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Are you trying to install AMD Catalyst Control Center but getting an error when doing so? This error arises when .NET Framework cannot locate all the files it needs to process the installation of the AMD Catalyst Control Center. The error generally states:

Could not load file or assembly MOM.Implementation.

The located assembly’s manifest definition does not match the assembly reference.

This is a common issue, especially on computers using AMD graphics cards. We have also seen this error on other non-AMD systems such as Intel when they attempt to install AMD Catalyst software, as they are only for AMD systems.

Could not load file or assembly MOM.implementation or one of its dependencies

In this tutorial, I will show you 5 ways to get rid of this annoying error on computers using AMD graphics cards and those with other graphics cards. We will discuss the following fixes:

Reinstall or update ATI Catalyst drivers.

Fix the AMD Catalyst Install Manager

Uninstall AMD Catalyst Control Center.

Update .NET Framework on your PC.

Disable Catalyst Control Center from Startup.

Method 1 and 2 are for PCs using AMD graphics cards, and the third method is for non-AMD systems. You may apply the fourth and fifth solutions no matter what graphics card your computer uses.

1] Reinstall or update ATI Catalyst drivers

As with most driver issues, if your ATI Catalyst drivers are out of date or misconfigured, they may not function optimally. Outdated or misconfigured ATI Catalyst drivers can cause the “Could not load file or assembly MOM.implementation or one of its dependencies” error message.

This solution is strictly for systems using AMD graphics cards. As a first step for troubleshooting this issue, you should reinstall or update these graphics drivers following the steps below.

First, press the Windows key and search for devmgmt. Select Device Manager from the suggestions to launch it. Alternatively, you can get there from the Run dialog box. Invoke the Run dialog box with the Windows key + R combination. Here, type devmgmt and hit ENTER.

After a moment, you will see a message asking if you wish to view the report. This means that the uninstallation operation is completed. You may view the results or not, it doesn’t affect the process. When done, hit the Finish button.

I recommend that you read our guide on uninstalling drivers using Command Prompt if you want a faster way of uninstalling drivers.

Finally, restart your computer. On startup, Windows re-installs the ATI Catalyst drivers and fixes the issue.

The driver installation may fail. In such a case, go to AMD’s website, download the most recent AMD drivers, and install them manually install it on your PC.

2] Fix the AMD Catalyst Install Manager

If re-installing or updating the ATI Catalyst drivers did not fix the problem, another method that has helped many users resolve the issue is to repair the AMD Catalyst Install Manager.

Next, select Uninstall a program under the Programs category.

You will now see the AMD Catalyst Install Manager  – InstallShield Window. Select Repair Catalyst Install Manager from the options and hit the Next button to proceed.

The first two solutions proferred here are for computers running on AMD graphics cards. If your computer doesn’t use AMD, the next solution is for you.

3] Uninstall AMD Catalyst Control Center

AMD Catalyst Control Center itself could be at the root of this problem. If your computer is not using an AMD graphics card but you go ahead and installed AMD Catalyst Control Center, you will get the “Could not load file or assembly MOM.implementation or one of its dependencies” error. In this situation, the only way out is to uninstall Catalyst Control Center. Here’s how to do this properly.

NOTE: Do not uninstall AMD Catalyst Control Center if your computer uses an AMD graphics card.

To begin, log in to Windows with a user account with Administrator privileges. Next, open Control Panel. The fastest way is to press the Windows Key and start typing Control Panel. Launch it when suggested as the Best match.

4] Update .NET Framework on your PC

You need to use the most recent version of the .NET Framework to keep your computer running in tip-top condition. Similar to the drivers, outdated .NET Framework can lead to the annoying “Could not load file or assembly MOM.implementation or one of its dependencies” error.

5] Disable Catalyst Control Center and GU Options from Startup

Sometimes, you may get this error when you attempt to launch certain applications. This is most likely from either GU Options or Catalyst Control Center – two programs that run by default when you start up Windows. Here, we will stop these programs from starting up when you boot your PC.

