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Users don’t need to open a browser or navigate through a website to access ChatGPT because a dedicated app is already loaded on their device. Apps can offer a user experience that is more fluid and optimized for mobile or desktop platforms.

What is ChatGPT Website?

Users can communicate with the ChatGPT language model directly through their web browsers by visiting the OpenAI-provided ChatGPT website. Users can enter queries into an intuitive UI to obtain conversational AI-generated responses. The website removes the requirement for certain installations, making it simple for users to utilize ChatGPT’s features.

Users can engage in a variety of dialogues, ask for help with tasks like code creation or answering questions, and explore the possibilities of the model using it because it can be accessed from a variety of devices with an internet connection.

What is ChatGPT App?

Users can utilise the features of the ChatGPT language model on their mobile devices thanks to the OpenAI-developed ChatGPT app. Users can participate in conversational dialogues, provide cues, and get AI-generated responses using a dedicated interface.

By using the app instead of a web browser, ChatGPT is conveniently accessible whenever and anywhere. Because it was created especially for mobile devices, it offers a fluid user experience, quicker reaction times, and extra capabilities like offline chat history access.

Differences between ChatGPT App and Website

Here are some variations from the ChatGPT App or Website.

Platform: The ChatGPT app is designed to be installed and used directly on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet. It is available for download from the respective app stores (e.g., Apple App Store, Google Play Store). The ChatGPT website is accessed through a web browser on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device. It does not require installation or download.

User Interface: The app offers a mobile-friendly interface optimized for smaller screens. It may have a layout specifically designed for touch input and gestures, making it more convenient to use on mobile devices. The website version of ChatGPT provides a user interface that is typically designed for a wide range of screen sizes, including larger screens. It may have a layout optimized for mouse or trackpad input.

Accessibility: Once downloaded and installed, the ChatGPT app can be used offline, allowing users to access the AI-powered chatbot even without an internet connection. This can be beneficial in situations where internet access is limited or unavailable. The website version of ChatGPT requires an active internet connection since the AI model and processing.

Sharing and Linking: As a website, ChatGPT can be easily shared and linked with others by sharing the URL. This makes it convenient for collaborative discussions or sharing the chatbot with others. Done on remote servers. It cannot be used offline.

Integration: The app may have additional features, such as notifications or integration with other apps on your mobile device, depending on the specific implementation.

Benefits of ChatGPT App and Website ChatGPT App

Accessibility when offline: The ChatGPT app’s offline capabilities are a big plus. Users can utilise the chatbot without an internet connection after downloading and installing it. This is particularly helpful when internet access is limited, irregular, or altogether nonexistent.

User-Friendly Experience: The ChatGPT app has a user interface that has been specially designed for mobile devices. A fluid and practical user experience on smartphones and tablets is made possible by their design, which optimises the experience for smaller screens. The interface of the app is purposefully designed to support touch input and gestures, enabling natural interactions and smooth navigation.

Integration with Mobile functions: The ChatGPT app offers the benefit of potential integration with a number of mobile device functions, depending on how it is implemented specifically. User interactions and experiences can be improved because of this integration. For instance, the app might offer seamless information sharing with other loaded apps, allowing users to share data or work together across several platforms with ease. Additionally, integration with device-specific functionality can give users tailored experiences and exclusive possibilities.

ChatGPT Website

Wide Device Compatibility: In terms of device compatibility, the ChatGPT website offers an important benefit. On a variety of platforms, including computers, laptops, and mobile devices, users can access it through web browsers. Users may use the chatbot regardless of their preferred device or setting thanks to this cross-platform interoperability, which also covers several operating systems.

Simple Sharing and Collaboration: ChatGPT’s internet version offers a simple and practical method for sharing and working together. Users can quickly invite people to join conversations, share the chatbot with others, or start group discussions by just sharing the URL. Participants may quickly access and interact with the chatbot thanks to this functionality, which promotes easy collaboration and facilitates widespread accessibility. There are no additional setup or installation requirements.

