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A known issue while sending files through email is the limit on the size of the attachments. Usually, any email service does not allow sending files larger than a few MB’s in size. On trying to do the same, email servers may give an error stating The attachment size exceeds the allowable limit or The file you’re attaching is bigger that the server allows – Or then the email simply won’t get sent or received.

One way to mitigate this problem is to upload attachments on cloud drives and send the link to the recipient through email. Most cloud servers allow uploading files up to 5-15 GB in size free of cost, so it must not be an issue.

We have listed the maximum attachment size limits and sizes for files for the following services:

Microsoft Outlook


Office 365


Google Drive






1] Microsoft Outlook

Speaking of the Outlook desktop client (not the email server), the maximum permitted attachment size is 20 MB. This is irrespective of the email server being used. If an email server allows its users to send attachments of larger sizes, they could be sent through their web application but not through the Outlook desktop or mobile client.

In case you are using an Exchange server, the limits might vary. The attachment size limit for sending files through the Outlook client can be modified, but the upper limit for sending the file cannot be more than that permitted by the email server.

Read: Fix The attachment size exceeds the allowable limit message on Outlook.

Outlook/Hotmail allows sending files up to a maximum size of 10 MB which is quite less. After this, the user can upload attachments to OneDrive and send the link.

Also read: 0x80040610: The message being sent exceeds the message size.

3] OneDrive

It permits free storage of up to 5 GB and paid storage of up to 50 GB. One positive with OneDrive is the support it gets from Microsoft and the integrated Microsoft Office Online on its cloud drive.

4] Office 365

Office 365 now supports email messages up to 150 MB.

5] Gmail

The maximum permitted attachment size for Gmail is 25 MB. The cloud drive web application compatible with Gmail is Google Drive.

6] Google Drive

It allows storing up to 15 GB of data for free.  The paid plans could help you buy storage of up to 10 TB.

7] Yahoo

Yahoo permits attachments up to a size of 25 MB as well. After that, one could use Dropbox links compatible with Yahoo Mail to send attachments larger in size.

8] Dropbox

It provides free storage up to 5 GB, and the rest of the plans can be purchased.

9] Twitter

GIF, JPEG, and PNG Photos can be up to 5MB; animated GIFs can be up to 5MB on mobile, and up to 15MB on web. Video File size should not exceed 15 MB (sync) or 512 MB (async).

10] Facebook

When sending files through Facebook messages, the maximum limit is 25 MB. Any cloud drive link can be shared through Facebook messages, but the user has to be logged on to the cloud drive’s account separately.

For uploading videos on timelines, the maximum limit per file is 1.75 GB and 45 minutes of running time. But a restriction is as follows: A user can upload a file of unlimited bit-rate as far as the size of the file is 1 GB or less. When the size exceeds 1 GB, the bit-rate of the video must be limited to 8 MBPS for a 1080 HD file and 4 MBPS for a 720 HD file.

11] WhatsApp

The attachment size limit for sending files is 16 MB, and it could be increased to 30 MB. This is quite less and it becomes very difficult to share uncompressed videos. One can share cloud drive links, but the links open in the browser and thus the user has to be logged on accordingly.

Whenever sending large files through cloud drives, the receiver needs to be logged in from an account of the same cloud drive brand. Eg. If a user using a Hotmail account sends a OneDrive link to a Gmail user, the recipient may not be able to access the link – depending on your setting.

From time to time, the email service providers or social networking sites may change the size limits, so please do check with your service provider.

Is there any important email, files sharing or any other web service that I have missed? If so, pls do share.

You're reading Attachment Size Limits For Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Facebook And Whatsapp

Fix Default Folders Missing In Outlook And Outlook On The Web

If you find that the Default Folders (Inbox, Sent Items, etc.) are missing in Microsoft Outlook or chúng tôi , then this post is sure to help you restore the missing folders and resolve the issue.

