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Because the bitcoin industry is flourishing, now is the best time in history to start your own cryptocurrency brokerage or exchange firm for the reason that these types of enterprises are becoming more widespread, and as a consequence, the bitcoin industry is expanding. A significant portion of this may be due to the very high-profit margins associated with bitcoin trading. As a result, cryptocurrency exchanges are more well-represented and established in the cryptocurrency market despite a lack of understanding and exposure to what is available in the brokerage sector.

Setting the Ball in the Right Direction

Because of the enormous economic potential of cryptocurrencies, businesses and individuals are flocking to the crypto sector in unprecedented numbers. A major underrepresentation of the brokerage services sector exists in the rapidly expanding crypto market, which may be attributed in part to the proliferation of substandard bitcoin exchanges and brokerage operations. As a result of recent technological breakthroughs in the crypto-sphere, it is expected that demand for these services will continue to grow in the near future.

The most challenging aspect of beginning and sustaining a successful business is making your organization stand out from the crowd. When it comes to selecting a cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform, users should look for one that is user-friendly, secure, and provides a simple method for withdrawing their crypto holdings. To be successful in any of these roles, you must first understand how digital currencies and payments are handled throughout the globe. The most practical and safe way to do this is to establish a crypto brokerage company.

The Most Straightforward Way to Establish a Crypto Brokerage

Clearly, building a bitcoin exchange from the bottom up is a difficult task. As it turns out, it’s a time-consuming, tedious, and costly procedure that requires a substantial amount of labor and financial resources. Many individuals choose to set up a bitcoin brokerage using white label solutions rather than the more time-consuming traditional method since it is less time-consuming and requires less effort. Using a white label trading platform rather than constructing from the bottom up saves time and money in the bitcoin sector.

Because the WL provider’s solution has already been fully tested and certified to function, there is no need to be concerned about satisfying technical requirements, resolving exchange platform difficulties, or paying regular maintenance fees. This is significantly less expensive than developing software from scratch. Furthermore, since turnkey solutions frequently contain all of the essential components, a white-label supplier that provides a turnkey solution avoids the need to hunt for a liquidity provider in crypto or payment processor on an individual basis.

The Benefits of WL Crypto Solutions

With the help of WL solutions, you may set up your own crypto brokerage or exchange, which will save you money and time while also providing the fastest and shortest path into the bitcoin market. White label trading platforms enable you to focus on building your client base rather than the technical aspects of operating your business. However, keep in mind that not all providers of WL crypto solutions provide the same level of assistance, so you’ll need to conduct some preliminary research before making a final selection.

At the risk of being repetitive, establishing a cryptocurrency brokerage via the use of a white label solution is the most effective way to join the cryptocurrency market instantly. White label suppliers often handle the whole of the company’s installation and setup, enabling you to get started the moment you sign the dotted line for the first time. As a consequence, you will be able to join the market faster and more effectively. All that is necessary to get started is the selection of an approved WL provider and the payment of the associated charges.

It is also feasible to utilize white labeling to address the most prevalent issue that new exchanges face, which is a lack of liquidity. Exchanges that can ensure a high level of liquidity attract the most users and investors due to the enhanced profit-generating and trading opportunities. Aside from that, as previously said, WL providers often share a shared liquidity pool with their licensed white labelers, which helps in mitigating this problem.

Choosing a Turnkey Crypto Brokerage Solution

Bitcoin turnkey brokers assist consumers with crypto trading and conversion into fiat cash, as well as provide a venue for users to deposit their bitcoins. In addition to their primary goods, only a few organizations provide other services to their customers, such as crypto liquidity.

According to B2Broker, a comprehensive bitcoin broker solution has been supplied to chosen clients, which uses the company’s own technology and liquidity to provide a wide variety of cryptocurrency exchange, trading, and investing services through modern trading platforms.

To be up and running in 14 days, crypto exchanges, according to B2Broker technology, can deliver more crypto CFD products, more security, lower trading fees, and greater leverage than the overwhelming majority of currency exchanges. Using the B2Broker technology, bitcoin exchanges may be established more quickly. A sophisticated trading platform, tempting discounts, and other perks not accessible on bitcoin trading websites are just some of the perks you’ll get when you buy bitcoin from a trusted retailer.

You may also provide a safe, dependable, and scalable crypto payment experience to your consumers by using B2Broker’s enterprise crypto wallet system, which avoids the need to build your own blockchain-based digital wallets.

