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Coloring images is not just for kids. It has become a popular activity for adults, too, because it’s fun and a great stress-reliever. You can buy lots of books with various images for coloring but you can also start with the numerous free coloring resources for adults. Here are 5 sites to start with.

1. Hello Kids

Hello Kids is a kids’ site, but it has many great coloring resources for adults, too. The resources are not specifically labeled as such, but I think many guys (and girls) will love the Star Wars or Superheroes coloring sections, for example, even though they are not specifically marked for adults. Many of the sections there, e.g. Mandala, Famous People, or European Soccer, are more suitable for adults than for pre-schoolers.

2. Just Color

Just Color is another big site dedicated to coloring pages for kids and adults. The adult coloring pages cover lots of topics, some of which are pretty unique, such as Quotes, Vintage, or Russian dolls. In addition to topic, pages can be browsed by artist, too. This is great because if you like the style of a particular artist, you can check into everything he or she has uploaded to the site.

3. Free Mandalas

Mandalas are an especially popular coloring pattern for adults. Mandalas come in multiple shapes and sizes, and one of the best places to find free mandala coloring pages is the Free Mandalas site. There are quite a lot of mandalas, diligently arranged by topic and difficulty level. There are even tattoo ideas with mandalas! If you are coloring as an anti-stress therapy, make sure to check the Zen and anti-stress category.

Most of the mandalas for adults are classified as difficult, but there are a few described as very difficult that you can count on spending a few hours with.

4. Super Coloring

Super Coloring isn’t a site with coloring resources for adults only, but since many of the images there are suitable for adults, I included it on the list. The images there are really a lot – like tens of thousands a lot. They are neatly arranged in categories and subcategories, so if you are interested in a particular topic, like Flowers, or Bible, or Nature, it’s easy to find suitable images. A word of warning – be prepared to spend endless hours on this site because there are really cool coloring images here!

5. 604 Best Adult Coloring Pages on Pinterest

There are numerous boards with free coloring resources on Pinterest. Obviously, I can’t include them all. This Pinterest board with more than 600 adult coloring pages is one of the boards I liked most and is why I included it here. It’s not the most suitable resource for beginner colorists because most of the resources are pretty difficult, but the imagery is nice, and this is what I like most about this collection.

There are many more places where you can find free coloring resources for adults on various themes and with varying difficulty. If you have the time (and some sharp pencils, too), there is quite a lot of fun waiting for you online for free.

Ada Ivanova

I am a fulltime freelancer who loves technology. Linux and Web technologies are my main interests and two of the topics I most frequently write about.

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The Best Free Resources For Students Learning From Home

The best free online learning resources:

2. Coursera

Coursera is yet another online course platform which offers a great variety of educational programs. Founded by two Stanford university professors, the website focuses on higher education and professional training. Its free courses provide in-depth learning for many in-demand skills. Those include machine learning, data science, programming, social media marketing, and more. You can even build your own Android app with a free project-centered course, which provides great hands-on learning. This makes Coursera a great choice for college students that want to expand their knowledge and prepare for their future career.

4. Online university courses

In recent years, universities from across the globe have made many of their lectures available online for free. This includes world-renowned institutions like Harvard, Oxford, MIT and many others. The best way to access them is through Open Culture. This website has gathered over 1,500 courses and helpfully separated them into different categories. You will find video lectures on almost anything — from Archaeology, to Physics, to Linguistics. It’s one of the most valuable free learning resources on the web.

5. Google Scholar

If your university’s online library is not the best, you might be struggling to find sources for your college essays and papers. This is where Google Scholar comes in. Instead of using Google’s regular search where news articles and other posts will inevitably spring up, this tool allows you to search for scholarly literature only. You can find reliable information from peer-reviewed scientific papers quickly and easily. You might bump into some pay-walled content, but Google Scholar is still one of the best free online resources for college students.

7. Codecademy

Coding is one of the most valuable skills you can have nowadays, no matter what degree or profession you want to pursue. The best place to learn the basics online is Codecademy. It offers free courses in 12 programming languages, including Python, C++, and JavaScript. Codecademy also allows you to tailor your learning experience depending on what you want to do — build a website, analyze data and so on. Lessons are practical and aim to teach by doing. This means you won’t have to sit through long lectures until you start writing and testing code yourself. It’s among the best free educational resources online.