Default Folders missing in Outlook and Outlook on the Web

If you have noticed that some Default Outlook Folders (eg, the Inbox) are missing in the Outlook client on your Windows 11/10 PC or Outlook on the Web, you can try our recommended solutions below in no particular order and see if that helps to fix the issue.

Run Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant tool

Create chúng tôi email alias

Repair/Reset/Reinstall Outlook client


Perform System Restore

Set up and use Mail app

Let’s take a look at the description of the process involved concerning each of the listed solutions.

Outlook folders or subfolders disappeared

Before you proceed with the solutions below, you can update Microsoft Office manually on your device. We recommend you make sure Office Automatic Updates is enabled and you turn on Receive updates for other Microsoft products in Windows Update.

1] Run Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant tool

You can begin troubleshooting to fix the issue of some Default Folders missing in Outlook and Outlook on the Web by running the Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant tool on your Windows 11/10 device – the command-line version of the SaRA tool is also available.

The tool can help you with Outlook if:

Try the next solution if the automated wizard wasn’t helpful.

2] Create chúng tôi email alias

This is more of a workaround than a solution. Before you try this workaround, first sign out of Outlook on the Web, and then sign back in and see if the missing default folders are restored. If not, you can create an chúng tôi email alias.

Having an email alias is very useful if you do not want to give out your main email ID to someone, and do not want to create a new Outlook email account  – but instead manage the account from your existing account. This way, you can use different email IDs for different things easily.

Read: Fix Outlook on the Web problems and issues.

3] Repair/Reset/Reinstall Outlook client

This solution requires you to Repair/Reset/Reinstall Outlook client in that order and see if that helps.

To repair Microsoft Outlook on your Windows 11/10 PC, do the following:

Open Control Panel.

Restart PC after the repair operation completes.

You can also repair Office Outlook via the Settings app on Windows 11/10. Here’s how:

Open Settings for Windows 11 or open Settings for Windows 10

Select Apps and Features.

Scroll to find your Microsoft Office installation.

On the popup dialog, choose Quick Repair or Online Repair.

If the repair operation wasn’t helpful, you can reset Outlook and see if the issue in hand is resolved. Otherwise, you can uninstall Office and then reinstall Office suite on your system.


This issue in view can occur if the PR_ATTR_HIDDEN or the PR_ATTR_SYSTEM property of the affected folder is set to True. The default value for both mentioned attributes for mailbox folders is False.

This solution requires you to change PR_ATTR_HIDDEN and PR_ATTR_SYSTEM values of the missing folder. Do the following:

Download the MFCMAPI tool.

Unzip the archive package.

Launch mfcmapi.exe.

Select Logon.

Select the Outlook profile for the affected mailbox.

Select OK.

In the left pane, navigate to the affected folder using the appropriate steps below for the type of Outlook profile you are using.

If Cached Mode, navigate to the following:

If Online Mode, navigate to the following:

Next, on the left navigation pane, locate and select the folder that appears missing in Outlook.

Now, on the right pane check the value of the PR_ATTR_HIDDEN and/or PR_ATTR_SYSTEM to determine if it is set to True.

Uncheck the Boolean option.

Close all MFCMAPI windows.

Restart Outlook.

The issue should be resolved now. If not, try the next solution.

5] Perform System Restore

Another viable solution you can try as it relates to specifically the Outlook client installed on your Windows 11/10 computer is to perform System Restore – this is assuming all default folders in Outlook were present at an earlier given time. So, it is possible your system has undergone some changes you are not aware of, or that wasn’t user-initiated; and since you do not know what might have broken the Outlook client functionality on your device, System Restore (any changes like application installs, user preferences and anything else made after the restore point will be lost) is an option you should explore.

6] Set up and use Mail app

This solution requires you to set up the Mail app and use the Mail app on your device. Alternatively, you can opt for any of the best free Email Clients for Windows 11/10 PC.

Any of these solutions should work for you!

TIP: You can configure Outlook to get WARNED before moving or deleting folders. You should also be able to open Journal folders, empty the Junk Email Folder, create a Search Folder, copy Outlook email folders to your Windows 11 or Windows 10 desktop and change default Outlook Startup folder.

