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Blockchain has made its existence in the market for a few decades now. But its usage surged in recent years with people becoming more aware of its uses and features. Blockchain has a fascinating history in which it achieved its goal by launching cryptocurrency.

The fundamental functions of blockchain are to act like a digital ledger that verifies, conducts and keeps a record of digital transactions. It is through this source that Bitcoin and a dozen of other cryptocurrencies exist. Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that fill in the space of physical money in the technology world. Blockchain serves as a source to make cryptocurrencies legitimate and help establish their value in the marketplace of their activity.

In the fast-growing world, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are driven to a place where it is becoming an ordinary currency in the digital media. Even though the results are not as good as expected, there are certain easy ways to spend or transfer cryptocurrencies via blockchain transaction. Blockchain-related concepts have the ability to evolve in a short period. So it is wise to learn the importance of investing in the sector. Currently, investing in cryptocurrency is panning out to be more important than actual spending.

Cryptocurrencies are turning to be investments that people buy and sell in the technology world. CFD is a form in which cryptocurrencies could be transacted without the process of direct transaction. Most of the cyrptocurrency transactions to trade different assets in buying and selling space for financial gains occur at blockchain. This could point out the quick and profound evolution of cryptocurrency in today’s market. We don’t know how much improvement and changes it is going to bring shortly.

Industries like banking, real estate, healthcare, etc are already being disrupted by blockchain. Its power to record, enable, and secure huge numbers and varieties of transactions has brought blockchain to the place where it is now. But the development makes everyone wonder if the same technology could powers bitcoin and enable better execution of strategic projects in a conservative sector like construction, involving large teams of contractors and subcontractors and an abundance of building codes, safety regulations, and standards.

There is no more to wonder as blockchain is already making its debut in the construction sector. Companies are coming up with ways to collaborate blockchain with their management to yield a better outcome. Using blockchain to automate the contractual processes and paperwork under these complex projects could save money, free up valuable resources, and speed up project delivery. These are catastrophically the main expenses while planning for construction and it could be minimized with the help of blockchain.

Some companies that brought blockchain into construction a reality

A Harvard Business Review article unravels that HerenBouw, an Amsterdam-based real estate company is applying blockchain to a large-scale development project in the city’s harbour. The objective behind the project is to set up a blockchain-enabled project management system to make the building development life cycle more efficient. HerenBouw is using Minnee’s blockchain application to register transactions at legal binding moments where accuracy and an audit trail is essential.

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Bank Of China Adopts Ethereum (Eth) Blockchain

In recent news, two significant digital assets, Uwerx and Ethereum (ETH), have seen a surge in value. This is due to the Bank of China’s utilization of the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain to issue $28 million of digitally structured notes.

This significant move showcases the increasing adoption of blockchain technology by traditional financial institutions and the mainstream economy.

This article will delve into the implications of this new development on the future prices of Uwerx and Ethereum (ETH).

The Implication of Bank of China’s Involvement in Digital Assets on Ethereum (ETH)’s Market Value

The recent involvement of the Bank of China in digital assets is the first of its kind. This proves that the Chinese financial institution is ready to fully embrace blockchain technology, having utilized the Ethereum (ETH) platform.

On the 12th of June, 2023, BOCI Hong Kong announced that the financial institution had minted $28 million worth of digitally structured notes through the Ethereum blockchain.

This development has encouraged the use of blockchain applications across China. This includes the adoption of a default national blockchain in China, the Blockchain Service Network (BSN).

However, what effect does this development have on Ethereum (ETH)? Ethereum (ETH) is currently at a market value of $1,631.78, with a market cap and 24-hour trading volume of $209.01B and $6.28B, respectively.

Even though the market has fallen short of -6.50% over the past 24 hours as of writing, its blockchain activities have been outstanding.

Ethereum (ETH) kept humming despite Amazon Web Services (AWS)’s recent outage in the US. Since the Ethereum (ETH) network largely depends on the AWS server, one would have thought it would be affected by it.

Since Ethereum (ETH) maintains strong resilience towards unfavorable market conditions, experts predict it might hit $2,284.45 by Q1 2024. More importantly, we believe the Bank of China’s recent use of digital assets will create a positive effect.

How is Uwerx (WERX) Responding to the Bank of China’s Recent Adoption?

Uwerx’s growth responds to several favorable market conditions, ranging from mainstream economy adoption to increased presale participation. Thus, the Bank of China’s recent adoption has caused investors to take an interest in other altcoins with great potential, such as Uwerx.

