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Amazon Prime Video is the Netflix you used to know

Netflix isn’t what it used to be, at least if you’re located in the US. Sure, you could order DVDs and probably get just about anything you want, but that seems downright archaic and slow and you may not even own a DVD player at this point, never mind watching stuff on mobile. Netflix is rolling out a ton of original content and that’s great, but the licensed content library is more or less dwindling in equal measure. What happened to all the great movies and TV shows? They’re chilling on Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon Prime Video long languished behind the relatively burdensome annual Prime membership cost. The company removed that limitation in the recent past, though, introducing an $8.99/month rate if you’d rather subscribe to Prime Video on a monthly, rather than yearly, basis. Many people who avoided Prime Video because of the large initial cost have now taken interest in it, and for good reason.

Amazon Prime Video, in many ways, is similar to Netflix: you can install the app on many platforms and browse through streaming video content. It trumps Netflix in two big ways, though, and neither are insignificant.

First things first, you can find far more premium content streaming on Amazon Prime Video than on Netflix. I recently decided to binge watch The chúng tôi while it is available in its entirety on Prime Video, it’s not available to stream on Netflix. Feel like watching VEEP? Same deal, you can stream it on Prime Video but not Netflix. That’s just a small example, of course.

How about Suits? Amazon nabbed that as an exclusive last year, at least in the US (and since Netflix banned VPNs, that’s a big deal for some). Other shows Amazon Prime Video allows you to stream that Netflix doesn’t includes the notable The Wire, Downton Abbey, Band of Brothers, Boardwalk Empire, Vikings, The Pacific, True Blood, Orphan Black, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Newsroom, Doctor Who, Mr. Selfridge, The Americans, Mr. Robot, and tons more. But you get the point.

The perks don’t stop there, though. If there’s something you really want to watch that’s not available to stream, you have one option on Netflix: get the DVD. With Amazon Prime, though, you can just pay for a digital copy or rent a digital copy, and then proceed to stream it immediately on whatever device you’d like.

Yes, you have to pay for it, but DVD rentals from Netflix aren’t free, either, so you’d have to rent multiple DVDs every month to make it more financially feasible. At the same time, you’d have to rip them to a video file to play them on mobile, and that kind of format shifting is a gray area legally, not to mention time consuming and annoying.

None of this is to pick on Netflix or to say it’s not a great service, because it is. It’s just that Netflix is increasingly becoming about Netflix’s own shows, and so those pining for the Netflix of old — the one that isn’t packed with garbage content and little else — need to look elsewhere. If you’ve never used Prime Video, sign up for a trial and give it a go. It may end up being exactly what you’re looking for.

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Netflix Vs Amazon Prime Vs Hulu: Which Is The Best Streaming Service

Netflix vs Amazon Prime Vs Hulu: Which is the best streaming service of 2023 How are Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, Different?

To set itself apart, each platform offers a unique number of features, as none of the companies can defeat another without staying one step ahead. Hence each of them offers thousands of different titles, program hours and exclusive content in their catalog. This not only confuses the user but also makes it difficult to decide which one to choose.

If you’re trying to decide which one to go with or if it’s your first time with these video streaming services, we’ve listed the pros and cons of these best streaming services that will help you decide which is the right option for you.

Why Choose Netflix

Trial version and Price: Netflix offers a one-month trial version that helps users understand this streaming service. In addition to this, Netflix offers three paid plans starting from $8.99 per month that goes up to $15.99 per month. The price changes depending on the number of devices and type of content you want to watch. Remember Netflix is an ad-free video streaming service. This is where it has an upper hand over Amazon Prime and Hulu.

Compatible Platforms: You can run and use Netflix on PC, laptop, smartphone, tablets, game consoles, smart TVs, Blu-ray players, and streaming media players. Moreover, you can watch Netflix simultaneously on up to four devices at a time depending on the plan you choose.

Why Amazon Prime Video

Trial version and Price: Amazon Prime Video, like Netflix, also offers a one-month trial version. If you purchase Amazon Prime membership you get to enjoy this service along with the Prime Subscription. If you want to watch channels like HBO, Showtime, etc., you can do so by paying an additional monthly charge. Amazon also has exclusive content developed for their users. It is currently not as much as being offered by NetFlix but with the investments in the service by Amazon, it seems that Prime Video will soon catch up with the top players!

