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In today’s digital world, you can never be too careful when it comes to your privacy. There will always be something or someone trying to steal your sensitive information. Apple gives you a full set of privacy-focused options on your iPhone. Here are 9 essential iOS security settings you should change right now.

1. Reduce Your Auto-Lock Timeout 2. Remove Lock Screen Access to Widgets & Notifications

This is where you can disable certain types of information (and features) from showing up on your lock screen. We recommend disabling “Today View,” “Notification Center,” and “Wallet.”

3. Turn Off “Share My Location” 4. Block Cross-Site Trackers via Safari

While checking Safari’s settings, we also recommend enabling the “Fraudulent Website Warning” feature. And in case you’re easily annoyed by pop-ups, this is where you disable those as well.

5. Disable Diagnostics & Usage Data

This is where you’ll find a whole range of options, letting you decide when and what you want to share with Apple and third-party developers. If you want to keep your privacy under control, there’s no reason to leave any of the features you’ll see there enabled.

6. Prevent App Tracking Requests

The latest version of iOS brings a very interesting feature that puts an end to tracking via apps. That means you can now decide whether to allow certain apps to collect and track your data or want to stop this practice altogether.

7. Disable Notifications Preview 8. Limit Ad Tracking 9. Auto-Delete Messages Wrapping Up

You can never be too careful when it comes to protecting your digital privacy. The tips mentioned in this article on upgrading your iOS security will keep your information away from others. However, make sure to stay in the loop regarding what’s next for iOS in terms of privacy, as we expect additional privacy-protecting options to reach our phones later this year. 

Isaac Norman

Isaac is a freelance writer with over a decade of experience covering the latest technological innovations. Mainly focused on Apple-related software and hardware systems, his aspiration is to explore all the ways today’s digital world intertwines with our everyday life.

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The 3 Types Of Seo Reports You Should Be Building Right Now

This is a sponsored post written by Supermetrics. The opinions expressed in this article are the sponsor’s own.

SEO reports come in many shapes and sizes, which is why it’s important to start building yours with a clear goal in mind.

Do you want to:

Track your website’s organic visibility in the SERPs?

Get content ideas?

Identify ideas for paid search campaigns?

Figure out which link-building tactics have been generating the best results?

In this post, we’ll walk you through three must-build SEO report types that will help you stay competitive in 2023 and beyond.

Report #1: Website Health Audit

Before you do anything else, you’ll want to understand your website’s overall health in terms of on-page SEO (internal) and referring domains (external).

This report will function as the foundation for the following report types.

Pro tip: You can use Supermetrics’ SEMrush, Ahrefs, or Moz connectors to run this audit.

Website Overview (Internal)

This will help you see progress over time.

Next, create a breakdown of your key pages and their SERP positions.

This will help you identify the pages that require attention.

Finally, you’ll want to create an overview of all the domains you’re currently linking to.

Here, you might want to track the following metrics:

Domain authority.

Unique page count.

Domain type (typically it’s better to link to government or education domains as sources).

Link type (nofollow vs. dofollow and/or text vs. image).

After you’ve audited your own domain, it’s time to take a look at the domains that are linking back to you.

Backlink Overview (External)

This report will help you see which domains link back to your website.

From there, you can identify opportunities for backlinks.

In addition, you’ll see what kind of content external sites find valuable, which allows you to adjust your content strategy accordingly.

First, pull together the total number of referring domains, pages, and backlinks for each of your key pages.

After that, analyze how many backlinks you lost or gained over time, and from which domains.

You can also go more granular here and create a breakdown of links to see the exact URLs of the external domains that link back to your site.

Another helpful breakdown is referring domains by country, which helps you see the geographic regions that are linking back to your site.

In case you notice a large number of links coming from a specific location (e.g., Spain), you might want to consider creating some content in Spanish or focusing your backlink outreach activities on Spanish people and businesses.

Additionally, pulling the anchor text of your backlinks will help you understand the context of the backlinks you’ve gained.

