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Richmond Olympic Oval

With an unexpected lack of snow making skiers’ lives miserable at this year’s Olympics, Vancouver is smartly following the trend of going greener than the Olympics before it. Carbon offsets and recycling bins are as old school as a 720 on the snowboard half pipe, so the Canucks had to get a bit more creative to ensure the 2014 games in Russia take place in a world where snow still falls over Sochi in February.

The Richmond Olympic Oval is to Vancouver as the Bird’s Nest was to Beijing (though on a scale more befitting of Vancouver than Beijing). The 8,000-seat, 512,000-square-foot building uses a novel styrofoam insulation beneath the ice to obtain the necessary ice temp, thickness, flatness and hardness for a variety of events. Heat waste from cooling the ice is used to keep the arena warm. The iconic wood wave roof was built with one million feet of timber from trees killed by the pine beetle, the largest such usage in the world. The pine beetle epidemic that’s ravaged the forests in British Columbia (more than14.5 million hectares) is itself a result of consecutively warm winters.

Just how much energy does the greening of the oval save? 43,817kWh in the past week, the equivalent of an individual running 478,000 km. A quick check on the Venue Energy Tracker website will offer such real time data on energy consumption for each Olympic venue. Power company BC Hydro, in conjunction with the Vancouver Organizing Committee, has built the site, and hopes it could serve as an example of what home monitoring could become. See a spike in usage? Try turning off the lights in the popcorn machines. The running plot shows the actual consumption alongside the predicted baseline had green innovations not been added. Greenhouse and energy savings per occupant and per area are also provided along with some nice examples to help visualize savings.

Vancouver’s Gold Medal

Via housands of unwanted Canadian TVs

Even the gold will be green in Vancouver. Metal salvaged from recycled televisions, circuit boards, and other such e-waste was purchased by the Royal Canadian Mint from metal company Teck Resources out of Vancouver for $1.24 million to make the 1,014 unique undulating medals. The gold that’s not green will actually be more than 90% silver while the so-called bronze will actually be copper. For more on their unique fabrication, there’s an impressive video about the stamping, milling and etching required to make the medals on the site of the Royal Canadian Mint.

With the summer games in London just two years away, the Brits are determined to play the eternal game of environmental one-upsmanship, hoping to take the title of “greenest games ever” from Vancouver as soon as their flame is lit (hopefully without the technical difficulties). And they’re getting creative: The Olympic stadium in East London for the 2012 games will be built, in part, from 52 tons of scrap metal from guns, knives and old keys confiscated by the Metropolitan Police Service (they’ll see your pine beetle and raise you). Even the streets will be paved in green with plans for 16,000 slabs of energy sucking sidewalks that use deformations in a rubber disc beneath the slap to store energy that will power street lights and subway systems.

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Carbon Neutrality Takes Polygon’s Matic To The Green

The decentralized Ethereum scaling platform ticked off its first sustainability milestone by achieving carbon neutrality this week. By investing $400,000 in carbon credits, Polygon is now one step closer to becoming carbon negative. With credits equivalent to 104.794 tons of greenhouse gases, the network has successfully settled its CO2 debt since inception.

Triggered by this news, MATIC was quick to react. The altcoin took to trade in the green as it registered a double-digit hike on the daily chart. Rallying by over 24% in a day, MATIC was changing hands at $0.5075 at press time.

The green milestone was a result of a number of strategic steps taken by the network. According to its official blog post, the achievement came after Polygon’s ‘Green Manifesto’, launched in mid-April. Tagged as ‘a smart contract with Planet Earth’, it is a part of the network’s broader vision for sustainable development.

“Our world is facing an environmental crisis, and the blockchain industry must do far more than promise to stop adding to the problem.”

Fighting the energy consumption debate

Cryptocurrencies are very much in the kernel of energy consumption debate. According to the Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Index, Bitcoin has consumed more electricity in a year than Sweden, Norway, or the United Arab Emirates. However, the energy consumption debate has often been challenged by the one spearheaded by the utility factor. 

In a striking point of view laid out by the World Economic forum (WEF), energy consumption becomes less a question of morality than one of basic human necessity. When something provides utility, it’s often accepted despite its high energy levels as it adds value to society. According to WEF’s report published in March this year, data centres (which give us access to popular platforms like Netflix and Playstation) in the U.S. consume 204 TWh of energy a year, while Bitcoin uses 62 TWh a year.

