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Best 5 screen suction cups that you can buy




A screen suction cup is a tool you can use whenever you are repairing a device that has a screen. It basically acts as a regular suction cup, sticking to a device’s screen.

The suction power is enough to get a good grip on the screen but gentle enough to not damage it. More so, they are usually designed to be easy to use by anyone, not just specialized personnel.

There are plenty of such devices on the market for you to buy, so choosing one that is good can be a bit confusing. That is why we’ve compiled a list of the best ones that you can buy.

If you’re looking to repair a device that has a screen, and you want to be gentle yet efficient, then you’ll need a good screen suction cup like the KISEER Heavy Duty Suction Cups.

These suction cups come in packages of two, and they are made from durable material and are extremely easy to use, even if it is your first time trying.


The suction cup is made of industrial plastic and thick rubber, durable and not easy to bend

Suitable for all electronic screens, glass, metal, and other smooth surfaces

The package comes with 2 suction cups


The rubber cup is too rigid

⇒ Get it now

The ACENIX Suction Cup is a bit different in design compared to the other screen suction cups, but overall the functionality stays the same.

You still have to press the rubber cup against the screen, and then you need to pull on the handle to remove it. The design that makes it so special is good for all grip types.



Only one included in the package

⇒ Get it now

The Kaisiking Heavy Duty Suction Cups are called that way for good reason. Not only is it capable of generating a large amount of suction force, but it is made of durable materials, allowing them to last you a long time.

More so you get two of these screen suction cups in a package, so if one does break, you’ll have a back-up.


Made of durable ABS and natural rubber material

Designed for electronic equipment, LCD screens, glass, and smooth surfaces

Strong suction power

Rubber suction cup with heavy-duty locking handles

Expert tip:

Feels flimsy sometimes

⇒ Get it now

Not all screens are suitable for suction cups, but there are alternatives out there. If you need to pry open a telephone screen without damaging it, you could use an ultra-thin prying tool.

If you own a device that cannot be opened via suction cup, then you may need a tool like the COHK Metal Spudger. This acts as an ultra-slim crowbar that you can use to pry open devices without scratching them.

Additionally, it is also very flexible, allowing it to mold along with the shape of whatever you want to open.



You need to be very careful when using it

⇒ Get it now

It contains a screen suction cup with plier handles, a metal screen pryer, and a screen wiper for you to clean things up after the job is done.

All products are made from good quality materials, and the kit is great at opening any type of device that has a screen attached to it.


Kit contains a screen suction cup, a screen prying tool, and a screen wiper

Versatile and can be used on all device types

Neat screen suction mechanism


Suction cups with plier handles may not suit everyone

⇒ Get it now

Closing thoughts on screen suction cups

Modern devices have a very sensitive screen that you can’t just open like you used to with older phones. Because of their construction, it is easy to bend or even break a screen altogether.

That is why using a more modern method of removing a screen is necessary, even if it does involve using something as simple as a suction cup.

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10 Best Ipad Mini 5 Screen Protectors You Can Buy

Though iPad Mini 5 doesn’t boast high-end specs, the ultra-portable tablet has got enough to be a super handy device for not only reading articles and books but also for playing games and watching media. To me, the biggest highlight of this compact iPad is the multi-touch fully laminated display with a 2048 x 1536 resolution. At 500 nits, the tablet is 25 percent brighter than its predecessor – iPad mini 4. To help you keep the impressive Retina display of your iPad safe against bumps and unexpected scratches, we have listed the 10 best iPad Mini 5 screen protectors that you can buy in 2023.

Best iPad Mini 5 Screen Protectors in 2023

Before picking out a screen protector for your 5th-gen iPad Mini, there are few things you need to keep in mind that can help you find the right screen guard for your device.

Which Screen Guard is Better for Your iPad Mini 5?

Though tempered glass screen protectors are always in high demand due mainly to their unmatched hardness, PET Film screen guards excel in offering better responsiveness. So, if your priority is to provide a highly reliable defender to your iPad Mini 5’s screen, look no further than the ones made of top-quality tempered glass.

However, if you want to have a paperlike texture so that your Apple Pencil can deliver the best, PET films are the way to go. Moreover, PET film screen guards are anti-glare to reduce light reflection. So, choose the screen protector while keeping these pivotal things in mind. That said, let’s explore the best iPad Mini 5 screen guards!