Finally, it’s good to report on the first/last seen date to track how fresh the backlinks actually are.

Get Detailed Information About Your Website Pages

To complete the health audit, add more data about your website pages that have backlinks.

First, check Google Search Console to make sure all of them are indexed on Google.

After that, check the source URLs to make sure they haven’t changed.

If the URLs have changed, pay attention to the response code and set up redirects if needed.

Here’s an example of what your backlink breakdown might look like in Google Sheets:

Report #2: Paid Search & Organic Keyword Opportunities

After you’ve analyzed your website’s overall SEO performance, you can move on to the next report:

Identifying keyword opportunities for SEO and SEM.

SEMrush is one of the best data sources for this report.

Run a Paid Keyword Audit

First, let’s identify your website’s top keywords, check how much traffic these keywords are bringing in, and see which website pages these keywords are leading people to.

Next, check what your keywords’ paid search positions are.

This will help you evaluate the competitiveness of your current keywords.

If you’re using SEMrush, you can also check your own and your competitors’ ad text copy along with ad performance. This will help you spot:

Based on this information, you can see whether there are some keywords you can outbid.

You might also want to start creating content around high-performing keywords to get more organic traffic.

If you’re using Google Search Console and Google Ads, you can build a report that shows the following for each keyword:

Paid search CTR and conversions.

Organic search ranking.

This data will help you see how much each keyword/search phrase relies on SEM.

If the reliance is high, you might want to create more content around these keywords to get more organic search traffic.

If you want to learn more about this report and get a nifty Google Sheets template for it, head over to this post.

Get More Keyword Ideas for Your Content

SEMrush, Moz, and Ahrefs are all great tools for finding new content ideas.

First, you can pull your keywords’ organic and paid results along with their respective domains and URLs. This data alone can provide you with a ton of ideas on what to write about.

If you’re using SEMrush, you can also see the keyword’s ad history to get more ideas for your content and/or ad copy.

Alternatively, you can use a more targeted approach here.

Simply select a competitor’s domain and check what the top-ranking pages for a particular keyword are.

Next, create better and more comprehensive content that would rank better for a particular keyword.

Report #3: SEO Competitor Analysis

We’ve covered some examples of competitor analysis in the previous reports, but since this is such an important area, you should probably create a separate report with this data.

First, start with a general overview. Check your competitors’ domain authority, page authority, and number of backlinks.

Here’s an example of this report with data from Moz:

You can get this Data Studio report as a template for free from Supermetrics’ template gallery.

If you want to go granular, here are a few more ideas of what to include in your report:

Which keywords your competitors are ranking for?

What the traffic and CPC for each keyword is?

What the competitors’ backlinks are and from which domains?

Which domains are ranking for the same terms as you?

What content/keyword gaps there are between you and each competitor?

What your competitors’ best-performing paid ad copy is?

What kind of content your competitors create to rank high for a certain keyword?

Start Building SEO Reports for Free

As you’ve probably noticed by now, a great SEO report should include data from many different sources.

Start your free 14-day trial of Supermetrics today.

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Chatgpt Is At Capacity Right Now: 9 Ways To Fix The Error

AI is stealing everyone’s attention, ChatGPT, to be specific. Due to the surge in demand for the ChatGPT, users are reporting the ChatGPT at Capacity error while accessing it.

You can avoid ChatGPT at Capacity error by using a VPN, refreshing the page, trying in incognito mode, re-logging to the account and avoiding using it during peak hours.

As every cloud has a silver lining, you should not be disappointed.

This article will explore the possible ways to get over ChatGPT at Capacity error and ways to prevent it from happening in the first place.

ChatGPT is at Capacity Right Now: 9 Ways to Fix the Error

ChatGPT is at Capacity error is generally caused due to the over-flooding of the servers, which makes it unable for OpenAI to handle such a huge amount of requests concurrently.

The ChatGPT needs to rely on limited resources to handle those requests.

Therefore, OpenAI put some of the users into a queue to prevent the crashing of the servers.