8. YouTube Learn at Home

Launched last month, this tool was created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Google or YouTube Learn@Home is designed to assist families in home education. It helps students and their parents find the best educational content on the video platform. You can explore learning by subject and by age — from preschool to 13-years and above, there is something for everyone. Content is sourced from great channels like PBS Kids, Sesame Street, Crash Course, and many others. YouTube Learn@Home also has compiled a great list of virtual “field trips” which can be enjoyed in VR or in 360-degree videos.

9. Scholastic Learn at Home

If you are a parent looking for study online tools for kids in elementary to middle school, you can’t go wrong with Scholastic Learn At Home. This website offers free daily courses with engaging exercises and articles on a variety of subjects. Kids can participate in age-appropriate reading and writing, take virtual tours and play educational games. There also are homework activities with print-out materials which students will enjoy. It’s great free resource for any parent helping their kids study at home.

10. CK-12

Do you want to give your children a more rigorous STEM study at home curriculum? Then you need to check out CK-12. This non-profit offers open textbooks for K-12 students legally and for free. They are aligned to state curriculum standards, with a focus on math and sciences. They also offer study guides, personalized practice questions, and interactive concepts that make learning fun. Simulations are another great CK-12 addition — they help students of all ages understand physics and chemistry better through real-world simulations. All of the content is engaging and educational. It’s one of the best learning resources for parents and students alike.

12. Mobymax

This award-winning platform was designed to help struggling students fill gaps in their learning. However, in the current situation, Mobymax is the perfect free learning resource for K-8 students that aren’t getting the proper schooling they need. The platform offers access to 27 complete subjects, with personalized learning and test prep included. Students are engaged with a variety of exercises, educational games, and interactive lessons. This makes Mobymax one of the best free learning resources on the web that every student and parent needs to check out.

15. DuoLingo

Learning a new language or refreshing your existing knowledge is never a bad choice for students of any age. Duolingo is one of the best apps for the job. It is completely free and offers a variety of exercises which will help you master grammar and vocabulary alike. It also has a simple gamified interface, which will appeal to kids. The best thing about Duolingo, however, is the sheer variety of languages on offer. Apart from the standard Spanish, German and French you’d find on any other app, Duolingo offers courses in dead languages, endangered languages and even fictional ones like High Valyrian.

16. Color our Collections

Coloring is a fun and relaxing activity both kids and adults can enjoy. So, if you want to learn about art and do something creative at the same time, you can’t go wrong with Color our Collections. This website has aggregated content from various libraries, museums, galleries and cultural institutions around the globe, transforming it into free coloring books. With plenty of images of animals, castles and nature, even the youngest students can enjoy what Color our Collections has to offer. It’s a great free resource for anyone looking to do something creative.

The 7 Best Sites To Read Comic Books For Free

Whether you’re a seasoned comic book enthusiast or a total newcomer to the world of comics, you’ll find that it can be rather expensive to buy all the comic books you want to read. Or, it may be hard to find specific issues (especially if they’re old or rare). 

If you want to read some comics right now, and for free, the best thing you can do is head online to the numerous websites that provide comic books in a digital form. Although these won’t help with comic book collecting, they are the best places to start a new series or catch up on one. 

Table of Contents

Below you’ll find seven of the best sites to read comic books for free so you can get started right away!

Here, you’ll find a whole ton of titles from the Golden era of comics, all from the public domain and thus easily accessible on this site. You can search through several comic book publishers to find what you’re looking for or discover new titles. 

You can download any comic here and read them at your leisure, or you can preview to read them online. The site is clean and easy to navigate, so you can find exactly what you want without hassle. 

If you’re looking for more popular comic series, especially from Marvel or DC, Comic Extra is an excellent option for finding these for free. There are tons of comic book scans on this site, both new and old, so you’re likely to find whatever you’re searching for here.

The scans on this site are good quality, and it’s easy to navigate through each comic, making reading them as fun as it should be. 