Compatible Platforms: Amazon Prime Video is available on PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, Blu-ray, streaming media players, and other similar platforms.

Biggest Advantage: The X-ray feature allows you to access an actor’s background information, bio, trivia, music info, and other show-related information. Also, with Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, it is clear that Amazon will continue to invest heavily in the service in the future.

Why Hulu

Trial version and Price: In this section, all three streaming services are the same. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu all three offer 30 days trial version. Although plan pricing is different. For Hulu, the plan price starts at $5.99 monthly with limited commercials, $11.99 monthly ad-free & $44.95 for Hulu +,  Live TV and cloud DVR storage. In this, as add ons you get HBO, Showtime, Cinemax and Starz. Multiple devices can be added but streaming can be done on only one device at a time. (Live TV subscription can be used on 2 machines.)

Compatible Platforms: Hulu is available on PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, Blu-ray, streaming media players, and other similar platforms.

Biggest Advantage: Current TV shows are available the next day they are aired. Those who watch a lot of US-based TV, Hulu is the best streaming service.

Still not convinced need more pointers to decide which one is the best streaming service amongst Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu? Worry not we’ve got it covered. Here we have put together a detailed comparison of these services.


Amazon offers two versions of Prime subscription. One is for 119 dollars annually and $13 monthly. In addition to this, students who signup using a valid student email address, need to pay only $59 annually.

The services offered under both versions are the same, you get two-day shipping for free, one day in a few cases, cloud storage, discounted pricing on certain items and most importantly you get access to on-demand video and music streaming. Moreover, you get 4K Ultra HD content with HDR without paying anything extra. Not only this you can share your Amazon Prime account with friends and family.

In comparison to this Netflix offers different subscriptions ranging from $9 to $16 depending on the selected video quality.

In $9 you get Netflix’s one device SD resolution stream service. If you want to use two devices simultaneously, you will need to pay $13 monthly for this streaming service. Whereas to watch 4K Ultra HD content you need to pay $16, in which you can access streaming service on four devices at a time. In addition to this, if you want to watch DVD/Blu-ray quality the price for its streaming will go up.

Hulu, as compared to both streaming services is high on price. For $12 you get Hulu+Live TV.

Those who want to stream 4K without paying the extra price, Amazon is the best and cheapest bet. Moreover, the extra benefits included in Amazon, especially early access to sale, video, and music, are attractive add ons.

Content Library

When we talk about the content library, Amazon is the indisputable winner. As it has the largest collection of content. Wait don’t think Amazon wins the race. There’s a difference between quantity and quality. Anyone can give quantity, but things change when you get both quality and quantity. Amazon fails with a great margin here and Netflix tops both Amazon and Hulu.

Netflix offers popular movies, original series and a lot more that you would like in a streaming service.

Another key point worth paying attention to is the content outside the original shows and movies. Hulu, due to its tie-up with major broadcasters shows the latest series and episodes.  But this doesn’t mean it is the best. Amazon offers the same shows without any additional charge. Netflix, on the other hand, is always a season behind.

Amazon is a clear winner, but still, it’s up to the viewer to decide which one is the best streaming service. We put Netflix at the top here as it offers a quality library with the latest and best TV shows, movies, etc. This means Netflix will never run out of shows even if you sit day and night watching shows.

Compatible devices

All three streaming services are compatible with a great number of devices. Netflix is everywhere, even on the TV remote. Hulu and Amazon can also be installed just about everywhere.

Interface and ease of use

Amongst the three streaming services, Netflix has an intuitive interface where finding movies, TV shows, or exclusive content is very simple. It even creates a personalized top picks category on the home screen based on your past viewing pattern. This makes using Netflix on different platforms easy.

Amazon is a new player so it’s learning from its own mistakes and is constantly improving its interface. The plus point for Amazon is you can access Amazon Prime Video directly from the homepage of  Amazon. Moreover, if you have Amazon Fire TV stick then it works with it too and you can operate it with voice commands. The new Fire TV Stick 4K allows you to install multiple apps, making it easy to watch the content in the highest quality available across all subscribed services.

