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It’s never safe to operate your phone when driving and want to check the maps or take calls. In such situations, you need a car mount that can hold your iPhone securely and safely. This also increases the safety factor as you don’t have to look for your phone or fiddle with it.

Hands-free operation is the norm in most phones now, and the iPhone is no different. This is why we’ve curated a list of the best iPhone car mounts that you can use today. Without further ado, let’s dive into the list!

1. Montar AIR car mount – Editor’s choice

Ease of use is a big deal when looking for a car mount. You don’t want an iPhone car mount that will take you ages to set up or take off parts so that it can vent into the vehicle’s air vent. For this reason, you should give the Montar AIR by Winner Gear a shot.

This new iPhone car mount is compatible with all Qi charging technology-compatible devices. Moreover, the manufacturers have stated that this car mount fits all vehicle air vents. This is regardless of whether your car has horizontal or vertical air blades.

Additionally, it comes with a USB cable that can be plugged into the USB outlet of the car. With this, you can place your phone on the car mount’s surface, and your device will start charging. While it supports MagSafe charging, you don’t have to worry if your phone doesn’t support it. The car mount comes with metal plates for non-Magsafe devices. These metal plates facilitate charging for your device.

Lastly, it’s quite durable and can hold your phone in bumpy road conditions. For orientation purposes, there’s a swivel ball that allows 360° rotation.

While this iPhone car mount features are quite good, its retail price can be expensive for some. However, you’re in luck because the product is currently available at a heavy discount, and you can save up to $40.


Compatible with all Qi-compatible devices

Decent build quality

Fits into most car vents

Can be orientated according to your needs


No evident cons

Check out on: Winner Gear

2. VANMASS – Patented multi-scene design

The best iPhone car mount provides you with quality material and near-universal compatibility. With the VANMASS car mount, you’re getting a durable car mount, providing many orientation options.

This car mount has been created after extensive research and has received CP65/REACH/ROHS safety certifications. These certifications ensure that you receive a bonafide product that won’t give way easily.

It also comes with a steel-core vent grip and sucker patented by manufacturers. Combine this with the silicone clamps, and your phone will be secure in most situations.

Unfortunately, like any other car mount, it may not fit your car’s vents, especially if they are small. This car mount works better with bigger AC vents.


Passed all safety certifications

Can be rotated for accurate orientation

Excellent grip strength


Only fits bigger air vents

Check out on: Amazon

3. Belkin car mount – MagSafe support

With the new iPhones that support MagSafe technology, you’re better off using MagSafe wireless car chargers supported to ensure good battery life. This iPhone MagSafe car mount from Belkin has been produced with official MagSafe technology so that you can charge your phone on the go.

The car mount itself is slim and elegant. It carries the same minimalist design that Apple has catered to for years. The mount also comes with a good quality base and vent to ensure that your phone is held securely in place. Add this to the strong MagSafe connection, and you no longer have to worry about battery life when traveling!

It also allows you to orient the phone according to your requirements. Moreover, if the MagSafe technology isn’t enough for you, you can also use the provided cable to charge your phone.

The only gripe that I have with this car mount is that it’s quite expensive. You’ll have to shell out the big bucks if you want MagSafe technology for your iPhone car mount.


Uses official MagSafe technology

Elegant design

Cable provided for extra charging capabilities

Good build quality


Quite expensive for a car mount

4. Syncwire – Magnetic car mount

A huge hassle with car mounts is that they may not fit the air vents in your vehicle. With Syncwire’s iPhone car mount, you no longer have to worry about this.

The first thing you’ll notice with the car mount is that it has a beautiful, subtle look. The body is crafted with aluminum alloy and soft silicone. At the top, you’ve got 4th generation Neodymium magnets responsible for holding your phone. At the bottom, a 3M VHB adhesive is used to place the car mount on the dashboard.

What about orientation options, you ask? The car mount uses a solid metal ball joint to ensure that the head of the car mount can be moved the way you want. Finally, you get 3 years of dedicated customer support with the product.

