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Asus recently launched the ZenFone 5Z in India aiming to upend the OnePlus 6’s dominance in the market. The ZenFone 5Z comes in at a starting price of Rs. 29,999 and brings a 3,300 mAh battery with QuickCharge 3.0 support. So, if you’re wondering how long the battery on the ZenFone 5Z lasts, we’ve done the testing for you.

Charging Test

Since Asus is marketing this as a flagship smartphone that competes with the OnePlus 6 (and the specs are right up there with flagship phones of 2023), it makes sense that the company enabled QuickCharge 3.0 on the ZenFone 5Z. So I first put it through a charging test.

I tried charging the ZenFone 5Z from 10% all the way up to 100% and noticed a couple of things. First, the ZenFone 5Z gets up to 50% in around 30 minutes. That’s really nice, and even though it’s not as fast as Dash Charge (which goes to around 70% in half an hour), it’s pretty damn good. To reach a full 100%, the ZenFone 5Z takes around 90 minutes, which, again is a pretty good time.

Honestly, I have no complaints with the charging speed on the ZenFone 5Z, Asus has done a pretty good job.

Battery Life Battery Life with Light Usage

Starting off with a full 100% charge in the morning, in normal, every day usage of the phone which includes some web browsing, light casual gaming, calls, social media and playing around with ZeniMojis (which are terrible, by the way), I observed that I ended the day with around 38% battery left on the ZenFone 5Z. That’s pretty much what I expected, considering the screen on time was 3 hours and 30 minutes. Basically, if your usage is pretty light, the phone will last you through a day without any issues at all.

Battery Life with Heavy Usage

With heavy usage, which means extensive use of the phone with a lot of heavy games (including PUBG Mobile and Asphalt 8), taking a lot of pictures and videos, and heavy Instagram usage along with the regular WhatsApp messages and phone calls, the phone didn’t fare all that well. Starting off with 100% at around noon, I got a screen on time of 4 hours and 8 minutes — the battery had reached a panic-inducing 5% by then. Needless to say, if you’re a heavy user, the ZenFone 5Z might need charging between your regular day to keep going till the end of the day.

ZenFone 5Z Battery Test: Decently Good but Nothing Special

To conclude, the Asus ZenFone 5Z’s battery life is decently good enough. There’s nothing special about it. The OnePlus 6 also has a similar battery life though, so it’s not like the ZenFone 5Z is lacking when it comes to the battery department in any way. In fact, with an LCD display, I’d say the battery life is a tad better than I would’ve expected from the phone. The base variant of the ZenFone 5Z goes for Rs. 29,999 and at that price, the phone does look like it’ll compete pretty well against the OnePlus 6.

You're reading Asus Zenfone 5Z Battery Test: Decent Battery With Fast Charging

Adobe Creative Cloud Is Draining The Battery Too Fast

Adobe Creative Cloud is draining the battery too fast




Some users report that the battery drains quickly after installing Adobe Creative Cloud, and this can be normal after a fresh install.

If the problem persists, make sure you have the latest version of this great application.

Another good approach to the problem is to disable some syncs, and see if that helped fix the issue.

For more solutions to the Adobe Creative Cloud battery drain problem, check out this helpful guide below.

Those of you that are fans of Adobe products, such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator probably know what Adobe’s Creative Cloud is.

For those of you that don’t, Adobe Creative Cloud is a set of applications and services that gives you access to all of Adobe’s programs, some mobile apps, and even some cloud services.

It also acts as the basic launch platform for Adobe products. You can install, update, manage and uninstall programs from here.

However, Adobe Creative Cloud isn’t without its own fair share of issues. Users have been complaining about how Adobe Creative Cloud has a tendency to drain their battery very fast.

I just discovered today that my creative cloud is significantly draining my battery life.  Can someone please help me with tips to combat this problem?  I have a MacBook Pro 2014 13 inch.  Apple told me that the best they thought I could do was ‘pause file syncing’ unless I completely uninstall the application.  Can I download Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere, and InDesign without the cloud?

Judging by how the issue is described, it could be linked to another problem that some users have encountered. This involves Creative Cloud taking up the majority of a CPU’s resources, even when idle.

If you want to fix Creative Cloud’s high CPU usage, we have some great solutions for you, so check them out.

What to do if A

dobe Creative Cloud is

draining the


1. Get the latest version of your Adobe products

Make sure you download and install the latest version of Adobe products. Improvements in battery life are constantly added, and the apps are optimized to use up fewer resources.

Updated software are also more secure and have fewer chances of crashes and errors, plus they may also come with new or improved features.

Just update your applications and check the battery status. You will definitely notice an improvement.

2. Disable font syncing and file syncing

Start Adobe Creative Cloud. (Launch it from the taskbar if it is already open)

Go to the Preferences Panel.

