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Instagram has quickly grown to become one of the top social networks we’ve seen to date. Not only does Instagram get more engagement than any other network, but it’s also used by over 48 million Millennials and the app’s usage has doubled since 2012.

However, all of these stats are meaningless if you can’t execute. Here are five keys to being successful on Instagram.

Have a Method to Your Madness

Instagram is extremely easy to jump in and start using. As a result, that’s exactly what a lot of brands do. That enthusiasm is great, but the most successful brands on Instagram take the time to put together a strategy first.

When you’re strategic, you can deploy creative tactics like giving your profile a cohesive look:

Or put together Instagram banners:

There’s plenty of room for spontaneous images, but planning ahead gives you the opportunity to make creative campaigns that will grow your audience.

Know Your Audience

Look at your audience demographics, your most engaged followers, and top performing content. All of this data will allow you to easily define what type of content to share and who to tailor posts towards.

You can use Sprout Social’s Instagram analytics tools to see this data.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags have proven to be one of the best ways to get your Instagram posts in front of more people and grow your audience organically. But throwing random hashtags into your captions won’t get you too far.

Instead, do a little research to find popular hashtags in your industry. Start by putting together a list of “seed” keywords associated with your brand or industry. For instance, a gym or personal trainer could use hashtags like #fitness, #nutrition or #health.

Then do a search for those seed keywords and Instagram will autosuggest other options based on popularity.

You can also use Sprout Social to find your top performing hashtags. Once you know which hashtags get the most engagement, you can use them more often.

Competitive Research

Competitive research is particularly helpful when you’re just starting out on Instagram. Seeing what’s working for your competitors will help jumpstart your account.

In particular, look at:

What type of photos and videos they share

What hashtags they use

How often they post

Who they follow

How they structure their captions

Try not to copy exactly what your competitors are doing. Instead, use their tactics as inspiration to create your own strategy.


This is perhaps the most important key to success on Instagram. Unfortunately, it’s something most brands don’t do enough of on social. You need to engage with your audience.

Are you hitting the Like button on photos your brand is tagged in?

All of these seemingly small tasks can result in big growth for your account. When you acknowledge instead of shunning your audience, they’re more likely to stick around.

Develop A Winning Instagram Strategy

With over 500 million monthly active visitors, your brand can’t afford to ignore Instagram. Top brands are using the social network to build an audience and more importantly, drive sales.

But you need to have a strategy to avoid being stuck with 50 followers and zero engagement. In addition to the tips above, we put together a free guide to help brands develop an Instagram strategy from scratch.

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How To Remap Keys On Windows 10

There are a couple of reasons why you might want to remap keys on Windows 10—the layout might feel wrong or the keys might be broken. Unfortunately, Windows doesn’t allow you to remap keys directly. You can map them by altering the registry yourself, which we wouldn’t recommend, or by using third-party software.

One of the easiest keymapping software to use on Windows is SharpKeys. This free and open-source software allows you to map one or multiple keys to another key, although it only supports keyboard keys as mouse or touchpad keys aren’t supported. Here’s how to remap keys on Windows 10 using SharpKeys.

Table of Contents

Installing SharpKeys on Windows 10

A Windows installer file for SharpKeys is available on the SharpKeys GitHub repository, as is a portable version you can download to use on flash storage drives to take your SharpKeys installation with you. SharpKeys is open source, so you can choose to download the source code and compile it yourself if that’s your preference.

To remap your keys on Windows 10, download and install the latest version of SharpKeys from the releases section of the SharpKeys GitHub repository. The installer file is listed as an MSI installer file, or you can download and extract a portable ZIP version.

Once SharpKeys is installed, open it from your Windows Start menu or run the executable file from the extracted folder for the portable version. SharpKeys will warn you that using it will modify the registry, adding a single key to it to remap your keys. Press OK to accept the warning and allow SharpKeys to do this.

The main SharpKeys window will open once the warning has been accepted.

Remap Keys on Windows 10 Using SharpKeys

Once SharpKeys is installed, you can use it to begin remapping your keyboard keys. Before you start, however, you should check whether your keyboard locale is correctly set for your location. This might resolve issues when the at sign keys and quote keys on your keyboard are swapped over, for instance.

If your locale is correct and you still need to remap other keys, you can start using the SharpKeys software. 

You can repeat the above step to map multiple keys. To edit any of the choices you’ve made, select them from the list in the SharpKeys main menu, then press the Edit button. 

Select an item and press the Delete button to remove that particular key mapping from your SharpKeys list. To remove all your key mappings at once, press the Delete All button instead.

