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For some, being able to play Super Mario Run is a blast from the past but something entirely new for others. Whatever category you fall into, one thing is for sure, and that’s that Mario is here to stay. Only time will tell if it’s here to stay.

1. Master the Different Kinds of Jumps

Wall Jump – Jump when you’re heading towards a wall, and then tap on the screen again just as you’re going to hit the wall. This is going to make you jump in the opposite direction.

Flutter Jump – You can only flutter jump if you’re Yoshi. If you are, just tap and hold on the display, and Yoshi will flutter in the air for a while.

Climbing Jump – Mario can climb automatically, but if you tap on the screen while you climb, you’ll perform a Climb Jump. This move will get you many Toad fans at the Toad Rallies.

Vaulting Jump – Your character can vault over enemies automatically, but if you jump from them in the middle of the vault, you’ll get more coins and fans at the rallies.

Floaty Jump – This jump is exclusively for Princess Peach. To Flutter Jump, tap and hold, and she’ll float but only for short distances.

Rolling Jump – Your character will automatically roll to break the fall, but to gain extra fans at the rallies, tap to jump in mid-roll.

2. How to Play Bonus Levels

Super Mario Run lets you play bonus rounds every four hours. To play them, go to your kingdom and tap on the Bonus Game House which is the first building you installed.

3. Dying Can Be a Good Thing

You will lose a couple of coins in the process, but sometimes it’s worth it. By dying on purpose your character will be placed in a bubble, and you’ll rewind to the very beginning of the level. If you missed some coins, you can go back to that exact area by tapping on the screen.

4. How to Win Bonus Tickets for Toad Rallies

On every level you’ll see two types of coins: gold and pink. Collect all five of the pink coins, and you’ll get the bonus ticket. Not only that, but you’ll also unlock the purple coins, and if you get five of those, you’ll unlock the black coins.

5. Make Mario Stop in His Tracks

Once Mario starts running there is no way to stop him – or is there? Each level has its red blocks that will pause the timer as well as stop Mario. Unless you’re at a point where the path is going to split, you’ll need to avoid these red blocks.

The red blocks are meant to help you in situations such as getting on moving platforms or adjusting your timing. But remember to think quickly to see if they are useful or not at the moment.

6. How to Unlock More Characters

Playing with just one character can be boring. That’s why you should always have the goal of unlocking more characters. You can easily get the Toad character by linking your Nintendo account with the app.

Then, you’ll need to buy Luigi’s house in the app’s store. To switch characters, tap on the character portrait icon in the bottom-right once you’ve chosen a level.

7. Improve Battery Life and Performance

8. How to Remove the Thwomp Enemies

When you see your kingdom for the first time, you’ll see two Thwomp enemies crowding it. To remove those, you’re going to be given hammers as you progress in the game. You’ll receive them, but the game never tells you what they are for. Now you know. To use them, go to the Build menu and tap on the hammer icon in the bottom-right.


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15 Best Watchos 8 Tips And Tricks

watchOS 8 doesn’t make any radical changes to how the Apple Watch works. That’s a good thing. You don’t fix what’s not broken, right? But Apple’s latest update to watchOS still offers a handful of exciting features that you shouldn’t miss out on.

If you just upgraded to watchOS 8 or bought yourself a new Apple Watch, the tips and tricks below will help ramp up your user experience.

Table of Contents

1. Add Portraits as Watch Faces

With watchOS 8, you get to create amazing-looking watch faces with portrait photos. Your Apple Watch intelligently uses image depth data to make the digital clock float above and beyond the subject and even lets you zoom in using the Digital Crown.

To set up a portrait as a watch face, open the Watch app on your iPhone and tap Portraits under Face Gallery. You can then pick up to 24 portraits (which you can cycle through by tapping the screen later on), select a style (Classic, Modern, or Rounded), and add complications to spice things up.

2. Move Cursor with Digital Crown

watchOS 8 has unified the typing experience on Apple Watch with the ability to switch seamlessly between Scribble and Dictation. Also, if you make a mistake, you can quickly rotate the Digital Crown to move the cursor around.