Open the Creative Cloud tab.

Navigate to Fonts.

Right under TYPEKIT ON/OFF, select Off.

Open the Files tab.

Right under SYNCKIT ON/OFF, select Off.

Confirm the changes.

Restart your PC for the changes to take effect.

3. Uninstall and reinstall Adobe Creative Cloud

Download the official Creative Cloud Uninstaller.

Unzip the archive.

Run the uninstaller.

Follow the on-screen instructions.

By following these steps you should be able to stop Creative Cloud from using too much battery.

4. Disable any antivirus programs when running Creative Cloud

Creative Cloud is known to raise suspicions in a lot of antivirus programs. Given the program’s already high battery usage, having an antivirus constantly monitoring it may not be a good idea.

As such, whenever you have Creative Cloud open, try to disable or turn off your antivirus completely.

If you follow these steps, you should be able to stop Adobe’s Creative Cloud from draining too much of your device’s battery.

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Volt: A Customizable Clock And Battery Indicator Screen For Your Charging Iphone

It was only a few days ago that we showed you a tweak called Vettr, which displayed a nice and simplistic time and battery interface on your display whenever you had your iPhone plugged into a power source.

But now, a new jailbreak tweak called Volt is challenging Vettr head-on with a number of features that you can customize to your liking. We’ll show you what Volt is all about in this review.

A step up from Vettr?

For what it’s worth, Vettr is still a great free jailbreak tweak that provides a similar battery level and time indicator on the Lock screen as long as you’re connected to a power source. On the other hand, Volt takes a lot of what Vettr users wanted and implements it into a preferences pane in the Settings app so you can actually customize the tweak’s look and function and tailor it to your own needs.

One thing I want to mention right off the bat is that Volt and Vettr are not copies of one another, and they are certainly not rip-offs of one another. This kind of jailbreak tweak was requested on Reddit, and two developers went out on a limb to try and create it. It just turns out that the free version of this tweak has fewer options and was completed sooner, and the paid one has a lot of options and was completed later, which is to be expected.

Out of the box, it looks almost exactly like Vettr. In fact, the only difference I could really tell was the font for the time was smaller, but after seeing the options it had to offer, I knew it was a step up from the freebie.

Apart from toggling the tweak on or off on demand, the tweak also comes with the following configuration options:

Using 24 or 12-hour time

Choosing the text color for the time

Configuring the size of the time text

Changing the colors of the battery dots

Changing the background color or image

Using a blur for the background instead

Disabling screen dim so the iPhone shows Volt for as long as it’s charging

Checking for updates automatically

When you’re done configuring the tweak, you are able to apply your settings with the Apply button at the top of the preferences pane. You can also reset your settings to the defaults if need be.


For most, it makes sense to use this kind of a tweak with a dock, as we have, so you can see the information as your phone is standing upright, but it works even if you’re just using a Lightning cable and putting the iPhone on its back on your desk too (which in my opinion defeats the purpose, but to each their own). This is very much like an Apple Watch-esque Nightstand mode for iPhone.

By default, the tweak will allow the Lock screen to auto-dim. This is a smart idea because if the screen is allowed to stay on for long periods of time, pixels may eventually wear out. For those who only have their iPhones on for maybe an hour at a time to get a quick charge while they sit at their desk, this won’t be much of a problem; it mostly arises for people who charge overnight. On the other hand, it can be configured not to auto-dim, and this can turn your iPhone into a very nice desk clock while it charges.

If you ever want your display to shut off, even when you have auto-dim turned off, all you have to do is press the Lock button. You can also double-tap on the display and your Lock screen will appear instead of Volt.

The next time you push the Lock button to wake your device, the display will remain on with the Volt interface as long as it’s connected to a power source. As soon as you disconnect the power source, Volt will stop appearing on the Lock screen until it is connected again.

Wrapping up

If you’re interested in giving it a try on your jailbroken iOS 8 or iOS 9 device, you can download it from Cydia’s BigBoss repository right now for just $0.99.

Remember not to leave your iPhone’s display sitting on the same screen for long periods at a time to prevent screen pixel damage.

How To Recalibrate Your Laptop Battery

You checked your computer and Windows said you have 40 percent battery power left, but it died on you. What just happened?

No matter how well you treat your laptop battery, its capacity will diminish eventually. No matter how top of the line your computer was at the time you purchased it, its built-in power meter can sometimes give you incorrect estimates as to how much battery life you have left.

Even if you let your battery discharge a little bit before plugging it back in, it might not always help to extend battery life. What tends to happen is that it tends to confuse the battery meter. Unavoidable factors such as age, heat and typical usage will decrease its capacity.

Manufacturers generally recommend calibrating the battery every two to t three months. This helps keep your battery readings accurate. You may need to do it sooner if your laptop dies on you without any previous warnings.