Why are some of my folders not showing in Outlook? How do I restore the default folder in Outlook?

To reset or restore Outlook folder names or language, do the following:

Open Command Prompt.

Type c: and hit Enter to make sure you are on the C drive.

Next copy and paste the command cd "Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOFFICE16" and hit Enter.

Next, type in the command outlook /resetfoldernames and hit Enter.

Restart Outlook. The folder names are now reset.

Why can’t I see my folders in Outlook Web App? How do I find a folder in Outlook that has disappeared?

Skip Espn And Yahoo For Fantasy Football This Year: Go Dumpster Fire

Summer is almost halfway over, but don’t let that darker your spirits my friends. We still have plenty of sunshine, beaches, and great movies to come. And if you’re like me, the end of summer isn’t really disappointing because the fall has an abundant well of pleasures in and of itself.

In fact, I don’t think fall lasts long enough. That’s because the NFL season seems to start and end with the blink of an eye, and with it goes one of the most fun aspects of the year: fantasy football. We’ll see the Atlanta Falcons on Hard Knocks (although it should have been the Rams) and news coverage about how Peyton will redeem himself from last year’s super bowl, but most importantly we’ll draft a season winning fantasy team (after all, how many years can you lose in a row?).

Of course, everybody will run towards ESPN and Yahoo to start their league, but this year make sure to look before you leap. ESPN and Yahoo aren’t the only people in the fantasy football market anymore; Chris Rodriguez and Ryan Cormier co-founded Dumpster Fire because they wanted to give fantasy football lovers another option.

“We sport a simple design and interface with a modern, clean, and pleasing look,” says Cormier. “Clean design and lots of content don’t go hand in hand.”

It’s blatantly obvious to Cormier that he can’t compete with the likes of ESPN and Yahoo on the content side of things, so he’s focusing purely on gameplay. The UI is elegant, intuitive, and most importantly, functional.

“We didn’t take design inspiration from ESPN or Yahoo, but what we did do was take some functionality inspiration,” explains Cormier. “We really wanted to not re-invent the wheel here. Rather, we just looked at websites in general we thought were sexy, like social media sites.”

The question, though, is how you compete with these media giants. For starters, you could give new users the opportunity to win money every week. Any given week a Dumpster Fire user in a paid league with the highest score across the site is cut a $100 check.

The Dumpster Fire team has seen users in the $25 dollar league who got paid $300 in scores alone. Step two is letting the commissioners play completely for free regardless of if they’re playing for money or not.

“This helps eliminate people who tend to get down on themselves,” says Cormier. “Even if you’re 2 and 14, you still have a motivation to set a lineup because you can win that $100 – it keeps it way more competitive in the paid leagues”

When it comes to users switching platforms, Cormier is certain roll out the red carpet for his new Dumpster Fire users. You see, regardless of how big ESPN and Yahoo are, they’re not super great at making users feel like they’re really cared about.

Dumpster Fire goes the extra mile to make sure all their users are taken care of and enjoying the platform. Their initial development team, based out of India, were even transformed from from NFL-newbies to NFL-lovers because of Cormier, Rodriguez, and their passion for Dumpster Fire.

How did they accomplish that? It’s simple – they inspired fun via a personal, human touch.

“We cleave to one philosophy: let’s just have a fun time playing fantasy football,” says Cormier.

Personally, I’ll be in multiple fantasy football leagues this fall, but guaranteed one of them will be on Dumpster Fire.

Yahoo Mail For Windows 8, Windows 10 Os

Review of Yahoo Mail for Windows 8, Windows 10






Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

OutByte Driver Updater has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Yahoo! Mail is without a doubt one of the best and most used Internet email services around. Thousands of users worldwide are grateful for its services and thanks to its ease of use and simple, but beautiful user interface. And now, it has finally arrived on the Windows 8, Windows 10 platform – hooray!