However, this car mount will not work if you’ve slapped on a thick case to your iPhone. Battery and wallet cases will impede the magnet’s ability to secure your phone.


Unique design

Decent build quality

Can be freely oriented

3-year customer support


Can’t be used with thick phone cases

Check out on: Amazon

5. Loncaster – Easy viewing angles

Most car mounts come with a default portrait orientation. This still leaves room for some doubt that the phone might fall. The Loncaster car mount for iPhone solves this issue!

The car mount places the phone in a perpetual landscape mode. Furthermore, it uses an adhesive at the bottom that helps the car mount stick to your vehicle’s dashboard. Ultimately, it utilizes the dashboard’s stability and more surface area to hold the phone safely.

Additionally, you can also wash the car mount. You won’t have to worry about the adhesive coming off. The manufacturer claims to use high-tech adhesives that will not come off after a quick water rinse. Lastly, this car mount gives you exceptional viewing angles, especially when navigating.

I’d recommend not using this car mount if you live in the hot region. With the sunlight falling on the dashboard, the car mount’s placement could result in your phone overheating.


Landscape mode operation offers good stability

Can be washed and reused

Good viewing angles in most conditions


Can overheat easily if exposed to sunlight

Check out on: Amazon

6. Vanva – Durability champion

Durability is often the biggest concern when choosing an iPhone car mount. However, the good people at Vanva have solved this issue with their car mount.

The car mount is made from aviation-grade materials. It’s well known that there are few materials sturdier than this. Moreover, it’s averse to corrosion.

Coming to the car mount, it uses a vent clip and clamps guaranteed to hold your phone in place. Additionally, there’s a mechanical lock design for securing the mount to the vent. Even in sharper turns, the car mount won’t give way.

When you place your phone on the car mount, the anti-slip rubber padding can combine with the 360° swivel head. This helps you rotate your phone the way you want without the fear of the phone falling.

This car mount doesn’t work with vertical air vent blades, though. Since most vehicles have horizontal air vent blades, the manufacturers have taken the generic route in this regard. If your vehicle has vertical air vent blades, this car mount won’t work for you.


Highly durable

Holds phone securely

Can be oriented freely


Doesn’t fit vertical air vent blades

Check out on: Amazon

7. ESR HaloLock – Car mount with fast charging

The ESR HaloLock looks straight out of a sci-fi movie. These futuristic looks aren’t just for show – it is one of the best car mounts for iPhone that doubles as the best wireless iPhone car charger.

The insides of the car mount house heat management cables that produce fast charging speeds without overheating. In fact, you get charging speeds similar to the official MagSafe chargers. You can also enable fast charging through an 18W QC adapter. However, you’ll have to buy it separately.

You don’t have to worry about the phone being secure either. The ESR HaloLock comes with a non-slip silicone ring and powerful magnets with up to 1400g of holding force. Moreover, you can change the orientation easily for both portrait and landscape modes.

Unfortunately, the vent clip is only compatible with air vents that have horizontal blades.


Unique design choice

Efficient charging and doesn’t overheat

Strong magnetic holding ability


Only fits air vents with horizontal blades

Check out on: Amazon

8. LISEN – Best budget option

While you can get the more premium car mounts that offer fast charging, there are some good budget options are too. If you don’t want to spend more than $15 on a car mount, go for this offering by LISEN.

The car mount is exceptionally strong for the price you’re paying. It comes with 6 magnets that can collectively bear the weight of 4 cellphones!

This magnetic mount doesn’t use any buttons either. It’s easy to use and fits in with the aesthetics of most car interiors due to its design philosophy. Besides, it’s also been awarded the SGS ROHS and SGS CP65 certifications. This means that the quality is top-notch and the materials used are safe.

My only gripe with this car mount is that it can start to overheat if it receives too much sunlight. This doesn’t bode well for the magnetic holder.