Despite being a new crypto project, it’s impressive that Uwerx has reached 5,500 signups and over 1,600 Telegram members, and 1,600 Twitter followers.

Other Factors Responsible for Uwerx (WERX)’s Growth

As mentioned earlier, other factors have been influencing Uwerx’s growth besides the latest Bank of China development. Foremost, the Uwerx team released an alpha platform with important PDF content such as Logging In, Forgot Password, and My Activity Page. The alpha platform has ended, and the Uwerx team announced the project will be transitioning into the beta platform soon.

The Uwerx project will offer freelancers a cheap % transaction charge of 1%, contrary to Upwork’s 10% and Fiverr’s 20%. Apart from freelancers, Uwerx also provided an opportunity for investors where they could participate in the project’s liquidity lock of 25 years. Meanwhile, the Uwerx team’s tokens have been locked for nine months.

The team has promised to send tokens to holders after the presale ends in a 6-week vesting period as follows:

Week 1 – 8%

Week 2 – 10%

Week 3 – 14%

Week 4 – 18%

Week 5 – 22%

Week 6 – 28%

Uwerx’s audit pass on SolidProof and InterFi Network has also increased its trust among the crypto community. Furthermore, Uwerx has been listed on CoinSniper and will be listed on Uniswap by the 1st of August, 2023. The contract will further be renounced when the project is launched on centralized exchanges and taxes are zero.

Uwerx also has a vault feature where investors can store their tokens for various lengths. Then they get rewards based on the platform variables, similar to the popular staking concept.

Join the Ongoing Uwerx (WERX) Presale Now!

Uwerx is currently running its Stage 5 presale at $0.041. Join the presale and enjoy the opportunity of a 15% bonus now! Since Stage 1 and 4 presales were completed in record time, it’s no doubt the ongoing presale will be completed soon. Meanwhile, the Uwerx team had to modify token allocation due to the community demands and high presale speed.

Uwerx is also scheduled to run a test airdrop by the end of the presale on the 31st of July, 2023. There are many more exciting features Uwerx has to offer. You can join the growing community to know more or send a suggestion/feedback to [email protected].

Join the revolutionary Uwerx across social media platforms for more updates!


Citrus: Integrating The Gaming Sector With Blockchain Advancements

Although there are more than 2 billion gamers worldwide only a few get the chance to mint money. Citrus aims to tackle this problem by giving bonuses and rewards to every gamer who plays blockchain games while building utility apps.

Citrus aims to create its own ‘Blockchain Technology’ and in taking the first step towards this goal, it will launch its decentralized exchange, NFTs, Social media app, and Decentralized games.

What is Citrus?

Citrus is a Binance Smart Chain token that aims to fast-track the process of transforming games and providing solutions by the introduction of the next-gen DeFi ecosystem, NFTs, and user-friendly DApps to the blockchain ecosystem.

The platform’s corporate vision is to lead the blockchain revolution so as to create a global crypto marketplace and its mission is to create a marketplace that has a global reach in order to provide a secure and trusted platform. Citrus believes in creating an ecosystem of a shared economy where global growth can be leveraged by everyone using the instruments provided by them.

Upcoming Private sale 

The platform is starting its private sale from 11 July and plans to give away a 10% bonus for the first week, a 7% bonus for the second week, 5% for the third week to every buyer who purchases the Citrus token in a private sale.

Key Features

Some of the major features of Citrus include,

Blockchain games – Citrus is a gaming token that is mined in order to fund blockchain gaming and the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games. In order to revamp the gaming environment, Citrus is looking to enable all the games with Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), and Augmented Reality (AR).

Affix system – The giant whales and humpbacks in the system have made the cryptocurrency world volatile. However, through the Affix system, an investor can hold a limited worth of Citrus Token in a single wallet until the conclusion of a Private sale.

Practical use case- Citrus moves away from the initial idea of considering cryptocurrency as just a source of investment, rather the Citrus token aims to make digital currency accessible enough to be used in daily lives just like fiat money.

Philanthropy- The Citrus platform aims to distribute a 5% liquidity acquired in Private Sales and IDOs to Covid relief programs and NGOs to do their part for the greater good.

Audited Code- Citrus conducts regular audits in order to eliminate the chances of bugs and security breaches. They also conduct a comprehensive analysis of the code itself to make their system novel.

