape to rescue pods. The lights went out and sirens sounded, and we frantically searched for the code that would unlock the door to our first puzzle. The puzzles are interactive and require participants to not only find the pieces to the puzzle itself (bricks, codes, keys), but complete the rather difficult brainteasers.

We found the instruction sheets incredibly dense and the puzzles more challenging than expected. Had it not been for the others in our group (who had science/engineering backgrounds and previous experience with other puzzle hunts), we likely would have been there well beyond the allotted hour.

We split into two groups to solve the puzzles as quickly as possible. The first was what’s called a “paint-by-numbers” puzzle similar to Sudoku. We had to figure out the correct combination of flip switches, from a grid of 25 on the control panel, that would activate the panel—a task much harder than it sounds. Fortunately, an MIT student figured out the puzzle design and activated the correct switches.

Next was finding a series of wooden blocks hidden throughout the spacecraft. Once found, we had to put them together so the corresponding colors matched up.

Our group successfully completed the mission in 42 minutes: our guide said the record time thus far had been 34 minutes.

The overall experience was slightly underwhelming. After we completed the five puzzles, we stood in the control room wondering what to do next. We expected to move to another room to replicate our escape to the safety of the lifeboats. As it turned out, that didn’t happen. The game was unceremoniously over.

For those seeking to quench their thirst after completing the escape mission, Aeronaut Brewing Co. is right next door.

Escape Velocity is at Artisan’s Asylum, 10 Tyler St., Somerville, through Sunday, November 22; phone: 617-284-6878. The escape puzzles are held Wednesday to Friday at 5, 7, 9, and 11 p.m., Saturday at 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 p.m., and Sunday at 2, 4, and 6 p.m. Purchase tickets, $20, here. Take an MBTA Red Line trolley to Porter Square and walk about 20 minutes. Aeronaut Brewing Co., 14 Tyler St., Somerville, is open Tuesday to Friday, 5 p.m. to midnight, Saturday, 2 p.m. to midnight, and Sunday, 2 to 8 p.m.; closed Monday.

This is part of a series featuring Boston nightlife venues of interest to the BU community. If you have any suggestions for places we should feature, leave them in the Comment section below. 

Jennifer Bates can be reached at [email protected].

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Goat Simulator Review: Goat + Physics Sandbox = Dumb Fun

Sure, it’s dumb. Sure, it’s short. Sure, it’s just a physics engine with a goat. But Goat Simulator is also made of pure laughter and joy.

What kind of madness hath the Internet wrought this time? Something dumb. Real dumb—and yet something hilariously fun at the same time.

At its core, Goat Simulator is just a physics engine with a goat as the main character. All the hilarity of Goat Simulator comes from setting up those physics pins and then knocking them back down, most likely with the goat’s flailing, braying body.

Want to see a goat get hit by a car? Want to see a goat jump on a trampoline? Want to see a goat go down a waterslide, land on a trampoline, and then headbutt a car until it explodes? Hopefully your answers are “Yes,” “Yes,” and “Oh hell yes,” or you might as well stop reading this review right now and go play something more serious. Goat-hater.

Yes, this is a game where you can do all the dumb things I listed above and so much more. While Goat Simulator never really transcends to become more than a goat-starring physics sandbox, Coffee Stain Studios has at least packed this playground with a ton to do.

Goat Simulator is deceptively simple—so much so that I’m worried people will miss the best parts. It would be all too easy to boot the game, run around for a bit, headbutt a few dumpsters, maybe blow up a car or two, and then think you’ve seen all there is to be seen. Because the game already has a reputation as a physics sandbox with a goat, the natural inclination is to play, see it is indeed a physics sandbox with a goat, and then wonder why the heck you bought this thing.

The element of sur-baas

I’ve never been surprised by a game as many times in as short a period as I was with Goat Simulator. Every corner, every nook and cranny, is packed with secrets. I’d be remiss if I spoiled a single of the game’s secrets, because the whole experience relies on traipsing around the map like some sort of Vas-goat da Gama.

Okay, maybe I’ll spoil one.

I mean, tears streaming out of my eyes laughing. There’s even video proof out there on the Internet somewhere. Between this, Jazzpunk, Octodad, and The Stanley Parable, did we finally figure out how to do comedy in games? It certainly seems that way.

It’s also pretty easy to slow the game to a crawl. Since the game relies on its physics, you can make your computer chug by running into a crowded room and headbutting freely. For the most part the game ran fine on my rig (steady 30+ frames per second, high settings) but I did tank it down below 10 frames per second with some especially goat-y rampages.

