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Google Photos may be one of the best online services for people who love taking lots of pictures and videos with their smartphones. It combines cloud-based storage with its AI-based organization of images and clips. With these features, it’s a must for mobile photographers.

Let’s take a quick look at how to get started using Google Photos, including a look at its major features and some tips that should make using the service easier for you.

What is Google Photos?

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The service officially launched in May 2023 as a standalone spin-off of sorts from Google+ Photos, which was based on the Google+ social network (Google would later retire Google+ Photos). It retained many of the features of the older Google+ Photos and added a few new ones.

The apps and the service were immediate hits with smartphone owners, hitting 500 million users by May 2023. Google last updated the number of Google Photo users in 2023, when it said it hit 1 billion users. Those users upload 1.2 billion photos every day. In June 2023, the app got a redesign, along with a slightly different logo.

You can download the app on both Android and iOS, and you can also go to the chúng tôi site to view your stored images and clips on a PC or mobile web browser.

What’s the difference between Storage saver, Original quality, and Express in Google Photos?

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Because Google Photos stores your images in the cloud, and storage is no longer free in any way, you need to worry a bit more about the quality you want your images to be stored.

Storage saver

The “Storage saver” setting (previously “High Quality”) is one of the three main modes available. And for some, it may be the only compressed mode accessible. It allows you to back up photos from your smartphone up to 16MP each or video clips at up to 1080p resolution to your Google Photos cloud account.

Google Photos supports these formats: 3GP, 3G2, ASF, AVI, DIVX, M2T, M2TS, M4V, MKV, MMV, MOD, MOV, MP4, MPG, MTS, TOD, and WMV. If you upload videos in other formats for Storage saver, including the popular RAW format, they won’t be compressed and will be counted as part of your Google One storage limits.

It used to be that you could upload an unlimited number of photos in those supported formats in Storage Saver mode for free. However, that feature died as of June 1, 2023. Now, any new Storage saver photos uploaded via Google Photos will count as part of your 15GB free storage on Google One. Keep in mind that that’s just for new photos uploaded on or after June 1. Any Storage saver photos uploaded before that date will not count on your Google One storage limit.


Also, there is a photo and video management tool that will point out any stored media you might want to get rid of. That might include photos that are too blurry or video clips that are just too large to keep in the new 15GB free limit.

Original quality


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An expansion of the albums feature launched a few years ago. It’s called Memories, and it also uses machine learning to place photos and videos taken in the past at the top of the gallery screen and order them in the year they were created. Memories are normally visible only to the photo’s owner, but you can share groups of Memories with others, and they can see them in Google Photos on any device.

What is Google Photos Assistant?

Google Photos Assistant (not to be confused with the Google Assistant AI digital helper) is designed to help you keep track of your photos and videos library. It will generate cards with suggestions on which photos it can turn into collages, animations, and movies. It will even use machine learning to show you pictures in your account that you want to delete. Assistant will also offer notifications for alerts, like if you are using up your storage space.

Magic Eraser feature

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The Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro smartphone added a Google Photos feature called Magic Eraser. It lets users erase unwanted people or objects in their photos without using an external photo editor. This works pretty well, and it also works on any image you have uploaded to Google Photos. It has since been included to other phones like the Pixel 7 series.

More tips and tricks

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