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Do you like the idea of watching your favorite television channel on your computer or laptop?  It is not at all a problem with a TV tuner. Are you looking for a source to turn your personal computer into a complete media center? Then TV tuner would be the best option that can meet your needs. It is a handy peripheral that can significantly expand your computer’s capabilities. TV tuner mission is pretty simple; it will receive audio and video signals and gives them input to your personal computer.

TV Tuner software for Windows 11/10



Plex TV tuner

Media Portal


Now let us take a look at each of them.

1] Kodi

Kodi is the name that you hear when you ask anyone about a powerful media application that not only allows you to stream live TV channels or videos, you will also be able to record the live content. The only negative point in Kodi is it does not have its own embedded television tuning functions. It is the perfect TV tuner software for Windows personal computer.  For capturing the computer signals, you either need to use a laptop or a supporting device. Once when you are done with installing Kodi on your device, you can relax and browse various sections to find the most entertaining channel of your choice.

2] Nextpvr

It is a full-featured Personal Video Recorder that runs on any computer that runs on Microsoft Windows. The main function of NextPvr is scheduling television recording and enabling the user to watch their favorite television channels. The software is largely beneficial for users with a wide range of plug-ins that provide features like weather, Netflix, etc. You don’t need to install any front-end applications for viewing videos on your device using this software. NextPvr boasts of a web application that enables the users to manage recordings. Download it here.

3] Plex TV tuner

Plex is the famous TV tuner which is best known for allowing quick and easy access to your videos or images from anywhere. It enables you to connect a compatible antenna tuner to a Plex server to watch television from any place in the world. Apart from serving as a valuable source to watch television, the DVR feature in it can schedule and play back recordings of antenna shows. We can expect more features that allow the users to pass and resume an ongoing video in upcoming days. Download it here.

4] Media Portal

5] Emby

This innovative and easy to use software organizes your videos and music into a library which can be streamed and accessed from any device that runs on Windows operating system. Emby safety creates a back up for media on the cloud; it comes with a large suite of applications with a central server that manages your library. Bringing all of your personal media together at one place in your computer is easily possible with Emby. You need to subscribe to premium packages for enjoying all the features. However, the free version is pretty well endowed with all the quintessential features. Download it from here.

Let us know if you use any TV Tuner software.

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Best Free Dicom Viewer Software For Windows Pc

DICOM stands for Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine. It is an international standard for the communication and management of medical images and data. The DICOM image format is widely accepted by the medical industry and is used in different medical fields like radiology, cardiology, oncology, dentistry, etc. You can view a DICOM image with the help of dedicated DICOM Viewer software. In this article, we will list some best free DICOM Viewer software for Windows. If you are a medical student, these software will be beneficial for you as you can analyze different medical images using them.

What program can open DICOM files?

DICOM is an international standard for medical images. The program or software that is used to view or open such files is called DICOM Viewer. If you search online, you will find many free DICOM Viewer software for different platforms including Windows, macOS, and Android. We have included some free DICOM Viewer software for Windows computers in this article.

Best free DICOM Viewer software for Windows PC

You can install the following DICOM Viewer software to view DICOM images on your Windows 11/10 computer:





Dicom Image Viewer

Let’s see the features offered by all these free DICOM Viewer software.

1] MicroDicom

MicroDicom is free for non-commercial use. If you are a medical student, you can use it for free. When you run it for the first time, it will ask you to register MicroDicom. Select the desired option. You can open either a DICOM image or select a folder containing the DICOM images.

Apart from the measurement, you can also annotate the DICOM images by inserting text, drawing shapes and curves, drawing free-hand drawings, etc. You can view the patient information and DICOM tags on the right side. You can also apply different presets to the DICOM image, like full dynamic, skull, lung, spine, bone, etc.

It also lets you export the DICOM images in different image formats, including BMP, PNG, JPG, etc. Apart from that, exporting a DICOM image to a video file, DICOM file, text file, and clipboard are also available.

2] Onis

After uploading all the DICOM files, select the Viewer tab to view all the DICOM files. Here, you can perform different actions on your DICOM files. If you have uploaded multiple DICOM files, you can play a slideshow with a particular frequency. Different annotation tools are also available on the Toolbar. You can add text to the DICOM files, draw shapes and free-hand drawings, and measure the distance and angle between two points.