Token Distribution

The total supply of the Citrus token is 383 million, out of which 53.2 million tokens will be supplied with the initial price of $0.50 in the first week, $0.75 in the second week, and $0.95 in the third week. Citrus has burnt 3 million tokens and they are not included in the distribution.

163.4 million tokens would be locked for a period of 5 years after which 10 million of the tokens would be released every quarter to strengthen global enterprises and blockchain start-ups, promoting the blockchain gaming community and creating banking and governance tokens.

53.2 million tokens would be distributed in 3 phases starting from 11 July for 21 days. The Initial DEX offering (IDO) will see the distribution of 53.2 million tokens in 2 phases.

Another 17 million tokens would be utilized to incentivize holders through Citrus’s Airdrop and Bounty programs. A 10% bonus would be given to the token buyers who buy the token in their Private Sale according to their holdings.

11.5% of the available tokens would be reserved for projects that are innovative and 5% of the available tokens would be dedicated to the expansion of the Citrus team. Lastly, 3% of the available tokens would be reserved for marketing and promoting Citrus on various platforms.

Staking and Revenue streams 

By allowing validators to have a stream of income by staking CTS, Citrus would allow them to stake tokens on the platform.

The unparalleled array of games offered by Citrus would help to generate revenue that would further be invested in order to strengthen the gaming community.

Asteroid tokens would be an innovative token that would offer a convenient opportunity to investors who are looking for portfolio diversification and long-term appreciation.

DApps on Citrus blockchain would empower projects such as JUICE, a one-of-its-kind decentralized social media network to bring positive reinforcement to blockchain-based business models.

Citrus charges a nominal fee to traders and with a growing audience CitrusEX and Citrus Wallet plan to make a substantial profit.


The platform also has a very transparent approach to nurturing faith with their audiences and a strong rewards and benefits mechanism that works in favor of the users. Citrus also has a venture capitalist investment plan which provides the platform with a lot of potential to grow and thrive in the future.

For more information, check out their website.

How To Build A Successful Construction Business

The stakes are high in the construction industry. Building homes and buildings is expensive, and safety issues are paramount. Customers tend to be cautious and highly involved in the construction process, which can potentially cause issues for construction firms. 

Construction company owners must be mindful of customer service, quality, costs and many more factors to find success and attract loyal customers. We’ll explore seven tips for building a successful construction business and highlight essential tools for everyday operations.

Did You Know?

According to Real Estate Witch, the typical cost to build a house is $466,000, and the average renovation cost is $48,384. Commercial buildings that businesses buy or lease can run $30 to $90 per square foot for materials and labor.

How to build a successful construction business

While the construction industry forecast is bright and shows no signs of slowing down, construction businesses face challenges and dangers that aren’t for the faint of heart. 

When building or growing your construction firm, pay attention to the following factors to protect your reputation and business and thrive in the industry.

1. Prioritize customer service in your construction business.

In the hiring process, seeking talented contractors is crucial. However, finding employees who can provide efficient customer service is also essential. 

Your clients will remember your team’s work and how your employees treated them during the construction process. Assemble a team who will respect your clients, display patience and show understanding when there are concerns or issues. This level of support will help you avoid customer service pitfalls and go a long way toward generating customer loyalty, earning repeat customers and gaining valuable referrals.  

2. Find your niche in the construction industry.

Contracting encompasses many niches. If you specialize in a particular area, make it known. Promoting your company as superior in a specific niche – for example, window installation or roof repair – is an excellent way to ensure you’re the one clients call when a window cracks or the roof starts to leak. 

Even if you’re a general contractor, you can still offer a broader spectrum of services while branding your company as “the best” in a specific niche.


Avoid fines and legal repercussions by ensuring you have the proper construction business licenses and permits in place.


To ensure you get paid as a construction contractor, set up clear client contracts, send out comprehensive invoices, and establish payment schedules and terms.

To have effective and efficient construction and customer communication processes, you need industry-specific tools. Here are some essential tools you’ll need:

Construction estimating software

Estimating the cost of labor and materials – plus your profit – is a crucial element of your construction business. If your price is too high, you won’t get much business. If it’s too low, you will lose money or need to revise your estimate, leading to poor customer satisfaction. 

Construction estimating tools provide reasonable, comprehensive estimates you can modify if material prices change or the project’s scope shifts. The best construction estimating software includes modules for scheduling, client communication, invoicing and project management, in addition to price estimation. 

Construction POS systems

Point-of-sale (POS) systems are generally associated with retailers. However, construction POS systems allow you to accept customer payments via smartphones and tablets, and provide robust payment and customer-tracking features. 

