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In his email to employees, Apple CEO Tim Cook describes 2012 as an “incredibly successful year” which continues “to show Apple’s unrivaled leadership in this post-PC era”.

And in order to mark the company’s accomplishment, Cook announced Thanksgiving vacations will be extended for employees…


Apple is having another incredibly successful year, thanks to all of the hard work by you and your teams. Your focus and dedication to making the best products on earth is what makes Apple such an incredible place.

In a little over six months, we’ve launched outstanding new products in each of our major categories, starting with the new iPad this spring. The response was incredible, and continued to show Apple’s unrivaled leadership in this post-PC era. Over the summer we introduced the radically thin and light 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display, and shipped Mountain Lion, the fastest-selling update to OS X ever. Today, the iPhone 5 is taking the world by storm. And in the next few weeks, we’ll ship the new iPod touch and completely redesigned iPod nano with innovative designs that our customers are going to love this holiday season.

To recognize the efforts that made this amazing year possible, I’m happy to announce that we’re extending the Thanksgiving holiday once again this year. We will shut down with pay on November 19, 20 and 21 so our teams can spend the whole week with their loved ones.

Retail and some other teams will need to work that week so we can continue to serve our customers, but please check with your manager about taking time off at a later date. Our international teams will also get an extra three days off during this quarter, scheduled at a time that’s best for them. Details will be available on AppleWeb.

Thank you for everything you do for Apple and please enjoy this much deserved break.

Again this year, Apple will extend paid Thanksgiving vacation between November 19-21, except if you are a drone working in an Apple store.

It has been a whirlwind few months for Apple.

The iPhone 5 sold 5 million units in the first three days of availability, destroying the previous four million units record set by the iPhone 4S during its opening weekend in October of 2011. Despite the huge demand, Wall Street was bummed that the smartphone didn’t reach ten million in sales for the first weekend, prompting a blame game over who slowed the roll.

Unmentioned in Cook’s congratulatory note to workers was last week’s high-profile mea culpa by the CEO over the whole Apple Maps fiasco. Perhaps Cook knew what analysts were telling investors this morning: the controversy won’t cool the red-hot demand for the iPhone 5.

For long-time Apple watchers, most notable about Cook’s memo is the tone of openly congratulating Apple employees for the corporation’s success.

Under Steve Jobs, the dynamic leader had a way of commanding the spotlight to the point where Apple was Jobs. Under Cook, we see a managerial style permitting all employees to bask in the glow of corporate success.

What do you think about Cook’s email to troops?

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Do Apple Fans Love Tim Cook?

Do Apple Fans Love Tim Cook?

Almost as soon as Steve Jobs became a household name decades ago, Apple fans loved him. They viewed Jobs as their fearless leader; someone that, in good times and bad, would find a way to help the company and best all chúng tôi the years, numerous books and articles have been written on the late Jobs’ God-like status among his legion of followers. Apple fans have historically rejoiced at the very mention of his name, and whenever he took the stage to show off a new product, those folks viewed it favorably simply because their leader said it was the best product around.

To say that Jobs owned a special place in the hearts of millions might be an understatement.

But since Tim Cook took over Apple, things have been different. Apple is still cherished by its many fans, but the new CEO hasn’t quite hit the same level of iconic status as his predecessor. Whereas Jobs inspired all kinds of laudatory discussions and talk of his genius, Cook is just there. And for the most part, today’s consumers have ignored him, deciding instead to focus on Apple’s products.

Admittedly, Cook might have brought that on himself. When big products had to be announced over the years, Jobs was the person standing on stage showing it off to cameras. Nowadays, Cook is content to kick off an Apple event and close the curtain on it. Whenever products need to be shown off, he leaves that to his executives. Call it shy or a willingness to share the spotlight, but whatever the reason Cook has for not taking center stage at big announcements is hurting his notoriety.

I do believe that Apple fans like Tim Cook. After all, he’s been with the company for a long time, and he was hand-picked by Steve Jobs to lead the firm after his death. Tim Cook is also arguably the only person at Apple right now that would have been able to keep the company going in a post-Steve Jobs world. As an executive, Tim Cook is really one of the best in the industry.

