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Still one of the cheapest tablets around

Hands-free Alexa

Headphone jack & expandable storage


Performance isn’t really any better

Limited selection of apps

Awful cameras

Our Verdict

If you’re a Prime subscriber and won’t miss Google apps you might be able to live with the Fire HD 8’s limited selection of apps, mediocre performance and terrible cameras. Most people will be better off with a slightly more expensive Android tablet, but the HD 8 does make for a good kid’s tablet.

Best Prices Today: Amazon Fire HD 8 (2023)

Amazon’s Fire HD 8 tablet has, for a long while, been our pick of the range. It sits in the middle between the smaller Fire 7 and bigger Fire HD 10.

This new 2023 model is virtually indistinguishable from the 2023 model, but is now more expensive. Everything is more expensive, yes, but it grates to pay more for a new device with little in the way of real upgrades.

We called the Fire HD 8 a “brilliant combo of function & value” in 2023, a “budget tablet no brainer” in 2023 and said it was “still fine value” in 2023.

But now, in 2023 with essentially the same limitations, same poor cameras, same screen, slow charging and no perceivable increase in performance, it’s much harder to recommend it.

Features & design

Plastic build

Headphone jack

Same old design

Amazon calls the 2023 Fire HD 8 “All-new”. But put it side by side with the previous generation and you’ll need a spot-the-difference competition to identify any external changes.

The buttons and USB-C port have been rearranged slightly, but other than that, this is the same tablet with a chunky bezel around the screen and a cheap-feeling plastic frame and back.

Jim Martin / Foundry

There’s a handy headphone jack, ideal for when kids want entertaining on long journeys, and two speakers in the top edge for when you don’t want to use headphones.

They may support Dolby Atmos, but that doesn’t mean they sound good. You won’t want to listen to music on them and they’re only passable for watching videos on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Jim Martin / Foundry

If there’s a highlight it’s that the Fire HD 8 has the best battery life of the Fire tablet range at “up to” 13 hours. That’s one more than the Fire HD 10 and three more than the Fire 7.

How long you actually get between charges depends on what you use the Fire HD 8 for. Watching downloaded videos is fairly power efficient so should get close to the claim, but playing Roblox or other games will seriously shorten the battery life.

And the bad news is that it takes five whole hours to charge from empty.

As before, Amazon offers a Plus version of the Fire HD 8 which costs $20 / £20 more, but charges in three hours, has more RAM and adds wireless charging too.

Both versions are available with either 32GB or 64GB of storage, and you can still add a microSD card to expand that by up to 1TB extra.


1280×800 pixels, 189ppi


One of the reasons we’ve traditionally recommended the HD 8 over the Fire 7 is because it has a larger, higher resolution screen. Most phones these days have screens almost as big as the Fire 7, but with much higher resolutions.

Even now in 2023, the HD 8 still has the same screen it’s always had, with no upgrades. This means a resolution of 1280×800 pixels which equates to 189 pixels per inch.

To put that in context, even budget phones have screens with around 400ppi. Yet Amazon has stuck resolutely to the same resolution every year. I wouldn’t call it ‘blocky’ but it’s not as sharp as you might expect from a brand new device, and that’s noticeable when you’re reading pages of text.

Jim Martin / Foundry

I didn’t have the 2023 model to hand for direct comparison, but the screen on the new version looks lower quality.

It isn’t particularly bright, the backlight isn’t very even across the screen and brightness and colours change as you move the tablet in your hands and look at the screen at an angle.

Colours are fine and, overall, it’s acceptable for a budget tablet, but it’s disappointing that there’s no improvement, and possibly even a slight decline in quality.


The most important thing to understand about Fire tablets is that they are not Android tablets. They do run Android beneath Amazon’s highly customised Fire OS interface and they do run Android apps.

The key difference is that there are no Google apps or services. No Gmail, YouTube, Maps, Photos, Drive or anything else. And that includes the Google Play store.

To install apps, there’s Amazon’s own Appstore. This has a good selection of popular apps and games, but a far smaller overall choice than the Play store.

Jim Martin / Foundry

As long as you don’t need to do online banking or use specific smart home devices from a Fire tablet, you’ll be ok.

Entertainment is well covered with apps for most of the big-name streaming services in the Appstore.

