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No surprise, but November is packed with holidays and observances. You’ve got Thanksgiving, Small Business Saturday, and so much more to celebrate (hello, World Television Day!). So to help you stuff your social media calendar fuller than your turkey will be stuffed this Thanksgiving, we’re sharing:

Tips for your November social media plan

November social media holidays you can create posts for

More November social media ideas to try

PS: Download our 2023 marketing planning guide packed with social media ideas for every month of the year. 

Tips for your November social media calendar

Before we dive into November social media holidays, here are some general tips and ideas that can help you plan your calendar this month.

Research the right hashtags for your posts

Hashtags can give your social media posts a big boost. In fact, Instagram posts with hashtags get an average of 12% more engagement than those without hashtags. Do a little research to identify the right hashtags to use in your social media posts. You can choose hashtags related to your business, your location, trending topics, or your industry.

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Engage with other local businesses on social

Show businesses in your area some love by following their pages and engaging with them this month. This not only shows that you care about and support other local businesses in your community but might also give you some good ideas for your own pages!

Schedule social media posts for the rest of the year

Using these ideas and tips, you can schedule social media posts through November and get started in December so that when the last month of the year hits, you’re not rushing to get posts on your calendar. You can use a free social media scheduling tool like Later, Hootsuite, or Buffer.

Here are more resources you can use to fill your social media calendar:

We made customizable Canva templates you can use with our winter Instagram captions!

November social media holidays with ideas (and examples)

Here are the top November social media holidays to help you fill your calendar—with ideas and examples for each.

National Gratitude Month

With Thanksgiving coming up, people are already starting to think about what they’re thankful for, which makes National Gratitude Month an excellent observance to celebrate on social media. Here are some ways you can incorporate National Gratitude Month into your November social media calendar:

Ask your employees what they’re grateful for and share their quote with a picture or a short video of them answering the question.

Ask your customers what they’re grateful for and put the answers into a word cloud generator you can share on your social media pages.

Create a gratitude wall in your location and promote it on social media. Then share pictures of people adding to the wall along with their answers.

Start a #thankfulthursday series and post something you or your business is grateful for each Thursday.

Run a Facebook contest or Instagram giveaway and have your followers nominate someone they’re grateful for either by tagging the person or sharing their own post featuring the person and tagging your business. Randomly select a winner and post it on your social sites.


Movember and No Shave November

November is also Movember, which is an observance focused on raising awareness for men’s health issues including prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health and awareness. You may have heard of No Shave November, which is another way people raise awareness for men’s health in November. Here are some ways you can incorporate Movember or No Shave November into your social media calendar:

If your employees are willing to participate in No Shave November, feature pictures of their progress throughout the month. (Then on December 1, you can share a video of them shaving!)

Share facts and stats about men’s health throughout the month—this could be a good fit for healthcare businesses or businesses with primarily male clientele like a barbershop.

Run a best mustache contest on social media. Ask your followers to share a picture of their mustache and tag your business. Choose a winner at random to win a prize.


Native American Heritage Month

November is Native American Heritage Month, also known as American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month. This month is dedicated to educating people about the important contributions made by Native Americans as well as raising awareness about the challenges this group faces. Here are some ideas for highlighting this observance on social media:

Share information about the contributions made by Native Americans. You could share an article from a reputable source or share a trivia question with your audience. For example, have you heard about Native American Code Talkers?

Reshare content from resource groups, organizations, or the Library of Congress in honor of Native American Heritage Month.

Highlight important Native American figures throughout history–or even in your own community.


Healthy Lifestyles Month

Challenge your followers to a month-long health challenge on social media and post about your own journey on your social media pages. This could be a short walking challenge, a challenge to eat more veggies, or a challenge to try a new workout routine. Share resources throughout the month as well.

Share healthy recipes or healthy Thanksgiving recipes to your social media pages.

Share your favorite local walking trails or areas to get out and exercise. Tag the location in your post on Instagram and Facebook.

Ask your followers to share their favorite healthy lifestyle tips or recipes.


Nov 1: National Authors Day

National Authors Day happens on November 1 and is a great social media holiday for businesses. There are a lot of ways to highlight National Authors Day on social media. Here are some ideas:

Share a quote or quotes from your favorite author.

Crowdsource favorite authors or books from your customers and employees and share in a social post or to your blog that you can promote on social media.

Bookstores and libraries: Share pictures of your author displays, favorite books, or people enjoying reading at your location.


Nov 11: Veterans Day

Veterans Day is a federal holiday observed on November 11 to honor military veterans. This is a great day for your business to support those who have served by sharing on social media.

If you offer any military or veterans discounts or are running a promotion for veterans, make sure to share about it on social media.

Share a simple post thanking veterans for their service.

Highlight any employees you have who have served and thank them for their service.


Nov 13: World Kindness Day

World Kindness Day is a day to share and celebrate kindness. This fun November social media holiday also presents a number of ideas you can use to make your customers and followers smile:

Share an image created for World Kindness Day created by the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation.

Share ideas for how to celebrate World Kindness Day, like smiling at a stranger, sending a nice text to a friend or family member, or paying for a stranger’s coffee.

Randomly choose a few social media followers to win a small gift card or discount as a random act of kindness and share about it on social media.


Nov 15: National Entrepreneurs Day

As a business owner, this day is for you! And not to toot your own horn, but there are some great ways you can celebrate this special November social media holiday:

Share your story on social media. Why did your start your business and how? People love to connect with businesses that have a story, and this is a great day to tell yours!

Shout out your other favorite local entrepreneurs by highlighting their businesses on your social media pages.


Nov 24: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one November social media holiday you can’t miss, and it presents its own set of social media ideas. Here are a few to get you started:

Share a simple post thanking your customers and supporters.

Share a nice image wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

Post about your updated hours of operation if you’re closed for Thanksgiving.

Ask your followers to share their favorite Thanksgiving traditions or recipes.

Share a post showing how thankful you are for your employees.

If you’re holding a Thanksgiving event for employees, make sure to share pictures on social media.

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Nov 25: Black Friday

If you’re in retail, you know Black Friday is a big deal, and even if you’re not, you can get in on the action on social media.

Round up the best local Black Friday sales and promotions and share them on your social media pages.

Share funny images or gifs highlighting Black Friday.

Ask your fans and followers what they’re shopping for on Black Friday.