On the other hand, Hulu has updated its interface to be used on different devices. It now shows different categories like TV, Movies, Kids Keep Watching, thus making it easy for the user to navigate and use Hulu. Premium channels like HBO and its shows are also highlighted on the home screen. Sometimes this can confuse the user but its quick interface and ability to incorporate premium channels make it win the race in this section.

Congrats Hulu!

Audio and video quality

All three streaming services along with offering 1080p streams, also offer 4K Ultra HD resolution and HDR streaming support. But Netflix charges extra for this, while Amazon Prime Video and Hulu offer 4K for free.

Amazon offers to surround sound content including Dolby Atmos, while Netflix offers selected titles in Dolby Atmos. Things don’t change here, you need to pay extra to access Atmos content on Netflix. Hulu, on the other hand, is limited to stereo sound. In addition to this, Amazon offers 4K, HDR, and offers titles in HDR10+, a real competitor of Dolby Vision.

Latest content

Want to watch the latest episode of your favorite series? Nothing can be better than Hulu in this case because the Hulu streaming service is the only one amongst Netflix and Amazon Prime Video that shows new episode one after the date they are aired.

On the flip side, Netflix has enough series, but when it comes to adding the latest seasons, Netflix fails. The latest season is added only after the new season begins.

Original content

In this section, Netflix is a clear cut winner as it offers huge original content. Amazon Prime Video and Hulu are trying to catch up with Netflix by offering quality original content, an example of it for Hulu is The Handmaid’s Tale. For Amazon, Good Omens, The Man in the High Castle, Jack Ryan, and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, are a few worth mentioning.

Both these streaming services are growing their library to give strong competition to Netflix and stand out.

Are there any alternatives to these Video streaming services?

If you aren’t satisfied with the original series, movies, network shows, and licensed television content, offered by these streaming services, you can try Vudu. It offers a wide range of 4K, Dolby Atmos, and HDR movies. Vudu even gives a grace period of 30 days to watch a movie before it expires. Moreover, you can save titles as you do in other services like iTunes, Google Play and others. In addition to this, you even try Disney+, Disney’s own streaming service that offers TV shows, movies, from its vast collection of Marvel, Star Wars, and other movies.

Further, HBO and Showtime both giants offer standalone apps for $15 and $12 monthly. Not only this, you can add these services to Hulu or Amazon at a lesser price.

Other features worth considering: Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video

Want subtitles? Go with Netflix, Amazon Prime Video. Both streaming services offer subtitles. Netflix has subtitles for all of its content.

Need parental control? Netflix has it. You can create a separate profile for your kids, ensuring your child sees only the content made for them.

Want Live TV? Nothing can beat Hulu. It is the best streaming service that offers live-TV streaming without needing to pay extra for cable.

Certainly, by now you must have got the answer to the question which is the best streaming service. If not, here is a small comparison between these streaming services.

Is Netflix better than Hulu?

If you are looking for an alternative to cable services and “cutting the cord”, then Hulu is the best choice, as it will show you the latest episodes just one day after they are aired. But if you want an extensive library of content then Netflix is the indisputable winner. Hulu, on the other hand, is cheaper than Netflix but its starting plan is ad-supported. Deciding which one is best amongst two streaming services is not possible. Hence you can use the trial version of both and decide which one is the best streaming service for you.

Is Amazon Prime better or Netflix?

If you want more content then Netflix is better than Amazon Prime Video whereas if you look at the services Amazon Prime offers like one-day delivery, Amazon Music is the winner. Not only this Amazon Prime Video is cheaper as compared to Netflix.


If you want our recommendation, then Netflix is the king so far in the world of streaming services. With that said Hulu and Amazon Prime Video also offer great benefits. And of course, soon both of them will add more content to their library. This means things are going to become more difficult if you have to choose one of the best streaming services. Hence if you want to save yourself from this trouble then try using multiple services as it will give you access to a variety of services. But if you have limited resources then you can choose from these three streaming services as they are the best.

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How To Leverage Amazon Prime Day To Grow Sales

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Amazon Prime Day opened doors to endless marketing boosts for the second time this year.