1. amFilm iPad Mini 5 Screen Protector

Another feature that sets amFilm screen guard apart is the solid 9H hardness that makes it strong enough to withstand not only bumps but also ward off even nasty scratches effortlessly. Not to mention the oleophobic coating that keeps smudge, oil away and also reduces fingerprints. As a result, the screen continues to look pristine for long and also keeps the touch sensitivity intact.


High-quality tempered glass

99.99% transparency

9H hardness

Oleophobic coating


May develop bubbles during installation

Dust resistance could be better

2. iPad Mini 5 Screen Protector by JETech

JETech has always been one of my favorite screen guards due mainly to its impressive durability. Having used many of its screen guards on my devices, I can vouch for its quality. Talking about this JETech tempered glass screen protector, it’s a bit on the thicker side (0.33mm thickness) in order to survive impact with ease.

Thanks to the robust durability, it can also take on even ugly scratches. As it’s both dust and fingerprint resistant, the screen remains highly sensitive, allowing you to use your 2023 iPad Mini smoothly. Moreover, this screen defender is also bubble-free so that you don’t have any problem while applying it on your iPad Mini 5.


Highly durable

0.33mm thickness


Fingerprint resistant

A bit thicker

The cutouts aren’t perfectly aligned

Buy From Amazon: $6.98 

3. iCarez Screen Protector for iPad Mini 5 (2024)

If you are willing to get a maximum resolution from your iPad Mini 5’s Retina display, “iCarez” would be a better way to go. This screen guard is made of PET film and sports TrueTouch sensitivity to let you use your tablet with the desired smoothness.

The high sensitivity will also allow your Apple Pencil to glide smoothly on the screen. Besides, it’s designed to be anti-glare so that you have a more convenient viewing experience in any environment. On top of all, iCarez screen guard has picture-perfect cutouts ensuring it doesn’t become a roadblock for sensors.

High-quality PET film


TrueTouch sensitivity

Precise cutouts


Less protective

Features only 3H-4H hardness

Buy From Amazon: $7.95 (pack of 2) 

4. OMOTON iPad Mini 5 Screen Protector

For providing a trusted safeguard to the Retina display of your ultra-portable iPad, you can’t go wrong with OMOTON as it packs a solid punch in most aspects. What puts it in the forefront is the exceptionally durable tempered glass that can absorb shock and also put scuffs away.


Durable tempered glass

Hydrophobic and oleophobic coating

Shock-absorbing design

Equipped to fight out scratches


Tends to develop bubbles during installation

May turn yellow overtime

Buy From Amazon: $6.99 (pack of 2)

5. Supershieldz Tempered Glass Screen Protector

“Supershieldz” is known to deliver one of the best screen guards in the market. So, I’m glad to include its highly efficient screen protectors for the iPad Mini 5. Well, the highlight of this screen defender is the maximum resistance against impact and the 2.5D rounded edges which not only makes it a bit easier to install but also enhances user experience.

Another thing worth noting about it is the additional coating that works admirably in fighting out sweat and dust. As a result, Supershieldz screen guard doesn’t lose clarity and smoothness.


2.5D rounded edges


Feels smooth to the touch



Lacks top-notch sensitivity

Comparatively expensive

Buy From Amazon: $9.99 (pack of 2)

6. Tech Armor iPad Mini 5 Ballistic Glass Screen Protector

So, when it’s perfectly applied to your iPad Mini 5’s Retina Display, you should remain worry-free. Furthermore, it’s also got an additional layer of defense to stop things like oil and dirt from damaging the responsiveness of the screen.


Shock-absorbing design

High clarity


An extra layer to resist sweat and smudge


May fail to keep bubbles away

Relatively expensive

7. Spigen iPad Mini 2023 Screen Protector

Whenever the word “Spigen” strikes my mind, the thing that instantly comes to the picture is an affordable yet highly efficient range of cases. However, this reputed accessory maker also offers appreciable screen protectors. And I have found its screen guard for iPad Mini 5 up to the task.

Whether it’s absorbing shock or withstanding scratches, it shouldn’t disappoint you at all. Courtesy the high-quality tempered glass, it’s got 9H impact resistance and also features a special coating to prevent sweat and smudge from building up on the screen.




Top-notch clarity


A touch overpriced

Buy From Amazon: $12.99 


Made of high-grade tempered glass, AINOPE screen protector promises to be a worthy asset for the iPad Mini 5’s Retina Display. The screen is 0.33mm thick and boasts 9H hardness to absorb impact. The company touts that it’s 6X stronger, which makes it a robust shield. So, you can bank on it to offer the desired protection to the screen against drops.

