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If you are into keyboard shortcuts and love to move around quickly using the keyboard, then this is for you. Windows has always been trying its best to improve keyboard shortcuts and make it easier to navigate around the desktop and windows. But if you are looking for more shortcuts on your keyboard, then BetterDesktopTool is what you are looking for. BetterDesktopTool is a windows freeware that lets you arrange all the windows in a non-overlapping way and do a lot more with keyboard and mouse shortcuts. It adds Exposé and Spaces like features to your PC.

BetterDesktopTool for Windows desktop

The tool supports quite a lot of keyboard shortcuts, so before you choose all of them, make sure they do not interfere with the default Windows shortcuts. Because if this is the case, BetterDesktopTool’s shortcuts will be given priority. The tool is completely free for personal use, but you might have to pay for the commercial version. It comes in the installer package and is also available in a non-admin version as well.

To get started, the tool has two types of features to offer: Windows & Desktop Overview and Virtual-Desktops. The first pool will let you decide on keyboard shortcuts for various desktop and windows related actions.

Here are the desktop actions for which you can configure keyboard and mouse shortcuts using BetterDesktopTool:

Show all Windows: Will display all the windows opened on respective monitors, almost like what Win+Tab will do for you.

Show Foreground App Windows: This will display only the foreground windows on respective monitors. Windows that have been minimized or are not in focus will not be displayed.

Show Desktop: A quick action that will take you to the desktop and will let you access any desktop shortcuts or files. This will not minimize opened applications and hence you can resume your work. This is a great feature when you want to access something on the desktop but not want to minimize all the windows that are opened.

Show Non-Minimized Windows: Will only display those windows that are not minimized. Comes handy when you want to focus only on the work that you are currently doing.

Show Minimized Windows: Will display the windows that are minimized on respective screens. This comes handy when you use some application less often and it stays minimized most of the times.

Add Exposé and Spaces like features to Windows

The program also supports creating virtual desktops. Although this feature comes built into windows, you can switch to BetterDesktopTool if you are looking for an alternative that is more keyboard friendly and customizable. You can easily set the number of virtual desktops you want. After that, you can set shortcuts to switch between desktops. These shortcuts come really handy when you quickly want to shift to another virtual desktop. Other than switching, you can even set shortcuts for transporting the foreground window to the next virtual desktop. Transporting is the feature that I found pretty useful in day to day tasks.

Apart from this, you can also select a hot corner for virtual desktops. Pointing the mouse toward that hot corner will activate it and you will be able to see all the virtual desktops right on the screen.

BetterDesktopTool is a great utility if you like to move around windows quickly. It is useful for a lot of people who tend to have a lot of windows open on their computers. BetterDesktopTool offers some features that come built into Windows but at the same time, offers more than that as well.

It is compatible with multiple monitor setups and works great, but there seemed to be a minor glitch in the resolution when it comes to multiple displays. Other than that, BetterDesktopTool makes it a lot easier to navigate using your keyboard.

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Windows 11 For Business And Enterprise – New Features

Windows 11 for Enterprise – New Features

There New Features in Windows 11 for Enterprise:

Productivity and Collaboration features

New Security Features

Cloud-based management and Cloud Configuration (Cloud Config)

Universal Print

Application compatibility

Let’s discuss these in detail!

1] Productivity and Collaboration features

The Enterprise edition of Windows 11 has brought an enhanced set of productivity and collaboration features. Some of these features include:

Simple yet modern visuals: Windows 11 for Enterprises has familiar and modern visuals with a simple design. It primarily focuses on let the enterprises focus on what matters more.

Snap Assist: This feature can automatically arrange window layouts saved in perfect display across screens.

Personalized widgets: You can use personalized widgets to customize at-a-glance info like calendars, tasks, weather, and news, and more.

Intelligent video conferencing: During a video conference, you can quickly enable or disable the microphone right from the taskbar.

Share a window while presenting: You can directly share a window from the taskbar during a call and at the same time maintain taskbar access.

Meet now in Microsoft Teams: Conduct video or audio calls from the taskbar to connect with anyone quickly and easily.

2] New Security Features

A lot of new built-in security features are introduced in Windows 11 editions. Microsoft has really focussed on security factors this time and bringing up strong security features that are well required by enterprises. Some of the primary security features include:

TPM chips requirement,

Hardware-based integrity protection,

Going passwordless,

Secured core PCs,

Microsoft Azure Attestation,

Stronger Zero Trust security, etc.