You can control many smart home gadgets with Alexa on the Fire HD 8, but only if you have another device such as an Android phone or iPhone on which to install the app and connect it to Alexa.

You won’t find apps for Google Home, Nest, Philips Hue, TP-Link Tapo, WiZ or Samsung SmartThings in the Appstore.

It’s possible to use Amazon’s Silk web browser to watch YouTube and use Gmail and Google Maps, but the experience – compared to having dedicated apps – isn’t nearly as good.

Fire OS is instead designed to make it simple to access Amazon’s services such as Prime Video, Kindle, Amazon Music and – of course – to buy physical products from Amazon.

Fire OS itself is fairly intuitive, with a Home screen containing apps, recently used apps and a Discover section that largely promotes Amazon’s own content.

There’s a For You screen that also has a list of recently used apps along with “Watch next” for Prime Video and suggestions for other apps and games you might want to download.

Jim Martin / Foundry

Swipe down from the top and you’ll find a brightness control, various shortcuts to settings such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, plus a toggle switch for Show Mode.

Enabling it turns the Fire HD 8 into an Echo Show, displaying rotating home screens with news, weather, recipes and other things.


Hexa-core CPU, 2GB RAM

With previous Fire tablets, I haven’t run our usual Geekbench and GFXbench tests. There are two reasons for this. First, it used to be awkward to install these apps because they weren’t on the Appstore. Second, the results would have been meaningless to most people looking to buy a cheap tablet.

Both apps are now on the Appstore, but neither would work properly or give any results. Geekbench 5 crashed at the end of each test and didn’t record a score, while GFXbench refused to connect to the back-end servers to download the benchmarks.

This means I can’t say for sure if the extra two processor cores make the HD 8 30% faster as Amazon claims.

What I can say is that this tablet still feels underpowered. Even swiping around the home screens and the notification shade can leave you waiting for the screen to catch up, and apps take longer to load that you’d expect.

The Silk browser ground to a halt every time I  tied to go to any complex web pages, such as Google Photos. It crashed a good few times and quit back to the home screen, too. A less than ideal experience if you’re trying to use Google services.

Jim Martin / Foundry

Show Mode works ok, although it isn’t as responsive as a real Echo Show. If you have other Echo devices, you’ll probably find they answer first before the Fire HD 8 has got its act together.

Cameras are the same 2Mp ones found in the Fire 7 and many Fire tablets over the last few years. It’s hard to overstate how bad they are. The rear one captures smeary photos and jerky video, while the front one is adequate for video calls, but not selfies.

Price & availability

Starts at $99.99/£99.99

Ad-free model is $10/£10 more

64GB of storage adds $30/£30

Fire HD 8 Plus is $20/£20 more than equivalent non-Plus model

Kids Editions cost $149.99/£149.99

Where the Fire HD 8 used to cost $89.99/£89.99, it’s now on the cusp of $100/£100. And you’ll pay $10/£10 more for the ad-free model.

If you think 32GB isn’t going to be enough storage for apps, games and downloading videos to watch, the 64GB model is an extra $30/£30.

Opt for the Fire HD 8 Plus and you get an extra 1GB of RAM (which makes almost no difference) and wireless charging. That’s $20/£20 extra.

You can buy the Fire HD 8 from Amazon, naturally, but soon you’ll also be able to buy it from other retailers. At the time of this review, on the tablet’s release date, it was only available from Amazon.

There’s a choice of black, denim (blue) and rose (pink).

Amazon also sells the Fire HD 8 in two different kids versions. One is called the Kids and is aimed at ages 3-7, and the other is the Kids Pro aimed at 6-12s.

Both cost $149.99/£149.99 and comes with a protective case. The Kids model has a chunky bumper case that is easy to hold and offers excellent protection.

For older kids, the Pro has a slimmer case in a selection of more grown up designs, and a more grown-up interface too.

Both include a year’s subscription to Amazon Kids+ which includes a variety of age-appropriate content including games, e-books, audible books, videos and more, all of which are ad-free.

In the UK, the kids tablets have 32GB of storage in the UK, but in the US you can opt for 64GB if you’re willing to pay an extra $30.

As ever, they come with a two-year warranty that covers accidental damage. The regular Fire HD 8 (and Plus) has a single year of warranty that does not cover damage.