[aquote]Cook isn’t a visionary to many Apple fans[/aquote]

But as much as Apple fans like Tim Cook, I don’t think they love Tim Cook. To many Apple fans, Cook is simply the person that is able to rein in Apple’s executives and handle the company’s many moving parts. Cook isn’t a visionary to many Apple fans; he’s the typical chief executive.

Even so, I’m not sure it really matters that Cook isn’t loved. Apple doesn’t need another Steve Jobs; it needs someone who can keep the company moving on the same path. And without a doubt, Cook has been able to do that.

So, perhaps love is oversold in the Apple world. Yes, Steve Jobs was successful in part because he could count on customers that would buy his products no matter what, but there was obviously more to his performance than that. And Tim Cook, despite not achieving the same level of admiration, is actually besting Jobs in terms of Apple’s financial performance.

Your customers might not love you, Tim, but guess what: that’s just fine.

How To Fix An Android Phone Not Receiving Calls

Your Android phone should receive all incoming calls as long as your phone is within network coverage, has an active cellular plan, and doesn’t suffer from any technical glitches. If you’re missing calls on your phone, one or more of these may be faulty. We’ll show you how to troubleshoot and fix them.

The most common reason you can’t receive calls on your phone is network signal issues. Other causes include an expired cellular plan, a blocked phone number, and more.

Table of Contents

Restart Your Android Phone

Make sure you save your unsaved work before rebooting your phone, or you risk losing your data.

Press and hold down the


button on your phone.



in the menu.

Turn Off Airplane Mode on Your Android Phone

Airplane mode must be disabled to receive calls on your Android phone. This is because Airplane mode keeps your phone disconnected from your cellular network.

You can toggle off Airplane mode to resolve your issue.

Pull down from the top of your phone’s screen.


Airplane mode

if the option is enabled.

Ensure You’re in the Network Coverage Area

Your phone must be in your carrier’s coverage area to receive incoming calls and make outgoing calls. If you’re someplace where you don’t have network signals, that’s the reason you aren’t getting calls.

The only way to fix this issue is to move to a location where a mobile network signal is available. You can try going to your home’s terrace or a high location to see if you get a signal there. There really isn’t much you can do on your phone in this case except for going to a coverage-enabled area.

Disable Do Not Disturb Mode on Your Android Phone

Do Not Disturb blocks all notifications, including call alerts, on your Android phone. You must keep DND mode disabled to successfully receive incoming calls on your phone.



on your Android phone.

Turn off the

Do Not Disturb


Check if Your Cellular Plan Is Active

In addition to fixing issues with your phone, check to see if your current cellular calling plan is active. An expired or inactive plan won’t let you make or receive calls on your phone.

One way to check that is to contact your carrier and let them review your plan details. If your plan is due for renewal, you may want to do that to resume your incoming calls.

You can get in touch with your carrier by visiting your carrier’s website, contacting them on social media, or calling them from another phone.

Turn On Android’s Mobile Data

When you experience issues receiving calls on your Android phone, it’s worth toggling on your phone’s data mode to see if that resolves the issue.



on your Android phone.

Turn on the

Mobile data


Check if You’ve Blocked the Phone Number

If you aren’t receiving calls from a specific phone number, you may have blocked that number on your phone. Android restricts all calls and text messages from the numbers in your block list.

In this case, review your block list and unblock the number you want to receive calls from.

Open the


app on your Android phone.

Select the three dots in your screen’s top-right corner and choose




Blocked numbers


Review your blocked number list. You can unblock a number by tapping


next to that number on the list.

Update Your Android Phone

Android’s system bugs can sometimes cause you to not receive calls. While you can’t fix these issues yourself, you can run a software update to potentially resolve your problems.

It’s quick, easy, and free to update an Android phone. Just make sure you’re connected to a stable Wi-Fi network when downloading the updates.



on your Android phone.

Allow your phone to check for the software updates.


Download & Install Now

to install the updates.

Restart your phone.

Reinsert Your SIM Card Into Your Android Phone

One reason you aren’t receiving calls on your phone is that your SIM card isn’t properly inserted. Your phone can’t recognize your SIM card if the card is loose or improperly installed.

You can fix that by ejecting and reinserting the card into your phone.

Bring the SIM card tray out of your phone.