Aggressive pricing

6 magnets for better magnetic holding force

Passed all safety certifications


Can overheat and damage the magnetic holder if exposed to sunlight for too long

Check out on: Amazon

9. Humixx – Good premium option

If you’ve got the budget to spend on an iPhone car mount and don’t want the usual options, you could try this car mount from Humixx. It might be slightly expensive, but it has superior stability.

You can also install it in different places. If you don’t want to block the car’s air vents, you can install the car mount onto the dashboard, and it’ll work just as well. Moreover, the materials used for this car mount are aviation-grade PEFT. It not only ensures sturdiness but also brings resistance to the elements.

However, some users have reported that the vent clip could’ve been designed better. So, I’d recommend buying the dashboard option.


2-level locking mechanism and 3-layer gel sucker give exceptional stability

Can be installed in different areas of the dashboard

Excellent build quality


Vent clip design needs to be improved

Check out on: Amazon

Things to consider before buying an iPhone car mount

Although it’s always a good practice to stop the vehicle if you intend to use your iPhone, it’s not always possible. If you think that an iPhone car mount is essential for you, you should consider the following points before purchasing.

1. Ease of use

The car mount for iPhone must always be kept at eye level. If you’re using a car mount and have it attached to the windshield, ensure that it doesn’t hamper your vision. You could also go for car mounts that provide unique designs or other features such as wireless charging.

Ultimately, the best iPhone car mount is the one that offers convenience without hindering your driving.

2. Design

This is an important point to remember. Most iPhone car mounts are designed keeping air vents in mind. If your vehicle’s air vent blades are vertical, most car mounts may not fit. You should always check both the vent clip design of the car mount and the air vent blades design to see if the car mount is compatible.

3. Quality

Always save more money and go for iPhone car mounts that don’t buckle easily under pressure. It would be even better if they were made of strong materials.

That’s it!

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10 Best Iphone Se 2023 Car Chargers

A travel kit without a car charger seems incomplete, especially when you are dealing with a long drive and badly need your iPhone to not only entertain you with music but also show you the way using navigation apps like Google Maps. Whether you are a frequent traveler or go for a long-drive only once in a while, you need to have a car charger. Just in case you aren’t familiar with modern car chargers, you have both wired and wireless options. Some of them even double up as a super handy car mount. That means, you can use them to not only power up your smartphone wirelessly but also hold your device steadily for a much-improved hands-free usage on the drive. If these features appeal to your needs, head over the jump to explore the best iPhone SE 2023 car chargers.

Best iPhone SE 2 Car Chargers

Wondering which car charger can be right for your needs? Well, if you prefer to have an ultra-portable charger with fast charging speed (24W / 4.8A output), go for the traditional car chargers. But if you have already embraced a life beyond a wired connection, pick out a Qi wireless car charger for your new iPhone SE. Thanks to the smart clamping design and 360° rotation, a wireless car charger can also work pretty well as a car mount for your smartphone. It’s worth noting that these chargers also support all Lightning-equipped/Qi wireless charging compatible iPhones including iPhone 11 Series. So, you can get them for other devices as well. Now that you know what’s coming, let’s get started!

1. Anker PowerDrive 2

When it comes to producing top-notch charging accessories for smartphones, Anker is among the best in the business. So, its PowerDrive deserves a shot right at the top of this lineup. The combination of PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technology enables this car charger to deliver an optimized charging solution. And the ability to charge devices with up to 4.8 amps or 2.4 amps per port makes it a trusted bet for on-the-drive charging. That’s not all, this 24W dual USB iPhone SE 2023 car charger also comes with a MultiProtect safety system to prevent hazards like overcharging and shortcircuit from damaging your iPhone.

2. RAVPower

If there is a car charger that can safely take away the crown of being the best of both worlds: top-quality and cheapest price ($6.99), it has to be none other than RAVPower. The ultra-compact design coupled with a dual USB port (2.4a output each port) makes it a fairly good companion for on-the-go charging. Apart from charging the iPhone at a good speed, RAVPower is also up to the mark in putting dangers like overheating at bay. And when you take the aircraft-grade aluminum alloy body with a scratch-resistant finish into account, it seems to be really hard to beat.