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Pros And Cons Of Offering Vacation Stipends

During a time when employees are more aware of employer mistreatment and are looking to work in a place that aligns with their values and lifestyle, offering perks that directly impact an employee’s well-being and improving their personal life is a major selling point for companies trying to recruit new talent. An employee-offered vacation stipend demonstrates that an employer cares for its staff and can help improve employees’ mental and physical health, boost company morale, promote culture, and increase productivity, among many other benefits. 

What are the pros and cons of offering employees vacation stipends? 

If you’re thinking of offering vacation stipends to employees, below are some points your business should consider.

Pros of offering vacation stipends

Performance-based vacation stipends boost productivity. Many companies that offer vacation stipends have stipulations requiring employees to have good work performance records to receive the bonus. By motivating employees with a major benefit driven by one’s performance, they are more likely to work harder to earn the reward.

Unique employee perks boost company reputation. Offering employees a perk that other companies don’t demonstrates to employees that you prioritize and value them and their well-being. Employees will be more engaged with the company and become brand ambassadors. They might share their positive experiences with others and provide referrals — improving your company’s reputation and making it easier to recruit high-quality candidates. 

Employee travel benefits promote health and productivity. When employees get the chance to travel, it encourages them to be active and healthy, relieves stress, and helps them feel better both mentally and physically. This can reduce the amount of healthcare benefits employees use and can result in fewer sick days taken. 

It’s a key recruitment tool. Not only is a vacation stipend a great way to stand out from the competition, but it can also be a big draw for attracting top-quality talent and can help to retain employees. This is especially true at a time when companies are dealing with staffing shortages and other operational issues. 

Travel boosts morale and job satisfaction. Traveling increases job satisfaction and morale by giving employees the chance to disconnect from their jobs and avoid burnout from too much work. 

Travel stipends encourage PTO usage. Without vacation stipends, many employees choose not to use their vacation days and instead bank those hours with the hope of being paid out upon departure from their company. However, a travel stipend encourages employees to use their PTO to travel.

Vacation stipends showcase innovative company culture. One way to change people’s perception of your company and demonstrate you care about employee well-being is to offer a vacation stipend. Because this is a newer benefit companies are beginning to roll out, offering such an incentive can help your business appear innovative and ahead of the curve. 

Bottom Line

Offering fringe benefits to employees, such as a travel stipend, can positively impact employees by improving moods, reducing stress levels and providing a better overall work experience.

Cons of offering vacation stipends

Managing travel stipends requires resources and planning. While a travel stipend can be costly in itself to a business, it can also be expensive due to the amount of resources it takes. No matter how the company implements the vacation stipend, at least one person on the team — though most likely an HR department — will need to be in charge of managing the perk and any issues that arise because of it, which means they’ll have less time to dedicate to other matters. [Read related: The Best HR Outsourcing Services of 2023]

Travel perks can attract the wrong candidates. Travel reimbursement benefits are a selling point for an employer. However, look out for potential candidates who are less interested in the position and more interested in the perks being offered. If a business isn’t careful, offering a vacation stipend can lead to misaligned priorities among employees and upper management, which can negatively impact employees and the company culture. 

Companies must balance benefits and coverage. With a vacation stipend, companies encourage their employees to take time off as they desire — within their PTO limits. While there are many known benefits to employees taking a break from work, encouraging vacations also means key employees may be out of the office at crucial times. Depending on the structure of the stipend, offering an allowance for each employee to use at their leisure could result in your business being short-staffed on occasion, especially if parameters and limits for how and when the stipend can be used aren’t set beforehand.

Comprehensive Guide To Jira Dashboard

Introduction to Jira Dashboard

The JIRA Dashboard is a home page of the JIRA software after logging to it i.e. it provides various useful information to the team members, tracks the project development status and is customized by the JIRA administrator. It contains a navigation bar having multiple links like Dashboards, Projects, Issues, Boards and a Create button. Similarly, the system dashboard section contains some default sections like Introduction, Assigned to Me, etc.

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How to Add Gadgets in Jira Dashboard?

The Gadget is an application that added to the created JIRA dashboard which provides useful tracking reports of the project development to the team. The examples of Gadgets are such as, Assigned to Me, Issues in Progress, Calendar, Jira Road Map, Pie Chart, Sprint Burndown, etc. The steps to add gadgets in JIRA dashboard are given below:

Step 1: You Login the JIRA application as an Administrator.

Step 4: You choose your required Gadget from the list of multiple gadgets.