Ensure that both Catalyst Control Center and GU Options are DISABLED from starting up together with Windows. This should fix the MOM.Implementation error you get on your machine.

What does AMD Catalyst Control Center do?

The AMD Catalyst Control Center lets you customize your video and display options. With this program, you can adjust display settings, optimize video performance, and enable display profiles.

Do I need AMD Catalyst Control Center?

AMD Catalyst Control Center is not crucial to the running of your computer, so you do not need it per se. However, this is a vital utility to have if your computer uses an AMD graphics card, and you wish to get the best out of your display.

If you do not wish to use Catalyst Control Center, you may uninstall it or leave it installed but prevent it from running automatically when you start up your PC, as explained in method 4 of this post.

What is .NET Framework?

Microsoft .NET Framework is a software development framework that supports running programs, websites, services, etc. It is the original implementation of .NET, which comprises of other tools, programming languages, and their libraries for developing applications.

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How To Check If A File Is Malicious Or Not On Windows 11/10

Third-party programs are widely used on Windows and other operating systems. But, how can you tell if a program is safe to install or not? How can you be so sure that the program file you are going to run on your system, contains no virus? As attackers use program (exe) files to inject different types of malware and viruses and attack your system, it is critical to ensure you are installing a safe program. In this guide, we will be discussing some tips to check if a file is malicious or not.

How to check if a file is malicious

Here are the ways to check a program file for virus before installing it on your PC:

Basic steps

Get it scanned with an Online Malware Scanner

Check for Verified Publisher

Verify File Integrity with Hash Value

Use the Windows Sandbox feature.

Now, let’s check out these in detail.

1] Basic steps

A file may show the icon of a, say, Word document and display the name as, say, File.docx. But do not get fooled by the file icon, the name, or the “file extension part” you may see. First, make Windows show the file extension and only then check the file extension. If the mentioned file chúng tôi was a disguised malware file, don’t be surprised if its name now appears as File.docx.exe! Such disguised files have a high probability of being malicious.

Next, check it is in the location it is meant to be or not. Windows OS files are located in the System32 folder typically. If a file has a name similar to a legit Windows file but is located elsewhere, it could be a virus.

Read: Check if a Website or URL is safe using Online URL Scanners.

If you have a 3rd-party antivirus software installed, you could scan it using your context menu too. You can check the report and take a decision accordingly.

Read: Precautions required to protect your Windows computer.

3] Get it scanned with an Online Malware Scanner

When you need a second opinion about a file that you think is malware, then online Malware scanners come in handy. And it is even better if the online scanner uses multiple antiviruses to scan a file.

Jotti Malware Scanner and Virustotal are among the best free online malware scanners to detect files and URLs for malware. They use multiple antivirus engines to analyze and scan files for malware.

As you upload the file, it will start analyzing it with different antivirus engines. The scan will run for a few seconds or minutes (depending upon file size) and when it is done, you will see reports from various antivirus engines. If it is all Green, you can go on with installing the program on your PC.

But, if it shows malicious content status in Red, you should probably not install it on your system.

Read: Test if Antivirus is working or not.

4] Check for Verified Publisher

Always check if you are installing software from a verified publisher. It can be Microsoft or any other major and known company. If it is from a popular brand, install it. Else, I would recommend not to install it on your PC.

Also, make sure you download a program from its official website only. Avoid downloading files from unknown and other platforms.

Read: List of free Ransomware Decryptor Tools.

5] Verify File Integrity with Hash Value

A lot of software brands provide the hash values of their program files on their official website.

You can check this value with a File Integrity & Checksum Checker. If the hash value varies, the file is modified and there are higher chances that it contains malicious code. You can avoid installing it on your PC.

Read: How to tell if your computer has a virus?

6] Use Windows Sandbox feature

If you use Windows 11/10 Pro or Windows 11/10 Enterprise Editions, you can use the Windows Sandbox feature to check whether a program is malicious or not.