Buy from Amazon: $6.99

3. AmazonBasics

Buy from Amazon: $15.49

4. iOttie Easy One Touch

Just in case you are looking for a life beyond wired charging, iOttie’s wireless charger-cum-mount could be a better pick for you. It comes with a super easy one-touch lock and release mechanism that lets you install and remove the iPhone with ease. With the Qi wireless charging support, it can securely power up your iPhone. As for the car mount functionality, it features a strong suction cup and the telescopic arm that extends from 4.9″ to 8.3″. Since it also pivots on 225° arc, you will get multiple viewing angles. Considering these specs, iOttie is one of the best wireless car chargers for iPhone SE 2023.

5. Maxboost

Sporting an incredibly small form-factor, Maxboost can easily appeal to those who prefer to have a minimalist design. But just in case you think that this car charger may not be competent enough in terms of charging, let me tell you that it delivers 24W / 4.8A output which is sufficient for charging your iPhone SE efficiently. Moreover, the double-injected frame fortified by the use of a rugged PC inner layer and shock-resistant TPU exterior strengthens the casing. Even better, it also comes with an intelligent circuit design to fight out overheating and overcurrent.

Buy from Amazon: $7.99


Another wireless car charger that has caught my attention is from CTYBB. It has rugged construction and features one-button auto clamping technology which allows pretty comfortable one-hand operation. Thanks to the secure locking mechanism, it keeps the smartphone perfectly in place. As for wireless charging, it works as expected. But unlike most wireless car chargers, it works even with rugged cases (up to 0.27-inch) to ensure there is no need to remove the case before charging the device. Better still, the 360° ball joint offers multiple viewing angles so that you have much-improved viewing angles.

Buy from Amazon: $29.99

7. Czznn

For a fast and secure charging solution on the drive, you can’t go wrong with Czznn. The car charger features a compact yet durable construction so that you can comfortably carry it anywhere. The strong Lightning cable coupled with two USB ports ensure you can power up (24W/5V 4.8A) multiple devices at one go. Furthermore, Czznn also features the essential built-in safeguards to keep threats like overcharging and overheating away. Priced at $11, it’s also among the cheap car chargers for iPhone SE 2.

Buy from Amazon: $10.99

8. Syncwire

 Buy from Amazon: $17.49


Should you wish to get a reasonably good yet cheap wireless car charger (10W) for your new iPhone SE, give serious consideration to this offering from Powlaken. One of the highlights of this car charger-cum-phone holder is the smart automatic sensor design. That means, installing and removing your iPhone will be a breeze. Being case-friendly, it also allows your iPhone SE 2023 to charge even with a case on (except rugged covers). Add to that the robust suction cup and the 360° rotation and it becomes a fully-featured on-the-go charger for your smartphone.

Buy from Amazon: $26.99


Buy from Amazon: $12.97

Choose the Top Car Chargers for New iPhone SE 2023

Having explored the highly-rated car chargers including the ones that support Qi wireless charging and also double up as car mounts, I hope your needs have found the right charger. But before you go, don’t forget to check out our articles on best iPhone SE 2 cases and screen protectors. And yes, also let me know the names of the car chargers that deserve to get a mention in this roundup.

Best Ipad Car Chargers In 2023

Having an iPad car charger makes it easier to handle the power needs of your iPad. If you use the tablet extensively, you’re most likely running into low battery alerts on it. If you’ve got a car charger lying around, you can charge your iPad on the go and keep it ready for use at all times. These are the best iPad car chargers based on the ability to charge an iPad at top speed. They provide the complete safeguard from short circuits and over/low voltage. Fireproof material, the car chargers are very efficient and secure. Let’s get to know more about the top car chargers for iPad!