Tease your Black Friday specials on social media.


Nov 26: Small Business Saturday

Use the custom image creator from American Express to create and share social media posts about your involvement in Small Business Saturday.

Promote any deals, promotions, or events you’re holding in honor of Small Business Saturday.

Tease a special promotion code that you’ll announce on social media on Small Business Saturday and then post it that morning for people to use all weekend.

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Additional social media holidays

Here are some more holidays and observances you can incorporate into your November social media planning:

Gluten-Free Diet Awareness Month

Adopt a Senior Pet Month

Lung Cancer Awareness Month

National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month

Nov 2: National Stress Awareness Day

Nov 3: National Sandwich Day

Nov 4: National Candy Day

Nov 5: National Donut Day

Nov 6: National Healthy Eating Day

Nov 8: National Cappuccino Day

Nov 9: World Adoption Day

Nov 14: World Diabetes Day

Nov 15: America Recycles Day

Nov 16: National Fast Food Day

Nov 16: National Day for Tolerance

Nov 17: National Take a Hike Day

Nov 18: World Philosophy Day

Nov 19: International Men’s Day

Nov 20: Family Volunteer Day

Nov 20: International Children’s Day

Nov 20: Transgender Day of Remembrance

Nov 21: World Television Day

Nov 21: Pumpkin Pie Day

Nov 24: National Jukebox Day

Nov 26: National Cake Day

Nov 29: National Greeting Card Day

Nov 28: Cyber Monday

Nov 29: Giving Tuesday


Want a full list of social media holidays for every month of the year? We’ve got you covered!

Even more November social media ideas to try

You don’t have to rely on holidays and observances alone for your November social media. Here are some additional ideas to test this month.

Share your holiday décor

Whether you’ve already decked out your store for the winter holidays or are adding some Thanksgiving flair, you can get your social media audience in the holiday spirit by showing off your location.

Share pictures of your location decorated for the holidays, any November holiday-related store signage you have, and any related items people can grab when they stop by.


Show the lighter side of your business

Social media is meant to be fun, and people like to engage with social posts that make them smile. You can use social media to show the lighter side of your business by sharing something fun or funny or by giving a behind-the-scenes look at your day-to-day.

Showing your lighter side might even include highlighting one of the social media holidays we shared like National Donut Day or National Greeting Card Day.


Get in on Instagram Reels

Videos are the future of Instagram, so if you haven’t jumped on the Instagram Reel bandwagon, now is the time to start! Here are some ideas for an Instagram Reel for your business:

Create a fun video highlighting any promotions or specials you’re running.

Get in on the latest Reel trend and tailor it to your business.

Create a quick Q&A.

Get more ideas for your first Instagram Reel here.


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Be thankful for November social media holidays

A packed holiday calendar means ample opportunity for your social media calendar. By building your social media marketing strategy around November social media holidays and observances, you can engage your audience in a timely way and stay top-of-mind into the busy winter holiday season.

Stephanie Heitman

Stephanie is the Associate Director of Content for LocaliQ and WordStream. She has over 10 years of experience in content and social media marketing and loves writing about all things digital marketing. When she’s not researching the latest and greatest marketing news and updates, she’s probably watching reality TV with her husband, reading, or playing with her two pups.

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53 September Social Media Holidays & Ideas To Spice Up Your Fall

“Alexa, play September by Earth, Wind, and Fire!”

That feeling when your business is #winning at September social media marketing.

It’s time for your business to celebrate all the wins you’ve had this year. You’ve officially made it to the tail-end of the year as you enter September! Don’t lose your marketing momentum. Leveraging September social media holidays to inspire your posts can help you consistently push out content as you enter yet another busy season. That’s why we’re covering:

Tips for successful September social media posts.

53 September social media holidays with ideas and examples.

More September social media post ideas to fill your content calendar.

With this post, your business’s September social media growth will soar.

September social media post tips Post purposefully

This first social media tip might not be what it looks like at first glance. While you want your posts to mean something to your audience and align with your brand’s feel, you also need a clear purpose for each post that will relate back to your social media goals.

Use LOCALiQ’s website grader to get actionable tips to improve your website and online presence.

Maintain a regular posting schedule

Not only does posting regularly help to hold you accountable throughout the month of September, but it also helps to maintain brand consistency. When you post according to a schedule, your audience will know exactly what to expect and when to expect it. This will prove to your followers that your brand’s account is one they can rely on for consistent content.

Aside from the brand recognition benefits of a social media holiday schedule, you’ll save time since you’ll have content prepped and ready to go out in a flash throughout the month.

Lastly, certain platforms may have time slots that can be more or less popular for businesses. A posting schedule helps you to strategically put your September posts live throughout the month during times that will maximize your social media marketing ROI. To start, check out these resources on post timing and scheduling:

Investing in an online scheduling tool like this one can help you manage your September social media posts.

Use engaging creative elements

This final September social media tip pulls your strategy together. You have your goals in mind and a set schedule, so now comes the fun part: getting creative! You’ll want to have engaging photos and videos that will appeal to your audience.

To make that easy to achieve, try free design tools like Canva to prep custom social media content.  That way, you can also crop your photos to each platform’s size requirements in a flash.

It’s also recommended to keep your captions as captivating as your creative assets, so try out social media trends like emojis or hashtags. Elements like hashtags achieve two objectives at once: they help your posts get found in feeds while also catching your audience’s eye. Here are some September social media hashtags to help you unleash your inner creative side:

















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September social media holidays (with ideas and examples)

Check out these September social media holidays:

Classical Music Month

Create a shareable playlist to enjoy with your brand community. Pick out some of your favorite classical tunes and organize them into a playlist under your business’s name on any free public streaming platform. You can share the playlist on social media and have your followers join in on listening along with you. Plus, you can use the playlist to play in-store or in-office for an added dose of brand recognition.

Highlight an inspiring classical musician from the past or present. There are tons of classical musicians that your followers will love to learn about. This post is sure to be well-received by your followers since over 50% of social media users are on social platforms with the intention to learn something new.


Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month runs from September 15 to October 15. It’s meant to celebrate the rich history, culture, and contributions Hispanic American citizens have made to their communities. Hispanic Americans have ancestors from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, as well as Central and South America. This September monthly observance acts as an opportunity for your business to have a more inclusive marketing strategy. Here’s how:

Invite a member of the Hispanic American community to do a “social media takeover.” Do you have an employee, family member, or friend of your brand that proudly identifies as Hispanic American? Pass your “mic” off to them throughout September to discuss their favorite traditions, facts, and what it means to be Hispanic American to them. They could do posts or live stories that you can reshare all month long!

Take part in a Hispanic Heritage community event. There are tons of Hispanic Heritage events throughout the days of September and October, so see if you could become a sponsor or vendor at one of them. If you don’t have the marketing budget to do that, volunteering at your local Hispanic American community center can be just as effective. However you choose to give back during Hispanic Heritage month, be sure to take plenty of photos or videos. That way, you can share them on social media to inspire your audience to do their part as well.


Self-Improvement Month

While it’s okay to be content with how things are, there can always be room for improvement. Self-Improvement Month aims to remind us of that, and here are some ways you can improve your social media posts with these ideas:

Do a video walk-through of how your business has evolved. Have you made improvements to your products or services throughout the years? Or, perhaps, your business has improved its processes or workspaces over time. Whatever improvements you may have made, this September social media holiday is a great opportunity to combine your video marketing strategy with your social strategy. An educational video series can promote your business to prospective customers while staying festive for this monthly observance.

Point out ways your product or service offering can play a part in your followers’ own self-improvement journey for a promotional boost.


National Chicken Month

There isn’t a ton of information on how National Chicken Month came to be, but we certainly don’t mind it as a September monthly observance! Use this amusing theme to add a splash of fun to your social media posts:

Post a delicious chicken recipe. Your followers will eat up this type of social media content, especially since more than half of social media users hop onto social platforms to find new recipes.

Share chicken fun facts. Entertain your audience with some little-known facts about chickens to help your business stand out during this September social media holiday. For example, did you know that there are over 25 billion chickens in the world? That means they outnumber humans four to one!

Repost a funny chicken meme or video. It’s a best practice to have a variety of content on your social media pages. In fact, the 4-1-1 rule says that for every self-serving, or “hard sell,” post you have, you’ll also then want to share one other “soft sell” relevant post as well as four other related “entertaining” posts. The set of four posts are often reposts, so resharing a funny chicken meme or video is the perfect opportunity to ease into this best practice.


September 4: National Tailgating Day

Luke Lorick, president of the Tailgating challenge, started National Tailgating Day in 2023 to spread his love for tailgate parties. The purpose of this September social media holiday is to inspire sports fans to load up their trucks or cars with food and friends to go cheer on their favorite teams. Here are our top Tailgating Day ideas:

Post highlights from your own tailgate. Have you had a tailgate with your company, friends, or family before? Provide a recap to your followers to help give them ideas for their own football fun.

Share a go-to tailgate recipe. Fan food is arguably the best food. These days, the food on football Sundays can be as intense as the game! From buffalo chicken dip to the best steak tip marinade, to crispy potato skins, there are plenty of tailgate-related recipes your followers will love to see on your page.


September 5: Labor Day

Labor Day is a major holiday your business definitely won’t want to miss out on. Be sure to check out our entire post on Labor Day social media posts! In the meantime, here are a few Labor Day social media post ideas to get your long weekend social plans started:

Try a sweet and simple “Happy Labor Day” post. Your followers will be eager to get offline and enjoy the long weekend, so saving yourself time with a templated Labor Day social media post will be efficient and effective. When you wish your followers a Happy Labor Day, you’re showing you truly care about how they spend this September holiday, so this post will be greatly appreciated.

Build your employer branding by highlighting how you or your employees are spending the holiday. You could have your employees submit photos or videos of how they spend Labor Day to reshare on your pages.


Related: Get more Labor Day marketing and promotion ideas here.

September 15: Online Learning Day

With all that happened due to the pandemic in the last couple of years, no one is a stranger to online learning these days. In fact, online learning has evolved quite a bit, and here is how your business can capitalize on this September social media holiday:

Create an educational video around your top product or offering. In the spirit of this September social media holiday, people will be eager to learn via social media. Use this as an opportunity to go into all the details of what your product or service offering does to help meet your customers’ needs.

Share out online learning resources. There is always more to learn out there, so help your audience jumpstart their own online learning journey by sharing out links or providing recommendations on online courses you love.


September 25-27: Rosh Hashana

Rosh Hashana is a religious holiday that signifies the Jewish New Year. For people of the Jewish faith, it is a time for reflection, prayer, and enjoying time with friends and family. Don’t miss out on acknowledging this holiday on social media with these ideas:

Wish your followers a Happy New Year! Since Rosh Hashana is the Jewish New Year, this is a friendly yet simple way to honor the holiday.

Give insight into Rosh Hashana facts. Some of your social media audience may not be as familiar with Rosh Hashana, so take this as an opportunity to introduce them to all the cool history behind the religious holiday. For example, the first morning of Rosh Hashana will always fall on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday. It will never be on a Sunday, Wednesday, or Friday since the Jewish calendar follows a specific rhythm.

Share a traditional recipe. The best part of any holiday is the food, of course! Rosh Hashana holiday feasts usually start with two loaves of round challah bread sweetened with raisins and dipped in honey. Find a similar recipe or other delicious, traditional treats to delight your followers!


September 26: National Family Day

Without family, where would we be? Family is just as important to your followers as it may be for you, so here are some ways your business can show appreciation for family on social media:

Host an event filled with fun for the whole family. Whether your event is in-person or virtual, this is the perfect opportunity to bring your followers’ families together for a special celebration of this September social media holiday. Be sure to share plenty of pictures and videos from the event, as well as tease the event leading up to the day, to squeeze the most out of this post idea.

Post a picture of your family. Your followers will be interested to get an inside look at the family behind your business, so sharing a simple picture of your family will go a long way on social media.


September 29: National Coffee Day

Believe it or not, National Coffee Day falls at the end of September because people historically needed that extra jolt to get them through the busy fall season. Liven up your social media feed with these National Coffee Day ideas:

Promote a coffee-related limited-time offer. Limited-time offers are ideal for social media holidays like this because there are endless ways you can frame it. Whether you partner with a local coffee shop to offer a free gift with purchase, switch product colors to coffee color hues, or do other special promotions, you’re sure to see riveting results.

Post a picture of your own cup of joe. Share with your followers how you start your day with a picture of your favorite cup of coffee, or whatever drink you prefer.