At present, there are an estimated 300 million users of crypto globally, and not all of them live in developed nations. A multitude in emerging economies like Kenya, Vietnam, Venezuela, and Brazil adopt digital currencies to dodge the cost of legacy financial systems, unstable monetary governance, and currency devaluation issues.

Walking the green field

The crypto-industry is quite ahead in driving the change with a plethora of environment-friendly projects. Polygon is not alone in walking the carbon neutral path as meaningful action is being taken by many in the space.

The open-source cryptocurrency Filecoin also has a role in a greener present and future. ‘Filecoin Green’ is an initiative led by the Filecoin Foundation, aimed at making its blockchain carbon-neutral and, in time, carbon negative. 

Meanwhile, Algorand celebrated this year’s Earth Day by becoming the world’s first carbon-negative blockchain. This was achieved in partnership with ClimateTrade, an organization dedicated to helping companies improve their sustainability profiles.

KlimaDAO is another climate-driven organization that helped Polygon achieve its recent feat. The decentralized autonomous organization does this through the creation of a DeFi token that is backed by real-world carbon offsets. 

A leading crypto community-driven initiative is the ‘Crypto Climate Accord’. Focused on the decarbonization of cryptocurrencies, it has more than 200 companies and individuals spanning the crypto, finance and technology field.

From Valkyrie to Filecoin and Enjin, the signatories have made a public commitment to achieve net-zero emissions from electricity consumption by 2030. 

– Authored by Diya Joseph

In Love And Need A Green Card?

In Love and Need a Green Card? Out of a sense of conviction, Marsh Chapel’s Brother Larry Whitney officiates at weddings for free

Providing free officiating at weddings, Brother Larry Whitney says, honors the Biblical injunction of hospitality. Photo by Jackie Ricciardi

The 1,800-plus marriage licenses filed in Boston between last November and March spiked by one-fifth over the same period one year before. While the city doesn’t record how many of those involved non-citizens, the Boston Globe reports the number for immigrants marrying American citizens—thereby becoming eligible for a green card, which confers permanent residency status and relieves immigrants of anxiety about possible deportation or blocked return if they venture outside the US—increased after Donald Trump’s election, and particularly after his January inauguration and his efforts to impose a travel ban against several Muslim-majority countries.

None of which was news to Brother Larry Whitney (STH’09,’18), University chaplain for community life at Marsh Chapel. He has not only married four couples with American and immigrant partners at no charge since Trump won the presidency, he’s offered via Facebook to officiate at more such nuptials gratis.

“I feel that there’s a moral imperative to use my status as a legal officiate of weddings to help people who feel that they are living under a threat,” says Whitney, a member of the Ithaca, N.Y.–based Lindisfarne Community, an ecumenical religious order.

He performed one of the weddings in December, two in January, and one in February. One couple, both with ties to BU, married at Marsh Chapel, which waived its normal $500 fee for use of its space and wedding coordinator, says Whitney. For the other weddings, performed in the couples’ homes and, in one case, a park, Whitney did not charge a fee or request a donation.

Several courts have ruled against Trump’s proposed travel ban on six mainly Muslim nations, including a federal appeals court in San Francisco this week. The administration has asked the Supreme Court to uphold the ban in a pending case.

BU Today recently talked with Whitney about the issue.

BU Today: Were these marriages you performed moved up because of fear of Trump?

Whitney: These were either moved up or, in at least two of the cases, they hadn’t even officially gotten engaged, but they’d been talking marriage, and all of a sudden it was: now.

What nations were the immigrants from?

Two from Latin America, one from Africa, and one from the Middle East. The African one [is] from Kenya I think, and the Middle Easterner is from Lebanon. All of them are documented.

They’re from nations that wouldn’t have fallen under Trump’s travel order.

I don’t feel like any of the issues that I’ve seen with the people wanting to get married were actually connected to the bans. I think it’s more the sense that he was saying we need to get these immigrants out of here. I think it was the risk of getting deported now that they’re here.

How did these folks find you?

Two of them came through a friend and a colleague, respectively, who knew these couples and said hey, this has come up, they’re afraid, would you be willing to do this? I said of course. The other two [couples] are people I know.