It is worth noting that the regular models include the Amazon Kids app, which allows you to lock down the tablet at certain times, choose what content your kids can use and prevents them using the unfiltered internet.

You won’t find a great budget tablet for much under $200/£200, but you’ll find some recommendations in our roundup of the best budget tablets.


Fire tablets may be cheap, but the new HD 8 – especially if you go for the extra storage and choose the ad-free model – is getting quite expensive.

You might be happy to accept the limitations of the Appstore and not having any Google services, but it’s worth knowing you can buy a similar-spec Android tablet for almost the same money. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab A7 Lite is available from chúng tôi for just $109, and in the UK for under £120 from various retailers including Argos.

It offers similar performance and build quality, but will at least have all the usual Google apps, including the Play store.

I’m sure market forces have dictated Amazon can no longer sell Fire tablets as cheaply as it once did, but with almost no improvements to be seen over the past few years (unless you count the USB-C port) this 2023 Fire HD 8 does not represent the great value it once did.

Amazon Fire HD 8 (12th gen): Specs

Fire OS (based on Android 11)

8in 1280×800 HD IPS touchscreen, 189ppi

2.0GHz hexa-core processor


32/64GB storage (microSD up to 1TB)

2Mp main camera, support for 720p HD recording

2Mp front-facing camera

802.11ac dual-band Wi-Fi

Bluetooth 5

202 x 137 x 9.7mm (7.94” x 5.40” x 0.37”)

335g / 1.88oz

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Fix: Amazon Fire Stick Stuck On Amazon Logo & Main Reasons

Fix: Amazon Fire Stick Stuck on Amazon Logo & Main Reasons Tested and proven fixes to get your Firestick working normally




If your Firestick is stuck on the Amazon logo, it might be because you are using the wrong power accessories.

A good way to fix this issue is to wait for some time till the device boots up normally.

In extreme cases, you might have to reset your Firestick to solve this problem.

Disney+ streams your all-time favorite movies, cartoons, and TV shows and is ready to join your family! A generous library from Marvel, Disney, Pixar, National Geographic, is waiting for you. Here are more exceptional features of this service:

Compatibility with all devices

Stream on four devices simultaneously

4K UHD adaptability

Dolby Atmos sound for compatible devices

Group watch feature

Disney+ is easily accessible both from home and on the go and suits all types of watchers with high-quality content of all genres and from all eras.

Amazon Fire Stick is a great multimedia device, but many users reported that it gets stuck on the Amazon logo for them.

This can be a big problem since you won’t be able to access anything or use your device. However, there’s a way to fix this issue for good, and today we’ll show you how to do it.

Why is my Amazon Fire Stick stuck on the Amazon logo screen?

There are several reasons why your Fire Stick might get stuck on the Amazon logo screen.

It’s possible that your device is booting slowly due to a recent update or an issue with the power supply.

Power supply issues are quite common, especially if you’re not using the original power adapter. Another cause of this problem can be the overheating of the device.

Lastly, a bad update or your settings can cause this problem, so you might have to reset your device to factory settings to fix it.

Now that you know the causes of this issue, let’s see how we can fix it.

How do I fix my Firestick stuck on my logo screen? 1. Wait it out

A couple of users reported that this method worked for them, and it seems that the Fire Stick was stuck on an update, but after waiting for an hour or so, the issue was completely resolved.

2. Restart your device

If your Firestick is still stuck on the Amazon logo after waiting a long time, you should restart it. This is because the issue might just be caused by a minor glitch within the system.

A simple restart has fixed this issue for many users, and you should try it too. To do this, you need to disconnect the Fires Stick from your TV and wait for about 30 seconds.

Expert tip:

3. Check the power supply

Check the power supply cable.

Always use the original supply cable that came from Amazon because it delivers the necessary power.

A few users reported that replacing their cable with the official one from Amazon fixed the problem, so be sure to try that.

4. Check your HDMI port

The HDMI cable and port are the primary connectivity source between your Fire Stick and TV. Hence, you need to make sure they are working perfectly.

5. Check if your Fire Stick is overheating

Disconnect Fire Stick from your TV and the power source.

Leave it disconnected for about 30 minutes.

Connect the device again and check if the problem is still there.