Server-Side Processing: ChatGPT uses server-side processing, where the AI model and computational duties are handled on separate servers, for its internet version. By using a strong server architecture, the website can potentially offer faster response times and better performance as compared to implementations that are restricted to the capabilities of specific devices.

Voice Input Enhancement

While typing is typically how users engage with ChatGPT on PCs, the iPhone app adds voice input capabilities. Users can now dictate messages instead of typing them, thanks to this update. The user experience is improved by this fascinating function, especially on gadgets like Apple’s Vision Pro spatial computer. The constant improvement of OpenAI makes sure that ChatGPT adapts to the requirements and preferences of users.

Reasons ChatGPT App outshines the Website

Voice Transcription: Enjoy the simplicity of voice input by doing away with the need to type.

Improved User Experience: The app offers a fluid, user-friendly interface that has been tailored for iOS devices.

Accessibility: ChatGPT is more user-friendly for people who have trouble typing or moving about, thanks to voice input.

Modify the language you speak in most often: ChatGPT raises the bar in the fight over artificial intelligence by allowing users to communicate openly in over 35 different languages, with support for more languages on the future. This outstanding feature places ChatGPT in the lead by providing seamless multilingual conversation, ensuring greater reach, and increasing the user experience.

Access Chat History Despite Being Offline: There are variations between using the website and the app for OpenAI when it comes to accessing conversation history. The website requires an internet connection in order to access and view chat history, but the app has the benefit of allowing offline access to chat history.

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Ea Desktop Vs Ea Origin – What Are The Differences?

EA Desktop is a new platform that’s still in beta but because of smart and aggressive marketing by its manufacturer EA, it has gained a lot of hype in the gaming community. However, many users are skeptical about choosing between the two and want to know which one should they go for. In this article, we are going to see EA Desktop vs EA Origin and the differences.

What is EA Origin?

EA Origin is one of the most loved gaming platforms. It was launched in 2011 to compete with already existing Steam.

You can open the app purchase EA Games and play it. However, even though people loved Origin, they had some complaints that all these years of software updated were unable to rectify. One of the major issues was that the UI is pretty boring and the users wanted an upgrade

What is EA Desktop?

EA Desktop is a gaming platform introduced by Electronics Art. It is one of the most captivating gaming services with a fluent Social Media integration and an easy-to-use UI.

EA is putting all its resources into making this service the best and the response has been good. EA Desktop is in beta form right now but it got thousands of active users and many waiting for its final form.

EA Desktop was basically an answer to the complaints made by Origin users.

EA Desktop vs EA Origin: Differences & Improvement

Pretty clear from both their descriptions, EA Desktop is a step-up version of EA Origin. But is it enough of an upgrade to force you to switch platforms? Let’s find out in this crucial chapter of this small war, EA Desktop vs EA Origin.

EA Desktop is better than Origin in every possible way apart from one, that we will talk about hereinafter. EA Desktop is easy to use. It is fast and transitions are smoother than ever.

Chatting and communicating with your game buds is easier than ever. You can just go to the left of the window and contact any of your connected friends. You can use voice chat and other features to amp us your socializing experience.

EA Desktop has better integration with EA Play. It is a paid service and if you are one of the subscribers, EA Desktop is better for you.

Problem with EA Desktop ‘Beta’

EA Desktop has a major but temporary problem. Since it is in Beta, there will be times when you will encounter an error. These errors are just some bugs that affect a major chunk of EA Desktop users. So, it is fair to say that if you are a professional gamer, you should not solely depend on EA Desktop.

However, Electronic Art’s developers are extensively working to make this experience as immaculate of bugs as possible. And it’s about a time when we will have a new player competing with the likes of Steam, Origin, etc.

Origin and EA Desktop can’t operate at the same time

So, EA’s new gaming platform EA Desktop is refusing to work alongside Origin. Many users are reporting that while trying to open Origin with EA Desktop working in the background, they see the following error message.

Origin is unable to launch while EA Desktop is running. Please close EA Desktop and try again.