3] Cloud-based management and Cloud Configuration (Cloud Config)

Microsoft provides cloud-based management solutions to deploy and update Windows 10 and Windows 11 in a parallel fashion. Both the Operating systems are designed to coexist and co-manage.

Windows Update for Business Group Policy or Configuration Service Provider (CSP) policies users can make use of Target Version capability in order to upgrade to Windows 11 from Windows 10. Microsoft Endpoint Manager’s cloud-based management capabilities can be used to consolidate device management and endpoint security into a single platform and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) ecosystem. Some of its use cases are as follow:

With Windows Autopilot, you can deploy Windows 11 devices in a “business-ready” state with the desired set of applications, settings, and policies. Using it, you can also change Windows edition, like update from Pro to Enterprise.

Admins have full control over configurations and control settings for Windows 11/10 when enrolling devices in Microsoft Intune.

Additionally, enterprise organizations can ship corporate-owned devices protected by organization policy for employees working remotely. This can be achieved through Cloud Configuration (Cloud Config). Cloud config enables an easier way to streamline devices with easy-to-manage endpoints. It just simplifies the entire management process, enhances employees’ productivity, and has security built into Microsoft 365 and Windows.

4] Universal Print

Universal Print is a cloud-based print solution for enterprises. It is simple, secure, and consumes less time and effort. It enables IT to manage printers via a centralized hub. You can print from anywhere if authenticated to Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), there is no need of installing printer drivers, you can locate the nearest printers and print directly, users can view, add, or print only to those printers they have access to, etc. Plus, printer communications are secured over HTTPS connections.

5] Application compatibility

You can continue to run Windows 10’s apps on Windows 11 as claimed by Microsoft. App Assure program data shows that Windows 10 has a high compatibility rate of 99.7% for enterprises that include LOB (line-of-business) apps. For feature as well as quality updates, Windows 11 will have the same set of app compatibility validation requirements that Windows 10 currently has.

Windows 11 has App Assure and Test Base for Microsoft 365 services that are already there in Windows 10. These can help you assist and resolve issues in case your organization’s applications run into compatibility issues at no additional cost.

Read: Windows 11 Product Lifecycle and Servicing Update.

Windows 11 for Business – New Features

Windows 11 Pro will be available on business-class PCs. For small size businesses and entrepreneurs, here are the key features to expect in Windows 11 for Business:

Hybrid Working and Instantly Productive

Most Secure Windows yet

Better Collaboration with Deeper Teams Integration

Consistent for IT and seamless transition to Windows 11

Tools for Developers

Now, let us talk about these features in elaboration.

1] Hybrid Working and Instantly Productive

As claimed by Microsoft that Windows 11 is the most productive and secure version of Windows, it promotes hybrid working and takes it to another level. Its simplified and streamlined UI with easy to organize Snap Layout and Snap Groups reduces employees’ cognitive load and lets them have a mental reset. With Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 services, businesses have a greater opportunity to combine client sales.

2] Most Secure Windows yet

We have already discussed how Microsoft has primarily focussed on productivity with built-in security features this time. Windows 11 is the most secure Windows as of yet. It has built-in security and has some really great security features that are the need of the hour for businesses. With Zero Trust-ready OS, hardware-based isolation, encryption, and malware protection, you can assure the topmost security for your business in Windows 11.

3] Better Collaboration with Deeper Teams Integration

Windows 11 has enhanced collaboration by providing quick and easy access to Teams straight from your taskbar. Conduct meetings, share screens, and mute/ unmute the microphone from the taskbar.

4] Consistent for IT and seamless transition to Windows 11

IT managers can automated Windows 11 deployment without involving or putting in too much effort. The familiar IT tools with application compatibility supported by App Assure make it easier to upgrade and adapt to the new version. Also, application compatibility features are the same as discussed in Windows 11 for enterprises. There are some prominent tools for businesses for a seamless transition to Windows 11.

TIP: Planning for Windows 11 Deployment? This guide will help you get started.

5] Tools for Developers

Windows 11 will have a new PWABuilder3 tool and Windows App SDK for creating Progressive Web Apps (PWA) compatible with Windows 10 as well. Businesses can bring out their apps to millions of users via redesigned Microsoft Store that will support a variety of apps including business-oriented apps, from productivity apps to games.