This queue generally lasts for about an hour or less, as per our experience.

However, you can quickly fix the issue with a few simple steps.

1. Look For Any Possible Outages

There is a huge possibility that you will see the error message due to server outages, downtime or if under maintenance.

As we all know, users are outnumbering the server’s Capacity leading to frequent ChatGPT outages and crashes.

Therefore, it is always a good idea to confirm the server’s status before trying out the fixes on your side.

You can check the server’s status by visiting the OpenAI Status website.

Continue reading to learn how to download ChatGPT on your PC and Mobile.

2. Use the Get Notified Option

You can use the “Get notified” option to get an email notification from OpenAI that the server is ready to process your request.

Subscribing to the email notification saves you time because you won’t have to go back and forth to see if it’s available.

3. Refresh The Page

This may sound like a simple thing to do. You might also wonder whether it will help get us back on board.

To clarify, refreshing the page establishes the connection to the server from scratch.

This prioritizes the information loaded from the server rather than the outdated browser cache.

This might help you to get on the board when the new connection establishes.

You can press the following methods to refresh your page on the respective platform.

Operating SystemMethods

WindowsF5 or Ctrl+R


Android/ iPhoneSwiping down the webpage

4. Avoid Using in Peak Hours

Several people out there want to get their hands on the popular service.

Whether they are copywriters, developers, or students getting help for their homework, the ChatGPT servers experience exceptionally high demand due to a sudden surge in demand.

The ChatGPT is more populated by the users on working days (Monday to Friday), particularly during waking hours (7 am – 12 am).

You will often see this error while using within this time frame.

Therefore, if your task is not urgent and you want to avoid the error, the best option is to use ChatGPT during off hours.

You can expect error-free, consistent and fast responses when you ask the question to ChatGPT during off hours.

5. Mask Your IP Address

If you are constantly facing the ChatGPT is at Capacity issue, then your IP address might be the reason behind it.

It is reported that OpenAI imposes a cap when it detects any kind of unusual traffic from any of the IP addresses.

On top of that, OpenAI imposes FUP (Fair Usage Policy) to promote its subscription-based model, which makes its business model more sustainable.

In all of the above scenarios, those IP addresses might be unable to access ChatGPT, which results in the ‘ChatGPT at Capacity‘ Error.

It is worth noting that OpenAI’s ChatGPT is not available in some countries, including China, Iran, North Korea, Russia, Venezuela and Belarus.

You can try using of VPN (Virtual Private Network) to mask your IP address and make it accessible for you again.

You can choose from various VPN options that fit your need and budget. The best one to try out is Proton VPN.

6. Use Incognito Tab

You can also try using your web browser’s incognito mode if you constantly receive the “ChatGPT at Capacity” error when attempting to use the ChatGPT service.

This prevents your web browser from storing cookies and other data that may be causing the problem.

Read on to learn how to disable Incognito mode in Chrome.

7. Clear Site Cache

If you receive the “ChatGPT at Capacity” error when attempting to use a chat feature, the site’s cache is most likely outdated and needs to be cleared.

Follow these steps to clear the site cache from your browser:

In the drop-down menu, select Clear browsing data.

A new window will pop up; checkmark the Site data, including images and files that have been cached, cookies, and any other user information.

This will initiate the clearing cache procedure.

Read on to learn how to clear Microsoft App’s Cache.

8. Use Another Account

You can fix this problem by logging in using another account.

This account can be either a new one you create or an existing one you have not used in a while.

You can easily create another account with a different email address but the same phone number, as OpenAI allows you to open multiple accounts.

The freshly created account might not get the error message as the previous ones.

However, if the problem persists, it indicates that it is not related to your account; the chat servers are most likely experiencing a temporary outage.

9. Use ChatGPT Plus Subscription

If you are a heavy user of ChatGPT, you may have noticed the “ChatGPT at Capacity” error message popping up more frequently.

This is because the free version of ChatGPT only allows a limited number of users to be online at any given time.

ChatGPT Plus subscription removes this limit, allowing you to chat without interruption.

