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How does Caged Beasts Coin, a meme coin in presale, become the best passive income in the crypto market?

The world of crypto offers many pathways to riches, with the most prominent ones being active trading and staking. However, Caged Beasts Coin (BEASTS), a project in presale, has introduced a novel referral scheme that can upend the dynamics of the passive income space with its promise of high earnings. Read on to find out more about the project that has caught the eye of the market.

The Revolutionary Take on Passive Income

Caged Beasts Coin, the new meme coin currently in presale, has caught the fancy of the market within a short time. The project offers its holders an effortless and lucrative passive income stream with its novel referral scheme. The project’s unique referral program allows users to create referral codes when they link their wallets with the network. The referral codes can then be used to refer friends and family to the network.

When someone makes a deposit using a referral code, the owner of that code receives a handsome 20% of the deposit in ETH, USDT, or BNB. Meanwhile, the new investor also gets a reward with a 20% bonus in $BEASTS. The rewards are credited instantly to the code owner, making it the most seamless experience in passive income options.

The Best Passive Income Option

What sets Caged Beasts Coin apart is its high reward rate of 20%, making it the best passive income option available in the market. Compared to other options in staking, which has a typical yield of 6 to 9%, the Caged Beasts Coin’s yield makes it an investor’s delight instantly. The earning potential with the referral program is also unlimited, with no caps on the number of times a person can refer to the network.

A Clear Vision for the Future

It is not often that a meme coin project with a clear vision comes along. The Caged Beasts Coin did just that when it made its liquidity policy public. The project devotes 75% of tokens for the presale, and the rest will go towards marketing efforts. The liquidity policy’s clear breakdown ensures fair distribution and ensures enough liquidity for the project.

The open liquidity policy not only underlines Caged Beasts Coin’s clear sense of direction but also its emphasis on transparency. With the liquidity policy, the project has acquired a layer of credibility that makes it stand apart from projects of disrepute.

The Final Word

In a market that is accustomed to seeing passive income returns of 6 to 9%, the Caged Beasts Coin’s offer of a 20% yield through its referral program is revolutionary. The project becomes even more of an investor’s favourite with its promise of instant reward deposits and unlimited earning potential. To add the cherry on top, the project’s transparent policies have given it credibility and gained the confidence of investors. The project’s solid credentials have given it a leg up in the presale market, with the project grabbing the attention of the investors.

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Cardano Staking Just Got Even Better – Evergrow Passive Income

Two of every three ADA tokens are currently staked on the Cardano network.

If you’re a Cardano staker (or considering it) the benefits are obvious:

3-5% annual percentage yield (APY) on your staked ADA

The ability to deposit or withdraw ADA at any moment (unless you’re using a fixed staking product, e.g. on Binance)

Participation in a sociable staking pool

Participation in securing the decentralised Cardano blockchain 

But if you invested in Cardano prior to the bear market in July 2023, you’ll be feeling the pain of a diminished portfolio.

Sure, you’re receiving more ADA every day or every epoch (5 days) – but what if that ADA is worth $0.5 instead of the $1 or even $2 or $3 at which you bought in?

By early April alone, data from IntoTheBlock showed that 75% of Cardano investors were in the red.

Come June-July 2023, only people who bought in 2023 or earlier will actually be in profit.

Passive income you can make use of tomorrow – EverGrow

Imagine if by staking ADA you received stablecoins instead of more ADA?

It would mean no more clinging on to your Cardano portfolio in anticipation of the next crypto bull market.

It would mean being able to use your Cardano rewards instantly –and without losing any of the other benefits. 

Sounds interesting?

Welcome to the fundamentals that have taken newcomer altcoin EverGrow from nowhere to become the top stablecoin reflection token in crypto in just 10 months.

EverGrow has paid out $37.5 million in the Binance-Pegged USD (BUSD) stablecoin to investors, depending on their position size. 

BUSD rewards arrive daily in your digital wallet and can instantly be withdrawn to your regular bank account, used to buy up other crypto assets, or kept as a reserve.

How does EverGrow generate passive income?

All reflection tokens come with a transaction tax.

In the case of EverGrow, you pay a 14% transaction tax every time you buy or sell $EGC. The transaction tax is split as follows:

8% distributed as BUSD rewards

2% set aside for liquidity on PancakeSwap (the BNB Chain’s leading decentralised exchange)

2% set aside for buyback and burn

2% used to fund marketing efforts 

This means that BUSD rewards are heavily dependent on daily trading volume. 