How to Create a Dashboard in Jira?

The JIRA dashboard can be created and customized by the JIRA administrator. The steps to create a dashboard in JIRA are given below:

Step 3: Fill the name of the Dashboard, Description, Access, and Shared with, etc.

Various Operations Performed in Jira Dashboard

There are various operations are performed on the JIRA dashboard. Such as,

1. Dashboards

This is one of the best operations in the JIRA dashboard/ homepage. By using this link we can Add Gadget to the dashboard, Edit layout (choose different dashboard layout), Copy dashboard, Edit dashboard, Create a dashboard, Find dashboard, Delete dashboard, Share dashboard, View as wallboard, Set up wallboard slideshow, etc.

2. Projects

This Project provides the link, it provides multiple sub-links related to the project work i.e. it shows the Current project with status, recent project, Software, Business (business project type), view all the projects and create the project, etc.

3. Issues

This link provides different sub links related to the Issues towards the project i.e. it shows the search for Issues, Recent Issues, reported by me, my open Issues and manage filters.

4. Boards

This link provides the board followed by the project. It shows the agile board or Kanban board as per the project development methodology. It has two sub-links such as the recent board and Views all boards.

5. Create

6. Search Filed

In this field, we search for the project or issues or bugs in the JIRA dashboard. It is used to minimize the result to get appropriate requirements.

7. Feedback Link

8. Help Link

This link provides some useful information about the JIRA tool. It has multiple sub-links like About JIRA, JIRA software help, what’s new, JIRA core help, Jira admin help, Atlassian cloud admin help, keyboard shortcuts, and JIRA credits, etc.

9. User Profile Link

It provides the profile details of the user and also manages the profile of the user with information about the user like the photo, email address, phone number, etc. The Log out option is used to logging off from the JIRA tool.

10. System Dashboard

This is present on the JIRA dashboard home page. It contains mainly three sections such as Introduction (Welcome to JIRA), Assign to Me (tasks assigned to a specific user) and Activity Stream (list of activities done by the users).


In this article, we briefly discuss the JIRA Dashboard along with how to create a dashboard in JIRA, how to add gadgets in the JIRA dashboard and different features in JIRA home pages with proper examples. Depending upon project or Industry the view of dashboard changes. The JIRA administrator takes major roles to create the new dashboard. It provides the proper workflow status of the project to track each member of the team with proper documentation.   

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Galaxy S8 Oreo Update Problems And Possible Solutions

Samsung began to roll out the Android Oreo update last week to the Galaxy S8 units initially in Germany followed by the release in other markets including India, France, and Poland, though only those who participated in the Oreo beta program in Poland can get the update.

Unfortunately, though, technical issues are inevitable for almost every electronic device, and the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus are no exemption to this either, especially given that the Oreo beta tests have just wrapped up. That is despite the hefty price tag that comes with the handset, which is likewise expected to serve up best-in-class performance at any rate.

In this post, we have compiled a few issues encountered by the users after downloading and installing the Oreo update as well as the corresponding solution to each problem, if available. This post also includes other existing and new software issues plaguing the Galaxy S8 device, so read on.

Shortly after upgrading their handset to the latest version of Android, a small number of Galaxy S8 users are beginning to report that their phone won’t start thereafter. According to one user who took to the Samsung Community page, the device has been trapped in an unending loop of restarts following the upgrade.

Unfortunately, the problem has yet to be escalated to Samsung’s technical team as the Oreo update rollout is still at an early stage, though a solution is expected sooner or later.

Users can’t change SMS notifications

Beyond the Oreo-related issues, the Galaxy S8 has also been plagued with several problems since it was released. One issue involves the phone’s inability to change the audio notifications for incoming text messages. The issue, in particular, was reported by an AT&T subscriber who claimed that the device in question reverts back to its default audio notification after changing it to something else.

Device randomly vibrates even with no notification

Some users have also reported that their Galaxy S8 randomly vibrates with no notification.

To fix this, according to one Samsung Community moderator, clearing the device’s cache might help solve the issue. To do so, simply turn off the device and then switch it back on by holding down the Volume Up, Home/Bixby, and Power keys until it boots into the Recovery Menu. Then use the volume up/down keys to select “Wipe Cache partition” and tap on it with the power key.