In addition, it has other benefits like priority customer support and early access to new features.

Therefore, if you are looking for a better ChatGPT experience, you should consider subscribing to the ChatGPT Plus plan which costs $20 monthly.

As of now, it is only available in the pilot subscription plan. But you can expect the stable version to be released soon.

You can get more info regarding the ChatGPT Plus subscription through OpenAI’s blog post.

The Bottom Line

We hope this article has helped you fix the “ChatGPT at Capacity” error.

If neither of these solutions works, you may need to look at the discord server of ChatGPT.

You can check out the best ChatGPT Alternatives to get your job done without relying on ChatGPT.

The Best Power Strips You Can Buy Right Now

Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

One of the most essential pieces of tech you can get your hands on is a good power strip. It is easy to forget about the benefits these simple devices offer, but they can make your life much easier and protect your electronics. Here’s a list of our favorite options, as well as some information you should know before making the purchase.

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The best power strips you can buy:

Editor’s note: This list of the best power strips will be regularly updated, so keep checking back for updates.

Why do you need a power strip?

Ryan Haines / Android Authority

You’ve probably used a power strip in the past. They allow you to reduce the mess in your home or office by containing all of your wires in one place. These devices will distribute power from one plug into many devices, making them very efficient in power usage. Furthermore, they often come with built-in surge protection, which can keep your electronics safe if there is a sudden jump in voltage.

What to look for in a good power strip

A good power strip will be strong against all kinds of damage, such as fire damage and blunt impacts. You should also pick one with built-in surge protection to ensure your electronics aren’t damaged in case of a surge.

Try to find one with an energy absorption rating of 500 joules or more, which is the amount of energy it will protect your devices against. Finally, you will also want to check that the power strip’s surge protector will be triggered at around 400V or less.

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GE 6 Outlet Surge Protector

General Electric is synonymous with quality and value. This item may not look as fancy as others in this list of the best power strips, but it’s an excellent option for those who seek simplicity. Outlets feature safety covers, and the unit comes with 800-joule surge protection. It’s also very affordable, making it a great deal.

Belkin F9H100-CW single outlet SurgeCube

This isn’t exactly a power strip, as it doesn’t have multiple outlets. We thought it was a great addition to this list, though, simply because we know many of you might not need an entire strip, but still want to protect a device from surges. Full power strips can get messy, too.

Anker Power Strip Surge Protector

Anker is another popular accessory brand, and looking at this product, we can tell why. The unit’s versatility and simplicity make it one of the best power strips available. It has 12 outlets and three USB fast charging ports. It also features surge protection by up to 4,000 joules, so it will keep your electronics safe. Its aesthetics are immaculate and simple to top things off, so it won’t look too bad if you decide to keep it visible.

Amazon Basics Standby UPS 600VA 360W Surge Protector Battery Backup

This Amazon Basics 8-outlet surge protector is also a battery backup device, and it’s ideal for computers and home networks. This can give you several minutes of continuous runtime if you experience a power outage, which is essential as it will keep your devices online, allowing you to save your work and protect your data.

APC UPS 600VA UPS Battery Backup & Surge Protector

This is another battery backup device with seven outlets, five of which are protected by the battery backup system. Capable of running for more than 20 minutes at 100W, this is the ideal solution if your area is susceptible to power outages and you want to protect your devices and your data. It also comes with a convenient USB charging port for an extra device.

CyberPower EC850LCD Ecologic UPS system

Need one of the best power strips with more battery juice? The CyberPower UPS system has 12 outlets, making it ideal for rooms with lots of devices. With 526 joules of surge protection and several minutes of runtime, should your power be cut off, you can use this power strip to protect your devices and your data from damage reliably.

Tessan Power Strip Tower

We’ve seen plenty of power strips with this cool-looking tower design, but the Tessan Power Strip Tower is among the best for the price. Let’s start with the design, which is clean and minimalist. But don’t let its look fool you; this Tessan power strip tower can take care of all your plug needs. It comes with eight AC outlets and four USB ports. The 10-foot cord is long enough for most needs.