6. Connect Firestick directly to your TV

If you are using an HDMI hub, extender, or any form of adapter, it might cause your Firestick to get stuck on the Amazon logo screen. The best practice, according to Amazon, is to plug the device directly to your TV.

Also, if you are connecting your device directly, ensure you use a high-speed HDMI cable.

7. Reset Fire Stick to the factory settings

Resetting your Firestick is the last resort if all other solutions do not work. Doing this will remove the apps, files, and other contents on your device and reset the changes made.

This also works for other issues like Fire Stick setting menu not loading, so it should do the trick in this case too.

If that doesn’t work, you might have to contact Amazon support and ask them to send you a replacement. This

Being stuck on the Amazon logo on your Fire Stick can be a big problem, but in most cases, you can fix it simply by waiting for the update to finish in the background. If that doesn’t work, you can always try our other solutions.

If the Amazon Fire Stick is showing a no signal message, check our detailed guide to fix it quickly.

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Amazon Echo Show 8 (2Nd Gen) Review: The Alexa Smart Display For Everyone

Amazon Echo Show 8: $129 / £119 / €129 / Rs. 7499

The Amazon Echo Show 8 (2nd gen, 2023) is the company’s updated mid-range smart display that sits between a 5-inch desk-sized model and the larger 10.1-inch HD screen-toting Echo Show 10 that can rotate on its base. The 2023 edition of the smart display includes an upgraded processor and a high-resolution camera for better-quality video calls.

What’s good?

Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

Amazon’s 8-inch smart display keeps much of the same design and hardware fundamentals from the model it replaces. The front is dominated by the 8-inch 720p display that can now adjust color and white balance based on ambient lighting. I wish Amazon had taken the opportunity to update the design a bit and balance out the bezels. Instead, you get a larger camera cutout.

A physical slider for privacy is also included that can block off the camera. The white color of the camera cover makes sure that you know for certain that the camera is physically inaccessible. Shutting the slider will also electronically disable the camera, as before.

The dual speakers on the Echo Show 8 sound fantastic, and the camera is a drastic improvement.

The speaker system remains unchanged since the first-generation model but the dual speakers still output room-filling sound. There’s ample bass and music remains clear even when cranked up loud. In fact, the audio system here easily surpasses the one on the first-generation Google Nest Hub (the only model available here in India), making it an easy choice for anyone looking to get a smart display that doubles up as a small streaming music system.

Unfortunately, Amazon has opted to remove the 3.5mm audio output jack — a possible upsell for Amazon’s Echo Link ($199) streaming deck.

Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

Another change is the front-facing camera. Built for a post-COVID, video call-focused era, the 2023 model Echo Show 8 is being positioned as a hub for video calls alongside its smart home duties. To that effect, the camera gets a massive jump from a 1MP shooter to a 13MP camera with an ultra-wide lens.

What’s not so good?

Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

The software is still the Achilles’ Heel of Amazon’s smart displays. Admittedly, Amazon has been making moves to make the touch display a bit more useful with sticky to-do notes and by opening up the developer ecosystem, but we’re yet to see the fruits of those efforts. It’s just too bloated and unintuitive to be the easy-to-use, quick access experience it needs to be.

The Echo Show 8 feels like a voice-first device with its under-utilized display.

Basic functions like toggling smart lights can take multiple taps and that’s a problem that can’t be solved with better responsiveness. In fact, the entire device seems to be built with a voice-first approach, with touch capabilities added in as an afterthought.

Amazon also doesn’t have an alternative to Google’s excellent Cast functionality on the Nest Hub. This essentially locks you into a handful of streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu. Popping open YouTube is also an exercise in frustration as it requires you to load up Amazon’s less-than-stellar Silk browser. These issues aren’t new but they’re not really expected from a category of devices that is starting to become ubiquitous.

Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

On the camera side of things, I came to appreciate the drastically improved video quality, but the focus reframing definitely needs some fixes. The software seems to be a bit too aggressive in its attempts to keep the user in the frame and I noticed that the camera often kept shuffling between different zoom levels. During my test calls, I preferred to switch off the follow focus mode.

How To Backup Data On An Amazon Fire Tablet?

If you own Amazon Fire Tablet, it has a feature called Backup & Restore that automatically backs up your data. Well, such backup data comes in handy for retrieving and restoring data, especially after a device reset or a new tablet purchase.