September 30: International Podcast Day

National Podcast Day was first celebrated in 2014, and podcasting has taken off since then! In fact, 55% of the U.S. population ages 12 and above listen to podcasts. There’s no doubt your followers love podcasts, so here’s how your business can take part in this September social media holiday:

Record a podcast for your business. Podcast marketing continues to be on the rise as one of the trendiest strategies for small businesses. Use this September social media holiday as an excuse to ignite your podcasting fire! You can try out podcasting by creating a single episode and promoting it across your social media marketing channels.

Repost a podcast you think your followers might love. If creating your own podcast doesn’t feel feasible, you can always reshare a podcast that’s relevant to your niche market.


Even more September social media holidays

Here are more September social media holidays you can frame your posts around:

Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month

National Blood Cancer Awareness Month

National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

National Mortgage Professional Month

National Self-care Awareness Month

September 1: World Letter Writing Day

September 2: National Food Bank Day

September 3: Skyscraper Day

September 4: International Bacon Day

September 5: Be Late for Something Day

September 5: Cheese Pizza Day

September 7: National Acorn Squash Day

September 7: International Day of Clean Air

September 7: National Beer Lovers Day

September 7: National Grateful Patient Day

September 8: International Literacy Day

September 8: World Physical Therapy Day

September 10: National 401(k) Day

September 11: National Grandparents Day

September 12: National Video Game Day

September 16: National Guacamole Day

September 16: Working Parents Day

September 17: Citizenship Day

September 18: National Cheeseburger Day

September 19: National Dance Day

September 19: National Women’s Friendship Day

September 19: Wife Appreciation Day

September 21: First Day of Fall

September 21: International Day of Peace

September 22: Business Women’s Day

September 22: National Singles Day

September 25: National Daughters Day

September 25: National Hunting and Fishing Day

September 25: National Lobster Day

September 28: National Women’s Health and Fitness Day


September 11 social media posts

A common small business challenge is knowing what to do on social media for memorial holidays, like September 11. Since this September observance is so sensitive, we thought it’d be helpful to do a separate section with a couple of ideas to help businesses navigate this day:

Remember and honor the day

The September 11 tragedy is one America will never forget. You might want to try posting a simple remembrance post that honors and thanks all the first responders who fought to protect the American people that day.

Choose not to post

Unlike all the September social media holidays above, September 11 is a somber occasion. So much so, that many people may find businesses trying to market during this day offensive. It can feel inappropriate to try and promote your brand on such a sensitive day. So, show your followers you respect their time to reflect by not posting at all.


Even more September social media ideas (not about holidays!)

If September social media holidays don’t float your boat, there are plenty of other ideas you can frame your social media content around during this time of year.

Give company updates

September is often a month that people associate with starting fresh. Between a new school year, cooler weather upon us, and holidays coming up, there is lots your followers will be juggling this month. Let them know what they can expect from your brand in the coming months and use this post idea to showcase any new plans for the fall season.


Spice up your product positioning

The best part about September is that we can dive into fun fall flavors, scents, colors, and more. Switch up your product or service offer positioning by making it a fall-themed item to promote on social media throughout the season.

For example, if your dental marketing plans for summer have been pushing summer break appointments, you might want to adjust your posts to talk about flexible school-hour scheduling and any fall treats patients can get for coming in.


Recap your summer highlights

No doubt your business had a great summer—especially if you leveraged our other LOCALiQ summer marketing resources, like our summer promotion ideas!  End on a high note by wrapping up all your business’s best summer moments.

Whether you share a series of photos, a slideshow video, or simply bullet out some of your brand’s summer highlights, this will help your followers get a big picture view of all your accomplishments.


Whether you’re a seasoned pro, or totally new to local social media marketing, these September social media holidays and ideas provide the tools needed to post confidently and get results.

If you still feel like social media is a struggle, you’re not alone! Our experts are here to help and ready to coach you through all your social media hurdles. Plus, be sure to check out our other free social media marketing resources (like our guide to simplified social media marketing) to squeeze the most out of your social strategy.

Susie Marino

Susie is a senior content marketing specialist at LocaliQ where she uses her experience as a PPC consultant to share tips, tactics, and best practices. Outside of work, Susie loves to get outside for some snowboarding or (once the cold weather melts away) hiking!

Other posts by Susie Marino

Social Media Marketing Online Training Course

Social Media Marketing Learning Path Use a strategic, data-driven approach to improve the effectiveness of your social media marketing activities How will this Learning Path help me and my business?

This structured e-learning activity will help you or your team use a more structured approach to managing and optimizing social media as a strategic communications technique. Examples and benchmarks are discussed from the main social networks including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

What is a Learning Path?

Smart Insight’s Learning Paths are our unique interactive online training courses which explain concepts, give examples and test understanding.

We appreciate finding time for skills development is a challenge, and so Learning Paths enables training to be bite-sized, engaging and results orientated since they integrate with our templates to plan, manage and optimize your marketing.

Unlike many online e-learning courses, each module is self-contained, so you can rapidly/quickly access guidance to improve the effectiveness of the marketing activities you are working on right now. Common modules are shared between Learning Paths to avoid duplication of learning material. You can also complete the full Learning Path to earn a CPDSO certification.

As you work through each topic, we recommend and explain the most relevant member resources, so you can download templates to plan, manage and optimize improvements to your website.

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Once you have completed a Learning Path, send an email to [email protected] to request your CPD certificate.

Learning Objectives

Identify the benefits of a more planned approach to social media marketing then design and implement a social media plan.

Review the effectiveness of your social media marketing against benchmarks and other organizations then identify improvements to how your social media marketing is managed.

Structure a social media strategy to improve customer lifecycle communications that translates into practical actions and improves your goals.

Review the requirements and features of tools for social listening and put in place a reputation management process to respond to complaints or customer service requests.

Identify how to improve your approach to optimizing the effectiveness of your social platforms, both organic and paid, by reviewing your company page to enhance its effectiveness and defining methods to increase follower engagement through optimizing content for each social channel.

Understand different types of insights you can present in a monthly social media report including the business contribution of social media using reports available in Google Analytics including comparing the follower growth and engagement for your company pages on different social networks

How is the Learning Path structured?