Gmail unable to sync automatically

Another existing problem with the Galaxy S8 series is the inability of Gmail to sync automatically. That means an email may remain marked as unread on other devices even after reading the same using the Gmail app on the Galaxy S8. There are a few potential solutions, nevertheless, including registering your Google account again, turning off saving mode, checking the home router, or using the mobile data only.

Samsung Smart Switch unable to back up the device

Smart Switch is a feature in Samsung devices that lets users transfer contacts, photos, music, and more files to a new device. However, some users are experiencing a problem with the tool that prevents them from doing just that. The issue seems to be affecting older devices including the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy Note 5 on top of the S8 series.

The problem, in particular, arises usually when transferring files to a desktop or laptop computer. One possible solution is to disable the contacts from syncing on Smart Switch.

SmartView won’t open on S8 Active

A new issue that hits some Galaxy S8 devices involves the inability of SmartView to open on the Galaxy S8 Active. SmartView allows users to view multimedia content from their mobile and PC on their Samsung Smart TV. However, it’s been displaying an error message stating: “SV and Side Sync can’t run at the same time. SideSync will be closed.”

Samsung is still sorting out this particular problem, and we’ll update this post once a solution is found.

Common Pixel 6 And 6 Pro Problems And Their Solutions

Just when we thought Google finally managed to launch a new Pixel phone without any major issues, the internet has proven us wrong. The device started shipping on October 28, and just within a few weeks of time, Reddit and Google’s support forum is flooded with users reporting Pixel 6 issues. Whether you are still on the fence about buying the Pixel 6 yourself or facing these issues on your device, we have compiled a long list of the common Pixel 6 and 6 Pro problems along with their solutions.

Fix Common Pixel 6 Series Problems (November 2023)

We have listed all the common Pixel 6 and 6 Pro problems along with their potential fixes. Feel free to use the table below to browse through all the problems or jump to a specific issue you are facing with your Pixel 6. We will regularly update this article to keep you informed about any new issues or fixes shared by Google.

Slow Fingerprint Scanner

If you feel your Pixel 6 or 6 Pro’s fingerprint scanner is slow and inconsistent, you are not alone. Google officially says it is due to enhanced security algorithms that are at play during the unlocking process. It is a common Pixel 6 series problem, and there are a few nifty methods to fix it. In case you encounter a laggy unlocking experience on your Pixel 6, the methods below should hopefully improve the situation.

Increase Touch Sensitivity to Speed Up Pixel 6 Fingerprint Scanner

Increasing touch sensitivity is believed to improve the reliability of Pixel 6’s fingerprint reader. Here’s how to do it:

2. Scroll down until you find the “Increase touch sensitivity” toggle under “Other display controls”. Enable this toggle to fix your Pixel 6’s slow fingerprint scanner.

Register Fingerprints in Different Pressure Levels and Lighting Conditions

For instance, if you applied light pressure when you first set up the fingerprint scanner, do a firm press to register the same finger the next time. Once you’ve done that, wait for the fingerprint scanner to malfunction and enroll a new fingerprint that works well in that condition. The idea here is to train the fingerprint reader in light and dark lighting conditions to improve efficiency. Meanwhile, Google recommends firmly pressing and holding the fingerprint scanner when unlocking the device in bright outdoor sunlight.

Use Certified Screen Protectors

A cheap screen protector may also impact the fingerprint scanner’s performance. Google recommends using screen protectors from ‘Made for Google’ certified brands, namely Zagg, Otterbox, and Panzerglass. You could also take a look at our roundups of the best Pixel 6 screen protectors and Pixel 6 Pro screen protectors to find one that works well with your device’s fingerprint scanner.

Dead Fingerprint Scanner

If you are facing this issue, perform a factory reset to immediately fix your Pixel 6 or 6 Pro. Given the severity of the issue, we could expect Google to release a fix in a future update.

Rapid Battery Drain Issue

Battery drain is a widely reported problem in the Pixel 6 series. While some users are getting decent battery life, others aren’t. This is likely due to the fact that adaptive battery needs some time to learn your usage patterns. In fact, several users have noticed an improvement in battery life after using the device for a few days. While you give your new Pixel 6 time to adjust to your daily usage, you could try these nifty hacks to get the most use out of your handset on a single charge.

Turn off 5G To Reduce Battery Drain on Pixel 6 From Settings

Although Pixel 6 is a capable 5G phone, you are better off without 5G if you are in an area with weak 5G connectivity. In the process, you would also save some precious battery life. Check out the steps below to turn off 5G connectivity on the Pixel 6 series:

1. Open the Settings app and tap “Network & internet“. On the next page, tap on SIMs.

Use USSD Code to Turn off 5G

If you are not seeing the option to change the preferred network type in the Network & internet settings, follow the method below to turn off 5G using USSD code to fix the battery drain problem on your Pixel 6.