Your Fire Tablet will start storing data as a backup only after you have enabled the feature. So, you can start by turning on the backup & restore settings on your device. Similarly, for personal files, you can also choose to use an SD card or PC as a backup. 

So, let’s quickly move on with the several methods for backing up data on a Fire tablet.

Launch Settings.

Another way to back up your data on Fire Tablet is by exporting the files. If you do not want to lose your contact data, you can export it and send it to yourself. This feature is also available for the calendar app.

For Contacts, you can export as .vcf format. Similarly, for the calendar, you can export it in the .ics file format. However, you must connect your Fire Tablet to Wi-Fi throughout the process. You can check out the steps given below.

Contact Data

Launch Contacts app.

If your Fire Tablet OS is 5 or earlier, you can tap OK to confirm. However, if your Table OS is 6 or more, you can move on to the next step.

Pick your desired Storage location and select Save.

Calendar Data 

Launch Calendar application

Next to each calendar file, you can see the Three-dot menu. Tap on it and choose Email.

You can send the attachment to yourself using email.

For users who do not use an SD card, you can check out the traditional way of backup. Using a micro-USB cable, you can transfer a copy of all the important files from your tablet to your PC and store them. Then, after performing a reset, you can transfer the files back to your tablet. 

Here are the steps on how to do it.

Firstly, connect your Fire Tablet to PC using a transferable micro-USB cable. 

Create a new folder on your PC to store the tablet files.

After you are done, you can safely Eject the tablet from your PC. 

You can also use a MicroSD Card as portable storage on your Fire Tablet to transfer files. Although you mainly use it to optimize device storage, you can use it as a means to back up data. It comes in handy for storing personal files and media. 

However, there are a few things to note first. If you cannot transfer some files, they could be copyrighted. Additionally, there is a high risk of data loss if you aren’t careful while removing the card. To be on the safe side, you can navigate to the device storage and remove it. 

Let’s check out the steps for using a microSD card as a backup.

Insert a compatible microSD Card into your Fire Tablet. 

If prompted, pick Set Up option on the Pop-up.

You can use Amazon Cloud Drive if you want to restore your personal files, videos, and photos. You can turn on the auto-save settings for applications to automatically back them up. Unfortunately, you can use this drive only till December 31, 2023. According to the official site, it will be permanently unavailable after the mentioned date. 

You can follow the given steps to enable Amazon Cloud Drive.

Launch Settings.

Difference Between Hq (High Quality) And Hd (High Definition)

The distinction between HQ and HD is that HQ is used to describe picture quality in resolution, while HD is used to specify video frame rate. For a better understanding, HD refers to a function that may be integrated into an electronic gadget. In contrast, HQ refers to the video you see as high quality. On an HD monitor, HD videos will look better than HQ ones. The typical resolution of HD videos is 720 px or greater in the case of its many equivalents, but HQ videos have a higher resolution than regular videos. Because of its universality, the default resolution for HQ movies is not established.

As video quality improves, the file size grows substantially. As a result, HD videos will have the biggest file size, followed by HQ movies, and ordinary videos will have the shortest file size. FPS, or frames per second, determines whether or not a video appears choppy. HD videos with a framerate of 60 frames per second will undoubtedly provide the finest watching experience; nevertheless, in the case of HQ videos, you may face some static displays. HD videos will automatically resize to fit the screen size of your viewing device while retaining their pristine quality. You may notice uneven outlines in HQ films when moving between devices.

Loading time grows rapidly as video file size increases. As a result, HD videos will take the longest to load, followed by HQ films, with ordinary videos taking the shortest. You don’t have to be concerned about video loading times if you have a fast internet connection. Your camera’s HQ mode may be used to shoot photographs in low light, while the HDR option amps up the contrast and aspect ratio.

The acronyms HQ (high quality) and HD (high definition) are sometimes interchangeable. However, they relate to two distinct things. HQ refers to audio quality, whereas HD refers to video quality. HQ audio is often produced at a higher bit rate than HD video, requiring more storage space and bandwidth to broadcast. HQ audio offers a larger frequency range than HD video, allowing it to catch higher-pitched sounds such as cymbals and songbirds. As a result, high-quality audio is sharper and more detailed than HD video. However, HQ audio takes more storage space and bandwidth than HD video, so it is not always suitable for streaming.

