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Some Windows 11/10 PC users have reported they get the error message An authentication error has occurred with the error code 0x800706be when trying to connect to a host computer via Remote Desktop. This post provides the most applicable solutions to the issue.

An authentication error has occurred (Code: 0x800706be)

If you get an error prompt with the following error message and code An authentication error has occurred (Code: 0x800706be) when you try to connect to a remote Windows-based machine from a Windows 11-powered client computer, you can apply our recommended solutions/workarounds outlined below to have the issue resolved.

Initial checklist

Download and use the Microsoft Remote Desktop app

Enable and use Remote Desktop without a password

Clear credentials in Credential Manager

Disable Remote Desktop Connection with Network Level Authentication.

Let’s see these solutions/workarounds in detail.

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1] Initial checklist

An authentication error has occurred (Code: 0x800706be) error indicating the problem is an authentication error. So, we suggest you carry out the tasks in this initial checklist which are basic troubleshooting for the most common underlying causes of the problem you have encountered on your PC. After you complete each task, check to see if you can connect remotely without issues.

Update Windows to the latest build. More often than not, issues you may encounter on your PC can be resolved by simply updating Windows to the latest build/version. Updates can prevent security issues and improve compatibility and program features and will usually address bugs present in the previous iterations of the operating system.

Run SFC scan. Apart from or coupled with your computer running outdated Windows builds, a major source of PC woes is corrupted system files. So, if you’re having issues and your system is up to date, you can run an SFC scan which checks the integrity of Windows system files by scanning all protected system files and replacing corrupted files with a cached copy that is located in a compressed folder. If the SFC scan fails at the first instance, you can run the DISM scan and on completion, rerun the SFC scan.

Perform System Restore. Provided the feature is enabled on your system, the System Restore feature comes in handy when there are changes made to your system which could also be installing a new system update that seemingly broke some aspects of the operating system functionality, especially if you were certain that everything was working fine before the update.

Create a new User Account. A corrupted user account which can be caused by several reasons including an abnormal or unexpected shutdown of your Windows 11/10 device could be a likely culprit to the issue in hand. In this case, to test if you have the issue, you need to create a new user account and sign into the new account. If the issue doesn’t reoccur, you can repair the corrupt user profile and see if the issue is resolved. If not, simply move to the new user account you created.

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2] Download and use the Microsoft Remote Desktop app

This is more of a workaround than a solution that requires you to download and use the Microsoft Remote Desktop app from the Microsoft Store instead of using the inbuilt remote desktop client (mstsc.exe). Although this worked for most affected PC users, they reported the app has too less options and that using the app is not a solution for full daily use and if the fullscreen without the taskbar of the local/client system is needed. In any case, you should give it a try and if you don’t find the app suitable or it just didn’t work for you, you can use any of these best free Remote Desktop software for Windows 11/10 or proceed with the next solution.

3] Enable and use the Remote Desktop without a password

By default, PC users are required to set a password to be able to access and use the native Remote Desktop feature in the Windows operating system. Since the error in focus is an RDP authentication error which is possibly been triggered due to, you trying to connect and log in remotely via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) with a user account without a password set or username with a blank (null) password. In any case, to resolve the issue, you have two options:

For security reasons, set a password for the user account that requires to logon remotely to a computer via Remote Desktop.

If you’re unable or cannot assign a password to the user account, then you can follow the instructions in the guide for any of the methods on how to easily enable and use Remote Desktop without a password.

4] Clear credentials in Credential Manager

Credential Manager lets you view and deletes your saved credentials for signing into websites, connected applications, and networks. Ideally, you should not remove the Credentials which are stored. However, just like any cached data on your PC, these cached credentials can easily get corrupted or just go haywire for no reason consequently leading to the authentication issue you’re currently experiencing. In this case, it becomes necessary to clear all credentials in Credential Manager of which your data will be deleted and you will start from scratch again which will rebuild the credentials cache to a pristine state.

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5] Disable Remote Desktop Connection with Network Level Authentication

Network Level Authentication (NLA) is a feature of Remote Desktop Services (RDP Server) or Remote Desktop Connection (RDP Client) that requires the connecting user to authenticate themselves before establishing a session with the server. This feature is essential for secure RDP connections because NLA is how Windows authenticates remote desktop clients and servers before sending your credentials to a remote machine.

Since you ‘trust’ the host machine you’re trying to connect to, you can disable Remote Desktop Connection with Network Level Authentication on the destination computer by following these steps:

Open Control Panel.

Select Security and System.

Go to the Remote tab.

Checkmark the Allow Remote Assistance connections to this computer option.