The problem that many users are facing is pretty strange but the most obvious answer would be that since the EA Desktop is in Beta, it got some obvious issues that the developers are dealing with.

However, in the meantime, you can only launch one application at a time.

Hopefully, now you know, which one to pick, EA Desktop or EA Origin.

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Is Chatgpt Safe? What Are The Risks?

ChatGPT is an excellent AI chatbot that can be extremely beneficial for its user in solving queries, writing stories and poems, generating essays, etc. Ever since ChatGPT’s release, it has been extensively used by people, with subscribers adding up every day. 

But regardless of the benefits provided by ChatGPT, there are still a few limitations and risks associated with an AI chatbot. There are a few things you should be wary of when using the AI chatbot, however. According to the developers, Chat GPT does have the potential to produce biased and harmful content

This uplifts the question, Is ChatGPT safe? Are there any risks? Is ChatGPT a cybersecurity threat? 

Is ChatGPT safe to give your phone number?

ChatGPT asks for a phone number to confirm your identity and provide services. So, when you provide your number, you aren’t exactly giving your number to ChatGPT, as the service isn’t the same as OpenAI. 

You can even go through and read ChatGPT’s privacy policy, and how they use personal information, before providing your phone number to the AI chatbot.

Although, providing a phone number will always raise a small amount of risk. Like, if the security is breached, any data consumed by the company has the potential to become a target. But, as we discuss elsewhere you do need a phone number to use Chat GPT.

Is ChatGPT safe to download?

For now, you can’t download ChatGPT as there is no official app available for users. ChatGPT is only accessible through web browsers on the PC or smartphones. So, if you find an app pretending to be ChatGPT, don’t download it as it can be risky.

Scammers often create these fake apps to commit fraud or scams, if you have any app named ChatGPT or ChatGBT, delete it immediately. ChatGPT is powered by OpenAI, therefore, you shouldn’t download any app from anywhere else apart from OpenAI’s official website. 

What are the ChatGPT risks?

The biggest risk of ChatGPT is its ability to generate phishing and spam emails. Hackers and fraudsters can use ChatGPT to develop these emails. To be safe from all off these you must use a VPN and get Surfshark right now. Since the AI models have been trained with a large amount of information, it’s easier for hackers to develop these dangerous emails, which can appear quite convincing to many.

It’s possible for fraudsters to create these dangerous emails with links and send them to various people for personal gain and commit scams. 

There is another possibility of scammers creating a fake customer service chatbot using OpenAI’s technology. This can lead to tricking people into providing personal information and acquiring money from users. 

What are the ethical issues with ChatGPT?

AI chatbots like ChatGPT, use machines to generate high-quality content, have conversations, write codes, and more. This could result in affecting employment rates, which is currently a major ethical concern.

According to a few experts, extensive use of ChatGPT or other AI tools could lead to the loss of jobs for many people. Especially those industries that work on routine tasks. 

The impact of AI tools on employment is currently unknown. However, there is a high chance technology would over-power the job rates in coming years in the market. 

Is ChatGPT a cybersecurity threat?

The cybersecurity industry tends to believe AI chatbots like ChatGPT could be misused by hackers to commit fraud. An Israeli cybersecurity company demonstrated how an AI chatbot can develop a phishing email that can carry a malicious payload. The company also thinks “ChatGPT has the potential to alter the cyber danger landscape.”

It is possible to produce phishing emails through the AI chatbot. The request to generate phishing emails might get declined on the first try by the chatbot.

However, rewriting the request resulted in bypassing the software’s guardrails. Experts believe ChatGPT’s capability to create legitimate-appearing phishing emails could result in an expansion in cybercrimes, especially for those users who are not native English speakers. 

Another research scientist at Sophos, Chester Wisniewski said, It’s easy to witness ChatGPT being misused by hackers for all types of social engineering invasions. At a standard level, I was able to produce phishing lures, which could be utilized to build real conversations for business emails and even attack other chat apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. 