Read this article to find out more about HQ and HD and how they are different from each other.

What is HQ?

HQ, or High Quality, is a broad word to describe video quality, specifically visual quality. An HQ video will undoubtedly have a higher bit rate than an ordinary video, with a bit rate of 2-3 Mbps by default (megabytes per second). The bitrate is the number of bits that can be sent in one second. Because of the higher bitrate quality, HQ videos will appear more exact than normal videos. Their audio quality is likewise superior to that of conventional video. Because of their lower video quality, HQ videos load faster than HD ones. So, if you’re having internet problems, we recommend switching to HQ to watch the movie without pausing.

The phrase “HQ video quality” refers to a high degree of video quality. High-quality video is often obtained through high-end equipment and techniques, such as HD cameras and editing software. The size and resolution of the video file, as well as the bitrate at which the video is compressed, can all have an impact on HQ video quality. High-definition (HD) video quality is far superior to standard-definition (SD) video quality, and it may significantly affect the overall appearance and feel of a video. Professional films, or any circumstance where image quality is critical, require high-quality video.

What is HD?

HD is an abbreviation for High Definition, which denotes a higher-resolution video. HD videos have a typical resolution of 720 p, much higher than normal videos. Videos may now be seen on higher resolutions than HD – 1080 p (HD), 1080i (Full HD), 4K (Ultra HD), and 8K. (Ultra HD). The bitrate and audio quality are the best of all video qualities. The file size is also the largest. Therefore, you may have to wait a long time for the movie to load. To enjoy the greatest experience, ensure a good internet connection.

The most significant feature is that it automatically adapts to the screen size of your device. As a result, the movie will stay pristine regardless of your screen size, provided your gadget is HD- capable. The framerate is also boosted exponentially from 30 fps to roughly 1000 fps. This exponential growth in frame rate opens the door to slow-motion films, which can be filmed at a higher frame rate, such as 1000 frames per second, and then slowed down to 30 to 60 frames per second. Slow-motion is already available on the majority of phones nowadays. They are not as exact as professional recording equipment, but they are entertaining.

Differences between HQ and HD

The following table highlights the major differences between HQ and HD −




Quality of audio

HQ audio quality is superior to standard

HD audio quality is superior to both standard and HQ

Video quality

The video quality of HQ is superior to the standard.

HD video quality is superior to both standard and HQ video quality, i.e., 720p

Loading Time

HQ loading time is longer than the standard loading time.

HD takes slower to load than both standard and HQ.

Size of the file

The HQ file size is bigger than the standard.

HD files are larger than standard and HQ files.

Frame-rate limitation

The maximum frame rate of HQ is 30 frames per second.

HD frame rates are limited to 60 frames per second.


The primary distinction between HQ and HD is resolution. Resolution is nothing but the number of pixels in an image. The more pixels there are, the greater the resolution and image quality. The resolution of HD photos is 1920 × 1080 pixels, while the resolution of HQ images is 3840 × 2160 pixels. That’s double the number of pixels! Because an HQ image has so many more pixels, it appears sharper and clearer than an HD image.

Amazon Kindle Oasis (2023) Review

Our Verdict

At the same price and with a new adjustable warm light, the Kindle Oasis is still the most feature packed eReader you can buy. For most people, though, it will be too expensive compared to the affordable Kindles in the range.

Best Prices Today: Amazon Kindle Oasis (2023)




View Deal

Amazon periodically updates its range of eReaders and it’s now the turn of the premium Kindle Oasis. It’s not hugely different to the last version but in 2023 you namely get a warm light at the same price. Here’s our full review.

Although previously a little complex, the Kindle range is now a set of three; the regular Kindle, Paperwhite and then the Oasis. Thanks to various upgrades to the first two, there are fewer reasons to splash out on the luxury model but you still might want to.

We’ve always been impressed by the Oasis and Amazon has upgraded it for 2023. As usual, Amazon calls it ‘All-new’ but that’s not quite the case here.

If you’re following the Kindle in terms of generations, this is the 10th-generation model over all and 3rd-gen Oasis.


As mentioned, the Kindle Oasis 2023 comes in at the same price as the last model, which arrived in 2023.