Simply run Windows Sandbox and copy and paste your program file to it. After that, run the program and analyze its behavior. If it is running smoothly, it is most probably safe. If you see suspicious behavior, then avoid installing it to your actual system. This post will whos you how to enable Windows Sandbox in Windows 11/10 Home.

How do I know if a file has malware?

Alternatively, if you have antimalware software, you can use it to scan the file. In this article, we have described some effective ways to check whether or not a file is infectious.

How do I check if a file is safe?

There are many online virus scanners that let you scan your files for viruses, malware, and other security threats. These platforms have a limit to scanning files for free. Alternatively, you can also check a file certificate in its Properties. If you have antivirus software, you can also use it to scan files for viruses. However, antivirus software automatically scans the files you download from the internet and alerts you if a threat is detected.

How do I scan for malicious files?

You can use your antivirus or antimalware software to scan for malicious files. Windows Defender is an excellent antivirus that is available for free for all Windows users. If you do not have a third-party antivirus, you can scan your files either with Windows Defender or with free online virus scanner platforms.

Read: How to remove virus from Windows 11/10.

As they say, prevention is better than cure. So, before opening a suspicious file, do check if it contains any malware or not.

Android Not Accepting Correct Pin Or Pattern

Setting up a PIN code or pattern to unlock your Android phone is a crucial security measure if you want to protect your data and keep your messages and photos safe from prying eyes.

But what do you do when Android does not accept your PIN or pattern although you know you’re using the correct one? There are plenty of reports about PIN codes or patterns that suddenly stopped working one day. While this is very frustrating, rest assured, you’re not the only one experiencing this problem.

If the Android OS does not recognize your PIN code anymore, stop after the second attempt. Entering a PIN code that the system no longer recognizes as being the correct one will block your phone and you’ll need to use the PUK code.

Luckily for you, we did the heavy lifting work and we found a few solutions to this problem.

Fixing an Android Phone That Doesn’t Recognize the Correct PIN or Pattern 1. Reboot your phone

Maybe this is only a temporary glitch. Try waiting a few minutes. Many users confirmed the phone unlocked all of a sudden without them doing anything.

You can also restart your phone. Press and hold down the Power button until the Restart option appears on the screen. Tap Restart and wait until your phone reboots.

But don’t enter the PIN code or pattern as soon as your device has rebooted. Wait one or two minutes and only then check if the phone recognizes your PIN or pattern.

2. Use your Google credentials

Use this solution if your phone is not accepting your unlock pattern. It is worth mentioning this method usually works for Samsung phones and only if there’s an active Google account signed in on the device.

After making a series of incorrect patterns on your phone (at least 10), you should be prompted to enter your Google account username and password to unlock the phone.

2. Factory reset your phone from Recovery Mode

Recovery Mode is a useful built-in troubleshooting option that can help you to fix your Android phone.

While the steps to follow to enter Recovery Mode may be different depending on your phone model, you should be able to enable Recovery Mode by using the instructions below.

Keep in mind that factory resetting your phone will delete all the data on your device. Don’t forget to back up your data before proceeding.

Turn your phone off

Press and hold the Volume down and Power buttons at the same time until your phone turns on

Use the Volume down button to navigate to Recovery mode

Use the Power button to select it

Once you’re in Recovery mode, hold the Power button, and press the Volume up button once

Release the Power button now

Use the Volume down button to scroll down to Factory reset

Use the Power button to select this option.

If this method didn’t work on your phone, go to your phone manufacturer’s support page for detailed instructions. Or you can contact directly your phone manufacturer’s support team and have them help you troubleshoot this problem.

As you can see, there is really not much that you can do if your phone is not accepting the correct PIN or pattern. If you’re not lucky enough for this glitch to go away by itself after rebooting your device, you need to enter Recover mode and factory reset your device.

Aadsts90100: Login Parameter Is Empty Or Not Valid

AADSTS90100: Login Parameter is Empty or Not Valid [Fix] Discover expert solutions to get rid of the login error




The AADSTS90100 error usually appears when logging into Outlook, but other apps, too, throw a variation of it.