Final Thoughts

ChatGPT is definitely a great AI chatbot that can make the process of generating information easier for many users.

However, ChatGPT can’t be labeled as 100% safe, as there is a potential for hackers to misuse ChatGPT and circulate phishing emails to commit fraud.

Above, we have mentioned everything about the risks of ChatGPT including whether it’s safe to provide your phone number to ChatGPT and whether ChatGPT is safe to download. 

Can Chatgpt Build A WordPress Website?

ChatGPT is a chatbot that is capable of generating websites and writing codes to fulfill various web development tasks efficiently. AI technology has bring-down the entire process of building a website into a few simple steps. This also raises the question of whether ChatGPT can build a WordPress website. Well, it can. 

ChatGPT is qualified for creating WordPress websites, it can develop codes for websites, homepages, About us sections, and more in a matter of seconds. 

In this article, We are going to mention the steps on how to develop a WordPress website using ChatGPT. 

Can ChatGPT write code for a website?

Yes, ChatGPT is capable of writing codes for businesses, web development tasks, and creating websites within a few seconds. 

How do I use ChatGPT in WordPress?

There are two ways through which you can operate ChatGPT in WordPress. The first method is to employ ChatGPT manually by simply signing in to your account and generating the content.

Another method to use ChatGPT in WordPress is by installing plugins in the WordPress interface. In this method, once the ChatGPT Plugin is installed you need to have an API key and enter it in the plugin settings.  

Is there any ChatGPT extension for WordPress?

Yes, here is the link to the ChatGPT for WordPress extension that can be accessed for WordPress. By downloading this extension you can perform all the activities of ChatGPT in WordPress.

How to Build a WordPress Website With ChatGPT

To build a WordPress website with ChatGPT, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps: 

Choose a Hosting Plan and Domain

There are two things you need to select before generating a WordPress website, a domain name and a hosting plan. Hosting plans are extremely important for the quality of the webpage. 

Another vital feature to remember while choosing a hosting plan is its security features and customer service capabilities. Security features will ensure the safety of your website from cyberattacks and malware. 

In addition, you need to select a suitable domain name for your website that helps define your website and its capabilities the best. You can even use a domain name checker to inspect whether your preferred name is available. 

Build Your WordPress Site Pages with ChatGPT. 

You can begin by asking ChatGPT to generate a basic website outline for a small-scale web development corporation comprising about six pages. You need to login to OpenAI, and enter your inputs in the textbox.

For example, you can write a prompt saying, “I have a web development company. Develop a website outline for my business consisting of six important pages that I should include” and ChatGPT will quickly create a website outline including six important pages. 

Then you can move forward with expanding the recommendation and ideas to make the website more applicable. You can ask ChatGPT to generate creative titles, taglines, themes, and elements for your homepage. You can streamline the research process based on the options narrowed down by ChatGPT.

Furthermore, you should research before applying all the ideas to the web development to ensure any mistakes or errors.

Design Your Site with AI

Now, you need to generate code for your web pages. You can ask AI to generate HTML codes to develop some pages you need. Ensure you provide proper input with a clear description of the pages you want. 

For example, If you want AI to create a homepage template, mention the design and characteristics that you want to be available on the homepage. Here’s how you can write it: 

Prompt: Create a template for the homepage utilizing Bootstrap responsive design. It should include a menu for the homepage, blog, portfolio, and services and an about us section on the header. 

Apart from web page templates, you can even ask ChatGPT to create code for various other elements such as a basic contact form. Here is how you can command ChatGPT to create a contact form: 

Prompt: Create a basic web page containing a contact form. It should include these fields: First Name, Last Name, Email, and phone number. 

This way you can effortlessly develop codes for your website. Although at times, you might find the chatbot facing troubles and might stop operating midway during the generation of long scripts.

In such times, you can try three things to fix this issue: 

Continue the script – You can input “Continue the script” as a follow-up prompt asking the AI chatbot to continue the generation of codes from where it paused. 

