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Building Blocks Of Cyber Security Cyber Security Building Blocks:

Let’s discuss the 6 main cyber security building blocks one by one:

1. Network Security

The main purpose of a firewall is to closely check all the incoming and outgoing network data for any suspicious content and filter it accordingly.

Firewall is the elementary building block that plays the most important role in providing a defense mechanism to any organization and should be taken seriously.

2. Endpoint Security

Another major building block is endpoint security. The major role of any endpoint security system is to protect possessions present on any network and comprises of device firewalls and the anti-virus applications used in the organization.

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Endpoint security plays an important role since it safeguards the possessions even after the external security is compromised by hackers.

3. Information Management

While it is important to manage network security as well as endpoint security, other major building block is to have tools that can gather and manage information regarding unusual activities and traffic requests and any abnormal changes in organization’s database.

SIEM(security information and event management) are management tools that plays an important role in defining the effectiveness of cyber security of any organization.

4. Cloud Mechanisms for Providing Services to Organizations

Cloud services are vastly used by organizations as they cut down the expenditure needed to manage the physical resources. Cloud computing platforms provide service infrastructure, by saving the database on the cloud.

This, however, cannot be considered as a standalone major security platform since the organization should incorporate different mechanisms to provide security to the information stored on cloud.

5. Manage Vulnerability

Irrespective of the strongest of cyber security aspects and measures, data is always susceptible to attacks. Hence, every organization must keep a close watch on the latest security weaknesses and exposure to provide enough security measures to their data.

Vulnerabilities can be managed by organizations by running regular security tests and checking for the changes required to maintain the required security. These tests help to identify the nature of vulnerabilities so that solutions can be implemented accordingly.

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These were the 5 major cyber security building blocks any organization must maintain. Other than this organizations must also conduct training session and awareness programs to educate employees and people to manage the cyber security.

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6 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Study Cyber Security

On the top career list, cyber security has become one of the best choices to start with. The main reason is the high global demand for professionals. Companies are experiencing cyber-attacks at levels never experienced before. Due to this, organizations need expert support in attack mitigation.

Most hackers are highly experienced, which poses a greater challenge to organizations. The best counterattack strategy is to hire highly educated professionals. It is rewarding to consider studying cybersecurity. Here are six key reasons why it is important to study the subject.

What is The Cyber Security Field About?

Teachers are embracing the importance of teaching cybersecurity at school. Due to the fast growth of online studying, students often connect online to access college websites. They are prone to attacks while studying online or accessing materials for different subjects. Online education offers them the right knowledge to keep themselves safe on the internet. Students can read essays about cyber security effects and mitigation measures. The free samples are important when a student is preparing to write a college essay. When they refer to the paper samples, they get better ideas about their chosen topics.

In present times, technology is becoming more complicated daily. Millions of students are graduating with computer science degrees. Due to this, the rate of creating new applications has increased more than ever. IT systems are becoming more complicated, and so is the rate of attacks. The importance of cyber security in the modern digital world is keeping systems secure.

It plays different roles in the modern digital world. It ensures application security and prevents data loss. Experts in this field provide threat intelligence to organizations and manage system vulnerabilities. They build strong architectures, ensure network security and respond to incidents. In the simplest words, it ensures computer systems are secure against unauthorized access.

Learners must understand the basics. It starts with the basic terms used in the field, such as data breach, cyber security, and encryption. They should learn about malware, phishing, worms, and viruses. Understanding basic information such as hacking and data management is an excellent starting point for studying cyber security.

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Why This Major has Become So Popular Among Students

Organizations around the world are currently dealing with a new threat. On one hand, developers are creating strong threat mitigation applications. On the other hand, hackers are creating complex hacking applications. Due to this, organizations have a more complex challenge to deal with.

Many students are studying cyber security due to the benefits it provides. Apart from gaining knowledge, the field has unlimited opportunities. After graduation, they can work independently or get hired by various organizations.

Why Students Should Consider Studying Cyber Security

Lately, organizations are facing major computer systems security challenges. Due to this, the field is growing fast. There are many reasons why students should study a course in it.