With all the above-discussed features, Windows 11 for Business and Enterprise thrive upon enhancing productivity and communication with built-in security features within organizations. You can also explore and choose a working device from a variety of business devices powered by Windows 11  including business computers, laptops, desktops, and workstations. Microsoft is pushing the boundary with Windows 11 to make it easier for remote working and communication within an organization.

Businesses will be able to bring eligible computers directly up to Windows 11 if they are running Windows 10 Enterprise version 1909 or later, or Windows 10 Pro version 20H1 or later.

Read: How to block Windows 11 from being installed on your computer.

Passwordless authentication and Zero-trust framework

Passwordless authentication does not mean that there is no password rather facial detection or biometric will be used instead of a code word to open a Microsoft account.  The security feature has been enhanced, but you have to be equally smart to use these innovations built-in new Windows.

There might be some changes to features when Windows 11 is finally released for all. Well, we will find out that soon.

Useful read: Windows 11 System Requirements.

Windows 10 Creators Update Review: Microsoft Adds Fun To Its Flagship Os

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Creators Update doesn’t quite live up to Microsoft’s promises. Nevertheless, new features like basic 3D content creation, game streaming, and e-reading add fun capabilities anyone can use.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Creators Update offers the most significant upgrade to Windows 10 since its launch, splashing a bright, cheery coat of fun over Windows 10’s productivity foundation. 

It’s worth the upgrade. The Creators Update adds numerous new capabilities that Windows previously lacked. Check out Microsoft’s renewed commitment to PC gaming. Try the new, creative twists on Windows Ink (no stylus required—a mouse or touchpad will do), including the ability to write on videos (yes, videos) and maps. Take a second look at Microsoft’s Swiss Army knife, its Edge browser, which now offers 4K Netflix, ebooks, and more. Even Cortana has learned new tricks.

Microsoft’s 3D vision is missing a key portion, and that’s a shame. Still, it doesn’t matter if you can barely draw a stickman, or own an aging PC with a three-button mouse—Microsoft made the Creators Update accessible to everyone, though you’ll certainly enjoy it more with a touchscreen and stylus. 

IDG / Mark Hachman

Setting up the Windows 10 Creators Update is now a pleasant, voice-driven experience with the cheery Cortana.

A cool new experience from the get-go

IDG / Mark Hachman

You’ll also notice a few thoughtful touches while bringing your PC up to speed. Adding a Logitech mouse to my testbed prompted Windows to search out Logitech’s associated software. Device setup now takes place behind the scenes, so Windows will notify you that you can use a new device within just a second or two. I also like how the Creators Update adjusts your display resolution or monitor setup automatically instead of asking you to approve the process. 

IDG / Mark Hachman

I just happened to have my camera ready to capture the new Windows Hello experience, as part of the Windows setup process. It’s fast!

And then there’s the “oh, wow!” moments: Windows Hello and Themes. Setting up facial authentication is done almost before you’re aware it’s taken place. Recognition is almost instantaneous, too. (I just wish there were a consistent way to sign in to multiple Microsoft services at once. Cortana offered to sign me into “all Microsoft apps” within Windows, but it didn’t take.)

IDG / Mark Hachman

Boring Windows desktops are a thing of the past with Windows 10 Creators Update’s new Themes.

Gamer gifts: Game Mode, Beam game streaming

Though Microsoft has invested heavily in the Xbox One game console (whose own Windows 10 Creators Update features actually go live today), Microsoft’s made two key additions for PC gamers: Game Mode and Beam.


Download a game from the Windows Store, and you’ll now see a progress bar.

If you’re running a Titan X GPU, Game Mode isn’t for you—laptops and desktops with low-end graphics will see the most benefit. But even those improvements could vary: We tried Game Mode with Microsoft’s own in-house Gears of War 4 on a laptop with a discrete, but low-powered GPU. It showed just a small increase in minimum frame rate.


Using the same Gears of War 4 benchmark and settings (on a laptop with a discrete, low-end GPU), you can see the impact of Game Mode and Beam on performance.


Streaming with Beam lets you play a game as an interactive performance, chatting with strangers about what’s going on. Strangers may criticize, praise, or even pay you for your efforts. Beam’s hardware impact may require further testing, though: As you can see from the raw benchmark scores (above), Beam streaming chopped quite a bit off of my laptop’s CPU performance.

Windows Ink rejuvenates Photos and Maps 


Inking on Photos is fun, but doesn’t have the verve of inking on videos.