Refersion’s Raj Nijjer joins me on the SEJShow to discuss marketing opportunities for Amazon Prime Day within and outside of Amazon.

Even for businesses not on Amazon, there are chances to leverage the new October Prime Day, which is on its way to becoming as large of a holiday shopping day as Black Friday.

This is the first time they’ve done the two prime days. The first one is in July, so it’s the beginning of Q3, and now they’re doing one at the beginning of Q4. It shows you that there’s enough demand out there and there’s enough inventory too. Now that supply chains have gone back to normal, shipping prices have gone way back to earth, and frankly, many brands are sitting on a lot of inventory. The timing for Amazon could not be more perfect –Raj Nijjer, 9:04

Amazon is probably one of the most efficient machines out there. I think from that perspective, it works, and that’s why you see conversion rates that are six to seven times the B2C website –Raj Nijjer, 31:46

I also think you’re going to have a generation going away that knows what Black Friday is. When was the last time, probably five or ten years ago, people lined up outside a store to go shopping? Black Friday it’s become an online event. As that generation fizzles and goes away, the concept of Black Friday may not even exist anymore. –Loren Baker, 31:59

[40:03] – How to use Refersion as an Amazon affiliate, associate, or seller.

Resources mentioned:

It can’t be like B2C versus Marketplace. It has to be like B2C and Marketplace. –Raj Nijjer, 17:24

It’s the promise that Amazon makes. It’s fulfillment, shipping, and payment. It’s all systems and operations, but it’s like magic to you as a consumer. –Raj Nijjer, 16:15

If you’re worried like, oh my God, I don’t want to put my brand on Amazon, more than likely, your competitors are already on there. They’re on there all right, and they’re already selling and finding success. They’ve registered in the brand registry, which gives them protection and product protection. But they also get a slew of selling and marketing tools because you have complete control over your listing. –Raj Nijjer, 23:13

Connect with Raj Nijjer:

Connect with Loren Baker, Founder of Search Engine Journal:

Best Amazon Prime Day Deals In Australia

This year’s event is being held four months earlier than last year’s October one, and it means Prime Day will take place in the final weeks of Australia’s end of financial year sales. But that just means there will be more deals to choose from, since more products are likely to be on sale concurrently across the two sales events.

What is Amazon Prime Day?

It’s a sales event by the e-commerce retailer Amazon. The event has been around since 2024. If you already know about Prime Day and you’re Australian, then you’re in the minority since a recent survey by digital marketing firm Criteo shows only 27% of Australians are familiar with it. Despite this statistic, Prime Day has become one of the biggest sales events in world, especially in the US where it rakes in billions of dollars each year. In fact, it’s only second to Black Friday in terms of revenue.

What do I need to do to access the sales?

Dreamstime: Daniel Draghici

Is it worth it?

The inaugural Amazon Prime Day wasn’t as well received as expected, with some shoppers disappointed with the selection of products on sale and others citing lacklustre deals, but since then Amazon has refined its sales pitch, promising more deals and heftier discounts for members on the day sales launch.

Some early bargains appearing online look promising – we’re seeing headphones, smartwatches and TVs with discounts ranging from 5-57% off the retail price, some of which amount to hundreds of dollars off the purchase price. If you compare the cost of an Amazon subscription of $6.99 a month to your prospective savings after shopping Amazon Prime Day, it’s likely you will offset more than a full year’s subscription fee with just one purchase.

Dreamstime: Daria Nipot

If you’re unsure if a Prime account is for you but you don’t want to miss out on the bargains, Amazon is offering a 30 day free trial to its subscription, so if you’re looking for a way to get amongst the bargains without having to pay a cent, that could be a perfect option.

Here, we’ve compiled a few early bargains to get you going, but bear in mind that these could be a fraction of the deals you’re likely to see on the actual day.