The error arises due to a corrupt browser cache, misconfigured network settings, or server issues.

To fix things, clear the browsing data, create a new profile, or repair the application, amongst other solutions.

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Get rid of errors and lost email data

Email made easy & beautiful

Login errors are common, and most usually have the underlying cause listed, making troubleshooting much quicker. Be it Microsoft Office, third-party applications, or even sign-in issues on Windows, we have all faced these. But one that continues to bother users is AADSTS90100.

Why do I see the error code AADSTS90100?

The error code indicates issues signing in, and the underlying cause is usually localized, i.e., lies at the user’s end. Here are a few reasons you encounter the error:

Corrupt browsing data: In most cases, users found out that it was the corrupt browser cache or cookies that triggered the log-in issue.

Login servers are down: The AADSTS90100 login error often appears due to a problem with the login servers.

Problems with the app installation: When an app on the PC displays the error code, it’s likely that the installation didn’t go through properly and critical files are missing. Uninstalling the app usually does the trick.

Issues with the browser profile: Each browser allows users to create multiple profiles, and problems with one are just as likely to cause the login error.

How do I fix the AADSTS90100 login error?

Before we proceed to the slightly complex ones, here are a few quick solutions you must try:

Restart the computer and try again.

Switch to another browser.

Use the Private/Incognito browsing mode to open the web app and verify whether the AADSTS90100 error is fixed. To open the incognito mode in Chrome or Edge, press Ctrl + Shift + N.

If none work, head to the fixes listed.

1. Clear the browsing data


The browser-based solutions listed here are for Google Chrome and work the same way with Microsoft Edge. However, the process may vary slightly for other browsers.

That’s it! For most users, simply clearing the browser cache and cookies helped fix the AADSTS90100 Outlook error in no time.

2. Reset the network settings

When faced with the login error AADSTS90100 in Office 365, clearing the network settings to revert any recent changes might do the trick.

3. Create a new browser profile

When facing AADSTS90100 with the web version of an app, creating a new profile should help. It will help eliminate any data corruption and misconfigured settings and, subsequently, provide a fresh start.

4. Repair the affected application


This solution works for Office 365 applications, primarily login issues in Outlook. Though if the application you are facing issues with has a repair option, do give it a try.

Repairing Microsoft Office can help get rid of AADSTS90100 and several other complex issues. Besides, it will also improve the app’s performance.

5. Reinstall the affected application

Whether it’s Microsoft Office or another application displaying the AADSTS90100 log-in error, reinstalling it works well most of the time. You can easily install Microsoft Office after removing it from the PC. And by then, the log-in error should be fixed.

Before you leave, do check some quick tips to optimize Windows settings for the best performance.

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Whether You Should Buy Refurbished Phones Or Not

What are Refurbished Handsets?

When consumers return a faulty handset with a minor defect, it is repaired and sold as refurbished handset. Unboxed devices are the one which weren’t faulty but were unboxed and returned by consumers for some reason. There is no way to know why a phone was returned in the first place, but by definition a refurbished phone is one which has been fixed to work as a new phone.

Are refurbished phones same as second hand phones?

Second hand phones have also been used before for long or short duration, but refurbished phone have been tested by the company and most of the times comes with same warranty as new phone. Since the phone was returned because of a problem which has now been fixed, you have less changes of running into trouble with a refurbished phone as compared to second hand devices.

Do refurbished phones have higher risk of being faulty as compared to new phones?

All electronic goods, be it new phones or refurbished phones could be faulty, and that’s why there is warranty and return policy. If you are buying from a reputed seller and are buying a popular branded smartphone, you are not at any greater risk.

Most consumers will give you positive feedback about refurbished devices. Some even trust them more than original ones, as they have now been thoroughly tested and fixed, while the new device might turn out to be a bad apple.

Advantages of Refurbished Phones

Better Price – The best part of refurbished phones is that they cost less than a new phone, but deliver the same experience. Last generation devices are also available at hefty discounts and you can end up with a great deal if you know what you are looking for.