Bottom line

It’s hilarious. It’s dumb. It’s everything the Internet demanded. Goat Simulator gets at a fundamental human desire—we like to break things. And then watch those things explode. And then baa over the burning remnants.

Pattern Specification And Escape Character Of Sql Matches

Introduction to SQL Matches

We can match the string and check for its matching with different patterns using the LIKE operator in SQL, which is a logical operator that compares the string and searches for the part that satisfies and matches the pattern that is specified using a collection of various regular and wildcard characters. The strings, texts, and column values or variables containing binary type, varchar type, and files can be used to match them with regular expressions. The LIKE operator returns true if the match is found, and if the string does not match with the specified pattern, then it returns false.

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The pattern matching using the LIKE operator is mostly used in the WHERE clause of the query statement to filter out the result set containing column values that have or match with a specific value or pattern. In this article, we will learn about matching the values or contents of columns and variables using the LIKE operator, its syntax, and some of the examples demonstrating its implementation.


The syntax of the LIKE operator is as shown below –

column name or expression LIKE pattern [ESCAPE character to be escaped]

where column name or expression can be the name of the column of the particular table that you want to match with the pattern or any variable or combination of different functions and columns or variables that result in a certain expression whose final value is to match with the pattern. We can even provide the character that is to be skipped while matching by specifying them in character to be escaped after the ESCAPE keyword, which is again an optional thing. Mentioning the pattern with which we want to match the expression is required and must be specified. The LIKE operator can be used for matching in the query statements, including SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements.

Pattern specification

The pattern with which we have to match the expression can be a sequence of the regular characters and wildcard characters. The wildcard characters provide flexibility and variety in matching the expressions. Regular characters are the string of alphabets and numbers that we want to search for, while wildcard characters can be one of the following –

The wildcard with percentile signature (%) is used to specify that there can be one or more character occurrences over this place.

The underscore character can be used to specify that there can be an occurrence of any of the single characters at the place where the single underscore wildcard character is specified (_).

We can specify the list of the characters that can be allowed for a single occurrence at that place by mentioning them inside the square brackets [comma-separated list of allowed characters].

We can even specify the range between which we can allow the single occurrence of the character within a specified range by mentioning the starting and ending character within range inside square brackets [starting character – ending character].

Alternatively, we can also allow the presence of a single character that is not within the specified range by mentioning the range to be excluded between square brackets prefixing the range with ^ character [^].

Escape character

We can optionally specify one character as the escape character. We can use this escape character to mention the wildcard character to be considered as the regular character. This can be done by simply prepending the wildcard character occurrence with the escape character. Only one escape character can be specified when using LIKE for matching the expressions with the pattern.


Let us consider the example by using a table named dictionary that contains the following records –

SELECT * FROM dictionary;

The execution of the above query statement gives the following output

Now, we have to search for the records that contain the “word” string in their column values of meaning. For this, we will use the following query containing the LIKE function.

SELECT * FROM dictionary WHERE meaning LIKE "%word%";

Using underscore (_) wildcard character to specify the single occurrence of any character between the specified strings or characters, we will consider one example where we will only get the records from the dictionary table that match the pattern that contains as many strings before and after the occurrence of I and I lying in between which can have any character in between the two I’s and specify _ underscore in between. Our pattern will be “%i_i%”, and the query statement will be as follows –

SELECT * FROM `dictionary` WHERE meaning LIKE "%i_i%";

The execution of the above query statement gives the following output

The output containing the above records were retrieved because of the occurrence of words like “additional”, “origins”, “writing”, “similar” and “originality” in them that had only one character between two I characters and any of the words and characters before and after that pattern as specified by a % wildcard character.

Matching with the specification of escape character –

SELECT * FROM questions;

The execution of the above query statement gives the following output –

Now, we have to search for all the records having a percentile character in them. But as % character is a wildcard character, we will use escape character say /. Our query is as follows –

SELECT * FROM questions WHERE question LIKE "%/%%" ESCAPE "/";

The execution of the above query statement gives the following output –

Conclusion – SQL Matches

The strings and column values and expressions can be matched with a particular pattern by using the LIKE operator in SQL that helps us specify the pattern that is the collection of different regular and wildcard characters. The use of wildcard characters makes the matching and pattern specification more flexible and easy. Escape characters can be used to make the wildcard characters like percentile, underscore, etc. to behave like the regular characters and consider them in the string to be matched by simply prepending the character the escape character that we have mentioned in the query.

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How To Fix Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Bugs On Pc

How to fix Totally Accurate Battle Simulator bugs on PC






Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

OutByte Driver Updater has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator or T.A.B.S. is, as the title states a battle simulation game.