While your computer may have a preinstalled app for you to use, it is always helpful to understand how to do so manually. Below are some easy steps to get your battery recalibrated in no time.

Top Up Your Battery

You need to top up your battery first, so plug in your laptop and let the battery charge. When it’s at 100%, leave the laptop plugged in for a few hours so the battery has a chance to cool because heat can give you inaccurate results.

Set Up Battery

Set Up Hibernation Point

You want the battery to work as long as it possibly can. To do so, find “battery” in “power options” and make sure it is on “hibernate.” Then, check “low battery action” and ensure that all options are set to “nothing.” Under “critical battery level,” choose 5 percent.

Let Your Battery Drain Then Recharge

Now all you need to do is wait before charging it back to 100%. Usually this takes at least 5 hours, or you can even leave your laptop overnight. You can still use your laptop as you normally would.

Revert Settings

Once you’ve completed the previous step, go ahead and change your settings back to the way they were before. You might consider switching off the screen sooner or even get your computer to sleep after ten minutes to help you conserve power. But this is all up to you and your preferences.


Even if it took many hours (even up to a day), your laptop now can tell what the capacity of your battery is.  Over time, though, you might find that you need to repeat the process again, especially if your computer dies on you without warning, or you don’t think you’re getting an accurate reading.

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Sarah is a professional blogger and writer who specializes in all things tech, education and entrepreneurship. When she isn’t writing awesome things for her clients or teaching cute kids how to write, you can find her meditating, doing yoga, and making illustrations for her children’s books.

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How To Change A Car Battery?

A car battery is a rechargeable battery used to start a vehicle’s engine and provide electrical power to its electrical systems. It is also known as a lead-acid battery because it uses lead and lead oxide as the active materials in the electrodes. Each cell in the battery is composed of a negative electrode, a positive electrode formed of lead dioxide, and a number of cells (made of pure lead), and an electrolyte (a mixture of water and sulphuric acid).

When the battery is used, the electrolyte allows ions to flow between the electrodes, creating a chemical reaction that releases electrons and generates electricity. When the battery is charged, the process is reversed, and the battery absorbs electricity. Car batteries are designed to provide a high burst of power (known as cranking power) to start the engine and then to provide a steady flow of energy to the vehicle’s electrical systems while the engine is running.

How to Change the Battery of a Car?

Changing a car battery is a relatively simple task that most people can do on their own as long as they have the right tools and follow a few basic steps. Here’s a detailed guide on how to change a car battery −

Gather the Necessary Tools

A tool (either a socket wrench or a combination wrench), some pliers, a wire brush, and a new battery are required to change an automobile battery. Put on gloves to protect your hands from the acid in the old battery.

Locate the Old Battery

The car battery is typically found in the engine compartment, either under the hood or on the side of the engine next to the front of the vehicle. Consult your car’s owner’s handbook if you need help determining where to look.

Disconnect the Negative Terminal

Once you have located the battery, you must first disconnect the negative terminal (usually marked with a “-” symbol). To do this, use the wrench to loosen the bolt that secures the cable to the terminal. Be sure to loosen the bolt, only remove it partially.

Disconnect the Positive Terminal

You must disconnect the positive terminal (usually marked with a “+” symbol). Again, use the wrench to loosen the bolt that secures the cable to the airport.

Remove the Old Battery

Once both terminals are disconnected, you can carefully lift the old battery out of the car. Avoid spilling any of the battery’s acids to prevent harm to your car’s electrical system.

Clean the Battery Tray

You should use a wire brush to remove any corrosion or debris from the battery tray and connections before inserting the new battery. You can ensure a solid connection between the battery and the car by doing this.

Install the New Battery

Once the tray is clean, you can place the new battery in the tray and secure it with the hold-down clamp. Ensure the battery is seated correctly in the tray and the terminals are facing the correct direction.

Connect the Positive Terminal

Start connecting the positive terminal (marked with a “+” symbol) first. Use the wrench to tighten the bolt that secures the cable to the terminal.

Connect the Negative Terminal

Connect the negative terminal (marked with a “-” symbol). Again, use the wrench to tighten the bolt that secures the cable to the terminal.

Test the New Battery

Once the new battery is installed and the terminals are securely connected, you should start the engine to ensure the battery is working correctly. If the engine starts and runs smoothly, you’re done! If not, check the connections or try a different battery.

Simple tasks like changing a car battery can save you money because you don’t need to engage a professional. Be sure to carefully read these instructions and exercise caution when handling the battery because its acid can be fatal if it gets in your eyes or skin.

Benefits of Changing a Car Battery

The following are the benefits of changing the battery of a car −

Improved Performance − A new battery will have a full charge and provide more power to your vehicle’s electrical systems, which can improve the performance of your car.