Trump says we’re trying to protect the country, to see if our vetting processes are good enough. What’s your moral objection to what he’s doing?

Our vetting procedures are [already] so thorough. “Thorough” is a massive understatement, to the point that refugees who are afraid for their lives, it’s hard to get permission to come. And it doesn’t take much to get put on the denied list. I think it’s a made up concern that stokes the fears of his base and, thankfully, the courts have seen through it.

Hospitality is the heart of the gospel. That said, in Latin, “hospice” is the root word of both “hospitality” and “hostility.” Our natural inclination is to hostility: this person’s different. They look different, they talk different, they act different, they believe different. Turning that to hospitality is real spiritual work, recognizing too that in providing hospitality, you are entering into a place of vulnerability. There’s no hospitality without risk.

As a minister, are you concerned that some of these folks may be rushing into marriage, perhaps for understandable reasons, but that they aren’t ready yet?

Not so much. These have all been people who have been together quite a while and understood the ins and outs of their relationships and knew largely what they were getting into.

A couple saying, hey, we met at the bar last night and want to get married so he doesn’t get deported—I would certainly not come to the conclusion that I would agree to officiate.

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Which Iphones Have A Sim Tray In 2023 And Which Do Not?

In a rather unprecedented move, Apple has decided to remove the SIM tray from its latest lineup of iPhones. This has come as a surprise to many users despite the company being at the forefront of phasing out features like the headphone jack or a charger with your new iPhone purchase.

Having a SIM tray might be seen as an essential feature by some users, and if you’re in the same team then here are all the iPhones that currently feature a SIM tray in 2023. 

iPhones with a SIM tray in 2023

The following iPhone models feature a SIM tray. These iPhones are officially on sale in 2023.

Older devices will also have a SIM tray but you might have trouble finding them on the market unless you’re looking to purchase a new device. 

iPhone 14 Pro Max (outside US only)

iPhone 14 Pro (outside US only)

iPhone 14 Plus (outside US only)

iPhone 14 (outside US only)

iPhone 13 Pro Max

iPhone 13 Pro

iPhone 13 Plus

iPhone 13

iPhone 13 mini

iPhone 12 Pro Max

iPhone 12 Pro

iPhone 12 Plus

iPhone 12

iPhone 12 mini

iPhone 11 Pro Max

iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 11

iPhone XS Max

iPhone XS

iPhone XR

iPhone X

iPhone SE 3rd Gen

iPhone SE 2nd Gen

iPhone SE 1st Gen

iPhone 8 Plus

iPhone 8

As mentioned above, discontinued iPhone models from iPhone 7 Plus and below also feature a SIM card tray but aren’t officially being sold by Apple.

If you wish to get your hands on these models, you will have to check your local stores and the used market. 

iPhones without a SIM tray

Apple’s new lineup of iPhone 14s does not feature a SIM tray and instead relies on its eSIM capabilities. Here are the models missing a SIM tray in 2023. 

NOTE: The list below applies to iPhone 14 models bought in the U.S.

That is, the iPhone 14 series devices released outside the US will still have a nano-SIM tray slot that can be used with a physical SIM. 

iPhone 14 Pro Max (US only)

iPhone 14 Pro (US only)

iPhone 14 Plus (US only)

iPhone 14 (US only)


Here are a few commonly asked questions about the removal of SIM trays that should get you up to speed with the latest information. Let’s get started.

What is an eSIM?

eSIM is an electronic SIM card that is digitally installed on your iPhone. It does not require a physical SIM though its functionality is identical to one.

An iPhone without a SIM tray will be highly water resistant and will allow you to switch between carriers and mobile plans with a simple tap of the button. This takes away the hassle of removing your SIM tray each time you wish to switch between carriers or mobile plans.

What are the drawbacks of not having a SIM tray?

Relying heavily on eSIMs will put you at the mercy of your carrier when it comes to switching carriers. It will also make it difficult for you to transition to a different device as transferring an eSIM will require contacting your carrier in many regions. In addition to this, a lack of a SIM tray means that you won’t be able to use cell service if you travel to regions where carriers do not offer eSIMs. 

How many eSIMs can you store in the iPhone 14?

According to reports, you can store up to 6 eSIMs in the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus. Additionally, you can store up to 8 eSIMs in the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. 

How Do Digital Marketing Firms Make Money?