Also, Yahoo! provides top notch services, and in the Internet email competition, it is Google’s top competitor, offering a wide variety of services and features. One thing I used to hate in Windows 8, Windows 10 was the email client. I can’t say why for sure, but I just didn’t like it, and those that shared my opinion are now happy to know that Yahoo! Mail is available for Windows 10, Windows 8.

Even with the appearance of Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Yahoo! Mail remains equally awesome!

Yahoo! retains its simplicity in the new OS

Although similar to the Windows 10, Windows 8 default email client, I found Yahoo! Mail to much more reliable and its interface much more user friendly, allowing users to quickly check their mail and do all the usual tasks that they would do on the browser version.





Mark as Spam


Also, when composing a message, the screen is also split into two areas: Destination and Body. You have the option of attaching files from your computer, saving the email as draft and adding/modifying your signature. All these features are very well placed in the app, making it a very productive and fun to use app.

Expert tip:

What I dislike about Yahoo! Mail is the fact that it does not have support for multiple accounts, the layout cannot be changed or modified and when viewing attached images in the mail itself, they look out of place and not well centered, for a better view, you can open them in full screen and view them in the image viewer, but this will leave the app. Also and it does not support filtering emails that have attachments. Although not major, this issues are present, and I hope that the Yahoo! developers are trying to sort them out.

Maybe for the moment, Yahoo! Mail for Windows 10, Windows 8 is not perfect, lacking some features, but it comes a definite upgrade over the default Windows 10, Windows 8 email app, and I recommend it for every user of Yahoo! Mail.

Yahoo has discontinued the Mail app for Windows 8, 8.1 devices in 2014. That may be because of the security breach Yahoo! has back then. Shortly after, Yahoo! released Mail app for Windows 10. That one didn’t last too long : in May, 2023, it was discontinued as well. The users with the app installed on their devices can still read their mails, but we recommend to use the browser version of Yahoo! Mail.

Email client alternatives for your Windows 10 computer

If you want to test a different email client, you should know that there are plenty of alternatives that you can choose from. We already compiled a list of the best email clients that you can use on Windows 10.

There are also quite a few decentralized email services out there that use blockchain technology to send, deliver and store messages. However, many of these tools are still work in progress — after all,  they do rely on a relatively new technology.

Keeping your emails safe from malware, hackers and other cyber threats is very important. For this reason, we recommend that you install an email encryption software and anti-spam tool as well to protect your emails.


Was this page helpful?


What Will Microsoft Yahoo Merger Mean For Seo?

This morning, Microsoft announced their open plans to acquire Yahoo, offering $45 Billion for the Internet communications, publishing and search company. Yahoo responded, saying that their Board of Directors (minus Terry Semel) would review the proposal from Microsoft.

The acquisition of Yahoo by Microsoft is something the tech community has been anticipating for months now, and for a price very close to Microsoft’s offer. Microsoft is a very large and powerful tech company with only one part of its invested interests targeted towards online entertainment and search.

It makes sense to acquire a very proven and successful company in Yahoo, despite Yahoo’s recent problems. By acquiring a stripped down version of Yahoo now under Jerry Yang, Microsoft is acquiring a more efficient company.

What’s most important out of this announcement to us is the arm of Yahoo that we call Yahoo Search. What will this mean to search marketing?

Yahoo Search Will Replace Live Search : Entirely

If there is any given out of the plans of Microsoft to acquire Yahoo, it is that Yahoo Search Technology is a much better and branded solution than Microsoft Live Search. Here’s why :

Microsoft cannibalized its search efforts when it decided to brand two search engines on two separate fronts; Live Search & MSN Search.

By splitting the engine into two brands, it killed its market share and confused the hell out of Microsoft users with its split search personality.

Furthermore, as Yahoo, chúng tôi and Google have improved their search engines, Microsoft Search has worsened with irrelevant results and has become a harem for spammers.

If anyone is going to lose in a Yahoo Microsoft merger, it willl be the blackhatters & spammers who do quite well ranking with Microsoft Search.