Inking saves an inked photo as a “living image” within Photos, essentially a brief video where the ink spontaneously appears. (The above is just a plain-jane JPEG.) Inking within videos is far more fun, as the ink will appear and disappear as the video plays.


Here, I’ve shown Maps calculating distance as the crow flies (pink) versus a calculated route (blue). The red bar is Ink’s straightedge.

One of the features Microsoft seems proudest of—inking two points within Maps, which then calculates the distance—I initially dismissed as useless. Tracing a trailhead or creek and calculating the distance, though, has merit. (You can either use Ink’s older straight edge—which now tracks angles—or a second, circular “protractor” that helps draw arcs.) What Microsoft doesn’t really make clear is that you can draw a similar line between two points, and Maps will then calculate the street route between them. That’s much cooler, and something Google doesn’t offer.

Paint 3D anchors a patchwork 3D experience

If there’s one theme that Microsoft established during its fall reveal of the Creators Update, it’s that virtual—sorry, mixed reality—was central to the update. It’s a shame, then, that much of it falls short.

You may not even be aware that Windows already hides a robust suite of tools to import, create/edit, view, and print 3D objects: 3D Scan, View 3D, and 3D Builder all cooperate to provide a 3D content-creation toolchain throughout Windows. All of them were already there within Windows 10, and Paint 3D joins them with the Creators Update. 


Creating this 3D scene took me about three minutes with Paint 3D. It’s fun and easy. Check out our Paint 3D tutorial for more. 


Though Microsoft hasn’t talked about it much, 3D Builder is an excellent 3D app within Windows 10. Here, I’ve imported one of Microsoft’s premade 3D objects.

Paint 3D, on the other hand, is one of the triumphs of the Creators Update. It encourages you to create simple 3D objects with a variety of textures, or incorporate more complex objects from the Remix 3D community site. (Want more? Check out our hands-on of Paint 3D, together with a how-to video to get you started.) 

From there, you can export your 3D object to Windows 10’s existing, excellent 3D Builder app. The app neatly integrates a connector to a third-party 3D-printing service, which automatically imports your object and prices out its cost. But it’s heartbreaking to come all that way and discover that the total printing price is probably way too expensive to justify the effort.


Microsoft’s integration with a third-party 3D print service couldn’t be easier. But the prices for this 2-inch toy can range from $16 or so to $66 for steel to almost $300 for something crazy like titanium.

How To Make Your Android Phone Look Like A Windows Phone

Windows Phone is dead. It’s been a long time coming, what with Microsoft’s mobile platform being born with the fatal defect of “Not Android or iOS Syndrome.” The Windows Phone had some noble ambitions, trying to fuse itself seamlessly with the PC version of Windows, but in the end it just didn’t get enough support. However, there are some things from the Windows Phone that are worth keeping, and luckily many of them are available in one form or another on Android.

Here are the tools and apps that will keep a piece of that Windows Phone magic alive, long after it’s gone to the great mobile market in the sky.

Launcher 8 WP Style

The name of this app may be all over the place, but don’t let that deter you if you’re looking for a convincing tile-based interface, harkening back to the “glory” days of Windows 8. While the tile stuff didn’t really work out on desktop, it works very nicely on touchscreens, and you get all the joys of changeable tile sizes, Windows theming, and live tiles as well, which dynamically flip over to let you know when someone’s trying to contact you or when you’ve received an email.

SquareHome 2


If you use voice assistants, then you’ll be aware that they largely define your mobile experience. Google Now (or Google Assistant as it’s come to be known) is Android all over, and if you want to truly get that Windows Phone experience (with the perks of Android’s customizability and Play Store, of course), you need to get Microsoft’s digital assistant, Cortana. It has much the same functionality as Google Assistant, is regularly updated, and syncs up nicely with Windows, too.

Here’s our guide to replacing Google Now with Cortana on Android.

A.I. Type Keyboard

A.I. Type Keyboard isn’t specifically designed to recreate the Windows Phone feel, but it has so many customization options contained in it that you can do just that. A couple of the free themes in this app are “Windows 8 Tablet Theme” or “Windows Phone 7 Theme,” which accurately mimic the dark look of the keyboards found on Windows Phone devices. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a designer, you can even customize the existing theme to your liking!