1. Spigen

Spigen is more popular for producing affordable cases for smartphones including Apple iPhones . So, I guess many of you might be a little surprised to see this accessory maker in this roundup.

The car charger looks highly effective with the ability to deliver 30W total output. Aside from supporting iPad, it also works quite well Android devices Galaxy, Pixel, OnePlus, and more. With the inclusion of Smart IC chip, Spigen car charger also makes sure your devices have got the safeguard against unexpected dangers like overheating and overcurrent.

2. Gembonics

Made of high-quality fireproof material, Gembonics car charger provides complete safety. The charger comes with an original Apple lightning connector and authentication chip that makes it fully compatible to charge and sync with iOS devices.

The high output of 3.1 Amps helps it charge your device with lightning-fast speed. Whenever there is overcharging, over/lower voltage, charging stops automatically to protect your device. The portable design allows you to carry it comfortably.

3. BliGli

What about picking out a car charger that can also enhance your both music time and hands-free calling experience? BliGli comes with a built-in microphone to provide clear audio so that you can communicate freely. The high-stereo sound ensures your favorite songs continue to weave magic in their full-fledged form.

You can quickly answer, reject or redial calls. There is also an option to let you go to the next or previous track and even adjust the volume. As for charging your iOS device, it’s got two ports and offers enough output to charge your device fast.

4. Anker PowerDrive 2

Anker PowerDrive 2 comes with PowerIQ Technology that empowers it to charge your device at a rapid speed. The ability to offer charge speed up to 2.4 amps per port or 4.8 amps overall makes it very handy.

The high output of 24 watts through two ports allows you to power up two devices at once. MultiProtect safety system ensures your iOS device has complete safety from short-circuiting, overcharging and overcurrent.

The compact and lightweight design makes it ultra-portable. Beyond portability, PowerDrive 2 comes with the 18-month warranty.

5. AmazonBasics

AmazonBasics car charger offers you all the comfort you would want to power up your device with needed safety and speed. With the Apple MFi certification, it’s fully compatible to let you charge and sync your iPad.

The charger provides the necessary security from common threats like short-circuiting and also allows you to use your device while it’s being powered up. You have three colors to choose from: black, white and black/red. Lastly, AmazonBasics comes with a one-year limited warranty. Note: AmazonBasics with two USB ports is priced at $7.64.

6. Ailun

Ailun has been in the car charging game for long. And more importantly, it’s known to produce compact and secure car chargers. Talking about this offering, it seems to be a complete asset with all the essential features.

Be it fast charging or safeguard against short-circuiting and over-voltage, it has checked off all the basics. Even on the durability aspect, Ailun car charger looks strong enough to take on some beating. Apart from charging iPad and iPad, it also powers up Android devices a lot faster thanks to the Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology.

7. Andobil

Here’s a car charger that employs a unique “Dual Independent Chip” for fast charging with 20W power delivery. It can power up your iPad and another device simultaneously. It also passes the necessary FCC certificates to protect your device from short-circuit, over-temperature, over-voltage.

Signing Off!

Now, use these top chargers to juice up your iOS devices with optimum convenience even on the drive. With the necessary protection from excessive current or short circuits, they ensure your iPad has complete safety while charging. Is any of your favorite charger missing from this list? I would like to know its name.

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Best Iphone Se And Iphone 5S Cases In 2023

Apple always produces killer products. Though this practice has damaged its business (people have now lengthened the upgrade time of iPhone), Apple continues to manufacture high-quality software and hardware. One of its first successes came with the iPhone 5s; it is hard to believe that many loyal consumers still use the iPhone 5s. For such users, accessory makers keep launching protective cases and other essential accessories. If you own an iPhone 5s, 5, or iPhone SE, you can use one of the cases listed below.


SHIELDON’ iPhone cases are known for their signature simplicity. Without adding any glitter to its products, SHIELDON crafts amazing accessories for your iPhone. This leather wallet case is a quintessence of SHIELDON’s craftsmanship, which is evident from stitches and SHIELDON’ logo embossed on the front.