The Export option is also available in the software that lets you export the DICOM files into JPG and BMP image formats.

3] Weasis

Display: The Display tab lets you show and hide DICOM images, annotations, scale, drawings, etc.

Image Tool: This tab lets you change the properties of the DICOM file. You can change the image rendering level by moving the slider, change LUT shapes, select different LUTs for the DICOM file, rotate the DICOM image, etc.

Draw & Measure: This tab has annotation and measurement tools. In addition to this, you can also change the unit of measurement. By default, the unit of measurement is set to millimeters.

You can export the DICOM files into PNG, JPEG, and TIFF image formats. You can download it from

4] 3DimViewer

3DimViewer is one more free DICOM Viewer software on this list. It lets you view a DICOM image in both 2D and 3D modes. The 2D mode displays a separate view for all three planes, i.e., XY, YZ, and ZX. The 3D view shows the 3D image by combining all these three panes. You can enable and disable a particular plane in the 3D mode.

To view the DICOM file, you can select any of the following layouts:

3D View



On the right side, you will find different tabs. These tabs have tools that let you perform different actions on the DICOM files. You can change the brightness and contrast levels of your DICOM image, The Ortho Slices tab lets you vary the position and value of three different planes.

The Measurements menu has two types of measurement tools, namely, intensity measurement and distance measurement. The default units to measure intensity and distance are Hu and mm respectively. You can also apply filters to your DICOM image. The following four types of filters are available in the software:

Gaussian filter

Median filter

3D Anisotropic filter

Sharpening filter

5] Dicom Image Viewer

Dicom Image Viewer is a simple DICOM Viewer software. Unlike the other DICOM Viewer software on this list, this software does not have any additional features. You can use it to open the DICOM files only. Dicom Image Viewer is portable. Hence, you need not install it on your computer.

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How do I view a DCM file in Windows?

That’s it.

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8 Best Media Center Software For Windows Pc

8 Best Media Center Software for Windows PC [2023 List]




The Windows Media Center (WMC) was a part of Windows platforms up to Win 8.1 but it went under with the newer versions of Windows.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t still turn your PC into a multimedia center with the right tools and resources. 

Dedicated third-party software solutions can help you replace WMC’s capabilities with minimum effort, and enjoy multimedia content on your PC once again. 

Plus, you can stream thousands of great shows using very intuitive platforms that offer media support. 



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

The Windows Media Center (WMC) was a part of Windows platforms up to Win 8.1. However, Microsoft has now discontinued the WMC, which effectively removed many of its multimedia options from Windows 10.

The Media Center gave you a central place to organize video, images, and music and establish a home theater setup. If you need a replacement for the WMC in Windows 10, there are a number of third-party media centers that can fill the void.

First, note that media center software is not the same as media players. Media players are primarily designed for music and video playback and lack some of the options you would expect to find in standard media centers.

All-in-one media centers enable users to organize their videos, games, music, and images and play multimedia content on both PC and connected TV within a home theater setup.

The software also includes options that enable users to stream TV programs and films, watch and record live TV, and play photo slideshows.

What is the best Media Center software for Windows 10?

PlayOn is a beneficial platform for any user who needs a solid media streaming service. As a media center, it offers one of the most qualitative media content online.

The most important concept of this program is that you can watch shows from streaming resources, using directly your PC to record them. At the same time, it is possible to enjoy your favorite movies offline.

Hence this software is everything you need for media consumption due to its rich library of content. You can practically record any movie you desire from streaming apps like Netflix, HBO, Disney+, Hulu, or Amazon and watch them later.

Either you prefer the desktop version or the cloud one, both are effective and provide satisfying media services. There are some differences between those two, which you can check on their official website. 

Thus on the cloud version, you benefit from better video quality and closed captioning for your movies, assuring relaxing experiences when watching your favorite shows.


Enjoy awesome shows online with this media center that presents high-quality recording services.

Check priceVisit website

Plex is a more unique media center software with a client-server model. In other words, the software enables you to stream, or share, your media with multiple devices.

As such, Plex Media Server software is required along with a Plex front-end app, which you can add to Windows 10 from this web page.

The Windows app might be freely available, but it limits media playback to one minute unless you unlock it with in-app purchase or a monthly Plex Pass subscription.