Comixology is one of the best sites for free comic books, giving you access to tons of different types, including graphic novels, indie comics, and more. The site’s purpose is to sell comic books, but you can find hundreds of them to read online if you go to the Free Comics category. 

All you have to do is add the free comics you want to read to your cart, and you’ll receive a digital copy upon checkout. There’s no need to pay for anything. If you want to access even more comics on the site, you can also sign up for Comixology Unlimited, a service where you pay monthly to read even more comics on the site. Alternatively, use the Comixology app. 

After Marvel and DC, Dark Horse is one of the bigger names in the comic book world. They have licenses for many different franchises, including Stranger Things, World of Warcraft, Overwatch, and more. Their website has plenty of comics you can buy, but a large section is also dedicated to free comics. 

All you need to do is sign up for a free account. Then, you can read Dark Horse comics digitally. You can also download comics to a mobile device to read them offline if you wish. 

This site has a vast selection of comic book issues, no matter what you are looking for. It’s no-frills, allowing you to enjoy just reading your favorite comics without any distractions. 

The scans also tend to be very high-quality and are easy to read in your browser without downloading a thing. All the pages for each comic are on one long page if you dislike reloading the website for each new page. 

Not only can you read popular titles on this site, but you can also find a variety of lesser-known or indie comics. Use this site to discover a new series to get into, or when you can’t seem to find a particular series on other free comic sites. 

Another great site with a seemingly endless library of comics to read is Read Comics Online. You can browse comics by the publisher, alphabetically, by the latest release date, or get a random comic to read if you want something new. 

Comic book scans are uploaded weekly, and you can create an account on the site to get access to everything it has to offer. It’s easy to read each comic, as each scan is high quality with reader-friendly formatting. 

Enjoy Comic Books Online

With several choices for free reading available online, you’re not going to run out of comics to read soon. So, no matter whether you want to read comics by the biggest publishers, old-school golden age comics, or indie comics, you should be able to find it for free online on your favorite digital device for reading. 

Resources Used For Creating– Webnots

Every website existing on the web should use lot of resources besides human effort. For example, creating images and videos need special tools and investment of money and time from site owner. On this site we use many tools, some we had changed over the period of time but some are being used for years. We want to share such valuable resources so that a new blogger can choose correct resource for building a site.

Choosing Premium Resources

We strongly recommend choosing a good and premium resource for your blog from the start. Otherwise, you will be stuck in the middle spending too much time in migration. Many bloggers also quit at this point as taking a website beyond certain level needs huge effort. Free resources, especially for WordPress, will not come with restrictions and will limit your ability to scale up your site. So, make sure to allocate some budget and go for premium items.

Platforms – chúng tôi Weebly and Bootstrap

Our core interest is building sites on WordPress, Weebly and Bootstrap platforms. We have a dedicated testing and demo sites in order to create how-to articles and demonstration. All our WordPress content is stored and checked on the local environment using MAMP setup and we also use Local from Flywheel. Learn 500+ WordPress tutorial and 200+ Weebly tutorial to take your site to next level.

SiteGround Cloud Hosting with Email

SiteGround Cloud Hosting Plans

GoDaddy Domain

We bought this domain name on GoDaddy a decade back. There are no complains though they discarded their free webmail service. Nowadays, you have plenty of domain name registrars to get a cheap price. Note that SiteGround does not offer a free domain with Cloud hosting plans.

Caching and Optimization

SiteGround comes with in-built caching, however, their SG Optimizer plugin lags many features like removing unused CSS. We use WP Rocket for page level caching, removing unused CSS and other optimizations. For removing scripts and bloat from WordPress, we use Perfmatters. This plugin is useful especially when you have heavy theme and plugins like WooCommerce. You can disable WooCommerce styles and scripts on all blogs posts with Perfmatters to speed up your site.

Note: If you are using multiple optimization plugins, make sure to disable the duplicate features and use them on one place.

Theme and CDN

We use a premium Highend theme for more than 7 years. We are planning to change the theme as this theme is not updated with new features. From speed perspective, you can consider using the free GeneratePress or Astra theme with premium add-on. Cloudflare CDN and WAF works well to speed up and protect this site.