Magnetic closure does not lose its strength for a long time and protects your iPhone months after months. The soft TPU is undetachable; this makes your phone’s installation easy. Though you might feel discomfort when you have to take photos and shoot videos with your iPhone.

2. Spigen

There are large cut-outs on the case for quick access to your phone’s features and ports. A 0.8mm raised lip protects your phone’s screen.

3. OtterBox

OtterBox cases are synonymous with strength. Even as the case flaunts some style, OtterBox never fails to add sturdiness to its case. This case is taken from OtterBox’s famous Symmetry series, which includes elegant and pocket-friendly cases that can endure drops and dents. OtterBox has used dual-material construction, which can absorb shocks.

One of the glaring features of Symmetry series OtterBox case is an easy installation, which allows you to use your device immediately after you unpack the case. For your peace of mind, OtterBox has performed more than 24 tests on this case for over 238 hours.

4. CellEver

While making a case for an iPhone, it is quite difficult to strike a perfect balance between style and protection. For engineers, it is a challenge to pay equal attention to both the features. CellEver, however, has done it without any effort. This iPhone 5s/SE case is the best example of a successful blend of style and strength.

Polycarbonate and TPU form two layers of protection for your iPhone. Lip of this case is raised to guard the touch screen. CellEver offers you a single case in seven vibrant colors: black, pink, purple, red, navy blue, slate, and mint.


FOGEEK has used environmentally friendly durable material; its PC and TPU form a solid inner shell and soft outer cover. This case can sustain multiple injuries like accidental drops and shocks. Moreover, it protects your device against dust.

6. Trianium

God is in the details! Trianium believes in this adage and therefore, it has created a meticulous design of an iPhone case. Trianium pays utmost attention to your iPhone’s touchscreen. It adds a slightly raised rim around the screen to protect your phone screen from scratches and debris.

Trianium’s two-toned color design elevates style element of this case, which is available in gold, grey, and silver colors. When you drop your phone, back and corners are more likely to get damaged. For this reason, Trianium adds metal back plates to protect your device.

7. JETech

Before buying a transparent case for their iPhones, customers are wary of yellowing of the case. JETech knows this and hence, it has used high-quality PC and TPU materials. This ultra-transparent case can resist UV and prevents the case from turning yellow.

Look at the thickened corners, which effectively absorb shocks and protects your iPhone from scratches. Raised bezels safeguard your phone’s screen and camera. You can quickly access all the features and controls on your iPhone.


Flowers, fragrance, and festoon! This is LUOLNH’s case for your iPhone. This slim case boasts a floral pattern on a flexible TPU back cover. This ultra-clear bumper case not only protects your device but also showcases the original color and beauty of your iPhone.

LUOLNH’s TPU frame is sturdy enough to protect your phone against shocks, scratches, bumps, and dings. Enjoy quick access to speakers, camera, and other ports as this case is precisely cut out.

9. ESR

ESR has created a case that excels in bling effect, beauty element, and body physics. While TPU and PC layers are part of body physics, ESR’s color make-up layer adds beauty and bling to the case. When you are busy in showing off your style with sparkles, the case will protect your precious iPhone.

Glamorous style of this case is elevated by its slim and lightweight profile, which doesn’t add any bulk to your iPhone. For camera and screen protection, ESR offers raised camera and screen lips.

10. FYY

FYY’s iPhone cases are packed with an element of surprise. This case is made for your small-sized iPhone. The material, style, and design of FYY case highlight feminine grace. Needless to say that FYY cases are exclusively for women and girls. This rose gold folio case is equipped with dedicated card slots to store your credit/debit cards.

Under the card slots, FYY provides a pocket to put currency notes. This case can smartly replace your stylish clutch, which may not carry your iPhone. Adjust the upper fold of this case and you can convert this wallet case into a kickstand. Next, watch your favorite videos, movies, and photos.