The Amazon Prime Day sales usually have plenty of discounted smartwatches from leading brands like Huawei, Garmin, Samsung and Fitbit. Getting a smartwatch for a health kick makes a lot of sense right now in the middle of winter, and can be all the impetus you need to get active when the weather makes it extra tough. Selected smartwatch deals include:

Garmin Swim 2, GPS Swimming Smartwatch, now AU$360, down from AU$399 (Save $39)

Huawei Watch GT 2, now AU$199, down from AU$399 (Save $200)

Huawei Watch GT 2e, now AU$179, down from AU$369 (Save $190)

Samsung Galaxy Watch3, now AU$459, down from AU$699 (Save $240)

Fitbit Sense Advanced Health Watch, now AU$348, down from AU$449 (Save $101)

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2, now AU$288, down from AU$306 (Save $18)

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active, now AU$249, down from AU$349 (Save $100)

Ticwatch Pro 2023 Smartwatch, now AU$349, down from $436 (Save $87)

Garmin Instinct Solar Rugged Outdoor GPS Watch, now AU$480, down from AU$699 (Save $219)


While there aren’t a great many early deals going on TVs for Amazon Prime Day, it’s a no brainer that come the 21st, we can expect more deals to drop. Look out for price slashing on lesser known brands, especially in the 50-65-inch 4K category which offers some of the best value in TVs this year. Selected deals on TVs include:

TEAC 65-Inch 4K UHD Smart LED TV, now AU$649, down from AU$999 (Save $350)

Sony 49-Inch X7000G 4K Smart TV, now AU$888, down from AU$995 (Save $107)

TEAC 58-Inch 4K UHD Smart TV, now AU$799, down from AU$649 (Save $150) .

Blaupunkt 42-Inch Full HD Android TV, now AU$329, down from AU$499 (Save $170)

Gaming, computer and peripheral deals

Nikon Z 6 II Mirrorless + Nikkor Z camera, now $3,394, down from $4,599 (Save $1,205)

Nikon Z 5 + Nikkor Z camera, now $1,719, down from AU$2,699 (Save $980)

PlayStation 4 Slim 500GB, now AU$379, down from AU$440 (Save $60)

DualSense Wireless Controller for PlayStation 5, now AU$87, down from $110 (Save $23)

ARCHERAX20 TP-LINK Ax1800 Dual Band WiFi 6 Router, now AU$163, down from AU$220 (Save $56)

Amazon Prime Early Access 4K Tv Deals 2023

Last Updated on October 11, 2023

We’ll be finding you the best Amazon Prime Early Access 4K TV deals during this two-day event. We’ve already found some top 4K TV deals for you in the meantime (detailed below). However, return here come October 11 for Early Access-specific deals.

Do you know what brand of TV you want, and what features? If not, check out our TV articles and guides to help you decide.

Work out what and how many inputs and outputs you need, which smart features you need and your budget. Then you can move quickly when you spot that deal that’s good to miss.

Speaking of good deals, Amazon says you can save 80% on its 55in Fire TV Omni-series smart televisions. How’s that for a good start to the Early Access event?

You’ll need to be an Amazon Prime member to access the event, but don’t worry if you’re not. You can sign up to be a member in no time or take out a free one-month trial.

Amazon Prime 30-day FREE trial

Best 4K TV deals 2023

SAMSUNG UN55TU7000 55 inches 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV, $700.80 (save $78)

32-Inch Samsung QN32Q60AA QLED HDR 4K UHD Smart TV, $447.99 (save $50)

SAMSUNG 32″ M70B Series 4K UHD USB-C Smart Monitor & Streaming TV, $369.99 (save $30)

Amazon Prime Early Access TV deals

More Deals Coming Soon!

You’ll find the best Amazon Prime Early Access deals right here come October 11, so visit here throughout the event.

When will TV Prime Early Access deals start in 2023?

The two-day event starts on October 11 and goes on right through October 12. Amazon says it’ll drop new deals every 30 minutes, so on PC Guide’s posts during the Early Access event.

How to get the best Prime Early Access TV deals in 2023?

Read our TV guides to research TVs that are worth your attention and money. We’ll also post some great TV deals here to save you time and hopefully some money.

You should decide which 4K TVs interest you and determine how much they normally cost. Then you can compare offers and see if that TV deal is good for you.

Is Amazon Prime Early Access good for 4K TV deals?