At the Remote Desktop section on the page, select the radio button for the Allow Remote Connections to this computer option.

Now, uncheck the Only allow connections from computers running Remote Desktop with Network Level Authentication (recommended) option.

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I hope this helps!

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What does error code 0x800706be mean?

The error code 0x800706be is known to occur at different events. To successfully fix the error will depend on the instance you encountered the error code. You’re likely to get this error code due to a system file issue. This is a general error that points to a misconfigured or corrupt system file.

Should I disable the Remote Procedure Call?

Many Windows operating system procedures depend on the RPC service. Microsoft recommends that you don’t disable the RPC service. By default, RPC uses the port range of 1024 to 5000 for allocating ports for endpoints. The bottom line is disabling the Remote Procedure Call can solve various problems at times. If you think your PC is having issues due RPC, you can try disabling it temporarily.

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An Error 0X80070002 Has Occurred While Running The Setup

If when you try to install, or most especially attempt to uninstall a program via the Programs and Features applet in Windows 11/10 and receive the error message An error [0x80070002] has occurred while running the setup with the accompanying error code, then this post is intended to help you. Bear in mind that the error can occur with a value other than 5005 – the solutions in this post still apply.

Depending on the program, when you encounter this issue, you’ll receive the following similar error message;

If the error still occurs, please contact your vendor: Activision (#ttlD_STRING1 tttt).

You may encounter this error due to residual files from the previous uninstallation process of the program or the program is still fully installed on your Windows 10 computer and you’re trying to install the same program. Also, the error can occur due to a botched software install/uninstall process – which means the software in question was not previously completely installed/uninstalled.

An error 0x80070002 has occurred while running the setup

If you’re faced with this issue, you can try our recommended solutions below in no particular order and see if that helps to resolve the issue.

Run the Program Install and Uninstall Troubleshooter

Use third-party software uninstaller

Install/Uninstall the program in Clean Boot state

Download and run the program installer

Uninstall the program via Registry Editor

Let’s take a look at the description of the process involved concerning each of the listed solutions.

1] Run the Program Install and Uninstall Troubleshooter

This solution requires you to run the Program Install and Uninstall Troubleshooter from Microsoft and see if the issue is resolved. The Program Install and Uninstall troubleshooter helps you automatically repair issues when you’re blocked from installing or removing programs. It also fixes corrupted registry keys.

2] Use third-party software uninstaller

The Windows 10 Programs and Features applet can sometimes be inefficient in removing software from your device – in some cases, even though the software has been successfully uninstalled, there are still residual files that are left over on your machine and these can cause conflicts. In cases like this, it’s better to use a third-party software uninstaller as they do a thorough job of removing software from a Windows computer.

3] Install/Uninstall the program in Clean Boot state

Conflicts can occur during your software installation/uninstallation. In this case, you can perform a Clean Boot of your Windows 10 device and then retry the software installation or uninstallation.

NOTE: Error 0x80070002 can also be seen when using Windows Update, Windows Upgrade, Windows Features, Microsoft Store, Windows Backup, Outlook, Sandbox, System Restore, Microsoft Account, Printer, and Hyper-V.

4] Download and run the program installer

This solution simply requires you to download the full version of the program in question and begin the installation procedure.  At some point during the installation, it will detect that the program already resides on the computer and it will prompt the user to uninstall the program. Select Yes to that option.  The new program will then be installed properly, and then it can be uninstalled.

5] Uninstall the program via Registry Editor

This solution requires you to uninstall the program via the Registry. This is an invasive method; so be sure to back up the registry or create a system restore point as necessary precautionary measures.

I hope something helps!

How To Send Money Without An Authentication Code On Gcash

To send money without an authentication code on GCash, you need to use the “Send with a Clip” feature.

The feature allows you to send money with a photo, video, and more.

To do so, open GCash and tap on “Send with a Clip”.

Enter the mobile number that you want to send to, the amount, and a short message.

You also need to attach a photo, video, or audio.

After you’ve attached a clip, tap on “Next”, and tap on “Send” to send the money.

Your money will then be sent to the person without requiring an authentication code.

Here’s how to send money without an authentication code on GCash:

1. Open GCash and tap on “Send with a Clip”

To begin with, you need to open the GCash app.

Once you’re on the app, tap on “Send Money”.

Now, you’ll land on the “Send Money” page.

The page contains multiple sending options.

This includes “Express Send”, “Send via QR”, “Send with a Clip”, and more.

The “Send with a Clip” option allows you to send money to someone without an authentication code.

Tap on “Send with a Clip” to send money with a media attachment.

2. Enter the details

After you’ve tapped on “Send with a Clip”, you’ll land on the “Send with a Clip” page.