Yahoo has also done a very fine job of monetizing organic search with paid inclusion. Using Yahoo Search to power the MSN, chúng tôi and Internet Explorer networks will expand the Yahoo Search paid inclusion market substantially.

Yahoo Search and its Research & Development team are quite impressive, and second to only chúng tôi in innovation, a lot which is probably being held back by the corporate red tape which chúng tôi can bypass being a minor player. Microsoft will be getting a gem in Yahoo Search.

For starters, Microsoft Search seems to give very high value to directory links : especially low powered directories and link trading houses.

Secondly, there will probably be a small hit to affiliate marketers who have reaped the rewards of Microsoft’s poor rankings, and will not have that search market share to bring in business.

Third, with two major search choices in Google & MicroHoo!, I see chúng tôi and IAC stepping up with promoting their search engine, and possibly gain some marketshare via the merger, as an alternative to Big Net.

If Microsoft does acquire Yahoo and replace their search technology with Yahoo Search, how will that change the SEO landscape and your SEO efforts?

How To Search Facebook For People, Posts, Businesses, And More

How to Perform a Facebook Search on PC

How to Perform a Facebook Search on Android and iPhone

Open the Facebook mobile app.

Tap on the search button at the top, type your query and hit the Search icon.

You will be greeted by relevant search results. Filter the results by Posts, People, Groups, Photos, etc., using the tabs at the top. Swipe left to view all of the available filters.

Inside each filter, tap on the Options icon at the top-right corner to apply more filters based on each category.

How to Search for Old Facebook Posts Using Filters

You can use Facebook search to find your own previous posts, your friends’ posts, or posts of non-friends without scrolling.

How to Search within Your Profile, Someone Else’s Profile, a Page, or Group

Besides the above method, you can search for a post directly from your own profile, someone else’s profile, or within a group or page. This feature is available on both mobile and PC.

How to Search for People on Facebook

Different people will have the same name on Facebook, and it becomes difficult to find the person you are looking for. To make things easy, Facebook lets you find people based on their city, education, and work.

How to Search for Photos and Videos on Facebook How to Search for Items within Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a great place to buy things, especially when you know how to search correctly.

How to Find Facebook Pages, Groups, and Places

Similarly, if you are looking for a specific page, group, or place, you can narrow the search results using various available filters as shown below:

Pages can be found by their location, verified badge, and category.

Groups can be found by their city and type of group.

Places filters are based on functionality, such as delivery, takeaway, location, price, status, visited by friends, etc.

You can search for events based on their type, such as online or paid events, location, event date, family friendly, categories, and popularity with friends.

How to Find Jobs on Facebook

Sadly, Meta, who owns Facebook, has removed the native feature of finding job listings on Facebook. Only users based in the U.S. and Canada can create new job postings.

How to Search Facebook for Events

Events are quite popular on Facebook. You can easily find events in two ways.

Method 1: Find Events Near Me

In Facebook’s search, type “events near me.”

The Events card will show up. Tap on it to view upcoming events.

Use the filters and categories on the left and at the top to find the desired event.

Method 2: Find an Event Using Its Name How to Manage and Clear Facebook Search History

Facebook offers an easy way to clear the entire search history or even individual search queries.

Clear Facebook Search History on PC Clear Facebook Search History on Android and iPhone

On the mobile app, tap on the Search icon on Facebook’s home page.

When the search screen appears, tap on the “X” icon to delete a recent search or press “See All” to view all of the search history records.

Tap on “Clear All” to clear the entire history or remove individual items by using the “X” icon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Other ways to search Facebook include dedicated search engines for social media sites and social searcher.

Can someone tell if you look at their Facebook profile or search for them?

Luckily, no. Facebook will not inform the other person even if you search for them or look at their profile a thousand times. However, be cautious not to like a post accidentally on their profile.

If you don’t want others to find your profile in their Facebook search, you can either lock it or make Facebook private. You can even deactivate your account if you want to stop using Facebook temporarily.

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