Many construction POS systems help track inventory so you can reorder efficiently and avoid project delays. They can also track business metrics like sales and profitability and help with scheduling. If you have subcontractors, you can track their time and scheduling as well.

Construction payment processing tools

All successful businesses must be able to receive and process payments promptly. Construction projects typically involve several large periodic payments. Getting paid without delay is even more critical because you must order materials for the next construction phase. 

While you might receive many payments by check, construction companies should also accept credit cards and other payment forms. Accepting multiple payment methods can boost customer convenience and payment efficiency.  


When choosing a credit card processor for your construction company, find a provider that offers month-to-month service so you can close your account if it’s not a good fit.

Ripple’s (Xrp) Steady Climb: 7

There are no certainties in crypto that is for sure. But Ripple (XRP) pumping if it wins the case against the SEC is almost as close to a certainty as we can get. There are tentative feelings that this will happen after recent development and that has seen the price of XRP slowly increase over the last month.

The market is bullish at the moment so that could be contributing to Ripple’s good fortune as well. While the market is looking so good we thought it would be clever to look at some presales to see which could capitalize on the market conditions. Wall Street Memes ($WSM),Chimpzee (CHMPZ), yPredict (YPRED) Launchpad XYZ (LPX), DeeLance (DLANCE), and Ecoterra (ECOTERRA) stand out above the rest.

Before we get into what makes these projects good investment options let’s look at Ripple’s chance of hitting $1 in 2023.

$1 should be the minimum hope for Ripple

The above chart shows the 7-day performance of Ripple (XRP). It is pretty positive but more-or-less what you would expect from a big altcoin during a bullish period for the market. Whatever happens with the price of XRP in the short term it will be nothing when compared to the movement if the project wins its case against the SEC.

If things do pan out favorably for Ripple expect the price to go through the roof. In that case, $1 would be the minimum investors would be hoping XRP could reach. So, it might be time to get involved with Ripple now in the hopes it will be profitable in the long run.

While that is more of a long-term investment there are some presale projects on the market that could see a much quicker ROI if the market stays green. Let’s dive into them.

Wall Street Memes- Could break all kinds of presale records

Meme coins are currently dominating the market and yet the presale of Wall Street Memes ($WSM) stands out above all else. It has already raised $9.8 million but it is its future potential that has investors and experts very excited. For those that don’t know Wall Street Memes is an online brand that has over $1 million followers across social media.

Communities have been the main driving factor behind meme coins since the very beginning. Nothing like $WSM has come before now though, never has a meme coin entered the market with a ready-built following towing behind. We think it is a must-buy now as that community could cause the coin to pump once listings begin.

Chimpzee: Combining Fun, Profitability, and Conservation Efforts

Chimpzee is an innovative project that brings together entertainment, financial gains, and a commitment to environmental causes. Currently in its presale phase, Chimpzee not only offers exciting earning opportunities through Shop-to-Earn, Trade-to-Earn, and Play-to-Earn features but also contributes 10% of token supply and profits to support climate change and wildlife conservation organizations. Explore the Chimpzee ecosystem, including the Chimpzee shop, NFT marketplace, and the unique Zero Tolerance Game, while actively participating in a noble mission.

yPredict- If you want the best AI algorithms this is your platform

yPredict (YPRED) is still going through presale but already might boast some of the most impressive data we have seen from any crypto. The platform already has over 20,000 users waiting to use its site despite it not even being launched yet.

Launchpad XYZ- Making Web 3.0 profitable for the masses

Everywhere you turn within the crypto sphere now you will see a mention of Web 3.0, it is impossible to avoid. For good reason too as this technology will soon be widely adopted. While this is exciting Launchpad XYZ (LPX) has realized not everyone is fluent in this new technology that is always changing.

They hope to onboard the next 10 million users onto Web 3.0 via their platform. Users will be able to get a crash course, develop their knowledge and then go a step further and see how they can make Web 3.0 profitable for them. Even if they hit a small percentage of their expectations it would still make LPX worth investing in.

DeeLance- Transforming the gig economy for the better

They believe there are a lot of issues with traditional sites that connect both these parties for work. Their platform will include cheaper fees for both sides, an escrow payment system, an NFT token to symbolize work ownership for employers, and a dedicated resolution center. We love crypto projects that improve on existing services so expect big things from DeeLance.