It features ragdoll physics, and the tactical matters are left to the player, to place his troops on the battlefield.

T.A.B.S. is currently in public alpha on Steam, and it features a 20 mission campaign and a sanbox mode. With more content to be added in the near future.

Other key aspects of things that need to be polished in the game are game units that don’t function as intended. We’ve created a list of common bugs discovered so far, so let’s begin.

Common TABS bugs

Ranged units bugs

Loading error 3:0000065432

Game crashing

Slow framerate

1. Ranged units bugs 2. Loading error 3:0000065432

Some users have reported this type of error occurring during their playthroughs. It seems to be related to the Steam client not working properly.

i got the same thing after the new update. i tried a couple things, but it still doesn’t work.

3. Game crashing

There have been reports that the game crashes at various intervals during gameplay. For some it crashes during exiting, for some it crashes when in the midst of battle.

For me, the game ALWAYS crashes on exit. This is a new problem since the last patch. But OTOH, the patch did solve a lot of random crashes during play, so now nearly the only crashes I get are on exit.

4. Slow framerate

Expert tip:

I opened the game as usual but when i started playing something went wrong, the game was stuck on slow motion. I have reinstalled the game couple of times already and et the game is still buged.

Now that we’ve had a look at the bugs at hand, let’s go ahead and try some fixes, shall we?

How to fix TABS game issues Fix T.A.B.S game crashes

Go to your Steam Library.

Close the Properties window;

Run the game.

Fix TABS error 3:0000065432

Launch Steam;

Steam will now verify your game’s files;

Once it’s done launch T.A.B.S.

TABS Framerate drop fix

Try updating your graphic card with the latest drivers. Another good solution is disabling the vertical sync, since it can reduce graphical tearing.

If after this, you are facing tearing while playing T.A.B.S., we suggest you toggle vertical sync to back on in your game settings. Or alternately, you can switch from a higher detail setting to a lower one.


Still experiencing troubles? Fix them with this tool:


Some driver-related issues can be solved faster by using a tailored driver solution. If you’re still having problems with your drivers, simply install OutByte Driver Updater and get it up and running immediately. Thus, let it update all drivers and fix other PC issues in no time!

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Tips You Should Follow When Playing Escape From Tarkov

Escape from tarkov is a game that requires hours of grind. This game is a serious addiction because once you start playing it and learn everything about the game, you won’t be able to stop yourself from playing this game.

However, this game is a bit difficult to understand due to many things. It’s not a battle royale and it’s very different from all the battle royale games.

Yes, there are some aspects of battle royale in it but it’s a very different game. The features this game has are very unique from other games so, this game can not be compared with other games due to different aspects and features.

However, people have stopped playing this game due to a lot of hackers ruining the game. This game requires some serious skills and when people come with hacks, it just ruins the experience for other people.

Devs should take serious action against it and ban them permanently. Everyone is using tarkov cheat by lavicheats which is proven to be safe to use.

It will bypass the anti-cheat system of the game and will work perfectly fine without anyone noticing.

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Collecting loot and weapons requires a lot of grinds and when a hacker steals your things for free, the fun experience of the game just goes away forcing you to switch to another game.

So, devs should look into this matter if they want their player base to increase because, with hackers, it will only go down leading to a decrease in the player base of the game.

This thing happens with every game and every game dev should look into it. There will be a time when no one will want to play this game thus, the franchise will end.

Now let’s talk about what’s in the game, there are many things in eft that you’ll have to learn first before jumping into a lobby with real players.

There are scav runs, raids and, etc. You’ll have to play and grind every day for hours just to learn one map. EFT maps are huge and can a lot of time to learn.

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Here are some tips you should follow when playing escape from tarkov: Learn and master only one map

Knowing that all eft maps are huge, it can take you ages to learn all of them. So what you should do is learn and master only map and do scav runs and raid on it.

Doing these on other maps will only raise your chances of getting killed as won’t know anything about the map.

Don’t make the mistake of learning all the maps at once because you won’t know what to do when you get into the game.

So, choose a map that you like the most and just grind on it and master it. Once, you know everything about the map, you can start doing scav runs, raids and, etc for guns and ammo.

Play more scav runs than raid

When doing scav runs, your money will be safe but your loot won’t be. So, don’t bring everything into the game with you as you’ll have a chance of losing it all when you get killed.

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Get insurance for your gear

Before you do any scav runs, get insurance for the gear you will take in with you. So, even if you lose the gear, you’ll be able to get it back without losing anything. Insurance of the gear is also very cheap so even a beginner can afford it.

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