Remove the SIM card from the tray.

Place the SIM card properly back on the tray.

Push the tray back into your phone.

Wait for your phone to recognize your SIM card.

Reset Network Settings on Your Android Phone

Faulty or improperly configured network settings can cause your phone not to receive calls. One quick way to fix this is to reset your network settings, which erases all your custom configurations and lets you set up your networks from scratch.



on your Android phone.


Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth


Select your SIM card from the drop-down menu and choose

Reset settings


Restart your phone when you’ve finished resetting the settings.

Several Ways to Troubleshoot Android Call Issues

Missing out on important calls can cost you quite a bit, so you want to fix your Android device’s call-related issues as soon as possible. Using the methods outlined above, you should be able to resolve your carrier issues, SIM card problems, and other software bugs to then start making and receiving calls on your mobile device. Good luck!

Year In Review: Everything Apple Released Across 2023

2023 was a huge year for Apple across the board. It marked the introduction of three new iPhone models, a range of new Macs, an all-new Apple Watch, and much more.

As has become the normal, Apple spread its releases across the entire year in 2023, introducing new products in pretty much every quarter.

As it continues to expand into new product categories, keeping track of when Apple releases certain products and software updates can be tricky, but that’s what we’re here for. Read on as we break down everything Apple released in 2023…


Apple started the year off relatively quiet – as is normally the case. January saw a few software releases, but no new hardware as the AirPods came out just the month before.

Most notably, January marked the release of iOS 10.2.1. At the time, the update seemed minuscule like any other bug fix update, but we’ve since learned that it was the first iOS release to include Apple’s feature that slows older iPhones in an effort to account for battery wear.

Elsewhere, January saw the release of watchOS 3.1.13, tvOS 10.1.1, and macOS 10.12.13.

Apple’s January releases:


Continuing its slow start to the year, Apple was just as quiet in February. We did, however, see one new hardware product in the form of the W1-equipped BeatsX. These headphones were originally slated to be released in the Fall of 2023, but Apple ultimately pushed them into 2023 to iron out some last-minute bugs.

After a slow first two months of the year, however, March saw Apple come out of its shell…

Apple’s February releases:


While we didn’t get an Apple Special Event in March like some had anticipated, the company did release a wide-range of new products. First and foremost, March saw the release of the Product RED iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus – the first ever RED iPhone.

That same day, Apple upped the storage in the iPhone SE and iPad mini 4, while it also discounted the iPad mini 2. We also saw 6 new iPhone case colors and new Apple Watch bands, including the new Woven Nylon style band.

Furthermore, Apple released an all new 9.7-inch iPad at just $329. This iPad went on to receive wide praise from reviewers, including our own Jeff Benjamin.

Last but not least, March saw the release of iOS 10.3, which brought Find My AirPods, Apple File System, CarPlay updates, and much more. There were also watchOS, macOS, and tvOS updates.

Apple’s March releases:

April + May

Apple went quiet again in April and May, as is usually the case ahead of a monster WWDC event the following month. This year, May brought some minor software releases, but not much more.

Apple’s April + May releases:


2023 marked one of the most jam-packed WWDCs of all time. While the event has generally been software focused, Apple this year used the stage to introduce not only new software, but also a range of new hardware products.

Apple offered the first public demonstration of the HomePod at WWDC, showing how it’s more than just a smart speaker and packs killer sound quality inside. The company also teased the iMac Pro, which it touted as it’s most powerful Mac ever.

For the rest of the Mac line, Apple introduced new Kaby Lake-powered MacBook Pros and iMacs. The iMac also gained USB-C connectivity and a new, brighter display panel. The MacBook Air, which was largely running on fumes, also saw a small spec bump to give it a bit more internal power.

June was a big month for Apple with WWDC, and the software it demoed largely paved the way for the rest of the year…

Apple’s June releases:

July + August

After a monstrous June and WWDC, Apple once again went quiet throughout July and August. The company released iOS 10.3.3, which included some sweet new iPad Pro wallpapers. watchOS 3.2.3, tvOS 10.2.2, and macOS 10.12.6 were also all released in July.

As for new hardware, Apple and Beats did release some fresh new colors of the Beats Solo 3 headphones, which do pack Apple’s killer W1 chip.