Overall, AINOPE is one of the strongest screen guards for iPad Mini 5.


6X stronger

0.33mm thickness for extra durability

Industry-standard hardness


The cutouts should be a bit more precise

Doesn’t resist glare perfectly

Buy From Amazon: $11.99  (pack of 2)

9. Ailun

The rounded edges of the screen guard also play a vital role in helping it get installed comfortably. Convenient installation aside, it delivers high clarity so that you can get the most out of the 7.9″ Retina Display. Notably, it’s designed to work with most iPad Mini 5 cases, which is yet another plus from a user-experience perspective.


2.5D rounded edges

Delivers high-clarity

Full coverage

Case-friendly design


Comparatively less sensitive to the touch

Fingerprint resistance needs improvement

10. ZTOZ

Last but not least, ZTOZ scores well in most aspects including protection and responsiveness. So, it deserves a shot on your iPad Mini 5 as a solid safeguard against shock and scratches. Apart from featuring high-end hardness, it also comes with an additional layer to keep smudges and dust away.

Due largely to the extra layer, ZTOZ prevents dust and fingerprints from harming smoothness. Being high-quality tempered glass, it makes sure the screen is able to deliver the original clarity. Priced at $8.99 for two-pack, it’s a fairly good buy considering the notable features.


HD Retina Clarity

Anti-smudge coating



The cutouts aren’t aligned precisely

Buy From Amazon: $8.99  (pack of 2)

Frequently Asked Questions Does iPad MINI 5 need a screen protector?

Yes. iPad MINI 5 needs a screen protector to keep the 7.9″ Retina Display protected from impact and scratches.

Does iPad MINI 4 screen protector fit IPAD mini 5?

Well, the answer to this question is both – Yes and No. It’s because the camera and mic’s buttons are a bit different. However, most iPad Mini 4 screen protectors can comfortably fit iPad Mini 5.

What is the Best iPad Mini 5 Case?

Though it’s really hard to choose the best case among a ton of top-quality covers in the market, I would go with ProCase. Priced at $14.99, it has a pretty slim profile and makes a nice match with the compact tablet.

What’s the Difference Between iPad MINI 4 and IPAD Mini 5? Shield the Retina Display with Best iPad Mini 5 Screen Protectors

There is an old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” So, never fail to provide the much-needed defense to your all-new iPad Mini 5 as an accidental bump or an unexpected scratch may damage the entire screen. Knowing the high cost for a screen repair, it’s always better to go for uncompromised safeguard upfront rather than repent later. By the way, let me know your favorite screen guard for iPad Mini 2023 and what makes it stand out for you.

5 Best External Ssds You Can Buy

Whether it’s for storage, or for backing up your Windows or Mac computer, external storage devices are pretty useful. While you can pick up an external hard disk for pretty cheap these days, external SSDs have also gotten a lot more affordable as well. So, if you’re looking to buy a portable SSD for your laptop here are the 5 best external SSDs you can buy in 2023:

SSDs vs HDDs: Why is an SSD Better?

Before we take a look at the external SSDs you can buy in 2023, let’s talk briefly about why you should consider an SSD over an external hard disk without getting too into the woods about the technical differences. Here are some reasons why SSDs are in-general better than hard disks for storage:

SSDs are more reliable than hard disks

SSDs offer much faster transfer rates than HDDs

SSDs make no noise, since they don’t use spinning disks like hard disks

SSDs are also safe from magnets while HDDs are not

There are also two different types of SSDs you will find: NVMe SSDs and SATA SSDs. While NVMe SSDs offer considerably higher speeds than solid state drives using SATA interfaces, they are also usually priced higher than SATA SSDs. At the end of the day, it’s all about the price-performance trade-off you’re willing to make in your purchase.

5 Best External SSDs You Can Buy (2024) 1. Samsung X5 Thunderbolt 3 NVMe SSD

The first SSD I’m putting on this list is the Samsung X5 SSD that comes with Thunderbolt 3 for speeds you’d normally expect to see on internal SSDs. The X5 is also an NVMe SSD at its core, but the reason it’s almost twice as fast as the other NVMe SSDs you’ll find on this list is because it’s using Thunderbolt 3 instead of USB 3.2 Gen1 or USB 3.2 Gen2 interfaces.