Increased Reliability − A new battery is less likely to fail, which can be especially important in an emergency. This can help you avoid being stranded on the side of the road.

Enhanced Safety − If your old battery is damaged or worn out, it may pose a safety risk. For example, if the acid in the battery leaks, it can cause damage to your car’s electrical system or even cause a fire. By replacing the battery, you can reduce the risk of these problems.

Improved Fuel Efficiency − A healthy battery can help improve your car’s fuel efficiency by providing a consistent flow of power to the electrical systems.

Longer Lifespan for Other Components − A new battery can help extend the lifespan of other car components, such as the alternator and starter. This can save you money on repairs in the long run.

Environmental Benefits − Lead-acid batteries can be recycled, which can reduce the impact on the environment. By replacing your old battery with a new one, you can help keep these materials out of landfills.


Changing a car battery is a relatively simple task that most people with a basic set of tools can perform. It’s essential to choose a replacement battery that is compatible with your car and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installing it.

Before you begin, gathering the necessary tools and ensuring you have a safe and well-ventilated workspace is a good idea. In order to shield yourself from chemicals or debris, you need also to put on protective equipment such as gloves and goggles. Once you have everything, you can remove the old battery and clean the tray and terminals.

Next, you’ll need to connect the new battery, follow the proper polarity and secure it. Finally, you’ll want to test the new battery to ensure it’s working correctly and dispose of the old one according to local regulations. Following these steps, you can easily change your car’s battery and return to the road.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite Has Been Certified With A 4150Mah Battery

From the very beginning of the year, the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite smartphone is also being prepared for release, which has been certified by the Indian regulator BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards). An official source confirms that Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite is equipped with 6 GB of RAM and 64/128 GB of flash memory, and the battery capacity is 4150 mAh.

According to previous information, Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite will be based on the Snapdragon 732G SoC, which previously appeared in POCO X3. The Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite should be equipped with a 120Hz LCD display. The main camera is expected to use image sensors with a resolution of 64, 8 and 5 megapixels.

The FCC has previously confirmed that the smartphone supports 33W fast charging.

In China, the smartphone will arrive with the Xiaomi Mi 11 Youth Edition name, and its presentation should happen soon.

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Xiaomi Mi 11 specifications

6.81-inch (3200×1440 pixels) Quad HD+ AMOLED 20:9 HDR10 + display with 120Hz refresh rate, 1500nit (HBM) / 900nit (Typ) brightness, 5000000:1 (Min) contrast ratio, MEMC, 100% DCI-P3 Wide Color Gamut, Corning Gorilla Glass Victus protection

Octa Core Snapdragon 888 5nm Mobile Platform with Adreno 660 GPU

8GB LPPDDR5 3200MHz RAM with 128GB; 256GB UFS 3.1 storage; 12GB 3200MHz LPPDDR5 RAM with 256GB UFS 3.1 storage

Dual SIM (nano + nano)

MIUI 12 based on Android 11

108MP rear camera with 1/ 1.33″ Samsung sensor, 0.8μm pixel size, f/1.85 aperture, OIS, LED flash; 13MP 123° ultra-wide angle lens with f/2.4 aperture; 5MP telemacro camera with f/2.4 aperture, 8k at 30fps, 4k 60fps, 960fps at 720p

20MP front-facing camera with 0.8μm pixel size, f/2.4 aperture

In-screen fingerprint sensor with heart rate monitoring, Infrared sensor

USB Type-C audio, Hi-Res audio, Dual speakers, SOUND BY Harman Kardon

Dimensions: 164.3x 74.6 x 8.06mm (glass)/8.56mm (leather); Weight: 196g (glass) / 194g (leather)

5G SA/NSA Dual 4G VoLTE, Wi-Fi 6E 802.11 ax 8 x; MU-MIMO, Bluetooth 5.1, GPS (L1 + L5), NFC, USB Type-C

4600mAh battery with 55W wired QC4+ / QC3+ / PD3.0, 50W wireless fast charging, 10w wireless reverse charging

Xiaomi is the third smartphone brand globally

Xiaomi was the first company to unleash a flagship with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 chipset. The brand revealed the Mi 11 in December alongside MIUI 12.5. Today, the company has officially announced the new flagship for global markets, alongside the respective version of MIUI made for the global audience. Besides the new software skin and flagship, the company used the opportunity to reveal details about its progress. Despite the ongoing pandemic that ravaged the market last year, the brand managed to become the third-largest smartphone brand in the world. Redmi brand also broke some records last year.

According to the brand’s report, it is the first smartphone brand in ten markets, which includes India as one of the most notable ones. Moreover, it achieved at least the third position in 36 markets. The Chinese giant also is the fastest-growing brand in the high-end segment with an impressive 3,639% growth year on year in Q3 2023. This includes devices that cost more than $500.

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