3. Send GIFs in Messages

Want to send a GIF to someone? You don’t have to reach out for your iPhone anymore. With watchOS 8, you can add GIFs to messages right from the Apple Watch itself. 

Just tap the App Store icon to the left of the Create Message field in the Messages app and select the red-colored Search icon to access the GIF library.

4. Find Devices, Items, and People

Your Apple Watch can quickly help you locate a misplaced iPhone by pinging it. But with watchOS 8, the smartwatch expands its capabilities by adding a dedicated Find Devices app that helps you locate any Apple device you own. 

Additionally, you’ll find apps labeled Find Items and Find People. Consider that the iPhone’s Find My app is split into three distinct parts. Good stuff from Apple.

5. Set Up Separation Alerts

Open the Find Devices app, select a device, tap Notify When Left Behind, and turn on the switch next to Notify When Left Behind. You’ll then receive an alert the next time you stray away from the device. You can also set up safe areas (such as your home or workplace) by adding locations under Except At.

6. Use Focus Mode

Apple significantly enhanced Do Not Disturb with Focus across its complete lineup of products. As its name suggests, Focus keeps you focused on specific activities while still letting in notifications from select apps and contacts. 

Open the Control Center and tap the Do Not Disturb icon to switch between the four defaults—Personal, Work, Driving, and Sleep. 

7. Check Respiratory Rate 8. Add Home Keys

The Apple Watch has doubled up as a digital car key for a while. With watchOS 8, it also supports home keys. You can add them using the iPhone’s Home app and pick between two options—Express Mode and Require Authentication. 

9. Try a Reflect Session

If you loved the Breath app, you’re going to love Reflect mode in watchOS 8. Open the Mindfulness app (which now also houses Breath), and tap Reflect to focus on the stuff that matters. The default duration is set at one minute, but you can extend that by tapping the More icon (three dots) and selecting Duration.

10. Share Songs

You don’t have to hop over to your iPhone if you want to share songs in Apple Music. Just tap the More icon (three-dots) while playing a track and tap Share. You can then share it via Messages or Mail.

11. Share Photos

The same goes for photos. Tap the Share button while viewing an image in the Photos app, and you get to send it using Messages or Mail.

12. Pilates and Tai Chi

With watchOS 8, the Apple Watch supports two new workout types—Pilates and Tai Chi. Don’t forget to pick them up from the Workout app the next time you hit the gym.

13. Add Multiple Timers

Have you ever wished you could use the Apple Watch’s Timer app to keep track of multiple activities at the same time? watchOS 8 finally makes that possible. If you use Siri, you can even name them.

14. Use AssistiveTouch

Double-clench: Activate AssistiveTouch and Action Menu.

Clench: Confirm selection.

Pinch: Move forward.

Double-pinch: Move backward.

15. Search for Contacts

watchOS 8 sorts out a major pain point for the Apple Watch by introducing the Contacts app. The next time you want to call, message, or email a person, you can tap the contact within the Contacts app and pick the action you want to perform.

Improved and Less Reliant on the iPhone

Warzone Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Are you a beginner at Warzone? Not sure how exactly the game is played? Well, this is the best place for you as we are there with some of the most extraordinary tips and tricks that will allow you to master Warzone within a very short span of time.

So, let us have a look at some warzone hacks and understand how you can improve your gaming skills at Call of Duty Warzone.

Move to the battlefield really quickly:

You must make your way to the battlefield extremely quickly. This can be done by taking the help of the parachute. You can keep your parachute in the deployment mode before you move to the free fall state.

However, keeping your parachute deployed at all times may make you a little show but if you are the first to land on the battlefield, it will save you from enemies who might be open firing at you while you land. You will also be able to get access to better equipment.

Start to eliminate your enemies even before you land:

It is a very good idea for you to start killing your enemies before you make a landing. The Battle Royale game can accommodate only 150 players and with each player you eliminate, you go one step closer to victory.

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Make use of the ping:

One of the best things that you can do for yourself while you are playing Warzone is to make use of the ping. By taking the help of the ping option, you will be able to make your team aware of what exactly is happening around them.