Now, you need to fill in the details on the page.

Firstly, enter the mobile number that you want to send the money to.

Next, enter the amount of money that you want to send (e.g. $1.00).

Then, enter a short message that you want to say to the person (optional).

3. Attach a clip and tap on “Next”

After you’ve entered the phone number, amount, and message, scroll down the page.

Now, you need to either choose a theme or attach a clip.

Choose one of the themes under “Themes”.

If you want to attach a photo, tap on “Photo” and select the photo that you want to attach from your photo gallery.

Make sure to allow GCash to access your photos.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to attach a photo or a video.

Lastly, tap on “Next” to proceed to the next step.

4. Send the money

After you’ve tapped on “Next”, you’ll land on the sending page.

The page contains the sending information.

This includes what you’re using to send the money and the total amount that you are about to send.

Make sure to verify that the information is correct.

Keep in mind that you cannot reverse the transaction after it’s submitted.

Tap on “Send” to send the money to the recipient.

5. Ask the recipient to claim the money

After you’ve tapped on “Send”, you’ll land on the “Success” page.

Now, you’ll see the total amount of money that you’ve sent to the person.

You’ll see the reference number, date, and time.

If you’ve turned on your GCash notifications, you’ll also receive a notification about the transaction.

You’ve successfully sent money without an authentication code on GCash!

Now, the recipient has to claim the money within 72 hours.

If they don’t, the money will be returned to your wallet.

For the recipient to claim the money, they need to open GCash and tap on the message icon.

After they’ve tapped on the message icon, they’ll see a “You just received money” message.

Now, they need to tap on the message and tap on “Open Clip”.

Lastly, they need to tap on “Claim money” to claim the money.


If you’re trying to send money to someone on Gcash, you might fail to receive an authentication code.

The code might either be delayed or not arrive at all.

If your payment is processed, it will reflect on your GCash balance.

At times, the payment can take up to 3 business days depending on the biller.

If you’re still encountering issues with receiving an authentication code, you can submit a request.

Make sure to include your email address, full name, and mobile number.

You may also need to attach a government-issued ID to prove your identity.

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Geforce Now Error Code 0Xc184C00F

If you are experiencing error code 0xC184C00F on GeForce NOW, this post will help you. GeForce NOW is a cloud gaming service by NVIDIA. Using it, users can stream and play video games that are being hosted on remote servers and streamed over the internet. The users don’t have to download and install the games on their local devices. It is a great service, but it does have some issues and errors. Some users have reported getting the error code 0xC184C00F while launching games on GeForce NOW on their Windows PC.

The error message that is prompted with this error code is as follows:


Now, why does this error occur? Let us find out below.

What causes GeForce NOW Error code 0xC184C00F?

You are likely to face this error if your system doesn’t meet the minimum specification of the app. Besides that, if GeForce servers are currently facing an outage issue or are under maintenance, this error might occur. Apart from that, if an essential NVIDIA service is not running or facing some glitches, this error may occur. Corrupted or outdated GeForce drivers can be another reason for the same error.

If you are getting this error, no worries. We are going to show you methods that you can use to fix this error. However, before doing that, run GeForce NOW with administrator privileges, make sure you have set the correct date and time on your computer, and close non-essential background applications to fix the error. If that doesn’t help, you can use one of the below-listed fixes.

Fix GeForce NOW Error code 0xC184C00F

If you get error code 0xC184C00F when launching games on GeForce NOW on a Windows PC, here are the troubleshooting methods you can use to fix it:

Check the minimum system requirements of GeForce NOW.

Check the server status of GeForce NOW.

Make sure GeForce NOW is updated.

Restart the NVIDIA services.

Update or reinstall your GeForce drivers.

Reinstall GeForce NOW.

1] Check the minimum system requirements of GeForce NOW

Before trying your hands on other fixes, do check the system requirements for running GeForce NOW on a PC and make sure your computer meets them. It requires a 64-bit version of Windows, 4GB of system memory, and a GPU that supports DirectX 11 or higher. Plus, an internet connection with at least 15Mbps for 720p at 60fps and 25 Mbps for 1080p at 60fps is also needed.

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2] Check the server status of GeForce NOW

This error could be a result of an ongoing server issue at the end of NVIDIA. If GeForce NOW servers are currently unavailable or down, you will likely face the error 0xC184C00F while launching a game. Hence, you can check the server status of GeForce NOW and ensure that its services are operational at the moment.

To find out the current server status of GeForce NOW, you can go to the chúng tôi page in a web browser. Check if the servers are operational in your region or not. If not, you will have to wait for the services to be up and running for playing the games without error 0xC184C00F.