It is a Highly Viable Field

It is a Well-Paying Field

Organizations in modern times depend on data to make important decisions. They collect big data, analyze it and get insights from it. This data is collected from multiple sources, such as payment systems, social media platforms, and online shopping platforms.

Organizations must protect their data and integrity at all costs. Due to the high value of data and its sensitivity, organizations are willing to pay experts well. If you are still not sure why you choose a course in this field, this is an important reason.

You can Employ Yourself You Can Work Anywhere in The World

Your Innovative Skills Grow You can Work in High-Profile Organizations


The field of cyber security is becoming important in modern technology. Demand for cyber security experts is growing at an unprecedented rate. Every organization in the world is dealing with unique online security challenges. Students should consider studying cyber security due to the benefits it offers. They can get jobs in any country in the world. Job positions in this field are highly lucrative and provide opportunities for skills growth.

Top Artificial Intelligence Cyber Security Tools You Need To Know

Top Artificial Intelligence Cyber Security Tools You Need to Know Insight into DeepLocker

The technology of AI promised safe and secure cyber-future, free of hacks and thefts. As a result, companies working with cyber security specialist started investing in AI-based system to scrutinize large data and identify threats beforehand. After this attack, some have lost faith in this system and no longer intend to make it a necessity for cybersecurity.

AI: A Necessity or Threat Darktrace Antigena

Antigena magnifies Darktrace’s central competencies to identify and imitate the operation of digital antibodies that recognize and counterbalance hazards and viruses. It uses Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System to detect suspicious action and respond in real-time, based on the gravity of the hazard. Use of Artificial Intelligence in cyber security is necessary and keeping this in mind, Antigena units can control machine and user access to message protocols, internet, and network connection via many of its AI powered products.

With the support of fundamental machine learning technology, Darktrace Antigena acknowledges and defends against unidentified menaces as they grow without human intervention. With such mechanized response competencies and application of Artificial Intelligence in security, administrations can counter threats swiftly, without disturbing the usual workflow of businesses.

Symantec’s Targeted attack analytics (TAA) tool

Developed by Symantec with the aim to expose covert and trained attacks, this tool is an amalgamation of AI and machine learning. Talking about the achievements of this tool, last year it managed to fight and disable Dragonfly 2.0 attack that aimed to intrude into operational networks of various companies. For now, the priority of this company is to release products, where customers can recognize threats without any outside assistance and eventually take effective response.

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With the help of Machine Learning, they are taking intelligence developed by their research team to next level and empowering customers to tackle threats with efficiency. With great records and amazing features, TAA tools examine attacks within the network against the episodes discovered in their Symantec threat data lake. TAA exposes fishy activities at every endpoint and organizes that data to ascertain whether each act signifies veiled suspicious activity.

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IBM QRadar Advisor

Some of the highlights of this IBM QRadar Advisor are scheduled examination of incidents, delivering intelligent reasoning, recognizes threats with high severity and offering core insights on assets and users. This tool can examine threats by excavating local data with the help of observables for collecting larger data for next incident. It can also get access to information about threats that whether they have crossed defense layers or blocked.

With the help of cognitive reasoning, they identify threats with ease and also expose related entities of previous incidents in the form of IP addresses and suspicious files. This tool allows you to get detailed insights about each incident, from malware attack to bypassing of layers and let you make the best decision. With User Behavior Analytics (UBA) App, you can recognize dubious activities coming from insiders by incorporating information with this app and understand the impact on system.

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Sophos’ Intercept X tool

Based on deep learning neural network, Intercept X of Sophos is a replication of human brain. Sophos is British based hardware company that also deals in security software. The birth of this tool can be attributed to US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) for creating an algorithm which is now used in Intercept X. The Intercept X has been tried and verified on various third party’s platforms like NSS labs and has always scored high.

The USP of this tool is its ability to extract features from a file before it is executed. The tool performs critical analysis of the file and comes out with information in less than a second. Based on bi-directional sharing and real-time feedback of threats, it delivers results with great accuracy. The tool uses behavioral analysis to stop malware to enter into system and launch attacks.

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Vectra’s Cognito

Based on AI software, Cognito of Vectra recognizes threats on a real-time basis. It allows automatic supervision, programmed analysis and threat detection with the help of algorithm based on the behavioral detection. This program assists in gathering network logs, metadata and cloud events. Also, it can examine each incident and stock them to identify veiled attackers in workflows and other devices.