Plex is a great software to organize music, videos, and image collections with. The software supports almost all music and video formats, and its library UI presents your media with artwork, bios, plot summaries, and more besides.

Users can obtain online content from many sources, such as NPR, Comedy Central, and Spike. The music player can also show you timed lyrics of songs, which is a novelty.

Unlike other media centers, Plex enables you to set up multiple user accounts and place restrictions on unsuitable content. Recent updates have also added DVR recording to Plex with access to 86 of Nielsen’s most-watched shows.

What really sets Plex apart from some of the other media centers is content streaming.

With a Plex Pass subscription, users can sync media between a wide range of devices, such as phones, tablets, digital media players, and game consoles.

You can also sync media to Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box cloud storage. So if you have photos, music, or videos on both a laptop and tablet, you can quickly open all the media on both devices with Plex apps.

⇒ Get Plex

This software was originally XBMC (Xbox Media Center) but is now more widely known as Kodi. Kodi is one of the foremost third-party media centers that’s compatible with various platforms.

Kodi media center supports all the main video and audio file formats for playback, and it enables you to stream content from various online media streaming services.

With a little configuration, users can access expansive TV show and movie libraries that include poster, disc, and banner art. You can watch and record live TV within the Kodi GUI.

The software has extensive GUI customization options with which you can configure Kodi’s skins (or theme), screensaver, background wallpaper, GUI audio effects, home page buttons, font, add-on shortcuts, and more besides.

Kodi also has some amazing music visualization effects.

For instance, with the ROM Collection Browser users can browse and launch retro games within the media center.

Exodus is one of the more notable third-party add-ons for Kodi with which you can stream and watch a plethora of blockbuster movies and TV shows.

⇒ Get Kodi

MediaMonkey is a great choice for all of you which does not organize its video and music collection. If your ‘Music’ and ‘Movies’ folders are a mess – this is the right software. You can tag, categorize and make selections of your files.

If you have to switch from iTunes or Windows Media Player, you will be able to import your playlists and selections in Media Monkey and use it without any problems. You can customize the way it looks so you can personalize the lists with genres, albums, musicians, tracks.

You can install it on your Windows 7, 8, 10 devices without any problems – it is fully optimized for these versions. It can be used in more than 15 languages and it does not slow down your computer.

Thereby using this software you can better organize your media files and find every movie or song in one place, and just press a button when you’re in the mood for enjoyment.

⇒ Get Media Monkey

Expert tip:

Shortly, this app is completely free and offers valuable services like media distribution of movies, music, or TV shows. It is possible to collect any media content you want and access it right away.

Thus the given support is unlimited and satisfies all preferences in terms of entertainment. The server provided by this platform allows free downloading and media streaming in the blink of an eye.

Plus, you can set up your live TV and record any program you prefer to add to your library. And regarding support, you can watch your media on the fly.

Even if you prefer to watch away from the PC, on your Android or iOS device you can. So you can stream content on a Fire TV device or via Kodi installation in order to transport your media anywhere.

⇒ Get Jellyfin

MediaPortal is a Kodi descendent as its original source code was forked from that media center. However, MediaPortal bears relatively little resemblance to Kodi. This is open-source media center software exclusively for Windows.

You can add either MediaPortal 1 or 2 to Windows from this page; although MP2 is the latest version it has fewer skins and plug-ins.

MediaPortal provides a visual extravaganza with some stunning skins to choose from.

The software has a more extensive selection of skins than Kodi that come in a variety of styles and have full-screen fan art, alternative themes, add-ons, and many customization options.

MediaPortal also has skins configured for more specific screen sizes, high-definition resolution, and touch screen devices.

Users can watch live TV from thousands of channels and record programs to their hard disks, and MediaPortal comes with its own TV Guide.

You can listen to and record radio, play image slideshows with transition effects, check the weather, and play Tetris and Sudoku games that come bundled with the software.

There are also 246 official plug-ins for MediaPortal, which include WiFiRemote that enables users to navigate the software with a variety of remote control devices.

⇒ Get Media Portal

Emby is another media center with a centralized database for multiple clients. Thus, Emby has its own server much the same as Plex.

It has apps for lots of operating systems and devices, and you can add Emby Theater to the more recent Windows platforms by pressing the Download button on this page.