The Learning Path is separated into these topics and modules:

Topic 1 – Discover social media opportunities

A planned approach to social media marketing

Audit social media marketing activities

Learn the latest social media developments

Set social media goals

Topic 2 – Planning and governance of social media

Create a social media strategy

Social listening

Customer service and success

Influencer marketing

Topic 3 – Practical social media marketing

Optimize your organic TikTok marketing

Optimize your organic Instagram marketing

Optimize your organic Facebook marketing

Optimize your organic LinkedIn marketing

Using social media to support a marketing campaign

Using social media to amplify linkbait

Optimizing paid social media activity

Reporting on social media effectiveness

Roles who will find this Learning Path useful

Company owners and directors working for smaller businesses

Digital marketing managers, marketing executives or specialists responsible for social media marketing

Consultants or agency account managers

Talking: A Strategic Social Media Management Framework

Frameworks for managing social media marketing

When I first read Groundswell by Forrester, I really liked their social media management acronym POST. It gave you a simple framework to digest their approach to social, don’t just jump to the technology, look at your People, Objectives, then develop your Strategy and finally implement the Technology.

This inspired me to create my own acronym TALKING, a social media management framework to help shape and champion social media plans. I’ve used it with many different types of business since and it seems to give rise to good discussions around the main social media strategy and management issues.

7 elements of the TALKING framework to manage your social media marketing

1. Tribes

Define and build your segments and personas.

Linking to Seth Godins reference to people being part of tribes of like-minded people who are connected and share goals and interested – in this context I am talking about your segments and persons. It is the first step before you dive right into your strategy is to create your persona for your ideal customers.  Find the hooks, the pain points, the problems that they will have and think about how your product or service is going to solve that problem for them.

 2. Activities

Understand their social activities and footprints.

Once you have identified your personas you will have a better understanding of what they are doing online.

Do your target audience maintain a profile on networking sites like LinkedIn or Facebook (joiners), do they read blogs or watch videos (spectators), or post reviews (critics) are they creating content (creators), do they bother with social media at all?

3. Listening

Taking the time to understand the conversation landscape.

When you know where your tribes hang out, and you have a confident indication about which social media channels they are using, you need to start listening. If you jump right in and start talking at people with no thought to what content will hook or engage them, you are simply shouting at people who will ignore you and won’t be afraid to publicly tell you that you have missed the mark.

This is the time you want to find groups and see what the hot topics they are talking about. Do your homework; find out who are the influencers that you need to engage with. Don’t forget to listen to what your competition is saying on their channels. 

A tip at this stage is to use Google Trends to map out the hooks and pain points you identified in your personas and listening activity and map out a calendar or topics for your social media conversations.

If you have social monitoring tools (free or paid) set that up now and monitor the conversations based on your target keywords, brand names, and the issues/ paid points your target audience are interested in.

4. KPIs

Key Performance Indicators: measuring your efforts.

Social media can have a bad reputation about being fluffy and not a value driver for a business, but it can and should be measured.

You must demonstrate to the board that your efforts will make a difference to the bottom line, and the only way you can do that is to measure with metrics. Not sure what metrics to use? Don’t be fooled by vanity metrics, check out 19 social media metrics that really matter, according to Hootsuite.

5. Investment

Identify resources, technology and time to implement.

You have an idea what social media platform your target audience live, what they talk about, who sways influence, how you are going to measure it. Now you need to identify what your company needs to invest it to make it happen. Social media platforms may be ‘free’ to set up but many companies fail in their social media strategy by underestimating the resource’s needed overall.

Do you have a dedicated person who is going to monitor and reply to your tweets, who is going to write you blog posts? What is the process if someone posts something bad? What would your social media policy be?  Do members of the team need additional training and development? Will you outsource some campaigns to agencies?

6. Network

Discover and engage with influencers

Influencers…..they will be the ones who with one bad status update will convince a percentage of people in your target audience never to use you, and don’t just base it on number of followers, companies have been knocked down a peg or two by people with a few hundred followers.

7. Goals

Set SMART goals for your business

Your social media management framework should provide you with information to link back to company goals- are you doing this for awareness, sales, loyalty, retention?

Google Analytics provides a number of reports to help you analyse how much your social media efforts are impacting your goals and bottom line.

Found within the Acquisition/ Social section of the site, there are a good couple of reports to help you report and gain insights on:

Network referrals: how much traffic was sent to your site

Data Hub Activity: shows you the posts that took place whilst sharing content, great for understating trends.

Landing Pages: lets you the top landing pages from your social referrals.

Trackbacks: get data on what sources are providing you with traffic, great for finding potential influencers for your brand to work with.

Conversions: critical for your ROI reporting- how many goals were completed or assisted by social activity and can drill down by platform.

Plugins Users Flow: most websites now have social sharing plugins, this report will help you understand how people are interacting with your content for example some social sharing buttons may be working better than others, or content types e.g blogs may get more shares on Linkedin than Twitter.

I hope you find the TALKING social media management framework useful. For more on social media marketing management see our Social Media Marketing Learning Path for modules ranging from strategic planning to trends and tactics.

Also, don’t forget about our RACE Framework for omnichannel strategy and planning.

Core Module

Structure a plan using Smart Insights’ RACE

Part of the Digital marketing strategy and planning Toolkit

Learn how to structure a comprehensive omnichannel marketing plan, using Smart Insights’ RACE

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7 Inspirational Social Media Campaign Examples (Free Template)

Social media campaigns are the rocket fuel of your marketing efforts: a concentrated burst of energy that boosts your brand.

Social media campaigns are the rocket fuel of your marketing efforts: a concentrated burst of energy that pays off in a major boost to your brand reputation, awareness, or sales.

Looking for inspiration for your next social media campaign? We’ve gathered a selection of the best over the last year to show you how it’s done.

Bonus: Download a free social media campaign template to help you plan your next goal-crushing campaign of any size or budget. Assign responsibilities, set timelines, list deliverables, and more!

What is a social media campaign?

A social media campaign reinforces or assists your social media marketing strategy. It’s a series of coordinated actions that are intended to fulfill the goals set forth in your strategy.

A social media campaign will feature specific outcomes that can be tracked and measured over a specific period of time (e.g., one month). It should be more concentrated and targeted than your “business as usual” social media content.

Your campaign can be limited to a single network or take place across multiple social media platforms. Often it will have a specific theme, such as “Black Friday” or “Fashion week.”