Regenerate Response – You can tap on the “Regenerate Response” button available above the textbox, asking ChatGPT to rewrite the prior response from start. Although there is a potential of getting the same error again. 

New Chat – If the above options don’t work, you should try this option. Tap on the “New Chat” button you are beginning again from the start. This option doesn’t allow you to follow up questions as you start again. 

Generate Site Content with ChatGPT

Now, it’s time for you to generate site content using ChatGPT. Since ChatGPT contains language processing capabilities, it masters content generation. You can ask ChatGPT to create any content and it will create it within a few seconds. 

In addition, you can even ask ChatGPT for creative ideas, business plans, ad campaigns, and more. For a website, you need first to generate content for the “About Us” page, as it’s the first page that catches the user’s eye.

You must include all crucial points in this section, such as your business, your ideology, motive, and more in the prompt so the chatbot gets a clear idea and understands the context. 

If your website targets a particular demographic, then you can ask ChatGPT to create content on those characteristics, expertise, and more.

You can include blogs, articles, and posts by asking ChatGPT to add specific keywords and phrases to make the content SEO-friendly and generate traffic on your site. You can even ask ChatGPT to generate scripts for videos and podcasts. 

Although, it’s recommended to run through a proof check by a human on the generated content to ensure there are no grammar, spelling, or factual errors in the content, as ChatGPT is an AI chatbot and isn’t always capable of writing perfect content. 

Problems and Limitations of Using ChatGPT to Build a Website

ChatGPT contains various features and capabilities that can be extremely helpful for building a website. However, just like benefits, ChatGPT also has limitations and problems, which are as follows: 

Accuracy concern is the biggest limitation for ChatGPT as this AI chatbot can provide inaccurate answers to inputs as it can’t check the information.

ChatGPT’s data is limited to 2023; even though OpenAI adds data from 2023 into the model, it might deliver outdated or incorrect information for questions related to recent topics. 

This makes it essential for a user to conduct a fact-check by a human to ensure the content generated by ChatGPT is accurate. Not conducting a proof check by a human might lead to significant factual errors, which can spread inaccurate information, causing a bad brand reputation. 

Similarly, users should also conduct an inspection of the code generated by ChatGPT to avoid any trouble. You can use various code testing services to check the authenticity, such as Replit. 

How do I add ChatGPT to my website?

You can add ChatGPT to your website by using an API and integrating ChatGPT with other websites. You must visit OpenAI’s site, generate an account and develop a ChatGPT API Key to generate API calls. You need to generate a few codes to send and receive a few API calls.

Does WordPress have a chatbot?

WordPress doesn’t have a chatbot of its own, but users can easily add a chatbot to WordPress by simply following these steps:

Go to the dashboard in WordPress

Tap on Plugins 

Now, install the chatbot on WordPress. 

Once the installation is over, tap “Activate,” and the chatbot will be added to WordPress. 

What Are Content Services In 2023? Applications & Benefits

The digital universe is rapidly expanding; by 2023, it is expected to exceed 97 zettabytes (10,9 trillion gigabytes).

The amount of content an employee needs to manage is increasing. About ~20% of office professionals rank searching for documents as their top problem, and ~58% say this is one of their top three problems.

Managing digital assets in hybrid cloud environments can be difficult. ~73% of IT professionals consider managing multi-cloud environments as challenging.

Content services (CS) can assist digital asset governance in hybrid cloud environments. Many business executives, however, are not familiar with CSs. This article explores:

What content services are

Why content services are important

How content services work

The differences between enterprise content management system (ECM) and content services

The use cases of content services

And what content services’ benefits are.

What are content services (CSs)?

Content services platforms are integrated product suites or separate applications that use the same application programming interface (API) to provide services or microservices. These services can organize, develop, manage, secure, and search content and deliver it to customers, employees, and business partners.

CS platforms can be integrated into your software suite or run independently. This content may include, but is not limited to, digital assets like:




Social media data

User information

Previously, enterprise content management systems enabled companies to organize, search, and manage content. ECMs offered services for both on-premises storage and hybrid cloud environments.