Alternatively, you can add the software’s app to Windows 10 mobiles from its Store page. You’ll need an annual Emby Premiere subscription to play media in the apps.

The Live TV Guide is a handy addition to the theater app, and with the Emby DVR, you can schedule TV recordings. Emby also has some handy plug-ins such as Cover Art, which you can enhance media images with, and GameBrowser that enables game support.

Media streaming is Emby’s greatest asset, and for that, it includes centralized database management that users can use with straightforward web tools.

Emby has 20 apps for Android and iOS mobiles and tablets, game consoles and digital media players, which include Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Android TV and Apple TV.

As such, you can bring your media together across a range of hardware. The media streaming also enables you to sync and back up music, video, and photos to cloud storage.

⇒ Get Emby

JRiver MC was originally Media Jukebox, but the publisher has expanded the software so that it’s now a full-blown media center.

This is comprehensive media center software with extensive options and tools and support for audio, images, music, TV, and even DLNA network devices. JRiver MC is proprietary software for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

JRiver MC is especially good for video and TV playback. The software boasts an innovative Red October system that automatically configures DirectShow filters to ensure quality video playback.

The media center supports TV tuners from most manufacturers for live TV playback and even enables users to record high-definition TV.

Users can play online videos with JRiver MC’s integrated YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix services. The software also has five alternative view modes, and its Theater View is ideally suited for TVs and touch screen devices.

JRiver MC isn’t quite in the same league as Plex or Emby when it comes to media streaming, but with its DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) support you can still share your media across desktops, laptops, and other devices that support the DLNA protocol.

The software has a Media Network that you can share media on. The Media Network also supports external interfaces so you can configure Android and iOS devices as remote controllers or servers.

JRiver MC even has its own Id network hardware available in various configurations.

Those are five of the best alternatives to the Windows Media Center. With JRiver MC, Kodi, MediaPortal, Plex, and Emby you can transform your desktop or laptop into a home theater PC connected with TV.

Even if you don’t need a full HTPC, the software still provides a great platform to browse through and organize your music, video, and photo libraries and play media content with.

⇒ Get JRiver Media Center

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Download The Best Transcription Software For Pc

Transcription Software For Windows To Use In 2023




Transform your video and audio recordings into text with our selection of transcription software.

Flawlessly transcribe your speech into text by choosing the best transcription app for PC.

Software such as Adobe Premiere or Express Scribe is compatible with any file format.

Dictate and edit your texts by checking out these transcription programs for PC.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

If you’re looking for good transcription software, this article will definitely help you. Transcribing audio recordings is an excellent way to earn a few extra dollars from the comfort of your home.

If you decided to work in audio transcription, you’ll also need reliable and feature-rich transcription software. If you want to download free video to text transcription software, we’ve got you covered as well.

In this article, we’re going to list the best transcription tools that you can use to get the job done really fast.

How to choose the best transcription software? We will help you by answering a series of questions that you might have asked :

Do you need a free or a full-featured version of the tool?

Does it support audio/video-to-text transcription?

Can you edit the text while transcribing?

Does it allow you to use voice commands?

Can you use a foot pedal to control playback?

You can find the answer to these questions below.

Adobe has a habit on adding more and more software tools to its Creative Suite, and many of them have a habit of eventually becoming the best of their domain.

That certainly seems to be the case with Adobe Premiere Pro as well, as it has become an industry-leading video editor that everyone uses.

The timeline-based interface is organized in a way that caters to both new and veteran users, and the toolset makes it so that you can do pretty much anything to your video files, including transcribing them.

Normally these premium-level products would be subscription-based, but you can grab it now for free.

Here are some of the perks of using Adobe Premiere Pro:

Easy import and export to and from other Adobe Products

Compatible with pretty much any video file format

Capable of creating professional-level videos from scratch

Tutorials on how to use it are easy to come by

Can be tested for free

Adobe Premiere Pro

Transcribe your videos into texts easily by using the feature-rich Adobe Premiere pro.

Free trialVisit website

Install Express Scribe on your computer and you’ll literally become a better typist. This tool lets you control audio playback so that you never miss a word.

Express Scribe supports both audio and video playback and plays most formats, including encrypted dictation files. The tool comes in two versions: a free version, and a premium one.

It is worth mentioning that the free version supports only common audio formats, including WAV, MP3, WMA, and DCT.