7 inspirational social media campaigns

Look no further than these seven examples for inspiration for your next social media campaign.

Cheetos’ Snap to Steal Snapchat campaign

Platform: Snapchat

What did Cheetos do?

That Chester Cheetah is a demanding guy: when it came time to launch a brand new snack product — Cheetos Crunch Pop Mix — a Super Bowl Sunday commercial just wouldn’t do. So the Cheetos marketing team devised a specialized Snapchat AR experience that allowed Snapchat users to point their camera at a Cheetos TV commercial and virtually “grab” a bag off the screen.

Taking part in this digital experience paid real-life dividends — people who used this custom AR experience received a coupon for one free bag of Crunch Pop Mix.

This one took some serious planning (and dollars) between the Super Bowl ad itself and uploading all 1,440 frames of the commercial into Snapchat’s machine-learning software, but it paid off big time.

More than 50,000 bags were “stolen” from the commercial, and traffic to the Cheetos site increased by 2,500%.

Screenshot: The Webbys

Why it worked

This campaign was an innovative mix of “old” media and new and gave Snapchatters two incentives to take part.

First, because the commercial was only airing for a limited time, it made the experience of using the AR filter quite exclusive. And who doesn’t want to feel special? Secondly, there was a real-world reward for participating: free snacks!

What you can learn

Blending digital experiences with real-world ones is a powerful way to stand out and be memorable amid all the social noise.

Can you create some sort of “treasure hunt” moment — like spotting a unique TV commercial or finding a specific real-world space — to spark joy and inspire users to share their triumphant discovery with an exclusive filter or AR effect? Can you make someone feel special for being part of your campaign — or at the very least, feed them something delicious?

Platform: Twitter

What did Aldi do?

In 2023, UK supermarket chain Marks and Spencer launched legal action against competitor Aldi, alleging a copyright infringement on the design of a caterpillar-shaped cake. M&S felt that Aldi’s “Cuthbert the Caterpillar” cake looked a little too close to its own “Colin the Caterpillar” cake. Yes, you are correct; this is truly stupid. Instead of lawyering up, Aldi took this ridiculous clash online with a big dose of British cheek and a Twitter campaign that would go viral.

“‘This is not just any court case, this is…#freecuthbert,” Aldi tweeted, playing off of Marks and Spencer’s catchphrase.

This is not just any court case, this is… #FreeCuthbert

— Aldi Stores UK (@AldiUK) April 15, 2023

Why it worked

Treating a caterpillar cake like someone who has been wrongfully accused? Comedy gold.

The tweets just write themselves!

Adding the hashtag to the ongoing “drama” was a clear invitation for others to join the conversation and take part, and the premise was so open-ended and low-barrier that it just begged to be memed.

What you can learn

You don’t have to face legal action to stir up some fun, but if you find your brand in a mild crisis, maybe there is an opportunity to put a positive spin on it and have some fun.

Saying “oops, we got it wrong” or “we’re in an irritating situation” is a relatable sentiment, and asking your audience to laugh with you in hard times will only build good vibes and brand reputation.

For instance, maybe you have a supply chain disruption. Can you apologize for the delays but also jokingly blame it on some sort of adorable stuffed animal who becomes a mascot for the issue or a hilarious scapegoat in the future?

Just spitballing here. It’s hard to think straight when you suddenly crave caterpillar cake.

The UN’s Empower Moves TikTok campaign

Platform: TikTok

What did the UN do?

That’s right, the United Nations are using TikTok, and we are here for it. The UN Women’s council launched a TikTok dance trend to help spread the word about self-defense moves. “In a year when women’s safety took up more of the conversation than ever, UN Women wanted to come up with a way for girls to feel safe again,” says the organization’s Webby awards application.

Working with a self-defense expert and a choreographer, the UN created and filmed an #EmpowerMoves dance routine that included a sequence of four simple, easy-to-remember defense moves.

It launched organically as a TikTok dance trend. After it had taken off, the UN revealed the moves that were secretly within the dance, sharing tutorials of each action in their TikToks (yeah, this campaign’s got layers, baby!).

From there, even more influencers and media personalities jumped onto the trend.

In addition to 130 million video views, the resulting earned media coverage had a 4,924% ROI. Cha-ching! (Except I guess the goal is to empower women and not to make money. But I don’t know what the sound effect is for that?)

Why it worked

The UN Women’s council had a message to get out to a specific audience (young women), so it wisely looked around at where that audience was spending time online and what they liked to do there.

By packaging educational material in a fun, interactive, trendy format, they organically blended in with the rest of the TikTok world.

What worked well here is that they collaborated with a pro choreographer and filmed their original videos in a style authentic to TikTok — this didn’t feel like your try-hard co-worker trying to get everyone to come to a safety seminar at lunch,

What you can learn

Join your audience where they are, and have fun doing what they’re doing. And if you’re not an expert in the activity or the style or the lingo, don’t be shy about asking for help from someone who does, whether that’s collaborating with an in-the-know influencer or outsourcing your graphic design or video production to someone who ‘gets’ the aesthetics of your target audience.

Smirnoff’s Social Ingredients Instagram campaign

Platform: Instagram (and beyond)

What did Smirnoff do?

The vodka brand looked at the trending headlines of the day and whipped up a custom cocktail recipe to match. When Britney Spears’ conservatorship was stopped, they shared the #FreedBritney; when Squid Game was all the rage, the Traffic Light was on the menu. You get it.


By tapping into conversations that were already attracting online attention, Smirnoff earned 11 million impressions with this 100-day campaign. Cheers to that.

Why it worked

Smirnoff spent 100 days creating cocktails that didn’t just show off its product — these drinks were designed to tap into the zeitgeist. They didn’t try to start a new trend or come up with the next big thing: they happily hopped on the bandwagon and offered their own unique take on the cultural conversation. Smirnoff also was smart to brand the series as a campaign, though cocktail riffs on current events could also be a great ongoing addition to the general content calendar.

What you can learn

If you’re a sparkling water brand, for example, you could do a TikTok series where your colleague tells you the weirdest thing trending each day as you’re sipping your delicious product, and you do a spit-take reaction. Obviously, this would be called #SpitTake, and obviously the views would come pouring in. You’re welcome.

Fi’s ‘Chief Broke Officer’ campaign

Platform: LinkedIn and Instagram

What did FI do?