Share the loot with all your teammates:

Well, if you wish to be really good at your game, then you should not be mean. Instead, you should play unitedly with your teammates.

There are different ways by which you can finance your teammates. This can be really useful because in case you get killed in the game, your teammates will be able to buy you back by purchasing the required items from the Buy Station.

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Make good use of weapons:

You should try to use your weapons properly while you are on the battlefield. You should also fix your weapon to a base.

This will help you to reduce the gun recoil while you are shooting. This is also going to increase your actual accuracy in the game.

Keep yourself shielded at all times:

Unlike other Battle Royale games, you will not be able to shield yourself using protective gears and helmets. Here, you will have to use armour plates inside your uniform to save yourself from your enemies.

A single player can use up to three armour plates at once. This will help the player to increase his health pool. The players will also be able to store up to five armour plates at once. This will allow them to share their armour plates with their teammates who have low health pools.

Finish off your contract task:

It is a very good way to earn money by finishing off your contracts. Contracts are a completely new addition to the game. Contracts may vary from killing a particular enemy to collecting loot.

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Check your map before dropping:

You must carefully observe the map before you actually decide to make a landing. If you land at a crowded place, then you may immediately be killed before you can even become an active part of the game.

And these are some of the tips and tricks that will allow you to master Warzone. You can also try to learn some easy warzone hacks to gain victory in the game and stay above your competitors.

Tips And Tricks To Shortening A Long Sales Cycle

Most define sales cycles as being the time between making the first touch point with the prospective client and closing the deal — and the larger the sale, the longer the sales cycle. Many sales teams in technology industries, especially those in B2B sales, experience longer than normal selling time. While numerous reasons contribute to the increased time to close and there are different variables in each sale, several tips and tricks can help you shorten the cycle and make it slightly more predictable.

Generally, shortening the time it takes to close a deal without negatively impacting the relationship with a potential customer is critical. A shorter sales period will allow a team to make more meaningful connections, develop relationships with key decision makers, ultimately make the sale easier, and create the opportunity to make more deals.

Prismview understands the importance of this, and we are committed to helping channel partners shorten their sales time as well. Below are some tips and tricks to help you navigate the often long sales cycles when it comes to large-scale LED display projects and why Prismview is the ideal partner.

Ask investigative questions

The first step in a sales cycle is identifying a potential project, deal or customer. Do your homework and ask the right questions from the very beginning.

“Ask good and investigative questions and figure out what is driving the decision,” said Brett Unzicker, EVP of sales for Prismview. “For example, is it timeline-driven? Does your customer need a new LED board in time for the start of football season? Is it budget-driven? Is there an allocated budget that is ear-marked for upgrades to existing equipment? Or is it process-driven? Are there specific internal or external processes of an organization that are driving the decision?”

Asking investigative questions from the start will help you determine how to best approach a specific project and will help you better understand the buying and purchase decisions. “First thought I have is, let’s better understand how our customers buy and align our sales cycle with their buying cycle so that our sales teams see tangible returns in their efforts. When we aren’t aligned the sales cycle feels very long,” offers Mike Kitts of the Golden State Warriors.

Additionally, understand the needs and timeline of each prospect. Once you know a customer has an event, specific roll-out date in mind or a hard deadline, you can use this information to help shorten the cycle as well.

Modernize your workplace with digital signage

White Paper

Explore how corporate offices are producing dynamic, engaging content for workers and clients alike. Download Now

Build relationships

With long sales cycles, the relationship with prospective customers will become one of the most important aspects of the sale and ultimately end decision. It cannot be overstated how vital an authentic connection can be when selling large projects and costly solutions. Build valuable relationships with your customers that extend beyond sales. Check in with the project manager or director of marketing for the project you are working on often, and be a resource for your client even after the sale is completed. Listen to what the customer is saying, learn their pain points and then offer a solution to the problem. Don’t sell them just a product; sell a solution. Whether that be your product or connections to another potential solution. Building and establishing a relationship with a prospect can take a bit of time upfront, but it will pay off in the end.

Create trust and credibility

Once you build a relationship and enough trust with current or prospective clients, they will be more likely to open up about the problem they are trying to solve. Individuals are more likely to be transparent if they know they can trust you. Establish yourself as an industry thought leader.