In other words, if you often transcribe from audio formats that are not frequently used, we recommend buying the Pro version of the tool.

Express Scribe supports professional USB foot pedals to control playback. Of course, you can also use hotkeys to control playback when transcribing into Word or other similar software.

Other features include:

Dock both analog and digital portable voice recorders to load recordings

Works with speech recognition software to automatically convert speech to text

Works with FastFox text expander for entering medical/legal phrases and common phrases with keyboard shortcuts

Express Scribe

Transcribe your audio and video playbacks, play most file formats, and control your audio playback with Express Scribe

Check priceVisit website

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is a very versatile speech recognition software that can also help you transcribe audio recordings a lot faster. If you aren’t fast at typing, this tool will save the day.

To transcribe audio with Dragon NaturallySpeaking, you first need to pair the software with a compatible recorder. Then go to Tools and open a DragonPad.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking will then transcribe the audio file into the recently opened DragonPad. The only downside is that there will be no punctuation in the transcription, so you’ll need to add it yourself.

To make sure that that the transcription is flawless, you should also go over the whole text while listening to the audio recording. The tool is accurate only with one speaker at a time.

Expert tip:

On the link below (the official NUANCE webpage) you can choose between multiple versions and you also have a feature list for each version at your disposal.

Dragon Naturally Speaking

Dragon Naturally Speaking is a great audio transcription software, allowing you to transcribe flawlessly and translate your recordings

Check priceVisit website

InqScribe is a powerful transcription tool that lets you play audio recordings and videos and type your transcripts in the exact same window.

This is an excellent feature as it gives you better visibility over the entire transcription process.

InqScribe is compatible with most media players out there. It can play audio and video files from your hard drive, flash drive, CD, server, or URL.

You can control playback using custom shortcuts and keep your hands on the keyboard at all times. The software also support USB foot pedals, but this is optional.

Once you’re done, you can share your transcripts via file or email. InqScribe can import and export data in the following formats: plain text, tab-delimited text, XML, HTML (export only), Final Cut Pro XML (export only), Spruce STL (export only), Subrip (export only), WebVTT (export only).

⇒ Get InqScribe

Audiotranskription is useful transcription software that allows you to slow down, as well as speed up audio playback.

In this manner, you can adapt the audio to your typing speed, and then speed the audio recording when proofreading your work.

The program comes with an interesting feature that automatically rewinds audio a little when you hit the pause button so that you can hear the last two words again.

Audiotranskription also types the speakers’ names in dialogues and marks them in different colors. The tool automatically inserts timestamps while typing.

This feature comes in very handy if you want to check an incomprehensible paragraph later. However, sometimes the software inserts the wrong timestamp, but in most cases, it gets it right.

⇒ Get Audiotranskription

The automatic transcription software currently available often fails at transcribing audio recordings.

The more variables (multiple speakers, background noise, non-native speakers, etc.), the lower the performance of these tools.

For the time being, nothing replaces the good old manual process of audio transcription. Indeed, this process takes more time and involves more money.

If you really want a good transcription tool, you’ll have to pay for it. Of course, you can use a free transcription tool, but the results are simply not the same.

We guarantee you that the four transcription tools listed above will make your transcription job much easier. Select the one that best suits your needs and start transcribing right now!

Still experiencing issues?

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The Best Antivirus Software For Your Pc

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Best antivirus software for Windows

Microsoft Defender — The best antivirus software for Windows

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus — The best premium antivirus for Windows

Norton 360 with LifeLock Select — Versatile protection for Windows

Malwarebytes — The best malware protection for Windows

Best antivirus software for Windows

Windows has a bad history with viruses and malware. It was a massive problem for the operating system, but Microsoft has made some strides to improve Windows security in recent years. If you want a worry-free experience, you can rely on our best picks of the best antivirus software for Windows PCs listed below.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus: The best premium antivirus for Windows


If Windows Defender is not quite your speed, and you want the best of the best, you can pick Bitdefender Antivirus Plus. It’s the best premium antivirus you can get for Windows. It’s subscription-based, but you get a variety of plans by device count and time, so you can get one that suits your usage right.

You get many features, including real-time protection, networking monitoring, vulnerability assessment, and more. You also get some performance-focused features, including priority modes that don’t disturb you with notifications while gaming, watching content, or working. Also, you get a VPN built right in, although it is limited to 200MB per day.