Bear in mind that the SSD will only work if your laptop has a Thunderbolt 3 port, like the new MacBook Pros, and some Windows laptops. Having a USB Type-C port will not give you the promised speeds here because even if your system has a USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C port, it still only has a bandwidth of 20Gbps, which is half that of what Thunderbolt 3 offers.

The Samsung X5 SSD is a lot more expensive than most other options you’ll find on this list, but if you’re looking for speeds well over the 2,000MB/s mark, the Samsung X5 is definitely one of the best portable SSDs you can buy right now.

Buy the 500GB Samsung X5 SSD from Amazon ($199.99; ₹19,999)

2. Lexar Professional SL100 Pro NVMe SSD

The Lexar SL100 Pro comes in a small, portable package that should be easy to carry around, weighing in at just around 69g. The SSD has a USB Type-C port for connectivity, but Lexar ships both USB Type-C to Type-C and USB Type-C to Type-A cables with the SSD so even if your laptop doesn’t have a USB-C (or Thunderbolt 3) port you will be able to use the SSD without needing any adapters.

However, bear in mind that you’ll only get these high read/write speeds if your laptop supports USB 3.1 Gen 2. With a regular USB 3.0 port, you’ll be limited to speeds somewhere in the ballpark of around 400MB/s to 500MB/s because of bandwidth limitations.

You can get the Lexar SL100 Pro in both 512GB and 1TB variants, and the company also offers a limited 3 year warranty on the SL100 Pro external SSD.

3. Crucial X8 Portable NVMe SSD

Crucial is one of the biggest names when it comes to storage devices. You might have heard of Crucial if you have ever looked for RAM sticks, or internal SSDs or HDDs for your tower PC. The X8 from Crucial is a portable external SSD that uses NVMe instead of SATA, and is claimed to support read/write speeds of 1050MB/s.

The Crucial X8 also comes in a small, portable design that’s almost the same size as the Apple Magic Mouse. Plus, it has a durable build with an aluminium core, it can tolerate extreme temperatures, it’s shock and vibration proof, and it’s also supposed to be drop-proof from up to 7.5 feet.

Similar to the Lexar SSD I mentioned above, this one also comes with a USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C to Type-C cable, along with a USB 3.2 Gen1 Type-C to Type-A cable in the box. However, you’ll get the fastest speeds when using the USB 3.2 Gen2 cable with a laptop that also supports that same USB standard.

Buy the 1TB Crucial X8 from chúng tôi ($164.95)

4. SanDisk Extreme Pro Portable SSD

For people who need a more rugged storage solution for their data, one that’s protected against accidental drops and possible exposure to water and dust, the SanDisk Extreme Pro SSD is definitely the one to go with.

This is also an NVMe SSD, so you get really fast read/write speeds up to 1050MB/s (according to SanDisk), and it comes with a rugged design that’s also IP55 rated for water and dust resistance. Moreover, the SSD comes with a shock-resistant core and is also protected against vibrations.

The SSD is available in 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB variants for a starting price of $119.99.

Buy the 1TB SanDisk Extreme Pro SSD from Amazon ($229.99; ₹21,268)

If you’re looking for a rugged SSD, but you don’t really need the faster speeds offered by NVMe options in the market, SanDisk also has a SATA based variant of the SanDisk Extreme that offers speeds up to 540MB/s. 

Buy the 1TB SanDisk Extreme SSD from Amazon ($166.96; ₹12,999)

5. Samsung T5 Portable SSD

The T5 from Samsung is a SATA SSD, though, so you’ll get read/write speeds of up to 540MB/s with this SSD using the USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C to Type-C cable that’s included in the box. There’s also a Type-C to Type-A cable here for connecting the SSD with devices that don’t have a Type-C port.

Samsung’s T5 SSD is comes inside a metal casing and it’s fairly durable, plus its small size is definitely a positive when it comes to portability and easy of carrying it around.

That said, Samsung just launched the T7 Touch Portable SSD at CES 2023, and it comes with faster read/write speeds of up to 1,050MB/s. Moreover, it comes with a fingerprint scanner built-in along with AES256 encryption, so your data will be even more secure. The company hasn’t announced the price for the SSD yet, but it will be available this month itself, and we’ll update this article when the price is out.