During the bear market daily volume is ranging between $100,000-$300,000 meaning around $8,000-$24,000 BUSD is entering investors’ wallets every day.

But EverGrow hit a peak of $12 million daily trading volume in 2023 – generating $960,000 in BUSD rewards – and a peak of $62 million in 2023 – generating $4.96 million BUSD rewards in a 24-hour period.

How do EverGrow BUSD rewards compare with Cardano staking?

Let’s take an example of a $5,000 investment in EverGrow and a $5,000 investment in Cardano back in early October last year.

How would your portfolio be holding up in July 2023?

$5,000 investment in Cardano 

A $5,000 investment in Cardano would have bought you 2,196 ADA. Let’s assume you put this into a Cardano staking pool accruing 4.6% APY (according to the Cardano calculator) this means you would have earned 84 extra ADA right now.

From a $5,000 Cardano purchase in October you’d now have 2280 ADA worth $1,140 (with an ADA price of $0.5).

$5,000 investment in EverGrow

A $5,000 investment in EverGrow in early October would have bought you 65.4 billion $EGC (at a price of $0.00000000747 but only buying with $4,300 after paying the 14% transaction tax). Taking the average of all daily trading volume figures from then to now gets $3,618,179. Plugging these figures into the SleekFinance EGC calculator gives a result of $12,800 BUSD over 10 months ($1,280 a month).

From a $5,000 EverGrow purchase in October, you’d now have 65.4 $EGC worth $10,856 and $12,800 BUSD you’re free to use without affecting your underlying investment.

How will EverGrow maintain high daily trading volume?

If you’d bought EverGrow in early October you would have been lucky – EverGrow prices rallied strong until a decline began from January 5th this year along with the rest of the crypto market.

The daily trading volume has also dropped off from $12 million in January to between $100,000 – $300,000 in July.

Cardano clearly has an easier ride to high daily trading volume – between $0.5-$1.5 billion in July. 

To continue paying BUSD rewards, EverGrow needs to recover and maintain high daily trading volume.

Here’s how the core development are preparing for that:

Is now a good time to buy EverGrow or Cardano?

Crypto prices are low in the bear market this summer of 2023.

Cardano is trading at its lowest prices since January of last year. Cardano hit a macro low of $0.4 on May 12th and then again on July 13th. In the intervening months, the price of Cardano has risen to $0.65 but has spent most of the bear market trading between $0.45 and $0.55.

Cardano has the best percentage of total circulating supply staked to the network – over 71%. It also ranks as the most eco-friendly blockchain, the most stable (1,760 days without any outages), and was the first to use a peer-review process for updates.

The future of Cardano is bright. If you were waiting for a time to buy, now’s that time.

EverGrow is also trading in a low range of $0.0000001 and $0.0000002 in late July. These are the lowest EverGrow prices since trading took off in late October last year. 

If you’re looking to buy a cryptocurrency that offers some of the most rewarding and functional passive income on the market, now is the time to buy EverGrow before prices begin rising once more.

Read more about EverGrow, its roadmap, and price calculations on the EverGrow website.

Cardano News Update With Caged Beasts And Litecoin

Cardano News Update: 4 Million New Wallets In June – Litecoin Resurges And Caged Beasts Promises 20% USDT Instantly

As the cryptocurrency market experiences a bullish trend, investors and enthusiasts are closely following the growth and adoption of their favorite tokens. In this Cardano news update, we delve into the rising popularity of Cardano (ADA) and Litecoin (LTC), while exploring the potential for Caged Beasts (BEASTS) to see a surge in adoption in the coming weeks. So, let’s dive into the exciting developments and compare these brands.

Cardano News: Over 4 Million New Wallets Added In June

Cardano (ADA) has been attracting a growing number of cryptocurrency enthusiasts lately. With an average of 2,446 new wallets being added to the network daily in June, Cardano is experiencing a surge in adoption; with the total number of Cardano holding addresses now standing at an impressive 4,161,225. This steady growth is a testament to the increasing interest in Cardano’s innovative blockchain platform, which aims to provide a secure and scalable infrastructure for decentralized applications. Moreover, the recent release of the Cardano Node 8.1.1 update demonstrates the project’s commitment to improving performance and addressing minor issues.