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Norton 360 with LifeLock Select: Versatile protection for Windows


Norton has historically made great antivirus software, and Norton 360 is as good as any of Norton’s best. It’s a solid premium alternative to Bitdefender and offers similar features. Norton 360 is subscription-based as well but costs a bit more than Bitdefender. It’s the way to go if you prefer Norton’s offerings. 

The LifeLock in the title is a unique feature that may make it worth the price for you. It alerts you if any of your details are used in applications for credit cards or other services. There’s also a protection package that can get you reimbursement for stolen funds, personal expenses, and lawyer charges if eligible.

Malwarebytes: The best malware protection for Windows

Palash Volvoikar / Android Authority

Malware protection is crucial for your Windows PC, and nobody does it better than Malwarebytes. It’s the go-to recommendation if you want a no-nonsense malware detection and removal tool. While the other premium offerings on this list are solid, you can get by for free by using Malwarebytes in tandem with Windows Defender. However, if you want to spend, Malwarebytes also offers a Premium version with additional perks.

The free version only gives you the option to clean up an infected system. The Premium version is loaded with features, including real-time protection, ransomware protection, brute force, and uninstall protection, to name a few. 

Best antivirus software for Mac

macOS has been relatively safer from viruses and other exploits, but it still has its fair share. So it’s nice to have some additional protection on your side. We have some great antivirus options for macOS. Some of these are Mac equivalents of their Windows counterparts, while some are Mac-exclusive. Here are our picks of the best antivirus software for Mac.

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Avast Premium Security: A great low-key antivirus for Mac


Last on the list is another antivirus giant — Avast. Avast Premium Security is a great low-key antivirus for Mac that will cover all your bases while staying out of your way. You can get a Mac-only single-device subscription or go all out and get one with support for ten devices, including Windows, iOS, and Android.

The best part is that Avast has custom-tailored functions according to the platform. So you can expect solid protection for your Mac with this one. You get real-time protection, malware protection, web safety, and more. 

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Best Gopro Editing Software For Windows 10

Best GoPro Editing Software for Windows 10

For all such effects, there are numerous GoPro Editing software for Windows 10 available but we have summed up the 10 best software available in the market.

Top 10 GoPro Editing Software For Windows 10:

Out of all 10 software, Adobe and Movavi are recommended by GoPro professionals because it has all the elementary features which are used in editing.

1. Adobe Premiere Pro:-

It comes with Adobe’s cloud platform for cloud storage and Creative Cloud where users get timely updates to their software. It has got all the fundamental tools required for editing like video stabilization, support unlimited video tracks, and many more. Its most noticeable feature is that the list of menus is at the top which makes the editing process quick.

Features of Adobe Premiere Pro:

It has a media encoder which allows you to transfer and encode different types of file format.

Works seamlessly with apps & services, including Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Audition, and Adobe Stock.

With Premiere Pro video editing software, you can edit footage in any format, from 8K to virtual reality.

2. Movavi Video Editor: –

This is another best tool to improve your video editing experience which is available for free of cost to download and the paid version. This software gives life to videos with its Stabilization &  Stylization option. With this tool, you can edit the videos online with quick browser editing.

Features of Movavi Video editor: –

Keyframe animation

Chroma key which applies background to your clips

Picture in picture mode

Vertical video etc.

3. Filmora Wondershare: –

This is the most downloaded software by GoPro users to edit the videos. It has features like- screen recording, green screen, video stabilization, tilt-shift, speed adjustment, etc. Although it has many features, it has watermarks in the free version in all your videos. It is available both for Mac and Windows users.

Features of Filmora Wondershare: –

Motion tracking

Audio Duckling

Colour grading gives photos a Hollywood feel

keyframing help you create custom animation

4. Adobe Premiere Elements 2023: –

Get It Here

Adobe Premiere Pro comes with umpteen features which are used by generally high-level professionals like the media industry. But if you are a novice or want a simple editing tool for day-to-day editing, then Adobe Premiere Element is a good option for you. Adobe Premiere Elements comes with many useful features which add value to work. It has several video effects with some audio editing features which makes a video worth watching.