“Provide value to people before they need something from you,” said Unzicker. Develop a substantial LinkedIn presence and reach out to clients, manufacturers and prospective customers often. But don’t just sell. Engage with individuals and share meaningful content, even if it is an article or post not directly related to the product you are trying to sell. Become a trusted source on the digital signage industry and provide your clients helpful information. Educate them on different ways they can use their LED display and show them how they can use the sign for communication or building their brand. Building trust and credibility will help you stand out and create lasting impressions.

Bridging the gap

Partner with industry-leading companies to help develop a lasting partnership that will ultimately reduce the selling time in the B2B large-scale LED display market. Prismview goes beyond the board to provide a relationship and complete solution for your customers. By partnering with Prismview and Samsung, you’ll receive access to industry experts who understand how to shorten long sales cycles and help develop a plan that gets the right people involved to make the right decision.

Help your customers succeed with Samsung’s LED solutions.

8 Best Nokia 7 Plus Features And Tricks

Nokia 7 Plus has turned out to be a great smartphone. We have already published our review of the phone and it is one of the best mid-range devices you can buy today. Apart from bringing all the usual features of a smartphone, Nokia 7 Plus is also bringing some unique features which you cannot find on most other Android devices out there. In this article we are going to list out 8 best Nokia 7 Plus features and tricks which has impressed us the most:

Cool Nokia 7 Plus Features and Tricks 1. Face Unlock

After Apple popularized facial biometric system with FaceID on the iPhone X, some of the Android manufacturers also started including the face unlock features on their devices. OnePlus was one of the first companies to bring facial unlock with its OnePlus 5T, and now Nokia also joins the fold with its Nokia 7 Plus.

2. Nokia Spatial Audio Recording

One of the best features about Nokia 7 Plus is what the company is calling spatial audio recording. Technical nomenclature aside, the feature comes in really handy when shooting video or recording audio as the Nokia 7 Plus packs three high-quality microphones which can capture audio clearly, irrespective of the surrounding. So whether you are in a noisy environment or are a bit far away from your phone, your Nokia 7 Plus will be able to record your voice clearly.

3. Pro Camera Mode

4. Live Bokeh

With Nokia 7 Plus’s Live Bokeh mode, you can exactly see how your picture will look in the camera viewfinder before you take the picture. That means you can make necessary adjustments to your shots to get them exactly how you want them. Obviously, the picture you take will not exactly be the same as the one you saw through the viewfinder, that said, it’s better to have some inclination about how your picture is going to turn out rather than having nothing at all.

5. Bothie Photo Capture

Another camera feature that is exclusive to Nokia phones is what the company calls a Bothie photo capture which utilizes both the front and the back camera to capture a photo. The idea here is that if you have a friend sitting or standing in front of you, you can use the bothie capture to capture both your and his photo in a single shot.

In Nokia 7 Plus, the bothie photo capture has two modes. The first is the normal bothie mode which divides the camera frame into two equal halves. The second is the picture-in-picture mode which captures the shot as if you were on a video call with someone. Although bothie is not something which you are going to use on a regular basis, it will certainly come in handy in certain situations.

6. Go Live Directly from Nokia Camera App

To go live directly from Nokia 7 Plus’s camera app, first tap on the video icon to switch to video mode. Now, tap on the Live button marked in the picture above. As you can see, our camera app is showing Weibo as the only option. That’s because we have the Chinese model. The Indian model will show Twitter, Facebook and any other social media channels which the app supports. To go live, tap on the social media icon and then log-in with your information.

7. Gestures

I love when a smartphone manufacturer brings support for gestures on their smartphones as gestures make life so much easier. For example, on my OnePlus 3, I can double tap to wake the device, perform a three finger swipe to capture screenshots, and more. While Nokia 7 Plus also brings many gestures, my favorite is swiping down on fingerprint sensor to drop the notification panel.

8. Android “One” 8.1

One of the best things about Nokia 7 Plus is that it comes with Google’s Android One program which basically means that you are getting a stock Android experience with faster updates. In fact, as of writing this article, Nokia 7 Plus has already received Android 8.1 Oreo update, which is just amazing.