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3] Make sure GeForce NOW is updated

Another potential cause of why you may experience error code 0xC184C00F on GeForce NOW is the use of an outdated version of the app. So, make sure you are using the latest version of GeForce NOW. Download the latest version of the app from the official website and then install it on your computer.

4] Restart the NVIDIA services

Some glitches with services related to NVIDIA can be another reason causing error 0xC184C00F on GeForce NOW. Or, the related services might be stuck in a limbo state and thus the error. Hence, if the scenario is applicable, you can restart all NVIDIA-related services on your computer and then launch a game on GeForce NOW to check if the error is fixed.

Here’s how:

First, evoke the Run command box using Win+R and enter chúng tôi in it to quickly open the Services Manager.

Now, look for services related to NVIDIA like NVIDIA Display Container LS, NVIDIA LocalSystem Container, etc.

You can select a service and then press the Restart button to start it again.

Do this for all NVIDIA services. Once done, open GeForce Now and check if the error is resolved.

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 5] Update or reinstall your GeForce drivers

Out-of-date display drivers could very well facilitate error code 0xC184C00F on GeForce NOW. So, you must keep your graphics drivers up-to-date to avoid or fix this error.

You can update your graphics driver in several ways. You can download NVIDIA drivers and then install them, or you can use the NV Updater Tool.

If you still receive the same error even after updating your drivers, consider uninstalling and then reinstalling GeForce drivers on your PC.

See: GeForce Game Ready Driver installation error on Windows.

6] Reinstall GeForce NOW

If the above fixes didn’t work for you, the GeForce Now app might be corrupted. In that case, you can reinstall a clean copy of the app on your PC. To do that, uninstall GeForce NOW, delete all leftover files, and then reinstall the app. Here are the exact steps on how to do that:

Now, select the NVIDIA GeForce NOW app, press the three-dot menu button next to it, and choose Uninstall.

Next, complete the uninstallation using the onscreen instructions.

Once done, download the latest version of GeForce Now from chúng tôi and install it on your PC.

Finally, open the app and enjoy playing games without error code 0xC184C00F.

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What is error code 0x0000F004 GeForce NOW?

The error code 0x0000F004 on GeForce NOW occurs while launching games through cloud gaming services. It might occur when GeForce NOW servers are down. So, do make sure that its services are operational. Besides that, if related services are not running on your system or the drivers are outdated or corrupted, this error might cause. Hence, start NVIDIA-related services and ensure that your GeForce graphics drivers are updated.

How do I fix GeForce Experience error?

If you are getting Something went wrong error on GeForce Experience, make sure NVIDIA Display Driver services are running on your computer and their startup type is set to Automatic. Besides that, you can update your NVIDIA drivers or perform a clean installation of NVIDIA graphics drivers to fix the error.

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Fix Xbox Error Code 0X80073Cf6

In this post, we will talk about the ways to fix Xbox error code 0x80073cf6. Usually, this error occurs after updating the Xbox app or Windows 11/10 app. However, you may also see this error message in other scenarios. Some users encountered the error 0x80073cf6 while installing a game. If you see this error on your Windows 11/10 computer or Xbox Console, you can try the solutions provided in this article.

Fix Xbox error code 0x80073cf6

The following solutions may help you fix Xbox error code 0x80073cf6.

Check Xbox Live Status

Power Cycle Xbox Console

Run appropriate troubleshooters

Reset Microsoft Store

Clear persistent storage on your Xbox Console

Delete other games that you don’t need

Factory reset your Xbox Console

Let’s see all these fixes in detail.

1] Check Xbox Live Status

The first thing that you should do is to check Xbox Live Status. Sometimes users receive different error messages due to Xbox Server outage issues. If Xbox Live Status shows server outage, you have to wait till Microsoft resolves this issue. Usually, the errors occurring due to the server outage will get fixed automatically after some time.

2] Power Cycle your Xbox Console

If the error is occurring while installing a game on Xbox Console, you should Power Cycle it and see if it resolves the issue. The steps to power cycle Xbox Console are listed below:

Press and hold the Xbox button for about 10 seconds to turn off the Console.

Disconnect the power cable from the wall socket.

Wait for a few minutes.

Connect the power cable again and turn on your Console.

Now, check if the issue is fixed. If not, try the next potential fix.

3] Run appropriate troubleshooters 4] Reset Microsoft Store

This solution has worked for some users. You can also try it and see if you get the error code 0x80073cf6 after resetting Microsoft Store. The following steps will guide you on this:

Open Windows 11/10 Settings.

Scroll down the list of installed apps and locate Microsoft Store.