Use External SSDs for Faster, More Reliable Storage

Those were the best external SSDs you can buy right now. There are some others you can check out as well, including the Seagate Fast SSD ($169), and the WD MyPassport ($149.99) both of which are SATA based SSDs that offer speeds up to 540MB/s. While you can choose to go with either NVMe or SATA based SSDs for your storage needs, you should know that while SATA based SSDs are relatively more affordable, NVMe drives will offer much faster transfer speeds. Moreover, if you get an SSD that uses Thunderbolt 3, you’ll get the fastest speeds while transferring data.

10 Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Screen Protectors You Can Buy

Samsung recently launched its flagship Galaxy S21 series at its virtual Galaxy Unpacked 2023 event. If you’re planning to purchase a Galaxy S21, here are the best screen protectors you can use to protect it from accidental scratches and damages. Without further delay, let’s get started with the list.

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Screen Protectors in 2023

1. Spigen NeoFlex

Spigen is one of the top-rated brands when it comes to smartphone accessories. With the Spigen Neoflex, you get edge-to-edge protection on your new Galaxy S21 device. Using the wet application process that involves spraying NeoFlex with water, the company ensures that you won’t get air bubbles while you’re applying it. Moreover, Spigen promises that you won’t get glares or rainbow effects with this product. To sum up, Spigen NeoFlex is one of the best screen protectors you can buy for your new smartphone.

2. Caseology PET Film

If you’re looking for an ultra-thin screen protector made of flexible PET material, you should consider getting Caseology’s PET Film screen protector. It is capable of preventing accidental scratches from ruining the beautiful display of your phone. With the bundled application spray, you can easily apply the screen protector even if you’re not a professional. In addition, Caseology’s offering is compatible with most cases you can purchase for the Galaxy S21.

Buy from Amazon: $11.99 (pack of 2)

3. ESR Liquid Skin

Another option worth checking out if you need additional protection is ESR’s Liquid Skin screen protector. While it is not a glass screen protector, the flexible polymer offers full-screen coverage to your phone. You can also use this product with most of the leading cases available in the market. According to the company, the screen protector has self-healing capabilities so that light scratches and small bubbles disappear over time. You also get a convenient clip installation tool for a hassle-free installation experience.

Buy from Amazon: $11.99 (pack of 3)

4. Olixar

Olixar’s 9H rated tempered glass is made with impact resistance in mind. Olixar promises up to thrice the strength of non-tempered screen protectors with this product, along with scratch and shatter resistance. It is worth noting that the screen protector adds just 0.27mm thickness to the phone, which is neat if you don’t want your phone to look bulky. The company has also added oleophobic dirt and grease resistant coating for avoiding fingerprint smudges on the screen.

Buy from Amazon: $19.99 

5. GlassFusion VisionGuard+

Combined with the anti-microbial properties, the screen protector makes sure that your phone will stay clean without relying on a screen disinfectant. Apart from this, GlassFusion’s VisionGuard technology filters harmful high-energy visible (HEV) blue light from your screen.

Buy from ZAGG: $59.99

6. Pulen

Pulen’s bubble-free tempered glass offers scratch resistance without compromising on quality. It comes with oleophobic and hydrophobic screen coating to protect your phone against sweat and fingerprint smudges. In addition, the screen protector has 2.5D round edges to avoid the trapping of bubbles in the long run. Apart from screen protector, Pulen is offering camera lens protectors in the package so that the camera lens doesn’t get accidental damages.

7. amFilm Hybrid Screen Protector

amFilm’s Hybrid screen protector offers 7H hardness and is created from a scratch-resistant and ultra-thin material. The company promises that the product protects your screen from scratches, dust, scrapes, oil, and fingerprint smudges. In the package, you get all the items essential to apply the screen guard including the application tray, rubber mounting pad, dust removal stickers, microfiber cloth, and alcohol cleaning wipes.

Buy from Amazon: $10.99 (pack of 2)


If you’re looking for a pocket-friendly screen protector for your Galaxy S21, QHOHQ’s screen protector should be your pick. At $13.99, you get three screen protectors and three camera lens protectors. As a result, you can easily swap out one when you eventually end up breaking or scratching it. At 0.15mm thickness, QHOHQ’s screen protector manages to offer an arc 2.5D design for complete protection towards the edges.

Buy from Amazon: $13.99 (pack of 3)


If you’re looking for a screen protector that comes with the added bonus of protecting your privacy, AYCFIYING’s screen protector is what you should be looking at. Apart from offering 9H hardness and scratch resistance, the product is designed in such a way that the screen is visible just to the person directly in front of the screen.