Images & Videos – Techsmith

Snagit is the useful image processing tool from TechSmith having many features. We use it mainly for the following purposes:

Creating feature images and other images on this site.

Capture image on the screen or from the web.

Capture a short video capturing screen activities.

Camtasia is a top video processing tool from TechSmith to create effective videos. You can edit, trim, zoom and do many other simple tricks on the videos to make it more user friendly and sharable. Fuse is a free app from TechSmith used to easily share the photos on the iPhone to Snagit and Camtasia. Since all three tools Snagit, Camtasia and Fuse are from the same company, they work seamlessly without much effort.

Code Editor – Brackets and VSC

Since we need to practice lot of CSS and HTML coding – one of the best editors available WAS Brackets from Adobe. Brackets with extract allows you to integrate the preview of your coding on Chrome browser. And on top of all it’s a free tool!!! Unfortunately, Brackets was discontinued in favor of Visual Studio Code editor from Microsoft. At this point, we use VSC and look for a simple alternative.

FTP – FileZilla for Mac

FileZilla is the life saver for our site to backup and modify the WordPress files easily. We love to try new plugins and site modifications which most of the time will result in white screen of death. It is difficult to troubleshoot from the hosting account and we use FileZilla to reset the files quickly.

Also, from the backup point of view FileZilla on Mac works seamlessly to download the complete site to local environment. If you are new to FTP, learn how to use FileZilla.

Devices for Technology Stuff

Using latest devices is always fun to learn new stuffs. For writing how-to and trouble shooting articles, we had/have the following devices.

iMac 24 inch desktop

MacBook Pro Retina

Huawei MatBook with Windows 11

Acer TravelMate with Windows 10

Windows 11 running in iMac with Parallels Desktop for Mac

We use all popular browsers like Chrome, Edge, Safari and Firefox.

Other Resources

Besides the resources mentioned above there are additional resources like VPN without which we can’t run this website. These resources are bought from different vendors and evaluated time-to-time for the quality and pricing. At this point of time we use the followings:

ExpressVPN and Star VPN

Parallels Desktop for Mac

Microsoft 365 for Word, Outlook and other apps

Google AdSense for monetization

Google Analytics for monitoring traffic

Semrush for keyword research and tracking

WordPress plugins like Yoast SEO, Akismet, TablePress, WP Coupons, Ad Inserter, Redirection and Contact Form 7.


In summary, its not an easy task to run a website both from money and time perspective. This is the reason you could see millions of sites started and dropped off in-between. We wish all the bloggers and webmasters to evaluate the need right at the beginning and choose the required tools from long-term thinking. Also, having right tools will save huge time, which can be spent on the core activity of site creation.

5 Free Privacy Tools For Protecting Your Personal Data

Stop mobile trackers with Lockdown

Lockdown is a free and simple utility for iOS and Mac that prevents apps from connecting with these data trackers. I’ve had it on my iPhone since January and in that time it’s blocked more than 1 million tracking attempts in a completely unobtrusive way. Until sitting down to write this newsletter, I’d forgotten that I’d set it up already.

Keep in mind that Lockdown is not a VPN, so it’s not routing any of your internet traffic through its own servers to mask your location, but I think that’s mostly a positive since it doesn’t interfere with connectivity. If you do want a VPN service, however, Lockdown sells it as an add-on subscription. (One other note: The app can hinder your ability to log into Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, but turning it off while logging in seems to solve the problem.)

Mask your email address with Abine Blur

Jared Newman / IDG

For marketers that want to track your online behavior, your email address is the ultimate prize. Once you log into a website or app, that site can use tracking cookies to follow you around and associate the data with your email. And, for less scrupulous marketers, opting out of their emails can be a major hassle.

Abine Blur isn’t the only tool of its kind. Apple offers a “Hide My Email” for users with paid iCloud+ subscriptions and DuckDuckGo offers masked emails through its mobile apps and browser extensions. But I like that Abine Blur works across platforms and doesn’t require changing your default search engine.