The posting was detailed about experience and strengths and acknowledged in a playful, sardonic way just how many people have a broken relationship with money.

The sentiment struck a nerve: the LinkedIn post was shared widely across that platform and trickled over to Instagram, too, ultimately inspiring a whopping 3.3 million people to apply for the role. Fi’s social media channel followings grew by 5,000%, too. Not bad for one little post.

Source: The Shorty Awards

Why it worked

This job posting may have been an unconventional way to build buzz about a new brand, but it hit home for many people: at least 3.3 million folks felt seen. Connecting with your audience is definitely an art, not a science, but Fi cracked the code here by reframing a common vulnerability as a strength. There’s something fun, too, about posting a goofy job post alongside serious ones. It instantly frames the brand as not-like-the-others.

What you can learn

What pain points or challenges does your desired audience struggle with? If you can narrow in on whatever that may be and build a campaign around celebrating that, you might just strike a chord.

Another great lesson here is using a platform or medium in creative ways. Here, they’ve disguised a marketing campaign as a job posting. Maybe you could launch a new mascot by creating a Facebook profile for him (or a Tinder profile?).

HBO Max’s #BadaBinge campaign

Platform: All of ‘em!

What did HBO Max do?

To build anticipation for the Sopranos prequel, The Many Saints of Newark, HBO and HBO Max spent six weeks encouraging people to binge-watch all six seasons of the original series. The marketing team gave the assignment across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter: “Start now!”

They created weekly check-ins and prompts, sharing memes and photos along the way that lined up with the suggested timeline of watching so that fans could enjoy the same jokes and moments together again, just like they might have if they’d watched it weekly on the show’s original run.

HBO also used Checklists on Twitter and quizzes on Instagram Stories to offer a playful, interactive way to engage. There were first-time-watch recaps on TikTok, “Best of the Sopranos” clips on Youtube, fan-made compilations, and more. There was even a “six degrees of separation” game on the HBO Twitter where fans could name an actor (any actor), and the HBO Twitter account would try to connect them to the Sopranos universe.

Every possible twist on Sopranos content was spread across every possible channel. To consume it all, you’re going to need to carbo-load on Carmella’s ziti.

Why it worked

The 360-degree social media coverage made it impossible to ignore that this new film was coming up. Was it intense? Sure. But it garnered some serious success: a 200% increase in streams of The Sopranos and 1 million streamers on launch day for The Many Saints of Newark.

What you can learn

Sometimes, more is more. If you’ve got something big coming down the pipe, don’t be afraid to obsess over it.

The key to this type of all-in campaign, though, is a variety of content, not just reposting the same thing over and over again or cross-posting identical content on every channel. Get creative, aim big, and explore your idea from every different angle without repeating yourself. If someone follows you across all channels, seeing the same GIF seven times a day is a surefire way to annoy. Capice?

Havana Club Rum’s Amparo Experience Instagram account

Platform: Instagram

What did Havana Club Rum do?

While most Instagram social campaigns are based around hashtags, Havana Club Rum has done something pretty creative with the platform and created an Instagram account for a historical figure: its founder, Amparo Arechabala.

Havana Rum Club is very proud of its history. By sharing that history through an Instagram account as if it were Amparo personally posting back in 1957, it amplifies the humanity, authenticity, and romance of the brand.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by The Amparo Experience (@theamparoexperience)

Why it worked

Here, Havana Rum Club takes the familiar format of Instagram as day-to-day documentation of our lives and applies it in a new way. Sharing the history of your company can either be dry and boring, or it can be vibrant, visual, and personal. HRC’s is the latter. Plus, the marketing team seems to have dumped some money into production value here — it looks like there is a full-on film somewhere that they’ve mined for images and clips.

What you can learn

If you want to contain a campaign or one-off story in one neat-and-tidy package, a specific Instagram handle might be the way to do it, particularly if you’re anchoring it around a person, whether they’re a real, historical, or fictional character. It’s a particularly great way to breathe life into possibly dry content — not every brand is lucky enough to have “betrayal by the Cuban government” as part of their back story, Havana Rum Club.

Social media campaign template

Feeling inspired? Ready to get started with your own great social media campaign? We’ve got a template ready to help you hit the ground running.

Bonus: Download a free social media campaign template to help you plan your next goal-crushing campaign of any size or budget. Assign responsibilities, set timelines, list deliverables, and more!

Social media campaigns: frequently asked questions Why do a social media campaign?

Social media is a powerful communication tool for brands. After all, platforms like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, and LinkedIn are where people spend an average of 147 minutes a day. If you have a message to get out into the world, this is a great place to spread it.

When done right, social media campaigns can be an effective and inexpensive way to raise awareness or increase sales with your target audience and maybe even earn some customer loyalty along the way.

What is the cost of a social media campaign?

The cost of a social media campaign can range from $0 to $10,000.

In other words: there’s no one-size-fits-all solution in the thrill-a-minute world of social media. Your campaign budget can be as spendy or as scrimpy as you want it to be.

You can absolutely create a free social media campaign if you’ve got time (and talent!) to spare. Read a guide to creating engaging content, get your hands on some free stock photography or free graphic design tools. Schedule your posts to go out at the best time, cross your fingers that you’ve done everything right to appease the platform algorithm, and then make sure you’re spending some time engaging with your followers and answering questions.

How to pitch a social media campaign?

To pitch a social media campaign to a client, you first need to identify your audience and the goals you want to achieve with your campaign, i.e., how will it help grow engagement among high-income millennials or drive more sales among tennis-playing boomers.

Then, you’ll need to create a comprehensive plan. Here are the steps you should consider:

Research – Do your research on the audience. What are their pain points? How do they communicate? Which networks do they hang out on?

Define Goals – Set the goals of your campaign, such as increasing brand awareness or driving more sales. Be specific. How much of an increase in brand awareness can you expect to drive from your campaign, for example?

Get inspired by competitors. What types of campaigns do your competitors run? How would this one compare to theirs? Is there a gap in the market you can fill?

Develop Content – Based on the research and goals, mock up some examples of content that will resonate with your target audience in this campaign.

Once you’re done with these steps, put it all into a brief or a deck and present it or share it with your client or manager. Be open to feedback and prepare yourself for questions. Sometimes pitching a campaign idea is just the start of a brainstorm that can lead to an even better campaign idea.