That’s all!

Signing off…

Hope you have got enough reasons here to protect and stylize your iPhone 5s or iPhone SE. This list is a potpourri of iPhone cases to select the best one for your device.

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Best Voicemail Apps For Iphone In 2023

Voicemail is a convenient method to communicate with people. The default voicemail facility on iPhone has its constraints, but you need not worry. I’ve curated a list of third-party apps that can accomplish a lot for you. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the best voicemail apps for iPhone.

1. YouMail – Editor’s choice

YouMail Voicemail & Spam Block has a more straightforward technique for voicemails. The app upholds industry standards for iPhone voicemail functionalities. It helps maintain a clean voicemail box along with blocking scam calls. Furthermore, the robocall blocker is updated numerous times daily to detect and block new robocall numbers as soon as they arise. 

Furthermore, if you’re into sales, how about having multiple phone numbers for your business? It will help you select various temporary or local numbers from surrounding area codes. In case you need additional features, YouMail charges $5.99 per month for YouMail Plus and $14.99 per month for YouMail Solo.


Blocks robocalls

Easy to use

Multiple contact numbers


The paid version is a bit costly


2. Line2 – Second phone number   

Line2 is more than just a calling app that gives you a secondary phone number. The app has an integrated feature for voicemail and VoIP, allowing phone calls across the US and Canada without roaming charges.  

With Line 2, you won’t have to worry about extra text charges. The second number will allow you to freely group chat or text an individual via WiFi. In addition, the app provider provides unlimited calling and texting at $15.99 per month, which drops to $13.75 per month if you subscribe to their $164.99 yearly plan.


Spam detector

Second phone number


Login might be tricky


 3. Voxist – Visual voicemail 

Voxist has a simple user interface, making it one of the best voicemail apps for iPhone. The application is clever enough to interpret your voicemails in 70 different languages and alerts you of new voicemails by e-mail and smartphone notification.  

If you want to get extra monthly transcriptions or connect more than one mailing account, you can always pay a few bucks more for Premium and Pro features. They are reasonably priced, with Premium starting at $4.99 per month and Pro at $9.99 per month. 


Visual voicemails



No frequent updates


4. WhatCall – No ring, straight to voicemail

WhatCall is an incredible voicemail app. It is well-acknowledged internationally. You may send voicemails to a specific number using WhatCall. Furthermore, the app offers a function that allows you to give a missed call to the person who contacted you while you were on another call. 

Suppose you’re going away for something essential and won’t be accessible for calls. You might want to send information to someone who must be busy. So, you may rely on WhatCall to link you to their voicemail box. 


Can hide caller ID


Transcription is unavailable

5. Hullomail – Voicemail & spam call blocker

Although Hullomail is the final app on our list, it is no less than any other app. It’s a cross-platform app that notifies you of missed calls when your smartphone is turned off or has no network coverage. You may enjoy ad-free service, discounted and scribe items, and more with a premium subscription. 

The only thing that appeared odd to me was that the voicemails and call blocker were only accessible for a two-week free trial. Also, the AI may truncate your voicemail message during transcribing; therefore, the company may need to work to resolve the issue. 


Block robocalls


Free trial for two weeks only

Cluttered UI


Parting words… 

Read More: 

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Best Iphone 6S Plus Leather Cases In 2023

Leather products have still maintained their usefulness in the presence of cheap plastic and rubberized plastic materials. Leather has found its place in the fashion world and electronic gadgetry; the lifestyle segment is heavily relied on the leather industry, while the electronic arena warmly welcomes leather to accessorize smart devices. We have listed iPhone 6s Plus Leather Cases.


Should you think of giving your phablet a premium feel, OtterBox STRADA SERIES can be a top pick. Even better, currently this case is available at just $14.95 down from $59.95.