Opt out of tracking cookies with Super Agent

Jared Newman / IDG

If you’re tired of seeing those annoying “accept cookies” prompts while browsing the web, a browser extension called Super Agent is the best solution I’ve seen yet for making them go away. While other extensions merely hide the pop-ups in a way that can break some websites, Super Agent automatically fills out and dismisses cookie consent forms on your behalf.

Super Agent works with every major desktop browser and is also available as a Safari extension on iOS. The developers make money by selling code to websites that want to integrate with the extension and promise never to sell your data.

Protect your phone number with Google Voice

Jared Newman / IDG

Next time a business asks for your phone number and you’re not comfortable giving it out, consider handing out a number from Google Voice instead. When you sign up for Google Voice, you claim a phone number from an area code of your choosing. Incoming phone calls will then forward to your real number and you can check text messages through the Google Voice website or mobile app.

Jared Newman / IDG

Similar to how Google Voice can mask your real phone number, chúng tôi lets you use virtual credit cards for online stores and subscription services. You can then put spending limits on each virtual card or even designate them as single-use cards, preventing untrustworthy vendors from running off with the card info.

This isn’t just form of payment protection, though. It’s also a privacy tool that prevents credit card companies from tracking and selling your shopping habits. Combine this with a masked phone number and email address and vendors will have a much tougher time mining that data. (Check out my colleague Ian Paul’s review for more details.)

Want more tips and tricks like these? Sign up for Jared’s Advisorator newsletter, where a version of this article originally appeared.

5 Apps To Track Any Android Phone For Free

Best Apps To Track Any Android Phone For Free

Before we start, you must note that the target device must be turned on and have an active internet connection, either via mobile data or WiFi.

1. Find My Device

Find My Device by Google is meant for users to trace their Android phone’s location. You can use it to find a lost phone or track the location of your family or friends, provided that the phone is online and you have access to its Google account.


Track your phone via GPS

Erase all the content from the device

Play sound for nearby detection

Lock it remotely

Offered by: Google LLC, USA

Download Here

2. Family Locator by Life360

Family Locator is a family-oriented GPS tracking app where you can create your own private group by adding your friends or family members. You can chat with them and also see their real-time location.

People in a circle can access each other’s location history and set arrival and departure alerts. The app also facilitates emergency help during a crash or lockout. It works with both Android and iOS.


Track the phones of your family & friends

Get alerts when someone arrives at the destination

Chat in a private channel

Download Here

3. Where’s My Droid

Where’s My Droid is a full-fledged anti-theft application that can help you track down a lost phone. You just need to install and set up the app on the target device, post which you can use SMS commands to lock the device and get its GPS coordinates.

On the other hand, the Pro version gets extra features like taking pictures, motion alarm, access to location history, contacts, device stats, and more.


GPS Tracking via SMS Commands

Remotely ring, lock and wipe the device.

Take on-command pictures

Get location history, contacts, etc.

Offered by: Alienman Technologies LLC, USA

4. Famisafe Location Tracking

Famisafe is a parental control app that tracks location with high accuracy. The location on the map also shows you the last update time and battery level of the phone.

You can access the device app usage, limit screen time, and block websites. It even detects & notifies you of suspicious photos and texts, which can be useful for guardians who want to keep an eye on their children.


Tracks live location with accuracy

App Blocker, App Usage Report

Detects explicit content

Limit screen time, Web filtering

Offered by: Wondershare

Download Here

5. Google Maps Location Sharing

Google Maps is the most widely used map service across the globe. However, apart from navigation, it can also be used to share your live location with others.

All you need to do is open Google Maps, head to the ‘Location Sharing’ Menu, and choose a Google contact. Make sure to check “until you turn this off” for permanent sharing.

Once you have selected the person, they’ll see your real-time location in their Google Maps app alongside your phone’s battery level. Further, they’ll be able to share their location in turn. This way, you can track your friends using Google Maps while on a trip or commute.

Note that it cannot be used to secretly monitor one’s location as Google sends out regular reminders via email.

Track live location

Share with multiple people at once

Check battery life

Offered by: Google LLC, USA

Download Here

Wrapping Up

Also, read- How to Unlock Your Android Phone After Forgetting Pattern or PIN.

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