Much of the news cycle in August was focused on iPhone rumors, with countless leaks and reports offering details on the looming iPhone X and iPhone 8.

A quiet end to the summer, however, meant Apple was ready to come out firing on all cylinders for the remainder of the year.

Apple’s July + August releases:


We kicked off September with Apple’s ‘Let meet at our place’ iPhone X and iPhone 8 event. Despite the company leaking many of its announcements ahead of time, there was still insane excitement surrounding the event.

Apple’s September event was the first to take place at the all-new Steve Jobs Theater, where Tim Cook took the stage and offered a touching tribute to the late Apple founder.

Apple’s event was just as packed as Steve Jobs Theater. First and foremost, the company announced the all-new Apple Watch Series 3 with support for LTE connectivity. Apple also officially unveiled the Apple TV 4K, bringing support for HDR and 4K quality video.

The star(s) of the show, however, were the three new iPhones – the iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 Plus, and the iPhone X. The first two were made available in September, and the third the following month.

Apple also released all-new software for the iPhone & iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and Apple TV in September.

Aside from the major hardware releases, September also saw the release of new iPhone cases, new Apple Watch bands, and an updated version of the Beats urBeats with Lightning connectivity.

Last but not least, Beats and Apple also released the Beats Studio 3 with Apple’s W1 chip inside.

Apple’s September releases:


Apple followed up a massive September with a relatively quiet October, only releasing a handful of software updates. iOS saw the release of iOS 11.0.2, iOS 11.0.3, and iOS 11.1.

iOS 11.1 included hundreds of new emoji, something sure to make everyone update immediately, as well as other bug fixes and performance improvements. watchOS 4.1, meanwhile, was much more notable and included Apple Music support and Radio streaming without a paired iPhone.

Apple’s releases in October:


In the first week of November, Apple officially released the all-new iPhone X to customers. After opening pre-orders in October, the iPhone X went up for sale on November 3rd around the world. The highly anticipated flagship quickly sold out, but stock improved dramatically by the end of the month and in time for the holiday shopping season.

Apple also officially kicked off its Heart Study initiative in partnership with Stanford, which aims to detect potentially serious heart conditions such as atrial fibrillation.

Apple’s November releases:


Apple’s December months are usually pretty quiet, but that wasn’t the case this year. December marked the release of the all-new iMac Pro, which starts at $4,999 and includes all-new space gray accessories.

iOS 11.2 was also released in December, bringing Apple Pay Cash to the masses, as well as bug fixes.

One of the most popular software releases of the year also came in December: Amazon Prime Video for Apple TV. After a two-year long feud between Amazon and Apple, the app finally launched to the public in December as the differences were put to rest.

Apple’s December releases:

Wrap up

It’s hard to deny that Apple had a killer 2023. It wasn’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination, specifically on the software side of things, but the company released major new iterations of nearly all of its hardware lines to glowing praise.

Unfortunately, Apple did delay the release of the HomePod until 2023 – but at least that gives us something to look forward to during the upcoming dreary winter months. We also have the AirPower charging mat on the horizon.

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The Best Tips For A Successful It

The IT industry is booming. The desire to be one’s boss and to determine the direction of one’s activities is what drives many IT specialists and is the foundation on which a start-up is built. Before business ideas become a business concept and later a business, there are still some considerations to be made and preparations to be made. In the first place, there are considerations about the funding goal, the target group, the business model, and the form of founding. 

If you want to earn your money in the IT industry, you are choosing an innovation-driven, forward-looking, and growing industry. These tips will help potential IT startup founders move from initial considerations to the planning phase and implementation. 

Think about the idea and get feedback

Certainly, there is a risk that an idea will be stolen and implemented by another potential founder. It is not important if your project is about software development of pokie games or cloud computing projects for the industry. But if you don’t talk about your thoughts, you won’t get feedback and you run a high risk of founding past the needs of the market. To get off to a successful start with the IT start-up from the beginning, the idea should not be quietly brought to maturity but presented to a broad target audience. Are the business model and the product well received? Then nothing stands in the way of founding a company. 