Advertising is still a significant source of revenue. However, digital media companies can also monetize their content through affiliate partnerships, e-commerce sales, memberships, and donations. Digital publishers have been able to create new methods of monetization, which until the last few years weren’t possible with traditional publishing. Many digital companies are also relying on an increased focus on data gathering and analysis to measure the effectiveness of their messaging.

At its core, digital media has made it possible for publishers to think outside the box to generate profits from their content. No longer do businesses solely have one option available – now, there is greater potential for growth if you can target your audiences effectively by utilizing several income streams at once.

Competition is creating a very dynamic digital media landscape, and the companies that excel are those with strong content strategies in place. Understanding how to best engage readers on different platforms and devices is crucial for success.

Keeping up-to-date with the latest trends in social media marketing is also essential if you want to reach your target audiences efficiently. The need for continued learning about new technologies will only become more important as people’s preferences evolve.

The Best Ways Digital Marketing Firms Make Money Display Advertising Subscriptions/Memberships Sponsored Content

However, it’s important that these pieces are done correctly, so they don’t become intrusive or too sales-focused. Additionally, sponsored content should maintain the same rigorous editorial standards that all other articles on the site adhere to. This will ensure readers remain engaged and trust the website as a credible source of information.

Online and Offline Events

With more people spending more time online, digital media companies are taking a closer look at their content strategies. With greater video and audio production investments,publishers can create new content that appeals to a broader audience.

Additionally, creating evergreen content allows brands to further capitalize on SEO best practices while improving search engine visibility.

Virtual events are typically cheaper to put together than traditional live events. A digital media company can save significantly on venue rental and catering costs by hosting an event virtually. Additionally, the reach of a virtual event can be much wider than a live event’s because it can be viewed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all solution. Digital publishers should take into consideration the size of their audience and determine whether the possibility of revenue justifies the distraction affiliate links may cause their readers.

For example, including an affiliate link to that new blender you recommended in your article might not be worth turning off some readers if it only generates $5 in sales.

On the other hand, larger digital media companies may find that adding more low-impact and well-placed affiliate links could generate substantial amounts of revenue while also creating a better user experience for readers by connecting them directly to products they need or want.

Monthly/Yearly Service Fee Packages

The more comprehensive the services they offer, the more expensive they are likely to be. Some companies may charge a flat fee for a package of specific services, while others may charge per item or action, such as every email sent or blog post written. The hours spent working on an account usually affect the cost, with longer projects being billed at higher rates than shorter ones.

Creating Digital Products

Creating digital products doesn’t require a significant upfront investment. All you need is the knowledge and skill to create it. From webinars, eBooks, video courses, software programs, and memberships – you can leverage any idea or concept to build your product.

You don’t need a large team of complicated resources, as these are mainly DIY projects that allow entrepreneurs to realize their aspirations without too much trouble.


The benefit of digital marketing is its scalability which lets you go from a few dollars per month to thousands depending on your strategy and implementation level. With many opportunities available with constantly changing dynamics, these digital marketing agencies can be creative and use their talents for maximum benefit!

Difference Between Green Eyes And Hazel Eyes

Eyes are the most expressive feature of the human face, and the color of the eyes plays an important role in the personality of an individual. There are different shades of eye color, but two of the most intriguing colors are green and hazel. Both green and hazel eyes are captivating, and many people get confused between the two. However, there are some differences between green and hazel eyes that distinguish them from each other. This essay will explore the difference between green and hazel eyes.

Green Eyes

The major pigmentation in green eyes is pheomelanin, which is reddish-yellow, and the quantity of melanin (group of natural pigments that makes the eyes look darker) is closer to that of blue eyes but less than that of brown eyes. A poll of more than 60,000 people found that most people think green is the most alluring shade of eye colour. There is a less probability of it being passed down from generation to generation, which may contribute to its allure (it is most closely associated with the recessive gene).

Green eyes are extremely rare; just around 2% of people have them. Green eyes are rather common in various nations of Northern and Central Europe, where their prevalence is greatest. Examples include the fact that nearly all Icelandic men and women have azure or blue eyes. The percentage of people in Edinburgh, Scotland who have green eyes is close to 30 percent.