The key mappings you create, edit, or delete using SharpKeys won’t apply until you write them to the registry. To do that, press the Write to Registry button in the main SharpKeys window.

Exporting Your SharpKeys Configuration to Other PCs

You may wish to export your SharpKey settings to other Windows 10 PCs if you want to use your remapped keys on multiple devices. You might want to do this before you reset and reinstall Windows on a PC using SharpKeys, too.

In the Save SharpKeys Key List window, select a suitable location to save your SharpKeys configuration file. Give it a memorable name, then press Save to save the file.

Transfer the SharpKeys configuration file (in the SKL file format) to another Windows PC with SharpKeys installed. Open SharpKeys on that PC, then press the Load Keys button in the main window.

Locate your SharpKeys configuration file in the Open SharpKeys Key List window and select it. Press Open to load the configuration file and add the new keys to SharpKeys.

The exported configuration will be imported into SharpKeys, with the key list updating to show the new key mappings. Press the Write to Registry button to write this updated list to the registry.

Using Your Keyboard With Windows 10

If you remap keys on Windows 10, you can bypass broken keys or a poor layout, but that isn’t the only way you can use your keyboard more effectively. One method is to try using keyboard shortcuts, reducing your reliance on your PC mouse or trackpad.

How To Use Instagram On A Computer

One of the most popular applications in the world, Instagram has been at the forefront of the social world since its release in 2010. With more than one-billion users worldwide, Instagram has long been the place to share photos of anything and everything.

As a mobile-first application, Instagram has been slow to bring parity to its desktop experience. However, if you spend a lot of your time in front of a computer, Instagram on the desktop is a welcome break from long hours of work. Let’s take a look at all the ways to use Instagram on a computer.

Browsing Instagram on Your Desktop

This is the easiest and most basic way to use Instagram. The biggest difference between Instagram on your phone and desktop is that the latter adds a two-column layout with a toolbar at the top. With more space to play with, Instagram ensures that you have more visibility into post text as well as stories.

Post Photos and Stories to Instagram on Computer

By all accounts, Instagram wants your desktop application to be mostly a viewing tool and instead drives you to the mobile application to post new content. However, there have long been a number of workarounds with the most popular being the “User Agent” trick. This action “tricks” Instagram’s desktop site into thinking you are using a mobile page. This works across all major browsers including Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge and more.

For Mac users, changing the user agent in Safari is really simple.

3. Find the “Show Develop menu in menu bar” option at the bottom of the Advanced tab and make sure it is selected.

6. Safari now appears as a mobile device, and you will see the Instagram page change and a “+” button appear at the bottom of the page

7. While this functionality works well, there are some limitations, as the desktop will not allow you to add multiple pictures or videos.

Post Photos and Stories to Instagram on Windows

The bottom of the screen now shows an option for “User Agent.” Uncheck the “Select automatically” box, then select any mobile browser. The full set of instructions for Firefox and Edge browsers are available right here.

Sending a Direct Message

As you can see, it requires a little hack to use Instagram on a computer. Do you know that you can watch videos together with your Instagram friends? And if your Instagram is not working, we have some fixes here.

David Joz

David is a freelance tech writer with over 15 years of experience in the tech industry. He loves all things Nintendo.

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What Is Tuned On Instagram?

Have you been to Instagram lately and have encountered a promotion for Tuned? Many users around the globe have received this ad and are wondering if this is a feature within Instagram or a standalone app? If you are in the same boat then let’s shed some much-needed light on the matter. 

Facebook has been integrating Messenger and other Facebook-Esque features into Instagram since the corporation acquired the app. The company now seems to be using it as a promotional platform for its upcoming products as well. Tuned in Instagram is Facebook promoting the upcoming app for couples to a targeted audience in certain regions. This is not a new feature or addition to Instagram, and is simply an ad for Facebook’s new app for couples, Tuned. 

What is the Tuned app?

Tuned is an upcoming app from Facebook which has been developed by New Product Experimentation Team or NPE as they are better known within Facebook. The devs are known for producing a meme-making app and Hobbi, a similar alternative to Pinterest.

Tuned allows you to create a private space with your partner where you can share photos, voice memos, daily moods, messages, and more. If you have ever used Between, then you will find Tuned quite familiar and easy to use. Here are some of the stand-out features offered by Tuned. 

Send Photos

Send prompts and questions

Post/Share songs with Spotify integration

Celebrate custom occasions

Share a love note

Quote inside jokes

Unique ways to connect and interact with each other

► Download: Tuned app

Why am I getting notifications for Tuned?