Make target group research

No company meets the tastes and demands of every possible customer. Who is the target group and what are their needs? A little field research pays off and prevents overlooking the most important link in the company, the customer, in your business planning. Concrete definitions and comprehensive knowledge of the professional status, hobbies and preferences of the target customers are a stable basis for the start-up and for the next step on the way to becoming an IT start-up.

Try to take a perspective from the customer’s point of view

It is a fact that a large part of all decisions is made on an emotional basis. This also applies to the use of a service or the purchase of a product. What problem does the potential customer have and how can it be solved? How will his life change after the problem has been solved, and what added value will he benefit from? Ultimately, it is the task of the IT start-up to put itself in the customer’s shoes and, along the way, to find the right words and encourage the emotional decision.

Take a look at the actual product Finding a suitable pricing model

The plausible presentation of the price is an important success multiplier. However, many founders are uncomfortable with naming the price. But here it is important to keep in mind that the cost indicated is an important decision criterion for the potential customer. To run a liquid start-up and at the same time choose a customer-friendly pricing model, there is a whole range of methods for determining prices.

Think about how to attract customers

After all, hurdles have been overcome and the website is online, it’s all about visibility. If you can’t be found, you can’t sell services or attract customers. Even before the actual launch, founders should invest in targeted marketing and develop a sophisticated marketing strategy. A good ranking on Google and other search engines ensures that the first order is not long in coming.

However, anyone who wants to find a start-up in the industry of the future can implement their project in various ways. A guide on starting an IT company can be helpful in the initial phase. And passion for developing one’s ideas and a willingness to experiment are basics that are indispensable in IT.  For funding your start-up, the desire to make decisions should be a matter of the heart. The desire for freedom and the willingness to do extra work are also basics without which starting your own business cannot be crowned with success. Add to this a high degree of personal responsibility and the ability to see mistakes not as a step backward, but as motivation for a new attempt, and nothing is standing in the way of founding an IT start-up.

Tips For Creating A Successful Seo Mentorship

It’s no secret that most SEO professionals learn their craft through hands-on experience rather than any formal training program.

While working with your own clients or taking a quick online crash course can help you understand the basics, there’s nothing like having one-on-one support from someone who’s been there before you to show you the ropes.

SEO mentorships are one of the best ways for new digital marketers to learn from experts in the field.

Whether you’re looking for your first job or interested in improving your skills in a particular sub-niche of SEO, mentorships can help you level up quickly and build your professional network.

For mentors, having the opportunity to share your knowledge can feel empowering and affirming and build confidence in leadership skills.

So how do you go about creating a mutually beneficial SEO mentorship?

Let’s walk through some of the best ways to set yourself up for success, and a few common mistakes to avoid.

Tips For Finding The Right SEO Mentor

As someone looking for an SEO mentorship, you should know exactly what you want to gain from the process before you can even think about reaching out to prospective mentors.

1. Go In With A Clear Set of Goals

Work on a clearly defined list of measurable goals and outcomes that you would like to see achieved by the end of your mentorship.

This will look very different for someone new to the industry versus an experienced marketer looking to branch out into a new field.

On the other hand, having a handful of concrete goals around developing your technical SEO skills may be more valuable for a mid-career marketer making a career shift.

If you’re not sure what SMART (Specific, Measurable, Action-Oriented, Realistic and Time-bound) goals to make before you begin your search, make a note of the general outcomes you want from the mentorship.

Bring these to your first mentor meeting and make this a point to go over after your introductions.

With their experience, your mentor should be able to guide you as to the actionable goals to work toward.

2. Spend Time Researching Possible Matches

You may already have a person in mind when it comes to thinking about who you would like your mentor to be.

But don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. If they decline, you will likely need a few alternatives to consider approaching instead.

Don’t be drawn in by a famous name alone.

Think carefully about the type of person you want to learn from, which should be influenced by your goals, career aspirations, and even your personality and background.

Ask yourself the hard questions:

How do I learn best?

How much time am I willing and able to commit to this relationship?

How will this individual help me get to where I want to be?

Has this person had success with mentoring someone before?

Is there something specific about this individual that resonates with me personally and could benefit my development?

Remember, just because someone has success in the SEO industry doesn’t mean they’re a good fit for your goals or personality.

Before asking about mentorship, it’s worth reaching out to the prospective mentor and getting to know them a little more.