Ecottera- The only green project you should be investing in

The market will turn very favorably toward green projects either by choice or kicking and screaming. This is because the market will need to go greener to survive any impending regulations. That’s why getting involved with projects like Ecottera (ECOTERRA) now will prove the most profitable in the long run.

The name of the game is recycling. They have partnered with a massive supermarket brand that has stores all over the world to get access to their reverse vending machines. From here users will just need to scan the items they are recycling in the app and use these machines and they will earn native currency. A win-win for everyone.


Summer Construction On The Charles River Campus

Summer Construction on the Charles River Campus 20 projects totaling $70 million

Crews work on the New Balance Field’s parking structure as well as an architectural enclosure around the area. When it’s finished, New Balance Field will double BU’s athletic field capacity. Photo by Chitose Suzuki

Step outside nearly any door this summer, and you’re likely to see cranes and work crews engaged in one of more than 20 construction projects on the Charles River Campus, ranging from a new athletic field to restoration of historical windows, at a total cost of $70 million.

“The whole city and campus seems to empty during the summer, so this is the perfect time for us to work on these projects,” says David Flynn, assistant vice president of construction services at Facilities Management & Planning. “Especially large projects that have a direct impact on campus, like the Law School. Through late August, we will be doing as much work as we possibly can so that we can wrap up many of the projects by the time students return.”

The campus-wide construction work involves collaboration between many University departments, says Colleen McGinty, executive director of construction services. McGinty’s days often begin as early as 7 a.m., when she and her team start consulting with all of the engineers, architects, builders, and individual clients involved in the projects.

“That’s in addition to the fact that it’s the end of the fiscal year, which means we’re working to update budgets, and consulting with Environmental Health and Safety, Information Services & Technology, Parking Services, and the Boston University Police Department,” says McGinty, who has worked for the University for 27 years. “My whole team is working around the clock.”

McGinty’s staff also works closely with the sustainability@BU office to ensure the University complies with green practices like using low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints, carpet made from recycled materials, and energy-efficient lighting. The University will continue to donate lightly worn furniture and furnishings to the Institutional Recycling Network, which gives the materials to US and international relief organizations.

Starting in Kenmore Square, this summer’s construction projects include renovations to Myles Standish Hall. The 660 students moving in in August will notice that 80 bathrooms have been freshly painted and outfitted with new storage cabinets, flooring, sinks, more efficient faucets and flushometers, and bathtub resurfacing. On the first floor, there will be a new student space available for all BU students 24 hours a day.

The first floor of Shelton Hall is undergoing a gut renovation to make space for the Kilachand Honors College. Phase one of the project includes the addition of new office space, as well as upgrades to the restrooms, common space, laundry area, and bike rooms. The old dining room off the main lobby will be converted into a student lounge and study area. Featuring cork floors and LED lighting, the renovation is placing a heavy emphasis on sustainability. Phase two of the project is scheduled for next summer.

Farther down Bay State Road, mason workers are scheduled to make repairs to the exteriors of the brownstones at 112–116 Bay State Road.

Crews are reconfiguring space at the School of Management; renovations there will create 7 new offices, 10 breakout rooms, 2 40-seat flat-floor classrooms, as well as tiered case rooms and classrooms. The Pardee Library is being renovated to improve services and study spaces. The consolidation of the library onto the second and third floors will also create space for new library staff offices, and the third floor library space will get new furniture and finishes. The reference area is being redesigned to provide more individual consulting areas for librarians to meet with students. New classrooms will be added on SMG’s fourth floor to create more space for the Executive MBA program, and the Executive Leadership Center will be consolidated to the west end of the fourth floor. Public corridors on the fourth floor will also receive new finishes.

Changes are coming to The Towers, beginning with the demolition of the kitchen and dining facility in the basement to make way for an expanded laundry room for East Campus students and handicapped-accessible bathrooms. The demolition will also enable future renovations to the open study and student space in the next few years.

The Department of Biomedical Engineering has requested renovations of a second-floor lab at 24 Cummington Mall, while 38 Cummington Mall will be renovated for use by biomedical engineering grad students.

Sargent College’s physical therapy lab, located in the basement of 635 Commonwealth Ave., will be renovated this summer and will include the installation of state-of-the-art media and AV equipment.

Have you noticed that the Campus Convenience at 700 Commonwealth Ave. is temporarily closed? That’s because of renovations taking place in the adjacent Warren Towers garage. The garage will be inspected and repaired as part of a multiyear renewal and restoration program. The good news is that the garage will remain open during construction, with only certain designated areas closed off at a time. Campus Convenience will reopen this fall.