Microsoft Office

The trifecta of Microsoft Office apps – Word, Excel and PowerPoint – came to Android a couple of years ago, and it’s safe to say that they’ve been a great success. The polished look and feel of these apps makes them the very best that you can get on Android, and frankly their wealth of features puts Android’s native office suite – Docs, Sheets and Slides – to shame. A real masterclass of app design, this suite shows that even though Microsoft has bowed out of the hardware game on Android, it has a bright future on the software front.


With this lot, you’ll be able to pay fitting tribute to Windows Phone using your Android device. There was a lot to be said for Windows Phone, but it really didn’t cut it in the apps department, so here you get the best of both worlds. Even if you’re not that into Windows Phone (hence you’re on Android), it’s fun to tweak things, right? So do give it a go.

Robert Zak

Content Manager at Make Tech Easier. Enjoys Android, Windows, and tinkering with retro console emulation to breaking point.

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5 Apps To Add Mac Like Dock In Windows Pc – Webnots

You may have shifted from a Mac device to a Windows PC or you adore the macOS interface and its simplicity to navigate. MacOS dock is highly customizable, therefore keeping your device easy to use and free from clutter. Taskbar is an inseparable part of Windows OS, however missing the charm of Dock in Mac. Multiple third-party developers have designed Mac like docks for Windows users. Vice versa, users willing to use Windows interface in macOS also have the options. In this article, we have compiled a list of applications on how to add a Mac like dock in Windows PC. They may be paid or free, depending on the purpose of use.

Mac Like Dock for Windows PC

Most of the applications have copied the macOS interface, and others have added several customization options. You can install these apps and run on your Windows desktop or laptop like any other program.

1. ObjectDock

ObjectDock software is one of the first Mac dock programs developed for Windows. It is a product of Stardock developed alongside other productivity tools. Its fancy and fully customizable interface makes it stand out from the rest. Just like the Mac dock, it gives quick access to your applications and files. Equally important, you can enable auto-hide of the dock and locate it by moving the mouse over its position.

Here are the few features of ObjectDock.

Easy to use settings page that you can use to create a smart interface easy to access using multiple docks.

ObjectDock Settings Page

Show dots under running applications, show all running applications or show minimized windows.

Add quick shortcuts for email, music player or document editor.

ObjectDock Settings

You can customize effects, color, position, and the size of the dock.

Create and easily customize tabbed docks of your applications and files.

Enjoy the fancy animated effects of icons.

Customize your dock with large number of available skins or download additional skins.

ObjectDock Skins

You can easily drag and drop the applications to launch.

Add magnification with different effects similar to Mac Dock when hovering mouse over the items.

ObjectDock in Windows 10 Laptop

Enable loading the dock at startup and disable Windows taskbar.

ObjectDock also allows you to add custom widgets called Docklets. You can add a search box and start typing the keywords right from the dock. It will open Google or the set search engine with your default browser.

Configure Web Docklet

Currently, it comes with a 30-day free trial version and around $6 for the paid version. Although it is not yet modified to support Windows 10, it worked well for us. It works best with Windows 7 and 8.

2. Winstep Nexus

Winstep Nexus dock is free for personal use, but there is the ultimate package with additional features. It supports all Windows versions ranging from Windows 2000 version to Windows 10 version. It is one of the continually developed dock software receiving updates frequently.

Have a look at some of the Winstep Nexus free version features.

Extensive customization capabilities ranging from the docking behavior, magnification size, set hotkeys to run Winstep Nexus features et cetera.

Built-in clock alarm to help you run your errands in a scheduled manner. However, the free version comes with a one alarm clock support with the Nexus ultimate having unlimited alarms and task scheduler support.

It is configurable with multiple monitors and high DPI support, meaning you can place the docks in any section of the screens.

It’s capable of running all UWP apps for Windows 10 and other previous versions ordinarily.

It is a smooth replacement of the system tray and taskbar capable of displaying all applications either one by one or in a group.

For visual captivation, the Nexus free version supports built-in animated icons. They are easy to use with a drag and drop support to any position of the screen.

You can launch the software to try it out for fully customizable Mac experience in your Windows PC.

3. XWindows Dock

Maybe you want a fully packed dock with fewer customization. XWindows Dock is easy to use, but it is not feature-packed. The dock interface is a complete clone of the Mac OS dock. You can add icons and remove them as you wish, but it is not as fancy as the Winstep Nexus dock.  

XWindows Dock is entirely free and supported by almost all Windows versions. It worked well in our Windows 10, but the problem came in its positioning. You have to hide the taskbar for it to be visible. Also, you have to reduce the dock size for it to display the dock apps fully.