Litecoin: Upcoming Halving Births Resurgence

Litecoin (LTC), one of the oldest cryptocurrencies, is witnessing a resurgence as its halving event approaches in August. In the past week alone, the number of daily active addresses and new addresses on the Litecoin blockchain has soared by 28% and 54.6%, respectively. This renewed interest is reflected in the milestone reached by Litecoin, surpassing Ethereum in total addresses with a record of 200.7 million. The upcoming halving event, where block rewards will be reduced from 12.5 LTC to 6.25 LTC, is driving this network growth. Historically, such halving events have led to significant price gains in the respective cryptocurrencies. Currently priced at $76.96, Litecoin is experiencing a wide trading range, with support at $65 and resistance levels at $80, $90, and $105.

Caged Beasts: Can It Reach 10X Soon?

Turning our attention to Caged Beasts (BEASTS), this exciting meme coin cryptocurrency project has recently entered the market, and already it is building a community around itself thanks to its referral system. Caged Beasts stands out with its emphasis on community and decentralization. Drawing inspiration from science fiction and cyberpunk styles, Caged Beasts also distinguishes its style and design from the repetitive meme coins overcrowding the market.

What truly sets Caged Beasts apart is its innovative referral system, through which users can create their own shareable referral codes, and when others make a purchase using those codes, the referrer instantly receives 20% of the deposited amount in ETH, BNB, or USDT. Additionally, the referred person receives bonus tokens equal to 20% of their purchased amount. This greatly incentivizes community members to invite friends and actively contribute to the project’s growth, allowing participants to earn passive income through steady referrals.

Witnessing the recent increase in adoption of Cardano and Litecoin, make us believe that Caged Beasts is well-equipped to match these two brands in the future. With this rewarding referral system and its immersive lore and characters, Caged Beasts is definitely not your regular meme coin.

With Cardano adding over 2,400 new wallets a day in June and Litecoin witnessing a surge in new addresses ahead of its halving event, the altcoin season and bull market are presenting opportunities for various cryptocurrencies. Amidst this positive trend, it’s worth keeping an eye on emerging projects like Caged Beasts. With its unique art style, emphasis on community, and innovative referral system, Caged Beasts has the potential to see a similar rise in adoption as these two coins. So, when you are reading up on Cardano or Litecoin news, keep an eye out for Caged Beasts, or better yet, visit Caged Beasts’ website and sign up your email address to stay up to date. You can also participate in the presale to get your referral code to share and start earning 20% instant USDT for every referral.

Caged Beasts

Pepe, Dogecoin And Caged Beasts – 3 Entirely Different Meme Coins With Huge Potential

A new wave of digital assets has taken the stage, capturing the imagination of investors worldwide. These assets, known as meme coins, combine the power of viral trends, community engagement, and a dash of creativity to offer a unique investment opportunity.

In this comparative article, we dive into the world of Pepe Coin, Dogecoin, and the intriguing newcomer, Caged Beasts (BEASTS). By examining their concepts, community activities, and growth prospects, we aim to provide readers with a glimpse into the captivating world of meme coins and help them uncover their potential.

Pepe Coin: The Meme Turned Crypto

Pepe Coin, one of the more well-known players in the meme coin space, captured the attention of the crypto community with its unique concept and engagement-driven approach. Inspired by the iconic Pepe the Frog, this coin quickly gained a dedicated following. Its creators leveraged the power of memes to generate brand awareness and foster an enthusiastic community. The engaging nature of Pepe Coin’s concept, combined with frequent community events, propelled it to prominence within the meme coin world.

Dogecoin: The Reigning Champion of Meme Coins

When it comes to meme coins, Dogecoin needs no introduction. Created as a lighthearted homage to the popular “Doge” meme, Dogecoin has managed to carve a significant niche for itself. What sets Dogecoin apart is its incredible community support and philanthropic endeavors. Additionally, this meme coin has sponsored various charitable initiatives, capturing the hearts of many investors. With a vibrant community and a resilient reputation, Dogecoin remains a force to be reckoned with in the meme coin realm.

Caged Beasts: A New Rising Star

Now, let’s explore the unique and captivating world of Caged Beasts. Developed by Rabbit 4001, this project aims to disrupt the status quo and empower investors in a distinct way. The concept revolves around genetically mutated animals, known as caged beasts, created to eradicate perceived human infection. With each presale stage, Caged Beasts engages its growing community, raising funds to nurture these beasts from infancy to maturity. The engaging storyline and the promise of development make Caged Beasts an intriguing investment opportunity.

Community Activities: Engaging the Crowd

In terms of community activities, Pepe Coin, Dogecoin, and Caged Beasts all share a common thread. They recognize the importance of engaging their communities through various events and initiatives. Pepe Coin embraces social media competitions and giveaways to keep their community energized and actively involved. Dogecoin’s community-driven culture promotes inclusivity with frequent community events and discussions. Caged Beasts, being a community and meme token itself, also promises a host of engaging activities to captivate its supporters and build a strong bond among its community members.