Work is continuing this summer on one of the University’s most visible construction programs, the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED)-certified Admissions Reception Center, which is slated to open in January 2014. The building, which was the University’s former Hillel House, is undergoing both an extensive exterior and interior restoration. The addition of 2,500 square feet will include a 150-seat auditorium. The Center will eventually connect to the Castle next door, and both buildings will be accessible to people with disabilities. This project also includes the redesign of the George D. Hart Way, with a new landscaped pedestrian plaza to serve as a gathering space for student tour groups.

South Campus residents, rejoice. Kitchen and bath renovations are underway in 16 undergraduate apartments at 3 and 5 Buswell Street. The units will get new paint jobs, carpets, energy-efficient fixtures, and Energy Star appliances.

Last year, the National Institutes of Health awarded BU a $10 million, five-year grant to establish the Autism Center of Excellence (ACE). The location at 100 Cummington Mall was selected as the site because of its proximity to other research, pedestrian accessibility, and parking availability. Before building renovations can commence, however, the building’s current residents, Metropolitan College’s Department of Actuarial Sciences and IS&T, must relocate to 808 Commonwealth Ave. and 111 Cummington Mall, respectively. Construction will begin July 1 and is slated to be finished by the end of September.

The College of Arts & Sciences window replacement project—which began in 2008, along with the restoration of windows at Metropolitan College and the School of Theology—has now moved to the building’s south and east sides. The Massachusetts Historical Commission approved renovations on the buildings Gothic Revival windows, which were originally designed by Cram & Ferguson Architects, specialists in sacred and academic buildings. The new windows, designed by Modern Manufacturing, will be energy efficient and compatible with modern technology while remaining sensitive to the original design. Now in its final phase, the window replacement project is expected to be completed this fall.

A construction project in the basement of the School of Theology will renovate the STH Community Center, creating new, multipurpose areas for studying, meetings, recreation, community meals, and art exhibits. Some existing offices will be moved to other parts of the building, and the basement restrooms will be reconfigured to better serve people with disabilities. The renovation is a LEED-registered project.

Another highly visible construction project, the School of Law expansion, will continue this summer and involves construction of a new west wing, plus renovations to the existing 265-foot tower. The project is made possible by an $18 million gift by Sumner M. Redstone (Hon.’94). Completion of the new wing is slated for June 2014, while work on the main LAW Tower is expected to be completed by August 2024. This summer’s work will focus primarily on the addition of the new wing, which will house many of LAW’s classrooms and additional library and study space. Upgrades to the tower will include thermally insulated windows, new mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, plus refurbishments to exterior concrete panels. A groundwater recharge system will be installed between June 1 and August 15. This project is LEED-registered as well.

The new 20,000 square foot Engineering Product Innovation Center (EPIC) will consolidate three College of Engineering labs in a single location. EPIC will take up former Guitar Center space as well as a small portion of the existing parking lot next door. The remainder of the parking lot will house faculty research labs and offices. Flynn says this project is expected to be finished by mid-fall.

The Charles River Campus’ Human Resources department (located at 25 Buick Street) will have newly renovated digs—their second-floor office space is undergoing a gut renovation, with improvements including new finishes, furniture, HVAC, and upgraded electrical work.

All of the living room and dining room furniture in Stu Vi’s 233 apartments will be reupholstered or replaced this summer.

Up the street at FitRec, the competition pool will be emptied so that the pool’s entire interior can be examined. All grout will be replaced and the sparger aeration system will be repaired. That’s the system placed on the bottom of the pool directly under the diving platform that provides a mound of highly aerated water to cushion the surface impact for divers.

In West Campus, the New Balance Field is nearly finished. This summer will see completion of the new athletic field’s parking structure and an architectural enclosure around the area.

Crews are just starting to install the AstroTurf field, says McGinty, and when the project is completed in mid-August, the synthetic turf will be configured for field hockey, lacrosse, and soccer use. The open-air field will feature bleacher seating, a brick facade, and enhanced landscaping. When it’s finished, New Balance Field will double BU’s athletic field capacity. While not eligible for LEED certification, construction is closely following LEED guidelines.

Finally, fire alarm upgrades are taking place at 15 residential buildings across campus featuring new control panels, emergency lights, and exit signs.

Flynn says that a few projects are currently in the planning stages for the Medical Campus.

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