How to track social media campaigns?

Tracking the success of your social media campaign starts with defining what your goal is. That way, you’ll know what social media metrics actually matter.

For instance, if the goal of your campaign is to get tons of website traffic, measuring your likes might not be relevant. Alternatively, if your goal is to rack up followers on TikTok, then that follower count is your golden ticket.

Once you’ve decided what numbers you’re looking at, you can use an analytics tool to review the data you need.

All of the major social media channels have their own in-app insights tool. Here’s the step-by-step guide for everyone because we’re sweeties like that.

Of course, we’re a bit biased towards a little all-in-one tool called Hootsuite Analytics. With Analytics, you can review your data at a glance or schedule regular custom reports. Drag-and-drop tiles with the metrics of your choice to create your own flexible, interactive interface that exports in whatever file format your heart desires.

Pro tip: If you want to nerd out on the numbers even more, there’s the paid Hootsuite Impact option. Impact measures organic and paid content metrics for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and organic content metrics on Pinterest and YouTube.

Find a more detailed guide to social media analytics here.

Okay, that’s enough out of us. You’re informed, you’re inspired, and you’re ready to create a social media campaign that will take the internet by storm. Happy (campaign) trails to you, friends.

Use Hootsuite to manage your next social media campaign. From a single dashboard, you can schedule and publish posts across networks, engage the audience, and measure results. Try it free today.

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16 Social Media Updates You Might Have Missed

Miss the latest social media news? Here’s a recap of the latest updates on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube.


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Facebook is testing Instant Videos, a feature that will allow users to watch more video on mobile without eating into their data plan. Videos will be downloaded and cached in the background while using Facebook on a wifi network.

After switching to a cellular network, the pre-loaded videos will be available to watch without having to use mobile data. ‘Instant Videos’ in your feed will be marked with a lightning bolt icon, like AMP and Facebook’s Instant Articles.

Learn More: Facebook Tests Data-Friendly Instant Videos on Mobile

Facebook was quick to offer support for 360-degree photos and video, now it’s going a step further by allowing users to capture 360-degree photos within the mobile app. The ability to capture 360-degree photos is available on both iOS and Android.

Learn More: Facebook’s Mobile App Can Now Capture 360-Degree Photos

Learn More: Facebook to Block Ads From Pages That Share Fake News


Instagram is bringing its Snapchat-like stories to the mobile chúng tôi logged into chúng tôi on a mobile web browser, you will now see stories at the top of your feed just like in the app. While viewing a story, left and right arrows will appear for skipping forward or backward.

Bringing Instagram stories to mobile browsers will give people the opportunity to view stories on a larger screen, such as those using tablets.

Learn More: Instagram Stories Are Coming to Mobile Web Browsers

Instagram is giving users the option to share stories directly to Facebook. This feature is being tested, Instagram confirms, without noting when or if it will be rolled out on a wide scale.

Facebook has its own version of Stories, which is presumably where Instagram’s stories will be uploaded. Despite having more daily active users, Facebook’s Stories have not managed to reach the popularity of Instagram’s.

Learn More: Instagram Tests Sharing Stories Directly to Facebook

Instagram users are no longer limited to publishing galleries full of square photos and videos. The company announced photos and videos in portrait or landscape format can now be used within galleries. Instagram has supported portrait and landscape formats for some time now, but not in galleries.

Learn More: Instagram Now Supports Portrait and Landscape Photo & Video in Galleries


Everyone with a LinkedIn account can now upload videos to their page, a feature that was previously available to only a select test group of users. Whether it’s uploading a speech you’ve given, a video resume, or a demonstration of a product, there is now a myriad of new opportunities to showcase yourself and your work on LinkedIn.

Learn More: LinkedIn Users Can Now Upload Videos to Their Page


Pinterest hit a milestone of 200 million monthly active users, which represents a 40 percent growth since last year. Over half of those users live outside the USA. The company also notes over 100 billion pins have been created, and 85 percent of Pinterest searches are on mobile devices.

Learn More: Pinterest Hits 200M Users, + New Features on the Way


Twitter is doubling its signature 140-character limit to 280, a move intended to give people more room to express themselves.

Don’t go on Twitter and try to compose an extra-long tweet just yet though, as the expanded character limit is only being rolled out to a small test group of people. However, Twitter has every intention to roll it out to everyone if the test proves to be successful.

Learn More: Twitter Tests a 280 Character Limit: What You Need to Know

A new addition to Twitter, called ‘Popular Articles,’ will show you the top articles your connections are tweeting about. Popular Articles can be found by opening the Twitter app and tapping the search tab. On this screen, you’ll find sections such as current trending topics, ‘Today’s Moments’ and the new ‘Popular Articles.’

Learn More: Twitter’s ‘Popular Articles’ Shows What Your Connections are Tweeting About

Twitter still has 328 million monthly active users, 100 million daily active users, and 500 million tweets are sent every day on the platform. Businesses can now tailor search results based on a range of dates, people, hashtags and specific phrases, while also excluding words and phrases. This simple guide covers how to use Twitter Advanced Search, with actionable tips that can help you use this tool with maximum efficiency.

Learn More: A Guide to Twitter Advanced Search

Twitter tested a tweetstorm feature built into its own app. When you have a message to get out that exceeds the 140 character limit, chaining multiple tweets together has become known as a “tweetstorm.” Tweetstorms have been a popular feature for years, but doing it correctly involves some careful planning.

Learn More: Twitter is Testing a Built-in Tweetstorm Feature


YouTube is adding restrictions on which accounts can add external links at the end of their videos. External links are added to videos in the form of end cards, and now there are requirements that every account needs to meet to be able to use end cards.

The new requirements for using end cards are that you must join the YouTube Partner Program and your channel must have 10,000 total public views or more.

Learn More: YouTube Changes Rules Regarding Videos With External Links

Google has updated its YouTube app for iOS with the ability to live stream iPhone or iPad screens. YouTube utilizes Apple’s ReplayKit API to allow for live streaming of a user’s screen.

Learn More: YouTube Users on iOS Can Now Live Stream Their Screens

YouTube is undergoing a series of changes on mobile and desktop, the most noticeable of which is a new look complete with a new logo. Additional new features include a new design, new gestures, and suggested videos.

Learn More: Google’s YouTube Rolling Out New Features and a New Look

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