Features of Adobe Premiere Elements 2023: –

4k videos supported by formats like MP4, Adobe Flash (.swf), AVI Movie (.avi), AVCHD (.m2ts, .mts, .m2t), DV Stream (.dv), MPEG Movie (.mpeg, .vob, .mod, .ac3, .mpe, .mpg, .mpd, .m2v, .mpa, .mp2, .m2a, .mpv, .m2p, .m2t, .m1v, .mp4, .m4v, .m4a, .aac, 3gp, .avc,)

Animated tiles

Power colour correction,

Motion tracking which makes it unique.

5. Magix Movie Edit Pro: –

Get It Here

This is an ideal software for video editing on Windows 10. Its split and trim feature is useful for editing videos without investing much time. It has a great user interface that can be easily navigated by beginners. It has a new Infusion engine 2 which supports Intel, NVIDIA, and AMD graphic cards.

Features of Magix Movie Edit Pro: –

8k/Ultra HD videos/HiDPI GUI

Video formats like (DV-)AVI, HEVC/H.265, M(2)TS/AVCHD, MJPEG, etc.

It has 250 templates in 27 filters

Social media templates and image border effects

6. Cyberlink PowerDirector: –

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This tool is designed by keeping in mind the multitasking of the video editor professionals who quickly use different tools in the software. It can edit 100 media tasks at the same time. You can also make a video collage supported by 4k quality and can change it in different formats MOV (H.264), MPEG-1, MPEG-2, FLV (H.264), AVCHD (M2T, MTS), MP4 (XAVC S), etc.

Features of CyberLink PowerDirector: –

MultiCam Designer allows switching between 4 simultaneous camera shots

Motion tracking

Shape designer

LUT’s and color match

7. Davinci Resolve 17: –

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Davinci Resolve 17 is the successor of Davinci Resolve 16 with 100 new features and 200 improvements. It supports color wrapper for redefined grading by which we can adjust hue and saturation, chroma, and luma. Davinci Resolve 17 is a fantastic tool to give life to your videos. It is a bit complicated for beginners but professionals like it a lot because of its features.

Features of Davinci Resolve 17: –

HDR grading tool with exposure and saturation control

Live video preview

Magic Mask creates a mask for an entire person or specific features such as eyes or ears

FlexBus architect

8. Lightworks: –

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By using Lightworks you can export your edited videos directly to services providers like YouTube and Facebook. It supports 4k video editing with its numerous video editing effects. The simple interface allows you to add value to your work in very little time.

Features of Lightworks: –

Social media templates for sequence output

Real-time ready to use audio and video FX

Lo-Res Proxy workflows for 4k

Export videos for YouTube/Vimeo

9. Windows Movie Maker: –

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While working on the Windows operating system what more will be great to get a tool developed by Windows only. This Windows Movie Maker has a glitch in and that is, you cannot import a GoPro camera recording directly in it. First, you will have to convert the video in supported file format then you will be able to edit the videos

Features of Windows Movie Maker:-

Supports file formats are MPE, MPEG, MPG, MPV2, WM, WMV, etc

Videos can be shared on social media like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo

Title customization tool

Timeline narration

10. Blender:-

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This is an amazing tool that gives you some interesting tools like 3D modeling, game creation, animation, sculpting, etc. It enhances your video editing experience to that of a professional level with these unique features. This is a free-of-cost editing tool with 32 slots of video effects. It has an easily navigable user interface.

Features: –

Built-in video sequence editor allows you to perform basic actions like video cuts and splicing

Grease pencil for 2D and 3d viewport

Animation and Rigging

Effects like Rendering, Modeling, Sculpting.

FAQ’s On GoPro Editing Software:


What editing software do most YouTubers use?

For YouTube videos, Adobe Premiere Pro is the best software which is used by professionals


Does Windows 10 come with video editing software?

Yes, Windows comes with a video editor called Windows Movie Maker.


Are these Video editing software free of cost?

Not all the tools are free of cost. But if you want to test the tool then trial versions are available.


Video editing makes the video eye-catchy with the effects which one can only imagine. We discussed the major video editing tools above but the major tools which we recommend are Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Premiere Elements, and Movavi Video Editor because these are used by professionals. The quality of video generated by this software is unmatchable and with numerous effects, one can make videos that are identical to a unique imagination.

These video editing tools are hand-picked for those who are closely associated with the social media business of making vlogs. They enhance the quality of Go-Pro and give life to videos.


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