If you have pesky roommates or relatives with no sense of respecting boundaries, you should consider using this. That said, the extra privacy comes at the cost of fingerprint unlocking and you should skip this if you rely on the fingerprint scanner for unlocking your device.

Buy from Amazon: $13.99


Buy from Amazon: $13.99 (pack of 3)

Choose from the Best Galaxy S21 Screen Protectors

Samsung Galaxy S21’s screen protectors will ensure that you don’t end up damaging your phone’s display. It is always better to purchase a screen protector if you don’t want to spend a lot if you accidentally break or scratch your screen. You should also consider getting a case for your new Galaxy S21 device for complete protection.

We have also covered best Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus cases and S21 Plus screen protectors, so if you have purchased that device for someone in family, check those out. If you found this useful, do not forget to let us know which screen protector you picked for your smartphone.

The Best Gaming Keyboards You Can Buy

Luke Little / Android Authority

When you think “gaming keyboard,” a distinct look probably comes to mind: a flashy, angular design with bright, colorful lights, media keys, and some pretty sweet-looking keys. When it comes to looking for the perfect fit for you, however, the search is muddled by low-quality boards that range from half-decent to plain bad. Here, we’re going to break down the vast landscape a bit and point out the best gaming keyboards we can find, along with a few honorable mentions that are also worth looking at.

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For starters, the vast majority of gaming keyboards are mechanical. We recommend checking out our full explainer on what that means. Basically, these keyboards use switches with springs in them to provide a tactile feel, more travel distance, different types of noises, actuation distances, etc. If you’re new to this, definitely read up first. Here are some of the very basics:

Red switches are quiet, not tactile, and require very little force to actuate.

Blue switches are loud, fairly tactile, and require more force to actuate.

Brown switches are similar to red switches but with some tactility and little noise.

There are too many variations of these switches for us to cover here, but many are covered in our explainer. There are many manufacturers of mechanical switches, but German company Cherry is the biggest and most mainstream, followed by Kailh and Gateron, who offer excellent alternatives. Some accessory companies like Razer and Logitech produce their own awesome switches as well.

Razer BlackWidow Lite: This TKL board from Razer serves looks and is made with the company’s orange switches for silence and tactility.

SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL: This keyboard is likely similar to the image you think of when you hear “gaming keyboard”. With a tall build, customizable RGB, and media keys, this is an all-rounder that is well worth consideration.

ROCCAT Vulcan TKL: The Vulcan TKL is built like a slightly flashier G915. It has a metal top plate, tactile or linear switches, media keys, and will be a pleasure to play on.

Razer Huntsman V2 TKL: How could we make a list of gaming keyboards without including Razer? This one’s hallmark is the blazing fast 8,000Hz polling rate, which means that the keyboard will respond to inputs faster than the standard 1,000Hz keyboard. Eliminating latency is critical in fast-paced games.

Anne Pro 2 60%: This is the most miniature gaming keyboard on the list, eliminating the cursor control keys to create a smaller footprint.

ROG Claymore II: Maybe you want the space savings of TKL but still need the number pad sometimes; ASUS has you covered. The Claymore II keyboard has a removable number pad, so you can freely switch between form factors or even place it on the left side for some extra functionality in games.

Logitech G213: This is Logitech’s best budget gaming keyboard, hands down. It has everything you’ll need to get going with gaming-grade performance, plus spill resistance because we all need a drink in the heat of battle sometimes.

Corsair K100: The K100 is built like a tank. Featuring a brushed aluminum look, 44 zones of RGB lighting, and Corsair’s Axon processing tech, the only concern you’ll have is what to personalize first.

HyperX Alloy Elite 2: HyperX is a pretty well-known name in the PC peripheral space. The Alloy Elite 2 has everything you’d expect from a gaming keyboard, plus media keys and a USB passthrough.

Find the perfect mouse to go with it: The best Logitech mice

Logitech G915 TKL Lightspeed Wireless RGB Gaming Keyboard

See price at Amazon



Razer Blackwidow Lite gaming keyboard

See price at Amazon

SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL gaming keyboard

See price at Amazon

ROCCAT Vulcan TKL Gaming Keyboard

See price at Amazon



Looking for more mechanical goodness?: The best mechanical keyboards

Anne Pro 2 60%


A 60% keyboard is, you guessed it, about 60% of a standard 104-key keyboard. The Anne Pro 2 gets fantastic reviews for what it does in this highly compact form factor. 