It is almost a decade since its last update, which means in case of any other release, the software may be faulty. Meanwhile, if you are looking for a simple dock for your PC, then XWindows will serve you well.

4. Aqua Dock

Improve your productivity using this free and simple yet fully functional dock application. Spruce up your Windows PC looks without installing a new theme. Besides, you can launch your apps quickly.

When setting up, you can leave the dock floating over the taskbar or choose to hide the taskbar. Also, you can move it to whichever position of the screen you wish. The dock can be made transparent to appear only when needed. Make it visible on one monitor only in case you are using many.

Aqua Dock icons are animated and can enlarge when highlighted. Further, the dock can be resized by just moving the window margins. To add custom icons on the dock, drag, and drop, and it will be configured with its added icon. Aqua Dock is ideal to use for Windows XP or later.

5. RocketDock

RocketDock is another super easy Mac-like dock configurable with your Windows PC. Although it has been neglected in terms of updates for many years, users still love it. If you were after a free dock, then RocketDock should work out for you.

Apart from being a basic dock, it has multiple customization features. You can customize the application icons, the font style, and the positioning of the dock. You can make it float or hide and locate it by moving the cursor over its position.

Despite it being a bit outdated, it is supported by multiple Windows versions. In our Windows 10 PC, it worked just fine. Users who need extra skins can opt to use ObjectDock skins that are easily compatible. It is not the one for you if you are looking for a fancy dock.

Add Mac Like Dock in Windows PC

Now you can proceed to add a Mac-like dock in your Windows PC and break the Windows monotony. We have selected the best options available either for personal or professional use. All the docks listed are suitable for you who are looking for a paid or an unpaid alternative.

Windows 10 Consumer Preview: Features To Expect In 2023

While Windows Insiders already got their hands in the last release of Windows 10 for the year, Microsoft will resume the program in 2023. And early next year it’s also the time when we can expect the first Consumer Preview of Windows 10 to see the light.

The point of the Technical Preview was for Microsoft to show enterprises that they can still count on Windows as a viable platform. In the builds the company made available, we’ve seen a new Start menu, the return of apps to being apps again floating in the desktop, and many other features that make the operating system less confusing and more productive.

Windows 10 Consumer Preview features

Although, Microsoft is quiet about the features in the pipeline for Windows 10, here is what is likely to happen: According to a new report from WinBeta, the consumer version will showcase a new “unseen” Start screen, a working version of the new Continuum mode, the arrival of Cortana to the desktop (though it’s not clear if the digital assistant will make a public appearance before the final release), and many more features.

On the users-interface side, Microsoft is expected to continue updating the look and feel of Windows with new icons and possibly new transparency effects. In build 9879, we can already see some of the new icons, but by the time Windows 10 ships, we can expect Microsoft introducing a batch of new icons and perhaps we will not see the old icons anymore. About transparency, this is a feature that many users love, but it went away in Windows 8, now it seems that the company is considering adding some form of transparency to the UI.

Action Center (notifications) will also be more integrated in Windows 10 by the Consumer Preview time, we can also expect the new notification center to be touch-optimized too.

Long time ago we also heard about Gadgets returning in Windows 10, while this may not be the case, Microsoft is thinking on allowing Live Tiles to live in the desktop as well and we may see some of this development by BUILD time, in April 2023.

By the time Windows 10 releases in mid-2023, we can also expect Internet Explorer 12 with new features. Previous reports suggested that the new version of IE could introduce plugins and a new UI much like Chrome and Firefox. And perhaps this will also be the version where Microsoft will combine the desktop and modern version of Internet Explorer in favor of one unified browser (but these are just speculations).

Office for Windows 10 is also expected to arrive by the time the operating system ships and we already have confirmation from Microsoft about this.

Microsoft is also planning to introduce a new version of Windows Phone, which will be a merged version with Windows RT, and there is a chance Microsoft simply call it “Windows 10” as we’ve already seen the company calling it as such.

This is all Windows Insiders can expect in Windows 10 for 2023 and for the Consumer Preview. It’s worth noting that these aren’t all the features Microsoft have in the pipeline and some may not even make it to the final release. But be sure there will be a lot more features coming in the final release and even before the Windows 10 RTM. Just remember to keep sending your feedback to Microsoft to make Windows better.

What do you think of Windows 10 so far? Do you like the changes? What features do you like Windows 10 to have?

Source WinBeta

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