It’s an excellent event if you want an Amazon Fire TV Omni Series 55-inch 4K Smart TV with hands-free Alexa. Amazon says there’ll be 80% off its price. There’ll also be 70% off a Hisense 50-inch U6 Series 4K Quantum Dot QLED Fire TV. We’re sure other 4K TV deals will drop too.

What should I look for in a 4K TV?

That depends, but a general answer is that you want one with a high-quality display, lots of inputs, decent speakers and popular streaming services. You should view the series/class of TV you’re interested in to see if its panel is good enough for you.

Other questions to ask yourself are as follows. How much room do you have for the TV? What resolution do you need? What and how many inputs do you need it to have? Do you want satellite inputs as well as regular RF inputs? Crucially, how much do you have to spend?

Use PC Guide’s TV posts to research the TVs that meet your needs then find deals to save you money.

Can I really get a great 4K TV deal with Amazon Prime Early Access?

If you want an Omni-series Fire TV, then yes, it is. Amazon says there’ll be 80% off the price of a 55-inch Fire TV Omni Series 4K Smart TV. There’ll also be 70% off a Hisense 50-inch U6 Series 4K Quantum Dot QLED Fire TV.

Windows (Sniff), I Used To Love You…

Dear Windows,

I’m sorry to do this with a letter but I don’t think I can handle seeing you in person. We both know that things haven’t been quite right between us these last couple of years. I’ve noticed that we’ve been drifting apart for a long time. I haven’t spoken with anyone in your family — Internet Explorer, Outlook, Office — in ages and have been spending more and more time with Firefox, Thunderbird, and OpenOffice. I was hoping we could work out our differences, but we’re beyond that. I hate to end things like this; I just don’t think we’re compatible anymore.

I thought if we took a trip to Vista we might ignite that spark in our relationship again — you know, a new setting, a new beginning (remember how exciting it was when we first went from MS-DOS 6 to Windows 3.11?) Don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate the effort you’re making to win me over. Those scrolling 3-D application windows are really, really cool. You look absolutely fantastic and you’re showing me a lot of glitz, but deep down, we still have the same old problems. We can’t solve them with a simple makeover; this relationship needs to be more than skin deep.

I know that I’m not perfect, and I don’t expect you to be perfect either; but I do expect you to be reliable. I want to be able to count on you and to trust you. It’s been about five years since you promised me more security and reliability with your Microsoft Trustworthy Computing Initiative, but we’re no more secure now than we were then. I also don’t appreciate what you’re doing when I’m not around … Do you think I don’t know that you’re calling your mother with your Windows Genuine Advantage and talking about my PC behind my back? And when you were confronted by this you got defensive and kept denying that WGA is spyware. I’m sorry, if it looks like a chicken, walks like a chicken, and clucks like a chicken … it’s a chicken.

Who owns my computer anyway? You or me? I want you to stop changing things around without telling me. You’re supposed to help me get my job done but you seem to be more concerned with licensing issues than security. I was hoping Vista would be a fresh start for us — but it’s ended up being the last straw. Instead of working things out, you just keep demanding more and more from me: graphics card upgrade, hi-def monitor, and all kinds of additional memory. I’m not made of money… Sorry, I just can’t give you what you want.

There’s no easy way to say this so I’m just going to come right out with it: I met someone else; her name is Mac OS X Tiger.

If it’s any consolation this is not something I planned. A friend introduced me to her MacBook and one thing led to another. But this shouldn’t come as a surprise to you. I’ve always been completely honest with you and never tried to hide our relationship. In fact, I even see now that you’re trying to emulate her look and behavior; but you’re showing me things that Tiger showed me over a year ago. Be true to yourself.

Tiger and I have so much in common and we’re totally in synch. We work with, not against, each other. But you, Windows, you’ve never communicated with me — and you’re so temperamental. Some mornings you boot right up; others I have to try 2 or 3 times before you come on. I don’t want to be mean but you’re just too high maintenance for me. Every time we have a disagreement, you turn your cold blue screen at me and I’m left sitting there in silence waiting for you to cool down. I finally came to the realization that I’ve been keeping you around because I needed you, not because I wanted you — that’s not fair to either of us.

Your friend always,


This article was first published on Intranet Journal.

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