Apart from faster updates, it also means that you will get all the goodness that comes with Android Oreo. For example, you will get the new power menu, notification dots, automatic light and dark theme support, and much more. You can check out all the major features of Android Oreo here to see everything that you are going to get with the device. The bottom line is that Android One ensures that you will get new Android features and security patches faster than 99% of Android devices out there.

Enjoy These Awesome Features on Nokia 7 Plus

How To Master The Slide Master In Microsoft Powerpoint

Imagine you had a presentation with two dozen slides. To change one tiny element, you would have to move through all the slides making the changes one at a time. But what if you could change just one slide and have it applied automatically to all the remaining ones? 

Table of Contents

Make Formatting Easier With A Slide Master

Slide masters are like special templates but just more overarching. As the name suggests, it is the topmost slide in the deck that contains all the information about the theme, layouts, colors, and fonts that you want to have in all the slides.

You can use multiple slide masters in one presentation. Each will be responsible for a group of slides and their unique layout under it. The hierarchy looks like this:

Now that you have an idea of slide masters, let’s take a deeper dive into them. The instructions below apply to the slide master in Microsoft PowerPoint 2024, 2023, and Microsoft 365.

How To Open Slide Master In PowerPoint

The Slide Master tab in PowerPoint has all the tools you need to control the formatting.

The left pane displays the slide layout for your presentation. The Slide Master is the topmost slide in the hierarchy and looks like the blank content slide you get when you start a fresh presentation.

The controls are organized into specific groups with obvious functions:

Edit Master:  Use this group to edit the Slide Master. You can add another master slide with the Insert Slide Master button, or you can use the Insert Layout button to add a new layout under an existing Master.

Master Layout: Use this group to add or remove elements like the title, and footers. by adding or removing placeholders, the title, and PowerPoint footers.

Edit Theme: The controls in this group let you apply a pre-built theme or use a custom theme with the master slides.

Background: Set the background for the Slide Masters or the Layout Masters.

Size: Select the slide size and the orientation according to the requirements of your presentation.

In the following sections we will see how to make changes to a slide master that will automatically reflect on the slides that follow it.

What Are Layout Masters?

Of course, some slides can differ in their layouts from one another. Some of your slides will be designed for images, some for text, while some can have animation. These are controlled by another type of thematic slide called the Layout Master. 

These are subordinate to the Master Slide. And every Master Slide can have several Layout Masters. For instance, the Title layout is a type of Layout Master.

You can use one Layout Master for all slides that display text. Another for images… and so on. Change an element in one layout master slide and all dependent slides will change with it. You don’t have to mess with each slide. 

Working on designing a Layout Master slide is similar to modifying a PowerPoint template.

Format A Presentation Using Slide Masters

The slide master as we have seen has a default layout. You can use that or start from scratch with your own design.

1. Go to the Slide Master View.

2. The Slide Master tab on the Ribbon.

The Slide Master tab on the Ribbon is displayed. A new Slide Master appears with PowerPoint’s default layout.

3. Modify the Slide Master

The Slide Master has default placeholders for the title slide, sub-headings, footer, date, and more. Make any formatting changes you want to this plain slide. You can also pick from PowerPoint’s available themes to design the Slide Master.

4. Modify the Layout Masters

Every theme has several slide layouts. Choose the layouts to match your slide content. Some are better for text, some for comparisons, and some are better for graphics. 

5. Apply the Layouts

Most of your presentation will be controlled by the layout masters. Just remember to re-apply the layouts to the relevant slides if you go back and change something in the layout masters.

Make Your Masters Before You Start On Your Slides

HTML documents have style sheets. Word documents have styles. And, PowerPoint has Slide Masters. These are printing blocks that make anything that comes after they are made a lot easier. A PowerPoint design can be refurbished and made spanking new with a few tweaks to the master slides.  

You just saved a lot of time with the master slides. Put that time to better use to work on the actual content and make your PowerPoint more engaging to the audience. 

Update the detailed information about 8 Super Mario Run Tips And Tricks To Master The Game on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!