1. Open your phone’s dialer app and type the following USSD code.


2. You will now see a “Testing” screen. Here, tap on “Phone information”.

2. On the Phone Info screen, you will see key details about your device, including your IMEI number, phone number, and more. Tap on the ‘Set Preferred Network Type’ dropdown list option and choose a network type that doesn’t have “NR” in it. Although it won’t look scrollable, you can scroll down the list to find network types without “NR”.

Disable “Mobile data always active” Toggle to Improve Battery Life

Having said that, this option is not for everyone. You might run into issues related to calls and MMS, especially if you use Wi-Fi calling. If you face MMS-related issues after disabling the toggle, make sure you re-enable it.

Pixel 6 Ghost Dialing

If you have been keeping up with the latest Pixel 6 news, you would know that Pixel 6 and 6 Pro are automatically calling random contacts. This is happening due to Google Assistant, and Google is already working on a fix. Meanwhile, you can disable Google Assistant on the lock screen to stop the device from pocket dialing your contacts. To fix this Pixel 6 problem, follow the steps below:

2. Here, tap on ‘Lock screen’ and then disable the “Assistant responses on lock screen” toggle on the next page. Google Assistant will no longer automatically call people on your Pixel 6 moving forward.

Nova Launcher Crash Issues

Are you facing crashes while using Nova launcher or other best Android launchers on your Pixel 6? As it turns out, there’s an easy fix for this issue.

As the Nova Launcher developers have pointed out on their official Twitter handle, all you have to do is remove all widgets from the home screen in Pixel and Nova launchers to fix the crashing problem. After removing these Android 12 widgets, reboot the phone, and you should no longer face launcher crashes. If that doesn’t fix the issue, you could try installing Nova launcher after removing all the widgets from Pixel Launcher’s home screen.

Inconsistent Adaptive Brightness

Adaptive brightness automatically adjusts the brightness based on ambient light conditions. However, the Pixel 6 series seems to be a hit or miss when it comes to the accuracy of adaptive brightness, as users complain about the display getting too dim at times. If you would like to manually control the brightness instead, turning off adaptive brightness from Settings will fix this common Pixel 6 problem.

Pixel 6 Overheating/ Throttling Issue

There’s no hiding the fact that users are facing overheating issues with the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. Users report that the device gets noticeably warm even with regular browsing and using social media apps. Moreover, in our testing, we have discovered that the Pixel 6 is throttling performance at temperatures over 40-degrees. It is difficult to enjoy a simple game like Genshin Impact, PUBG Mobile, or other popular and best Android games.

The worst part is that there is no tangible fix for the Pixel 6 overheating problem. You could try simple fixes like switching off 5G whenever it is not in use, keeping the device away from direct sunlight, and killing resource-intensive apps when you are not using them.

Poor Video Call Quality

According to multiple user reports, the output shown in the front camera viewfinder is grainy, resulting in an underwhelming video calling experience. It seems to be happening even on Google’s own video calling app Duo. That said, user reports on the Pixel Support page suggest that Google plans to fix this in a future software update. If you are facing this issue, you hopefully won’t have to wait too long for a fix.

Slow Charging Speeds

If you have noticed slow charging issues on your Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, it is, unfortunately, a feature and not a bug. Although Google is urging customers to get a 30W charging brick, independent tests have found that the Pixel 6’s charging speed maxes out at 22W. This is a weird Pixel 6 problem with essentially no solution readily available at the moment.

As a workaround, Google recommends not cycling the power button and pressing and holding it instead to switch on the device. Google has promised to fix the display residual light issue with the December software update.

Turn off Game Dashboard

Game Dashboard is an excellent Android 12 feature that offers a variety of useful tools to improve your gaming experience. However, you might not find it useful if you are an occasional gamer. If you are annoyed by the Game Dashboard icon pop-up whenever you open one of the best casual Android games, you can choose to disable Game Dashboard.

Fix Assistant Voice Typing

Gboard’s Assistant voice typing is one of the highlights of Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. The feature offers a hands-free experience and lets you type, edit, and send messages with your voice. However, some users report that the feature is greyed out by default, and it is due to secondary language selection. You can fix this Pixel 6 problem using the steps below:

1. Open the Google app and tap your profile picture at the top-right corner. When the pop-up menu appears, tap on “Settings” and select “Google Assistant” on the next screen to browse Assistant settings.