Doubly tested – These handsets have been tested by company, by users and then again by skilled technitians, so yeah, in one sense they go through more rigorous testing than new phones.

Since there is no way to know what caused the problem in the first place, there is no way to ensure if all errors were fixed. Secondly not all retailers offer full warranty as new device and sometimes services under warranty are provided by retailers rather than company itself.

Sites which sell refurbished goods in India like Togofogo,com, chúng tôi chúng tôi etc. also sell second hand or pre-owned devices, and it is possible you confuse a second hand device with a refurbished unit.

Precautions while buying a refurbished handset Ask for warranty and Return policy Check phone accessories, ports and Battery

Make sure that all inbox accessories are functional. It is important to check if your charger is working properly and before your return date expires, you should have tested your battery and all other inbox accessories.

Check IMEI number

If you are buying from a lesser known retailer, make sure you check the IMEI number, which is usually available under battery or can be accessed by dialing *#06#. You should use IMEI number and contact manufacturer who can fill you in regarding the history of the phone and let you know if the phone was ever stolen.

Don’t buy dated phones Check Software

You should check the device software too. The phone should not have any suspicious third party app pre-installed on it which you cannot identify. Also make sure that the pone is properly reset to factory condition and is free from any content from previous owner.


Most users will give you positive feedback for refurbished goods and until you are buying from trustworthy sources, there is not much reason to hold back. You can go ahead and enjoy a sweet deal. In India, refurbished goods marketing is still in nascent stages and thus it is still tough to find great deals.

How To Save & Load An Rds File In R

R is a popular programming language for data analysis, and it’s often used to create and manipulate data objects. RDS (R Data Serialization) files are a common format for saving R objects in RStudio, and they allow you to preserve the state of an object between R sessions. Saving your R object as an RDS file in R can be useful for sharing your work with others, replicating your analysis, or simply storing your work for later use.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to save and load objects from an RDS file in R. This blog will also cover how to import objects from R to Power BI.

We will cover the basics of saving and loading RDS files in R. We will explain what RDS files are and how they work, and we will walk you through the process of saving an R object as an RDS file, and then loading that file back into R. We’ll also provide some tips and tricks to help you work with RDS files more efficiently.

For this demonstration, we’ll be using the Lahman package which contains baseball data. We’ll also be using the tidyverse package for basic analysis.

The Lahman package contains a dataset called Salaries. The goal is to create a table containing information on the year, player name, and their individual and cumulative salaries.

First, let’s assign the Salaries dataset to earnings. Then, filter out unnecessary information from the dataset using the select ( ) function. Next, organize the data by arranging it according to playerID and yearID. The data is further grouped according to playerID.

To create a new column containing the cumulative salaries of the players, we need to use the mutate ( ) function along with the cumsum ( ) function. When you run the code, you’ll get a table with information on the year, player, salary, and cumulative salary.

However, it’s difficult to identity players based on ID number alone. We need to add columns that show the player name. Do this by using the select ( ) function. In the code below, the left_join ( ) function is used to join the two tables together.

To view the new table, run the object. The head ( ) function is used to return the first rows in a table.

If you want to check the accuracy of the result, you can use the equality operator which is denoted by two equal signs ( == ).

Saving an object as an RDS file in R allows you to work on it later, unlike a file with a CSV extension.

To save a file with an RDS extension, use the write_rds ( ) function. You can see that it belongs to the readr package within Lahman.

In the argument, write the R object’s name and the location where you want to save the file.

If you open a new RStudio session, you can view the object again using the read_rds ( ) function.

An RDS file is a convenient and efficient way to save and share R objects such as data frames, models, and lists. They can be easily read and written, and they are a great alternative to other file formats such as CSV or Excel.

Additionally, RDS files maintain the integrity and structure of R objects, making them ideal for data analysis and modeling projects. They are an essential tool for any R user and can greatly simplify the process of working with data in R.

All the best,

George Mount

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