Well, Facebook has owned Instagram for quite some time now. This kind of integration between the two platforms was inevitable as predicted by analysts at the time of this acquisition. After introducing Messenger to Instagram, it was only logical for Facebook to use the huge audience of the platform to promote its upcoming products. Hence, Facebook’s new Tuned app is being promoted on Instagram and you are getting notifications for the same. 

Additionally, Facebook has a huge database of information that it uses to target users. If you and your loved ones use Instagram actively to interact and connect then it might be another reason why you are being targeted by the ad serving algorithm. This however is speculation at best at this point considering that Tuned is still in its early release phase. 

Can I disable Tuned notifications on Instagram?

Well, technically you can disable Tuned notifications by disabling Instagram notifications altogether. However, if you just wish to disable Tuned notifications then it will be a bit tricky. On iOS, that is simply impossible but Android users can selectively enable notifications for Instagram which can prevent you from receiving Tuned notifications altogether. Follow the guide below to selectively enable notifications on your Android device. 

Open the Settings app on your Android device and tap on ‘Apps and notifications’. 

Tap on ‘See all apps’. 

Now tap on ‘Instagram’.

Tap on ‘Notifications’. 

Now tap and disable each notification that you do not wish to receive. 

And that’s it! You won’t receive any more notifications for Tuned anymore, and will only receive notifications for the elements you selected. 

Outsourcing Key To Successful Backups

Data backups had always been an Achilles heel for Prabhakar Sonparote.

As director of IT for Synovate, Inc., a market research firm based in Chicago, Sonparote had the difficult task of deputizing researchers in the company’s 29 offices across North America to perform tape backups.

“We couldn’t afford to keep an IT person in each office to do backups. I’d have to ask researchers to load and unload tapes. Sometimes things weren’t backed up. This was a big risk for us,” Sonparote says.

In addition, the company has high-level executives constantly traveling, which made frequent backups of their systems impossible. “If a laptop was lost or stolen, we’d have no way to restore their information,” he says.

Sonparote solved both dilemmas by signing up for outsourced storage management services last year. So far, he’s put 213 of the company’s 1,300 users on the service from Arsenal Digital Solutions Worldwide, Inc. in Cary, N.C.

“It’s the best thing I’ve done. I don’t have to worry about adding storage, adding disk space or if things were backed up,” he says.

By outsourcing, Sonparote can have desktops, laptops and servers automatically transfer data over the Internet to managed storage silos. In the event of a complete data loss, he can have data restored within hours.

Easing the Load Off IT

Jeannine Gaudreau, network engineer at IT consulting firm Darwin Partners, Inc. in Wakefield, Mass., is just as ecstatic about her storage services. Like Sonparote, Gaudreau was having problems creating a reliable tape backup strategy for the firm’s 500 employees worldwide. “I had to switch the tapes every day. We had to fine-tune our backup plans to account for weekends and we were always fighting for time windows to do the backups,” she says.

Gaudreau was also facing the reality that e-mail was becoming too important for an ad-hoc and limited tape system.

“E-mail is a critical part of our business – our communications with customers. We’ve lost some things that people needed because we have a finite amount of space. We only have room to store so many tapes and they are expensive,” she says.

To date, she has switched 130 of her users to AmeriVault Corp.’s back-up and disaster recovery services. She hopes to put the remainder of the users, who are located in China, on the service soon.

A key benefit of the service is the load it lifts off of the IT staff, she says. “Using a Web-based tool, users can retrieve lost data themselves. This takes IT out of the picture and helps us reduce help desk costs,” she says.

Gaudreau and Sonparote say the outsourced storage pricing is reasonable and is based on the storage space data requires. “It’s definitely a cost-effective solution,” Sonparote says.

“Most small to midsized businesses have around a 50% success rate at doing backups. These services help them significantly improve that number,” he says. He adds that larger enterprises with lots of remote offices and limited IT staff also could benefit from outsourcing.

But Burke warns that users should follow standard best practices when outsourcing. For instance, they should encrypt their data and make sure you hold the encryption keys. “Review the measures your service provider is taking to ensure your data is secure on their site,” he says.

Get An SLA

He also warns companies that fall under compliance mandates to “be clear of the legal repercussions of using an outside company to hold your information.”

You should have a service-level agreement that focuses on quality of service, latency and availability. Make sure the agreement has teeth and that you get money back if the SLA isn’t met.

Before you enter into the agreement, you should perform a due diligence test, interviewing current customers, checking the financial stability of the company and reviewing the training levels of the staff.

Tim Bowers, product manager for storage at EDS Corp. in Plano, Texas, says IT managers should take time before signing on with an outsourcer to understand their data requirements. He recommends prioritizing groups of data. “Maybe you just need to off-load e-mail archiving and database archiving – those might be more black and white than other areas,” he says.