Growth Potential: Looking Towards the Future

While Pepe Coin and Dogecoin have already established themselves as prominent meme coins, Caged Beasts enters the scene with immense growth potential. As the project progresses through different presale stages, investors can anticipate the growth and development of these genetically mutated caged beasts. Although specific growth metrics are yet to be revealed, this concept alone presents a compelling case for early investment. The evolving nature of Caged Beasts adds an element of excitement, attracting both seasoned crypto enthusiasts and those seeking the next big crypto sensation.

Embracing the Future of Meme Coins

Pepe Coin, Dogecoin, and Caged Beasts stand out as key players in an ever-expanding landscape. Each coin brings its own unique approach to engaging the community and capturing investor interest. Pepe Coin’s early success, Dogecoin’s established reputation, and Caged Beasts’ captivating concept all contribute to the growing popularity of meme coins. As we look towards the future, Caged Beasts holds tremendous potential with its engaging storyline and promising growth prospects. Investors and crypto enthusiasts should keep a close eye on this exciting newcomer to the meme coin arena.

To explore the captivating world of Caged Beasts and learn more about this innovative project, visit their website today.

Join the Caged Beasts (BEASTS) community and become a part of the movement as we embrace the future of meme coins.

8 Best Crypto Presales Of 2023 – The Definitive In

Crypto presales can be a great opportunity to learn about and potentially buy exciting new tokens before they are released on the market. In this article we will explore the best crypto presales to invest in this year 2023.

This all-encompassing article, carefully curated and expertly composed, utilizes information from industry analysts and official documentation from the respective crypto presales in this list.

List of the 8 Best Crypto Presales:


Big Eyes


Pepe Coin

Love Hate Inu





ApeMax is a fun and exciting new crypto coin available for purchase at presale. ApeMax distinguishes itself thanks to its revolutionary tokenomics, allowing stakers to earn big rewards. ApeMax staking is in a league of its own, and this new system is referred to as boost-to-earn staking.

ApeMax staking allows token holders to boost or stake on entities they like, which can range from their favorite creators, celebrities, or even crypto and defi projects that they are fans of.

During the ApeMax presale phase, the presale price of ApeMax coins increases every day, which creates a fun sense of excitement. Early buyers can buy and save big by opting for the limited early bird loot boxes through which they can get their tokens at discounted prices of up to 50%.

ApeMax shines as a top new contender in the ranks of best crypto presales worth exploring in 2023.

Big Eyes

BigEyes is another top crypto presale coin and has achieved over $27 million in sales to date. This  lovable meme coin which uses cuteness as its currency, contrasts when compared to the predominant canine-themed tokens in the cryptocurrency world.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, the Big Eyes Coin platform enables users to create and distribute NFT content using BIG tokens. Additionally, Big Eyes aims to allocate 5% of its total supply to environmental causes, including ocean sanctuaries.


Dogetti aims to establish itself as a leading player in the meme coin market. Led by Don Eloni, this doge-inspired cryptocurrency has been building its community through its successful coin presale.

Notably, Dogetti implements distinctive tokenomics, with taxes imposed on every transaction. These taxes are allocated to various purposes, including redistribution to holders.

Pepe Coin

Pepe Coin, a new meme cryptocurrency, created a frenzy in the crypto world with a market cap exceeding $1.6 billion in early May, but has since cooled and now stands below $350 million.

Love Hate Inu

Love Hate Inu’s crypto presale achieved impressive success, exceeding $10 million in sales and solidifying its position as a top crypto presale.

Led by Carl Dawkins, Love Hate Inu implements staking tokenomics, rewarding users with $LHINU tokens for participating in surveys and polls.


Ecoterra is actively promoting its objective of combating climate change through its crypto presale, encouraging users to participate in recycling activities with the Recycle to Earn token and a user-friendly app.


Tamadoge, a relatively new play-to-earn meme token, offers holders the chance to win weekly rewards and engage in various games available within their ecosystem’s arcade.

The token has garnered considerable attention in the media, being featured in respected publications such as Benzinga amongst others.


RenQ coin has garnered significant support from the crypto community and conducted one of the most successful presales, raising $19 million.

RenQ aims to bridge the gap between various blockchain networks, facilitating seamless asset exchange across chains.