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The only downside is that its surge protection isn’t good at 150 joules, but at least it can protect your devices to a certain extent.

Powsav 18-outlet Surge Protector

This Powsav is the best power strip for those who have serious outlet needs. It comes with 12 outlets, making it the most versatile power strip on this list. If all of those outlets weren’t enough, the unit also comes with three USB connectors and a USB-C port.

Plugging so many devices into a single device has its dangers, though. Luckily, the Powsav 18-outlet Surge Protector is up to the task with 2,100-joule surge protection.

Kasa Smart HS300

If you don’t mind handing out some extra cash, the Kasa Smart HS300 is definitely one of the best power strips with smart functionality. The official app can independently control all six outlets. Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Microsoft Cortana also work. It comes with energy monitoring, just in case you want to keep an eye on electric expenses. Then there are the three USB ports, which can keep your mobile devices juiced up.

Now that your power needs are met, are you looking to make your home smarter? Check out the link below for some great recommendations.

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Best Android Games You Need To Play Right Now!

Best Android Games You Need To Play Right Now! List of Best Android Games 10. Alto’s Odyssey

Image: The Verge

A standalone follow-up to Alto’s Adventure, this is one of the top android games in the endless-run genre. The game follows an endless sandboarding journey of Alto into the unexplored dunes, canyons, and other fantasy places while climbing up walls, jumping off gaps, and sliding on canal water. The game is recommended for its simple android gameplay and a melodious soundscape, which offers you immense peace of mind. The 4.7/5 rating on Play Store is an indication of the game’s capability to make the user addicted to it.

Download Now

9. Lonewolf

Image: Gadgets Magazine

A story of a sniper who has infiltrated a crime syndicate for an unknown reason. What follows is a series of captivating assault and sniper missions, and thrilling experiences of stealth, strategy, and focus. All of it added with suspense on who the protagonist is and what actually is his mission. While eliminating targets, you are made to go through the events of the past, leading to an

Lonewolf is a neo-noir android mobile game, with one of the best plotlines among mobile games. Though the game has gone through really slow updates in the past years, its gameplay experience is worth every minute.

Download Now

8. Cover Fire

Download Now

7. Clash of Clans 6. Asphalt 9

Image: Gameloft

Asphalt was the game that actually brought your Need for Speed fantasies on mobile screen for the very first time. And now, with new locations, upgrades in graphics, and several other features, it has become one of the top rated android games of all time. The latest version of the game features exotic tracks and locations to unravel with more than 50 modern-day road beasts to race with. You drive your favorite dream cars to be the Street King and make as many modifications your brain can offer. A living dream for racing and car enthusiasts, Asphalt 9 holds a 4.6/5 rating on Play Store.

5. Republique 4. Father and Son

Image: YouTube

Father and Son is not some arcade or puzzle game but is a direct emotional strike to players’ hearts and minds. The game uncovers a plot focusing on a father-son relationship via exploring three different tales set in three different eras – the present day Naples, ancient Egypt, and Pompeii in 79 AD. The three eras and the events around them uncovers a father’s love for his son, while the protagonist tries to learn more about his own father’s nature, whom he had never known.

A very simple game with comic strip graphics and a short-length story, it is one of the best android games that connect with the player at an emotional level, which is rarely a case in mobile games. Rated 4.5/5, Father and Son is a must play to have a diversion from commonly played games on android.

3. Game of Thrones: Telltale Series

Image: IGN

To all GoT fans, this game is a treat for life. You play multiple central characters and your choices shape the rest of the game. So, here you have a chance to mould the events of the famous HBO TV Show per your choices. The game focuses on House Forrester, bannermen of House Stark in the North, and is set right after the events of the infamous Red Wedding. As the seven kingdoms crumble in the fight between their self-proclaimed kings, House Forrester fight for its own survival, awaiting the inevitable Winter.