The above action will delete your app’s data. Therefore, before resetting Microsoft Store, make sure that you have backed up your game data to the cloud.

5] Clear persistent storage on your Xbox Console

If Xbox Console is displaying the error message while installing the game from a disc, clearing the persistent storage on your Xbox Console may help. The “Clear persistent storage” option applies to the Blu-ray discs. After performing this action, you will get rid of leftover junk memory and cache files.

The following steps will help you clear persistent storage on your Xbox Console:

Press the Xbox button to open the guide.

Select Persistent Storage.

Now, select Clear persistent storage.

6] Delete other games that you don’t need

Sometimes, errors occur due to conflicting apps or games. If your library still has the games that you don’t need or play, you can uninstall those games. This will also free up some space on your disc.

7] Factory reset your Xbox Console

If none of the above solutions worked for you, reset your Xbox Console to factory default settings. When you perform this action, Xbox will show you two options, remove everything and keep your data. You can select the desired option. The steps to factory reset the Xbox Console are listed below:

Press the Xbox button to open the guide.

Select Reset console and select any one of the following options:

Reset and remove everything.

Reset and keep my games & apps.

If you select the latter option, your data will not be deleted.

This should help.

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What does error code 0x80073cf6 mean?

The error code 0x80073cf6 occurs due to the failure of an update or installation process. You may see this error message after updating an app or game from Microsoft Store or installing a game on Xbox or Xbox Console. Apart from that, you may also see this error if Xbox Server is down. In this case, the error will be fixed automatically after some time. We have described some troubleshooting tips in this article that will help you fix the Xbox error code 0x80073cf6.

How do I fix error code 0x80073cf6?

You may see the error code 0x80073cf6 while installing or updating apps from Microsoft Store or installing games on Xbox or Xbox Console. If the error occurs while installing or updating apps from Microsoft Store, you can run Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter, Windows Update Troubleshooter, rename the Software Distribution folder, etc. If this error occurs on Xbox Console, you can try power cycling your Xbox Console or clearing the persistent storage on your Xbox Console. If this does now help, factory reset your Xbox Console.

I hope this helps.

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Amazon Primevideo Error Code 7031

Amazon PrimeVideo is among the most popular online streaming channels. The fact that its subscription coincides with that of Amazon Prime makes it worth a buy. However, Amazon PrimeVideo users encounter many errors, one of which is Error 7031. If you are facing it, check this article for a resolution.

Fix Amazon PrimeVideo Error Code 7031

The causes behind this error could include server problems, browser incompatibility, geo-locked content, corrupt cache or cookie files, etc.

Check the status of the Amazon server

Check the ping status

Log out and sign in again

Disable any proxy servers and VPN

Update your web browser

In such a situation, try restarting the browser and then the computer, and if it still doesn’t help, proceed with the following troubleshooting steps sequentially:

1] Check the status of the Amazon server

If the Amazon server is down, PrimeVideo won’t work, no matter what you try. In this case, you would have to try opening PrimeVideo on a different system and check whether or not the service is working. If yes, proceed to other solutions.

2] Check the ping status

In this solution, the problem could be in two parts. The first is that the internet itself doesn’t work. This could be checked by trying to open a website other than PrimeVideo. If the internet works fine otherwise, try the following procedure:

Press Win+R to open the Run window and type the command cmd. Hit Enter to open the Command Prompt window.

Wait for the replies,; if you receive four replies, everything is good. Else, proceed with other solutions.

3] Log out and sign in again

Log out of your Amazon account, sign in again, and see if you can play the video.

4] Disable any proxy servers and VPN

A lot of content on Amazon PrimeVideo is location-specific. People try accessing the content in regions other than permitted using VPNs and Proxies. Amazon PrimeVideo doesn’t allow it. Thus, if you wish to access content on the service, you will have to disable VPNs and proxies on your system. To disable VPN, please get in touch with the VPN provider. For disabling proxies on your system, the procedure is as follows:

Under Manual proxy setup, disable the option associated with Use a proxy server.

Restart your system and try accessing Amazon PrimeVideo.

5] Update your web browser

We hope this helps you.

Is Amazon having problems today?

Like any other online service, Amazon offers an AWS health dashboard that helps you understand if the service has an outage in any country or region. You get a country-wise table that explains everything. Apart from this, it also gives you the option to view your account health. If there are any outrages, you will find them listed under the Open and recent issues section.

Why is my Amazon Prime Video glitching?

If the app opens the usual way but faces issues with loading and playing the video, then it’s because of slow internet speed. If you are connected to Wifi, switch to mobile data and check if it works. If so, you must check for a problem with your ISP or internet connection.

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