2. From the Google Assistant settings page, tap on “Languages” to manage Assistant languages.

Media Auto Pause Bug Bonus: Check your Pixel 6 Order

Google seems to be facing a logistics problem while shipping the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro to customers. There are multiple reports on Reddit and Twitter from users suggesting that they got the wrong model and storage size. While some got lucky by receiving an upgraded model at no additional cost, others had to deal with customer support for replacements.

Hence, if you are planning to gift a Google Pixel 6 or 6 Pro to your loved ones during the holiday season, make sure to check what you have received from Google to avoid potentially awkward moments.

Find Solutions to Common Pixel 6 Problems

Xflokiverse Kicks Off Xrpl Metaverse Offering With 25,000 Trustlines

Tens of thousands of XRP Ledger users have opened a trustline with the metaverse-gaming project XFLOKIVERSE over the past few weeks, as per the live time snapshot of existing users taken earlier today.

XFLOKIVERSE – A Metaverse on the XRPL 

After a successful airdrop campaign, in which 40% of the total supply was airdropped to active trustlines, plus the most recent additions of the project’s roadmap and whitepaper, new users have been brought to the platform in their droves – prior to the release of the game in early 2023.

Largest Number of Trustlines Opened on Launch by Volume

The project has aspirations to be the number 1 metaverse project on the XRPL, with maximizing numbers of trustlines and in turn holders, a key component of the projects’ pending success. The “25k trustlines at launch” mark represents one of the highest numbers of trustlines opened at time of launch for an XRP ledger token since the trustline facility was added to the ledger a few months ago.

The milestone is a precursor to the roadmap, designed to outline the steps of the next few months that both development and marketing teams will undertake to further the projects’ reach and success. Some other achieved milestones include dashboard connections exceeding 9,000 wallets, and over 20,000 eggs being distributed to users depending on their tier.

Whilst having a clear roadmap provides the indicative timeframes for expected development and tech releases, the whitepaper goes into great detail in establishing the reasons as to why the XRP Ledger was chosen – through to outlining of potential exchange listings and marketing arrangements.

Eggs Distributed Exceeds 20,000 – Holiday Eggs to Come

One of the most anticipated features of the XFLOKIVERSE is set to be the array of different eggs distributed to holders. Eggs are sent to users as per their tiered holdings of XFLOKI, XFLOKIs and XFLOKIVERSE. The number of eggs sent to holders tipped the 20k mark this week, with a further influx of ‘Holiday Eggs’ soon to further add to inventories of players. Eggs come in a variety of designs, with each one holding randomly selected winnings, ranging from tokens to in-game items.

Hatching of eggs is also set to take place within the next 2 weeks, with the first basic incubators being distributed and set to work for eligible holders. Eggs are seen to be visibly cracking as they reach a warm temperature, ready for the hatch and revealing of what’s inside the eggs in weeks to come – starting with the Tier 5 beginning egg.

Custom Developed Dashboard Reaches 9,000 XUMM Wallet Connections

Having an interoperable product suite consisting of an XFLOKI exchange, marketplace, and dashboard are key aspects of the projects in-house development objectives. The XFLOKIVERSE dashboard was delivered over the last few weeks and has since seen over 9,000 XUMM Wallet users connect their wallets to the dashboard.

Connecting to the dashboard is step one in entering the XFLOKIVERSE, with the users inventory displayed as per their incubators, planets, and eggs currently held. The dashboard was successfully rolled out ahead of time, with further development offerings to follow suit in terms of UX and efficiency.

A Season to be Jolly for the XFLOKIVERSE?

With a jam-packed festive season lined up for XFLOKIVERSIANS, the concept is set to make major strides towards launching its bespoke metaverse environment, with initial game concepts having already been tested. An enterprise-level website platform is due to be unveiled over the coming week, to provide the hub for the projects’ digital marketing and content strategies.

Exchange listings with some leading providers by volume are also entailed, with YouTubers soon to be onboarded to the projects ambassador team – as to increase the awareness of the new website, whitepaper and roadmap.

New users can add the XFLOKIVERSE trust line to be eligible for Christmas giveaways and promotions. XFLOKIVERSE is setting an agenda for success for months and years to come, starting with this holiday season, followed by the ambitious steps outlined in the project documents. 

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