This game has only one single drawback. It’s not completely free. Though this topnotch mobile game has an episode ready to install, the user has to eventually pay to unlock the rest of the story. But guess it won’t bother GoT fans, right?

2. PUBG Mobile

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1. Distraint

Image: Indie Games

A pocket-pixel horror game, Distraint is the best game on Android right now. No it’s not action, or fun, or puzzle, or racing. It’s a life. Rated at fantastic 4.9/5 on the Store, Distraint is the story of Price, an aspiring real-estate banker, who has to force evict clients due on their loan payments. As he meets his “victims”, he learns lessons of life, while being haunted by horrors of pain his actions has caused them.

Supported by a beautiful soundscape, Distraint is set to be followed by sequel soon, and this one needs a more wider reach.

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About the author

Abhishek Sharma

6 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Study Cyber Security

On the top career list, cyber security has become one of the best choices to start with. The main reason is the high global demand for professionals. Companies are experiencing cyber-attacks at levels never experienced before. Due to this, organizations need expert support in attack mitigation.

Most hackers are highly experienced, which poses a greater challenge to organizations. The best counterattack strategy is to hire highly educated professionals. It is rewarding to consider studying cybersecurity. Here are six key reasons why it is important to study the subject.

What is The Cyber Security Field About?

Teachers are embracing the importance of teaching cybersecurity at school. Due to the fast growth of online studying, students often connect online to access college websites. They are prone to attacks while studying online or accessing materials for different subjects. Online education offers them the right knowledge to keep themselves safe on the internet. Students can read essays about cyber security effects and mitigation measures. The free samples are important when a student is preparing to write a college essay. When they refer to the paper samples, they get better ideas about their chosen topics.

In present times, technology is becoming more complicated daily. Millions of students are graduating with computer science degrees. Due to this, the rate of creating new applications has increased more than ever. IT systems are becoming more complicated, and so is the rate of attacks. The importance of cyber security in the modern digital world is keeping systems secure.

It plays different roles in the modern digital world. It ensures application security and prevents data loss. Experts in this field provide threat intelligence to organizations and manage system vulnerabilities. They build strong architectures, ensure network security and respond to incidents. In the simplest words, it ensures computer systems are secure against unauthorized access.

Learners must understand the basics. It starts with the basic terms used in the field, such as data breach, cyber security, and encryption. They should learn about malware, phishing, worms, and viruses. Understanding basic information such as hacking and data management is an excellent starting point for studying cyber security.

Also read:

5 Best Resource Capacity Planning Tools for Teams

Why This Major has Become So Popular Among Students

Organizations around the world are currently dealing with a new threat. On one hand, developers are creating strong threat mitigation applications. On the other hand, hackers are creating complex hacking applications. Due to this, organizations have a more complex challenge to deal with.

Many students are studying cyber security due to the benefits it provides. Apart from gaining knowledge, the field has unlimited opportunities. After graduation, they can work independently or get hired by various organizations.

Why Students Should Consider Studying Cyber Security

Lately, organizations are facing major computer systems security challenges. Due to this, the field is growing fast. There are many reasons why students should study a course in it.

It is a Highly Viable Field

It is a Well-Paying Field

Organizations in modern times depend on data to make important decisions. They collect big data, analyze it and get insights from it. This data is collected from multiple sources, such as payment systems, social media platforms, and online shopping platforms.

Organizations must protect their data and integrity at all costs. Due to the high value of data and its sensitivity, organizations are willing to pay experts well. If you are still not sure why you choose a course in this field, this is an important reason.

You can Employ Yourself You Can Work Anywhere in The World

Your Innovative Skills Grow You can Work in High-Profile Organizations


The field of cyber security is becoming important in modern technology. Demand for cyber security experts is growing at an unprecedented rate. Every organization in the world is dealing with unique online security challenges. Students should consider studying cyber security due to the benefits it offers. They can get jobs in any country in the world. Job positions in this field are highly lucrative and provide opportunities for skills growth.

Update the detailed information about 9 Ios Security Settings You Should Change Right Now on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!