Whether you take them for a coffee or meet over Zoom, an introduction and insight before asking about mentoring can help both parties see any professional chemistry.

3. Set Clear Expectations

Before agreeing to a mentorship, both the mentor and mentee should be honest and upfront about each person’s expectations.

For mentees, it’s likely your goals and career aspirations will drive most of this conversation.

Come prepared with information about how often you would ideally like to meet and in what format (online, in-person, etc.), but be flexible around your mentor’s schedule.

For mentors, having your own expectations in place is just as important.

As an experienced SEO professional, you likely have a lot on your plate, so it’s important to know upfront what kind of time commitment your mentee will expect from you.

You should also ask questions about anything specific that your mentee wants to learn from you.

This will help you prepare information or examples from your own career experience ahead of your next meeting.

Mentors should also be prepared to give feedback to their mentees around goals or projects they’re working on.

This is a good conversation to have at the beginning of your mentorship. Gather details about how your mentee likes to receive feedback and how you can best support them in their learning and development.

It can be helpful to keep the expectations of both parties written in a shared document that both can reference throughout the mentorship.

While this doesn’t need to be a formal contract, it can be helpful to have something to check back to if necessary.

4. Organize A Check-In Schedule

Once you’ve both agreed to work together in a mentor-mentee relationship, it’s time to solidify your plans.

Staying in frequent communication is the best way to build a strong connection, but it’s also easy to overstep boundaries (more on that in a moment).

Decide on the best time and method of communication that works for you both, including a regular time that you can meet for a more in-depth conversation.

Keep a schedule of check-ins, whether a call or Zoom, coffee meetup, or dinner.

This is the best way to ensure that everyone’s busy lives are accounted for while still fulfilling the expectations you agreed on.

Mentees should come prepared with an agenda sent to the mentor ahead of time with areas they’d like to discuss or review during your meeting.

Being prepared and organized is a clear signal that you appreciate and value your mentor’s time, along with helping you to stay on top of tracking your progress or addressing any issues that have come up since your last get-together.

Once your mentorship has come to an end, mentees should take the time to thank their mentor for their expertise, time, and guidance during the process.

A thank you card or heartfelt letter goes a long way.

For mentors, ask your mentee if they would like to continue an informal relationship with occasional check-ins or follow-ups if your schedule allows for it.

You’ve benefited from the mentorship, so be sure to let them know how much you appreciate their hard work and communication throughout the program.

Common Mistakes In Mentorships

While every SEO mentorship will look different depending on the people involved, there are a few common errors that individuals new to the process tend to make.

Constantly Sending Questions Or Requests To Your Mentor

Frequent communication is certainly a critical way to foster stronger professional relationships. Still, as a mentee, it’s important to respect that your mentor is also busy with their own job, life, and possibly other mentorships.

Show that you understand and value their time by being prepared for every meeting and keeping communications between meetings to a respectful minimum.

Ask yourself, “Can this wait until our next check-in?” before sending that text or email.

Viewing Mentorship As A One-way Street

Every SEO mentorship should be mutually beneficial and a back-and-forth dialogue.

That means no egos or long monologues about accomplishments, on either side of the relationship!

Mentees should feel supported and encouraged throughout the mentorship process.

Mentors should also be sure to work on their own communication and leadership skills by asking questions to their mentees on how they can help them more effectively with constructive feedback rather than criticism.

Telling Your Mentee All Of The Answers

When you’re an experienced SEO expert, it can be incredibly tempting to tell your mentee how to do everything.

You also need to remember that you’re not their boss, even if you’re taking a leadership role as a mentor.

Instead, work through any challenges that your mentee brings to you together, using your background to guide them but still allowing them to develop their own creative solutions.

As a mentor, you should also fully acknowledge when you don’t know something.

No one, including your mentee, expects you to know all of the answers to every question they might have.

Be honest when you’re unsure and see if there’s a way that you can find out before your next scheduled meeting.

In Conclusion

An SEO mentorship can be a rewarding and career-changing experience for both the mentor and mentee.

Sharing knowledge about SEO is one of the best ways to grow your professional skill set, introduce talented new marketers to the field, and help make the whole industry a better and more diverse landscape.

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