It is a Bluetooth gaming keyboard that offers various Kailh switches, USB-C charging, and up to four paired devices. You can also enable a set of pseudo-arrow keys on this board, just in case you need those back momentarily. This keyboard is made for travel, but gamers review the Pro 2 very well. 

Anne Pro 2 60% gaming keyboard

See price at Amazon

ASUS ROG Claymore II gaming keyboard

See price at Amazon

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Logitech G213 Prodigy Gaming Keyboard

See price at Amazon



Corsair K100 gaming keyboard

See price at Amazon

HyperX Alloy Elite 2 Gaming Keyboard

See price at Amazon



That’s it for our list of the best gaming keyboards you can buy, but there are many that we didn’t cover. We also want to give a shoutout to the following gaming keyboards:

HAVIT KB395L: I’ve used this one myself, and it is surprising how on-par this board is with the Logitech G915 for the price. The Kailh blue switches feel incredibly close to those of Logitech, and the metal faceplate greatly enhances build quality.

Razer Tartarus v2: This gaming keypad is a peculiar thing, and I’d recommend watching videos that detail how it works in use. We love to see expanded accessibility, so this is a pretty cool accessory for those who have a hard time using standard keyboards and mice.

Complete your setup with the perfect accessories:

The Best Oneplus Nord Cases You Can Buy

Ryan-Thomas Shaw / Android Authority

The OnePlus Nord brought back the days of OnePlus crafting affordable phones. It’s 5G-ready with a Snapdragon 765G chipset and six total cameras to capture the world around you. OnePlus fit some serious flagship specs into a mid-range machine, but you still have to keep the device safe. Here are the best OnePlus Nord cases available right now.

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Looking for more ways to keep your phone safe and get the most out of it? Don’t forget to check out our guide for the best cases and mobile accessories you can get!

Best OnePlus Nord cases:

Editor’s note: We will continue to update this list of the best cases for the OnePlus Nord as more become available.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid


Spigen is a leader among case makers, and it offers a full range of options for almost any device you can think of. The Ultra Hybrid is a top pick for the OnePlus Nord as it offers solid durability without adding much bulk. A black TPU bumper guards the edges while a crystal-clear polycarbonate back panel deflects scuffs and scrapes.

Spigen Rugged Armor


Sticking with Spigen, the Rugged Armor case is a sleek matte black option with carbon fiber hits at the top and bottom. It’s made entirely of flexible TPU so that you can apply or remove the case in seconds. Spigen’s signature Air Cushion technology guards your OnePlus Nord against drops but the case itself adds just 2mm of thickness.

Tudia Merge


Tudia’s Merge case for the OnePlus Nord offers hybrid protection, though it uses a two-piece construction for added protection. The base layer is a TPU bumper to minimize drops, while a polycarbonate shell stops scratches in their tracks. It’s also MIL-STD 810G certified to withstand 26 drops from a four-foot height.

Ringke Fusion-X


One of the most unique OnePlus Nord cases, the Fusion-X combines an angular bumper with a clear back panel for hybrid protection. You can grab the bumper in either black or Space Blue, and the back panel comes in camo, too, as seen above. The Fusion-X also has a pair of QuikCatch lanyard holes for toting your phone around.

Olixar Wallet


Cases that protect your phone are great, but what about one that does more than that? Olixar’s wallet case actually helps to free up pocket space by replacing your wallet. It’s crafted out of genuine leather and features a pair of card slots so you can keep the essentials on you. There’s no cash pocket but the leather folio cover also doubles as a kickstand while you stream your favorite shows.

Spigen Tough Armor


If you’re worried about dropping your new phone, the Spigen Tough Armor is one of the most durable cases around. It’s a hybrid option with a soft TPU lining and a stiff polycarbonate exoskeleton. The Tough Armor might not be the easiest case to fit into your pocket, but the MIL-STD 810G certification is more than worth the money. It even includes a built-in kickstand for streaming your favorite shows.

Official Sandstone bumper case


Another OnePlus option, the Sandstone bumper wraps your Nord in a brilliant blue shade that’s impossible to miss. It’s made of a polycarbonate and TPU blend for hybrid security, and the case has ridges along the sides to improve your grip. If the blue hue is a bit too bright, the Sandstone bumper also comes in a stealthy black finish.

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