With the improvements to hybrid cloud environments and remote working, the focus shifted to making it possible for the whole company to use content, no matter where or how it was stored. Content services platforms focused on improving content management processes in hybrid cloud environments.

Why is it important?

Reduces content search time: Searching content in files can be time-consuming. CS can organize documents, videos, and images in files on a single platform concerning metadata information instead of files. Metadata information can include information about the time and date of creation of a file, the sender’s email and IP address, recipients’ addresses, and the route taken to them. CSs are software to search documents concerning metadata information (see Video 1).

Cloud configuration management: CSs can integrate cloud environments using a single API. Configuring hardware and software details for cloud environment elements to interact and connect is called cloud configuration. CS can assist in a cloud configuration.

Easy-to-use interface to develop APIs: CSs can offer low-code and easy-to-use interfaces to develop API services. Low-code development has the potential to be ~50% to ~90% more efficient than a high-code approach.

Enabling user access controls: CSs can provide user controls. User controls allow authorized personnel to determine employee access in a cloud environment. In multi-cloud environments, granting users the same access controls can be difficult.

Application integration: CSs can assist in integrating applications and data across the enterprise. Many companies use CSs to integrate SAP-environment and ERP systems to save time and increase efficiency in invoice processing.

How does it work? 1. File storing with metadata

Content services platforms do not use a file-based organization to store files. Instead, they organize documents concerning metadata information. The metadata information can contain the following elements:

Class: Invoice

Title: Sales Transaction

Created by: Sales Representative

Due date: 22/05/2024

Customer: Food Company

Project: 2023 Aims

Figure 1: The picture on right in the red frame contains the metadata information about the cat picture on the left.

CS platforms can use metadata information to organize content like images, videos, and audio files. These documents, then, can be searched on content service platforms using their search feature (see Video 1). 

Video 1: How to use content services platform to search and organize content.

2. Use of common API to manage cloud platforms

API is a protocol that allows two or more computer programs to communicate. APIs are software with which the communication of computer programs can be automated.

The API of content services platforms works between different cloud environments so that a single platform can get files from different cloud environments.

CSs’ API can provide operations like:

Document and folder administration



These operations can automate, extract, transform, and integrate data from various applications.

Figure 2:  APIs connect multiple repositories and services.

Content services can use low-code APIs. The CS’s user interface (UI) can be used for low-code API development. The user can code APIs in the UI by writing shortcodes for specific tasks or checking checkboxes (see Video 2). Then, the user’s choices will be automatically translated as code by the low-code software. This can enable users to create API services and microservices.

Video 2: The use of low-code APIs in a CS platform.

What is the difference between ECM and CS platforms?

Content services platforms (CSPs) connect software and hybrid cloud environments with a single low-code API. Their main concern is managing cloud environments from a single platform and storing and managing electronic files (e-files) in both public and private environments.

ECM systems can also share and manage content in a single repository on on-premises and cloud environments, but ECM systems are less specific for hybrid cloud management.

For example, ECMs and CSPs have common applications such as:

Structured and unstructured document capture

Content search

Electronic file processing

Case management

Records and archive administration

What are the use cases of CS?

Content services can have a variety of uses. These use cases are categorized into 5 different areas: general use cases, data security, HR, accounting, and healthcare: 

1. General use cases

Redaction services: Content services can provide redaction services to remove or blackout sensitive information from content.

Content encryption:  Content services can offer content encryption services to mitigate data theft. Content encryption services can provide cloud-based content protection.

3. HR

Employee information administration: Content services can give HR a central location for your HR content, like resumes and materials for new employees.

To centralize policy monitoring: With content services, HR can send out policies and receive acknowledgments from the same place.

4. Accounting

End-to-end document automation: Content services can automate posting invoices with order numbers.

ERP/accounting software integration: ERPs can be linked to content services tools, which lets your employees compare invoice data and prices stored in different environments.