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Currently, the only way to survive AI based attacks is to install Artificial intelligence cybersecurity tools. One of the best features of AI is that they learn and upgrade themselves automatically. As more information is exposed to them, they upgrade accordingly without human interference and reveal unique deviations to cyber security specialist.

This empowers organization to launch full-fledged attacks on hackers, who aims to intrude in the operational network. As the technology is expanding and newer perspectives are emerging, the scope of this technology is immense and fruitful. The unique combination of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in cyber security has the ability to redefine the complete bionetwork of cybersecurity.

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Experts are praising this unique combination of technology that can permanently put an end to cyber threats and hacking and deliver a platform of security and safety. However, the recent attacks are forcing people to see this as more like a product with pure vendor hype. However, you cannot completely ignore the positive aspects of this duo technology.

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Essential Vp: “We’ve Always Thought Of Building Something Premium”

Q: First things first, what’s the current status of the Android Oreo beta?

Rebecca Zavin: We’re going to do a beta for folks who are the main enthusiasts, while we finish off the balance of issues of getting it right for customers. There’s kind of a long tail on things like making sure there aren’t regressions on battery life. You have to spend time collecting data before you can have a confidence level that you have everything locked in.

Q: Essential Phone is one of the few Android models out there without all that “extra stuff.” Does that fact help speed up the update process in any way?

A: There’s not a whole lot of customization we’re doing on top of Android. But to make Android work well, there is a bunch of work that has to go into [development]. Working around things like our in-screen camera and aspect ratio. There’s a little bit of work that has to be done there.

Q: What about improvements to the camera? Is there anything in store there?

We’ve separated camera development from device development so that it’s running on its own schedule

A: We’ve separated camera development from device development, so that it’s running on its own schedule. We do have upcoming features there, like a Portrait mode, which we’re going to roll out shortly. We also have some image quality improvements that are less visible to users which we’re working on now.

It may be the case that some of these things launch before the Android Oreo launch—we don’t know exactly when everything is going to land.

Q: Can Essential Phone users expect some updates to come through the Play Store?

A: Camera updates will come through the Play Store, versus the whole overhaul. I think you want to get the fixes out as fast as you can, and the Play Store gives you the maximum flexibility to do that.

Q: What about those who purchased their Essential Phone through Sprint? Will they see their update as soon as the unlocked crowd?

A: We’re going to continue to do rollouts as quickly as we can. In some of these cases, there’s a little more diligence done by our carrier partners. Sometimes there’s a bit of a staggered effect to the rollouts. But [Sprint] is already involved in the Android Oreo activity so we can get through it as quickly as possible.

Q: What’s next for Essential, beyond this software update?

A: At present, the team is focused on two things. The first thing is getting out Oreo with a great experience. The next thing is the global launch in a bunch of geographies. There is no timing on that, and I can’t give you a map of where in the world and when. But that’s the next big effort that we’re going to be taking on.

Rebecca Zavin at Playground’s Silicon Valley headquarters

Q: Before this, you spent over a decade at Google working on the Android source code. Why did you decide to hop over to Essential?

Q: What’s the niche that Essential is trying to fill in the Android world? Q: Where will we see Essential six months from now?

A: Six months is a long time in the life of a startup. But you’re going to see more stuff coming from us, more software updates and more accessories.

I think we’re going to be starting to certainly talk about the next generation of devices, too, kind of across our portfolio. We have this ambition to be more of a phone company.

Q: Where will we see Essential landing next — besides the smart speaker we know is coming?

A: There’s nothing we’re ready to share yet, but it is an area under active development.

A Comparison Of Domain Authority Checkers For Link Building

Should domain authority checkers be a part of your SEO toolkit?

A couple of years ago, I wrote about Moz’s Domain Authority and how it did not represent Google’s PageRank.

No third-party metric does.

We still like metrics, though, because they give us a quick method of determining how good a site may be for our purposes (which is almost always link building, for me).

It’s important to remember that domain authority must be viewed in conjunction with many other metrics.