8 Best Crypto Presales – Conclusion

Summing it up, this comprehensive handbook provides an intricate analysis and list of the 6 top crypto presales that are currently captivating the attention of the Web3 media, investors, and crypto buyers.

Crypto presales may not be for everyone, and it is important to understand that all cryptocurrencies can come with a certain degree of risks and volatility.

The exclusive ApeMax presale, available for a limited period, offers an excellent opportunity to explore the unique aspects of ApeMax coin in detail.

What is a Crypto Presale?

A crypto presale is an early phase of a cryptocurrency project where tokens are available for sale before the token is available on centralized and decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap.

Where can I find the best Crypto Presales?

Finding the best crypto presales can be challenging. That’s why it’s important to do a lot of independent research and due diligence by reading information from the press, from the coins’ official websites and whitepapers, and from helpful online resources.

How to buy crypto coins in a presale?

No Holds Barred: Shiba Inu’s Puppynet Dance, Floki’s Howls, And Caged Beasts’ Ferocious Aims

In the wild and unpredictable world of cryptocurrency, a thrilling battle is unfolding among three formidable contenders. No holds are barred as Shiba Inu, FLOKI, and the ferocious Caged Beasts lock horns in a quest for dominance. With each contender bringing its unique prowess to the arena, this clash of titans promises an exhilarating spectacle that will shape the future of meme crypto.

Caged Beasts — A Meme Project

Meet Caged Beasts, a new decentralized meme crypto project that roams the virtual landscape with an aura of mystique and power.

The Backstory and Its Support System

In the mysterious world of Caged Beasts, Dr. Jekyll’s genetically mutated animals, the caged beasts, aim to eradicate the human infection, yet his work brings him to the brink of destruction by humanity. BEASTS make sure this doesn’t happen.

BEASTS fosters a sense of belonging and anticipation all the while nurturing its community’s raised funds oh-so-well. As BEASTS offer investors an unparalleled experience, this helps them stick around.

With Caged Beasts playing the meme crypto space, the stage is set for a thrilling journey, where the Shiba Inu and Floki lead the way, and the digital landscape is forever transformed by their presence.

Shiba Inu Refuses to Fade into the Shadows

Amidst the wild and whimsical world of cryptocurrency, a thrilling battle for dominance unfolds. On one side, we have the enigmatic Caged Beasts, harnessing the power of the proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. With their unique branding and engaging community events, these beasts prowl the digital landscape, captivating investors with their mystique and potential.

But in the midst of this fierce competition, Shiba Inu (SHIB) refuses to be outshone. With moves that would put even the most seasoned dancers to shame, Shiba Inu’s Puppynet testnet blazes with a staggering 10 million transactions, igniting the stage for its forthcoming mainnet release. The SHIBArmy knows how to set the dance floor ablaze!

Having already rocked the blockchain world with over 11 million transactions from 15 million wallets, Shiba Inu takes the spotlight. And now, with the introduction of Shibarium, their own layer-2 network, they show no signs of slowing down. This ambitious endeavor aims to solve the challenges of scalability, speed, and expense, solidifying their position in the crypto dance-off.

No longer just a meme token, the SHIBArmy has transformed into a formidable player with a thriving ecosystem. SHIB, LEASH, and BONE tokens command the stage with a combined market cap of over $5 billion. These serious moves prove that Shiba Inu is here to stay.

As the rhythm of Shibarium intensifies, each transaction becomes a fiery dance move, burning SHIB tokens and reducing the total supply. It’s a thrilling display of commitment and passion, leaving their competitors in awe of their power.

The Great Chase: FLOKI Pursues SHIB Leaving BEASTS in its Tailwind

Floki Inu (FLOKI), a brainchild of the strong SHIBArmy, has finally joined the biggest centralized exchange, Binance US. A web of strategic alliances with major exchanges like Binance TR and chúng tôi casts Floki’s net wider, luring in a diverse crowd of investors. This partnership also catapulted $FLOKI by over 40%. Leaving BEASTS in its tailwind, it also paints FLOKI as a true challenger to Shiba Inu.

On May 31, FLOKI runs along the $0.000031 to $0.000032 price range. It had a trading volume of $23 million and a market cap of $305 million.

What Are The Odds?

While Floki Inu and Shiba Inu have enjoyed significant success and recognition, Caged Beasts offer a fresh and engaging approach that has the potential to disrupt the meme coin market. As this project continues to grow and unfold, the excitement and curiosity surrounding its potential cannot be ignored. Will Caged Beasts unleash its ferocious ambitions and capture the attention of meme coin investors?

Catch Caged Beasts If You Can!

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