Talking about the features that make STRADA SERIES cases a better option, the genuine leather construction reinforces the durability. With the pocket-friendly design, this compact case effortlessly slips into your pocket. You can rely on it to guard your iPhone against both accidental drops and scratch.

2. AceAbove

AceAbove presents a beautiful leather case for iPhone 6s Plus. With a string attached to this PU leather case, it gives you freedom of holding your mobile with a single finger. You can also hang your phone down from a peg on the wall so that your kids can’t reach out to your iPhone 6s Plus frequently.

3. Hoofur

Most of the wallet cases have a magnetic flip-like design. This wallet case for iPhone 6s Plus is different. It has a flip, but on the back, which makes it a slim and sleek wallet case. There are in total three pockets – 2 for cards and one for some of the cash. When it comes to protection, it has an extra bumper on the corners to protect from shocks and bumps.

The magnetic buttons on the back fit perfectly and tightly, not letting your cards or cash fall. Lastly, you are at liberty to choose from four different colors that suit your personality.

4. Belemay

Go for this case vintage wallet case from Belemay, if you truly admire the top-of-the-line craftsmanship. The cover is made of high-grade cowhide leather and features hand-crafted design.

Thanks to the leather texture, Belemay can retain its appeal for long. With the stand function at your disposal, you can prop up your smartphone for an enhanced media experience.

With the multiple card slots and a cash pocket, it takes care of your basic needs. And yes, you also get some color options like black, blue and more.

5. Jisoncase

Should you think of providing a sleek and neatly designed leather case to your iPhone, Jisoncase is the way to go. It’s carved out of top-quality leather and fits perfectly. The cutouts and the pronounced are on point ensuring you no pain while using the smartphone.

As for protection, this leather case can endure minor drops. With the smooth outer shell, you get the comfy feel while holding the smartphone in your palm.

6. Torro

Torro brings a simple-looking and yet a stylish leather case made from cowhide. Any iPhone lover would appreciate the minimal external and internal design.

Check out the three slots to store cards and one internal slot for currency; also note the detachable hard magnetic case, which can be attached back to the folio cover.

Enjoy videos, photos, eBooks, and web by using a kickstand of Torro iPhone 6s leather case. Gain access to all ports, buttons, speakers, sensors, and cameras without any hassle.


The four and a half stars rating out of almost 1800 customer review does show that LUPA wallet case has got the quality to be a fine suit for the iPhone 6s Plus. There are three card slots and a big compartment for storing some cash.

8. Debin

Debin presents a holster for your iPhone 6s Plus. But before you own this, make sure that your iPhone is already wrapped up by another armor case as the holster is too big for an uncovered iPhone.

The pouch is equipped with three belt clip and this makes it truly manly; though ladies with different tastes can always use this pouch as a clutch for their iPhone 6s Plus. This new pouch case helps shield your iPhone from crack and scratches with soft inner lining.

9. WenBelle Blazers Series

With WenBelle Blazers Series, you are looking at a simple wallet case that ideally lives up to your basic requirements. It’s made of high-grade faux leather and comes with multiple card slots. Plus, there is a small pocket for keeping some cash.

The front cover also dons the role of a stand for watching videos. And the impact-resistant interior enables it to withstand drops. Besides, Blazers Series covers come in three good-looking colors like blue, brown and grey.

10. ZVE iPhone 6s Plus Leather Cases

If finding a minimalist wallet case is on top of your mind, give ZVE a chance to impress you. The case sports a pretty compact design with the TPU bumper and soft leather exterior. Due to the shock-absorbing bumper, it’s fully capable of providing the needed protection to the iPhone 6s Plus.

It features a slot on the back wherein you can store up to three cards and also some dollar bills. Thanks to the release button, you will quickly access your cards and cash. Besides, the front lip works as a reliable guard for the screen.

And that’s it, folks!

Your favorite leather case?

Now that you have explored the entire roundup; tell us about your favorite iPhone 6s Plus Leather Cases. Besides, if you find any other cover worth giving serious consideration, do let us know about that.

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