What Are the Major Metrics We Use for Measuring Domain Authority? Ahrefs Domain Rating

According to Ahrefs:

“Domain Rating (DR) shows the strength of a website’s backlink profile compared to the others in our database on a 100-point scale.”

DR is a relative term that takes into account the number of sites that link to you as well as how many other domains those sites link out to.

The higher the DR, the more link equity it will transfer to the domains that the site links out to. This equity is split equally so a site that only links out to 50 domains can be a bigger influence on its target domains’ DR than a site that links out to 500,000 domains.

Semrush Authority Score

According to Semrush:

“Authority Score is the result of calculations run by a neural network algorithm that uses machine learning to measure every domain’s authority based on quality, popularity, and backlink signals.”

Authority Score measures overall quality and SEO performance.

It takes into account factors such as the number of referring domains pointing to a site, the number of outbound links from each referring domain, follow vs nofollow links pointing to the site, etc.

Moz Domain Authority

This is commonly and mistakenly thought of as how authoritative Google views a website.

According to Moz:

“Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz that predicts how likely a website is to rank on search engine result pages (SERPs). A Domain Authority score ranges from one to 100, with higher scores corresponding to a greater ability to rank.”

Majestic TrustFlow

Majestic TrustFlow is a little different from the others.

Majestic says:

“Trust Flow, a trademark of Majestic, is a score based on quality, on a scale between 0-100. Majestic collated many trusted seed sites based on a manual review of the web. This process forms the foundation of Majestic Trust Flow. Sites closely linked to a trusted seed site can see higher scores, whereas sites that may have some questionable links would see a much lower score.”

TrustFlow can also be broken down further than its one main number into topics which each have their own TrustFlow.

This measures how close your site is to the most trusted websites in specific categories such as Shopping, Arts, Business, Recreation, etc.

Comparing Domain Authority Checkers

For the purpose of this experiment, we’ll use some well-known and lesser-known sites.

As you can see, the first five sites have metrics that all look like they match up well enough. There aren’t any exceptionally low ones that stand out.

I imagine that readers recognize those sites, too. I think we’d probably all agree that they’re authoritative and that a link from them would be great.

The Punk News site is one that I chose because to me, it’s the most authoritative site on punk rock. It also has consistent metrics across the board.

Getting a link from it to your camping site probably won’t help you out much, though. You may get a rankings boost but you probably won’t get much traffic or many conversions.

If you’re selling camping supplies, this is probably not an authoritative site for your niche. If you’re selling vintage punk gig flyers, it would be.

The last two sites are personal blogs that I found doing some random searches.

The Life With Emily site has consistent traffic over the past two years and gets around 1500+ visits a month, according to Semrush. The site ranks well for search terms like “how to paint a front door.”

If I had a DIY client, I’d love a link on this site. I would think that it might send me some converting traffic and have authority for my client. It doesn’t have a DR 70 or a DA 65, but it has relevance.

The last site has lower metrics and very little traffic, so I probably wouldn’t seek out a link here. However, they seem to do a lot on social media, which might be more valuable to them due to the industry.

They seem to have a thriving business. They have real-world authority, and domain metrics can’t measure that.

Domain Authority Checkers Are Missing Real-World Context

I decided to take a look at some deindexed sites (I won’t reveal which ones, because I don’t like outing people).

I come across these sites when link sellers send me big lists. I’m curious about their metrics and wondering why someone wants to sell me a link for $40.

Site A is deindexed and has a DR 72, a DA 37, AS 52, and TF 21.

Site B is deindexed and has a DR 29, a DA 10, AS 25, and TF 21.

Both of those sites would be acceptable to most of my clients simply based on their metrics. Site A would be quite desirable for all of them.

But they aren’t indexed in Google, so the only way you’ll come across them is if you get to them from a link on another page, or you know the domain for some reason.

How authoritative do you think a site is if Google has removed them from their index?

Those deindexed sites also have zero traffic and that’s been the case for the last two years.

Have they been deindexed for two years? If so, how can they still look so good metrics-wise?

Since the metrics are good, I could easily get a link on either site and many clients would just see a DR 72 and probably be happy.

They’d have no idea that these links were practically worthless.