5. Healthcare

In addition, the following are some examples of CS applications in healthcare:

Electronic medical records (EMR) management: Content services platforms can provide an EMR system. The EMR system can be used as records management to enhance patient record searches and protect patient information.

Healthcare big data management: Content services can be used in electronic health records management and IoT data management of devices like refrigerators. 

Audit controls and compliance management: Content services platforms can keep access and activity reports to comply with HIPAA Security Rule.

To learn more about the use cases of content services, check out this comprehensive article.

Figure 3: CS platform architecture.

What are the benefits of CS?

The use of content services can have a variety of benefits. These benefits can be listed under 2 categories: content management and cloud-based benefits.

1. Content management benefits

Increase in content visibility: CSs can unify content in various cloud environments on a single platform.

Reduced efforts in content management: CSs can provide electronic file management features like content organization relying on metadata information.

Reduced costs in document processing: CSs can assist in application integration like SAP ERP and SAP BW, reducing costs in operations like invoice processing.

Improvements in document tracking: CSs can record document access, enabling authorized personnel to see who has accessed the documents.

2. Cloud-based benefits

Saving time in coding APIs: CSs can provide a low-code platform to program APIs, saving time from scripting. 

Improvements in cloud management: CSs use a single API to get content in a hybrid-cloud environment.

Reduction in data silos: Different data-siloing platforms can be combined under one CSs platform.

Check out this quick read to learn more about the benefits of content services.

If you have further questions about CS, please feel free to contact us at:

Cem regularly speaks at international technology conferences. He graduated from Bogazici University as a computer engineer and holds an MBA from Columbia Business School.





Can Chatgpt Create An App?

Last Updated on June 7, 2023

As a prominent example of a sophisticated artificial intelligence-powered language model, it’s often asked whether ChatGPT can create an app. Developed by OpenAI, this AI chatbot can help generate content and even programming codes with only a short prompt needed to get it going. As ChatGPT’s capabilities evolve and develop, questions arise about how much it can be leveraged and what tasks it can successfully perform.

While ChatGPT can create lines of code, can it make a complete app? Let’s find out what sort of role ChatGPT can play in the mobile app development process.

How to Use ChatGPT for Creating an App

ChatGPT can be used across three parts of a software development roadmap. We will go through all three of these implementation instances.

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Planning the App

The user interface plays a vital role in an app’s success. It has to be simple enough that users can navigate it easily, but it also has to be engaging enough to keep users coming back.

ChatGPT can help you plan the user interface of the app. You can ask it for tips on how to get started. The tool will give you information and tips like understanding your target audience, compatibility requirements for different platforms such as ios or Android, defining goals, creating a user template, and much more.

Building the Code

ChatGPT is a language model powered by natural language processing and is therefore optimized to generate human-like text. However, you can use it to write code for you instead of having it answer questions. Moreover, ChatGPT’s machine learning engine is also trained on large datasets in multiple programming languages. So you can get your code in JavaScript, Python, Ruby on Rails, and many more.

Remember that while ChatGPT will try to be as accurate as possible, it’s not specialized for generating code, so you may find some errors in your output. So it is always best to make your chatGPT prompts as specific as possible and always be sure to check the code, ask the engine about any code you have queries with, and fix any errors if they arise.

Deploying Your App

Once the code is ready, you can copy and paste it into your coding software or platform. Based on your chosen coding environment, you might have to make some fundamental changes to your code.

For instance, you must create a repository and initiate the coding commands to build an app on GitHub. Next, you will have to fetch the libraries you want. On the other hand, if you select a pre-built Integrated Development Environment (IDE), the libraries might be auto-fetched.

Can ChatGPT Create an Entire App?

While ChatGPT can write code in different programming languages, it would be far-stretched to say that you can build a complete application. The best you can do with ChatGPT is create small individual modules of an application. Once they are ready, you can combine them in the coding environment to make them function together. This makes it one of many invaluable resources that you can utilize as part of your mobile application design process.

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