Green eyes, which contain less melanin than brown eyes, may be more susceptible to the damaging effects of UV light. Consequently, persons with green eyes may have increased chances for ocular melanoma. Katie Holmes, Bruce Willis, Channing Tatum, Lindsay Lohan, and Adele are just few of the famous people who also happen to have green eyes.

Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes have a higher concentration of the pigments eumelanin (brownish black) and pheomelanin (blue-green) than green eyes do (reddish-yellow). Just around 5% of people have hazel eyes, making it a somewhat uncommon eye colour. People of North African, Spanish, Brazilian, and Middle Eastern descent tend to have skin of this shade.

More than 60,000 people were polled on the topic of the most aesthetically pleasing eye colour, and hazel came in third place, behind only green and light blue. Due to lower melanin levels, those with hazel eyes are more susceptible to the harmful effects of the sun compared to those with brown eyes. Thus, they should use sunglasses as necessary. Some famous people, including Tyra Banks, Kevin Jonas, Ashley Greene, Emma Roberts, and Jared Padalecki, have hazel eyes.

Differences: Green and Hazel Eyes

One of the most significant differences between green and hazel eyes is the presence of flecks or spots. Green eyes do not usually have flecks or spots, while hazel eyes are known for their speckled appearance. The flecks or spots in hazel eyes can be any color, but they are usually brown or gold. The presence of flecks or spots in hazel eyes adds to their unique appearance and makes them stand out from other eye colors.

Another difference between green and hazel eyes is the intensity of the color. Green eyes are known for their intense and vivid color, while hazel eyes have a softer and more subtle appearance. The intensity of green eyes can vary depending on the amount of melanin in the iris, and they can appear to be more or less vivid depending on the lighting. Hazel eyes, on the other hand, have a softer appearance that is often described as warm and welcoming.

The following table highlights the major differences between Green Eyes and Hazel Eyes −


Green Eyes

Hazel Eyes

Melanin Amount

The melanin amount in green eyes is less than that of hazel eyes.

The melanin amount in hazel eyes is more than that of green eyes. It is closer to the color brown.

Dominant Pigmentation

The dominant pigmentation in green eyes is called pheomelanin which is giving off a reddish- yellow hue.

In comparison, there are two dominant pigmentations in hazel eyes; these are pheomelanin, like that of green eyes, and eumelanin which is brownish black.


As compared to hazel, green is generally viewed as more attractive as an eye color.

A survey concluded that green eyes was ranked as the most appealing, this was followed by light blue, and the third most attractive was hazel. The list was followed by dark blue, gray, honey, amethyst, and brown.


Having green eyes is rarer as compared to having hazel eyes. Around only two percent of the global population has green eyes while around five percent has hazel eyes. This uniqueness may also be a reason why green eyes are mostly viewed as more attractive than hazel eyes.

Hazel eyes are common as compared to green eyes.


The famous actors and actresses with green eyes include Scarlet Johansson, Kristen Stewart, Emma Stone, Charlize Theron, Bruce Willis, and Adrien Brody.

The famous actors and actresses with hazel eyes include Jared Padalecki, Tyra Banks, Emma Roberts, Jason Stathman, and Zachary Levi.

Regarding singers and musicians, those with green eyes include Adele, Rihanna, and Amanda Seyfried while those with hazel include Joe Jonas, Adam Levine, and John Mayer

Health Concerns

Those with green irises, they have higher tolerance for pain, are at lower risk to experience anxiety and depression, and have a higher risk of eye melanoma.

According to a survey, those with hazel irises are more likely to have low pain tolerance and are more prone to anxiety.

Number of Colors

Green eyes are generally characterized by a single solid hue.

Hazel eyes are a combination of brown, green, and/or gold. This is the reason why people with hazel eyes may seem like they have green eyes sometimes, depending on the lighting. This is also explained by the single dominant pigmentation, pheomelanin, in green eyes and the two dominant pigmentations, pheomelanin and eumelanin, in hazel eyes.


In conclusion, green and hazel eyes are two of the most captivating eye colors in the world. While they may appear similar at first glance, there are some key differences that distinguish them from each other.

Green eyes are rare and have a distinct shade of green that is caused by the amount of melanin in the iris, while hazel eyes are a combination of brown and green eyes with a speckled appearance. The intensity of green eyes is more vivid than hazel eyes, which have a softer and more subtle appearance.

Regardless of the differences between the two, both green and hazel eyes are beautiful and

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