What Other Metrics Can Help Gauge True Domain Authority? Traffic

A site doesn’t necessarily have to have amazing traffic to help you rank, but your odds of having people come to your site from a link increase drastically when there is more traffic.

Getting a link on a site with zero traffic probably won’t help you much, and there’s usually a good reason why a site has no traffic.

If a link on a site like that happened organically that would be fine, but I wouldn’t spend time pursuing one unless the reason it had no traffic was that it was brand new.

It’s normal to see some dips but in general, you want to see consistent or increasing traffic.

Referring Domains

A site that is widely linked to should theoretically be an authoritative site, but because links can be so easily manipulated I don’t think it’s that straightforward.

You certainly can’t just look at quantity over quality.

What you can do is look at the quality of those referring domains and check to see if they look like the kind of links you’d want for your client or website.

Rankings and Ranking Keywords

If a site ranks well for keywords that it should rank for, that’s a good sign.

Good rankings also increase the chance for more traffic to the site which in turn increases the chance to get more visitors to your site.

Metrics Are Only the Start of Determining Authority

It’s key to remember that none of these metrics comes from Google, although many people still think of Moz’s Domain Authority as being representative of Google’s PageRank.

Moz has stated that this is not true and they’ve tried to clear up the confusion but the misunderstanding persists.

If you want to use metrics to help gauge authority, I would suggest that you just pick one and use it for trending purposes.

I’ve used every one of these for various clients over the years, mainly because the client wanted to set a minimum metric for sites we’d get links on.

I like to have a good initial guideline for my team to use to start evaluating a site but definitely do not think any of these metrics should be used as the only data that makes you think a site has the authority you seek.

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How To Know When Someone Blocks You On Instagram

Getting blocked on Instagram isn’t fun. It’s also hard to tell because Instagram doesn’t notify you when you’ve been blocked. There are instances where you may assume you were blocked but weren’t. If a user disables or deletes their account, all of their Instagram information will disappear with them, including chat and messaging history. So, how do you know if someone blocked you on Instagram?

What happens when you block somebody on Instagram? How to know if someone blocked you on Instagram

There are a few tells when it comes to Instagram’s blocking system. Let’s go over a few of the easy ones.

Search for them on your own Instagram account

Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Searching for a user that has blocked you.

If you were blocked, you wouldn’t be able to find that user using the search function on Instagram, so give that a try first.

Tap the magnifying glass-shaped button at the bottom and type in their username; they may have blocked you if they don’t show up. The main flaw with this method is that there are several other reasons they may not appear when you search for them. If they have deleted or disabled their Instagram account, their presence on the platform will disappear along with the rest of their Instagram data. Thus, they will not show up when anyone searches for them.

Search for them from an alternative Instagram account


Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Go to your Instagram messages. Even if you have been blocked, you will be able to see your chat history with that person.

From within the chat, try to go to their Instagram profile. If nothing at all appears, then there’s a good chance that they blocked you.


Curtis Joe / Android Authority

There’s an app that we’ve covered before called Followmeter. This app is free to use; however, if you purchase a subscription and allow the app to access your Instagram account, it will tell you when you are blocked by someone—and who that someone is.

How to know if someone muted you on Instagram

Unfortunately, there aren’t many ways to tell if someone has muted you on Instagram. In our testing, not only are you not notified when someone mutes you, but you also aren’t notified if they unmute you.

At that point, it’s anyone’s guess. Have they not been liking your posts or viewing your stories? If you look at your follower list and they’re still there, they may have muted you. However, perhaps they simply haven’t been interacting with Instagram much or haven’t been online in a while.


Curtis Joe / Android Authority

As mentioned before, Followmeter is a great app that you can use for free. Along with knowing who blocked you, though, this app can tell you if someone has muted you if you buy their premium subscription. They appear under the tab marked Ghost Followers.


Instagram doesn’t notify users when they’ve been blocked. What you can do is try searching for them or using an app like Followmeter to find out whether they blocked you or not. If you don’t want to confront them about it, these options may work; however, sometimes, you may want to ask them outright to get the most direct and straightforward answer.

Both sides will still be able to reach the other’s profile, but content such as stories and posts will not show up. The other’s account will appear blank.

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