That means you can buy it from Amazon starting at £229, $249 or 249 Euro. It’s almost twice the price of the Paperwhite and more than three times the regular Kindle, so you’re going to really have to want one.

You can buy it direct from Amazon.

At this price, you’ll get 8GB of storage but you can upgrade to 32GB and then that same larger storage with free cellular data so you can download content wherever you are – signal permitting – without needing to find any Wi-Fi.

Those in the

Here’s a price table for the Kindle Oasis 2023 models.

Design & Build

We don’t have a huge amount to say about the Kindle Oasis design for 2023. Amazon has kept it almost identical to the last edition.

If you’re new to the Oasis, this means that you’re getting an eReader with a premium aluminium chassis available in Graphite or Gold colours. Gladly, we didn’t find the front edge of the metal to be sharp as we found with our 2023 sample.

It has an ergonomic wedge shape so most of the weight is in your hand, reducing fatigue for longer reading sessions. It can be used in either orientation with automatic screen rotation.

It might be 0.1mm thicker at the larger end but it’s 6g lighter – neither of which are significant, of course.

The Oasis also features physical page turn buttons so you don’t need to touch the screen if you don’t want. It’s also IPX8 waterproof so you can read in the bath or similar situations without worry – it can cope with two metres of fresh water for up to an hour.

What is a shame is that Amazon no longer makes a magnetic case for the Oasis which neatly attaches to the thinner part of the device. We really liked this solution on the previous model which also doubled up as a stand.

You can still get some of these old cases and although they fit the 2023 Oasis, the magnets do not attach at the back. We imagine this is why the device is 6g lighter but we’d rather have those magnets.

The new cases wrap around the entire Kindle, therefore not making as much use of the wedge shape.

Specs & Features

Like the design, Amazon hasn’t actually changed much about the Kindle Oasis on the hardware front for 2023.

As you know, eReaders are much simpler products compared to a smartphone so there are no cameras, fancy fingerprint scanners so to be fair to Amazon, there’s little to upgrade on what was already a fantastic device.

The Kindle Oasis 2023 still has a 7in Paperwhite E-ink touchscreen with a 300ppi pixel density. That’s the same crispness of display as the other Kindles but the screen is 1in larger meaning you can fit more words on it.

The big, well we should say main really, upgrade for 2023 is that the light now has a warmth adjustment. This, like a lot of smartphones, changes the colour of the screen from white to amber. Like the brightness, you can adjust it in 24 levels.

It’s not scientifically proven, but it’s widely agreed that reducing the blue light makes for a more comfortable and less strenuous reading experience, especially at night. It’s as nice addition to have but it’s hardly ground-breaking.

Otherwise, the Kindle Oasis 2023 still has the kind of things we’ve come to expect such as plenty of storage for thousands of books – only those looking to download a lot of audio books will need the 32GB model.

There’s Bluetooth so you can connect some headphones or a speaker in order to listen to audio books. However, we’d still like a humble headphone port – especially since there’s space for one.

Battery life depends on how much you read but as usual you’re looking at around six weeks based on around 30 minutes of reading per day with the brightness set at 13. In other words, 21 hours of continuous reading.

Battery life isn’t really an issue then, but we do wish Amazon would move things on when it comes to charging. In a world of fast charging over USB-C, the Oasis is still stuck on the old micro-USB port and takes three hours to fully charge.


It’s hard to summarise this year’s Kindle Oasis since it’s so similar to the previous model, so it depends where you’re coming from.

Owners of the 2023 Oasis will struggle to justify an upgrade simply for a warm light. Otherwise, it’s a welcome update for the same price – even though we’d like more such as USB-C and a headphone jack. We’re also disappointed about the magnetic case being taken away.

If you’re trying to choose between the full Kindle range then you need to ask yourself whether spending this much for the ergonomic design, page turn buttons, auto adjusting light – now with the warm setting – and larger screen are worth it.

For most people, we suspect the Oasis is a little pricey. The Paperwhite is still the sweetspot – with a decent light and waterproofing – but even the regular model has a light now.

Specs Amazon Kindle Oasis (2023): Specs

7in Paperwhite E-Ink touchscreen, 300ppi

Built-in light with 25 LEDs and warmth adjustment

8/32GB storage

802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi (optional 4G)


micro-USB for charging

Page turn buttons



IPX8 waterproof

Graphite or Gold

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