Once you’ve prioritized your data, you should carry that over to how your outsourcer handles data. “Make sure that all data is not treated the same on the backup side,” he says. You have anything from tape backup to disk-to-disk to higher end replication services depending on how important the data is and how often you need to access it. He adds that tiering storage saves money.

Synovate’s Sonparote says one way to ensure excellent communications is to have a dedicated resource in the enterprise and to receive frequent reports on the status of backups. “We have a person in our headquarters that is devoted to dealing with our outsourcer. We also get alerts if backups haven’t occurred,” he says.

Another tip he recommends is staggering backup times throughout the day. “We were worried about the hit backups would have on our bandwidth so we don’t do backups in the morning because that’s when people are most productive,” he says.

The most important thing when dealing with outsourced storage, he says, is to educate users about the critical nature of backups. “Everybody now understands that if you don’t log on, your data is not going to get backed up,” he says.

Instagram Keeps Crashing On Iphone? 13 Ways To Fix!

Just recently, a bug caused Instagram’s iOS app to crash immediately upon opening, causing frustration among users. While you can access the platform through a web browser, many may not enjoy the different interface the mobile app offers.

Fortunately, there are several ways you can try and fix your Instagram app crashing on your iPhone. In this article, I’ll go through 13 potential ways! So, let’s get started.

1. Check your internet connection

Before attempting to troubleshoot any issues, make sure you have a strong connection. When you’re on a weak Wi-Fi connection or relying solely on your mobile data, Instagram may not be able to load and work properly.

2. Turn Airplane mode on/off

Sometimes, simply turning Airplane mode on for a few seconds before disabling it can help fix all sorts of issues. Doing this will disconnect you from any network connections and could potentially fix the problem.

3. Force quit and restart Instagram

Any app can crash due to temporary glitches or if you’ve left it running in the background for a long time. Force quitting and restarting the app could help get rid of these errors and make sure everything is running smoothly.

To force quit the Instagram app:

Once you’re done, restart the app and see if it works.

Additionally, closing other running apps in the background can improve the iPhone’s overall performance, especially if you’re experiencing some lags and crashes.

4. Check Instagram’s server status

If the Instagram app isn’t working properly, then it could be due to server issues or because the app is undergoing maintenance. To check if this is the case, you can visit Down Detector and see if any outages have been reported.

If confirmed, there’s nothing else you can do but wait until their developers fix their server issue.

5. Check and manage your iPhone’s storage

If your Instagram keeps crashing, especially after taking many photos or downloading heavy files, this could be due to your iPhone’s limited storage.

In case you need more help to add more room, try these different ways to free up space on your iPhone or iPad.

6. Restart your device

Rebooting your iPhone can be an easy fix that resolves temporary glitches and clear out its memory. Doing so can be beneficial if you’re experiencing lags or other issues when using the Instagram app.

Apple also releases updates regularly that include bug fixes and improvements which could help Instagram and other apps to run more smoothly on your iPhone.

9. Give required permissions to Instagram

Any app is bound to crash if it doesn’t have the necessary permissions to access the required data or execute an action. To make sure that Instagram can get access to your device’s features:

Go to Settings, then scroll down until you see all the apps on your iPhone.

10. Uninstall and reinstall app

To do this, simply tap and hold the Instagram app icon.

Tap on the Remove button (-) that appears on the app’s upper left side.

Once done, go to App Store, search for Instagram again, and download and install it.

Launch the app after and see if this fixes your crashing issue.

Note: You can also delete the app from the App Library: tap and hold the app icon → Tap Delete App twice.

11. Check your Language & Region settings

There may be instances where you changed your regional and language settings, say to be able to download a particular app, but forgot to switch back. Altering this setting could lead to unwanted crashes as Instagram fails to authenticate you properly. Sometimes, third-party apps could also accidentally modify your language settings without you knowing.

To ensure that Instagram can run properly, set this setting back to your current location. To revert your settings:

Go to Settings → General.

12. Reset Network Settings on your iPhone

If you accidentally tinkered with your iPhone’s network settings, it’s possible to cause instability on your device and make apps that rely on the internet, like Instagram, crash. 

Resetting your Network Settings should help clear up any issues and return it to its default settings.

Note that doing this doesn’t delete your data except any saved Wi-Fi passwords. To do this:

Go to Settings → General.

Select Transfer or Reset iPhone.

Enter your passcode and confirm the reset.

Once everything’s done, open Instagram and see if it works normally.

13. Erase all Contents and Settings on your iPhone

It’s very rare that you have to resort to this solution, but if all else fails, you can try erasing your iPhone and setting it up as a new device. This will erase all the data on your device — including possible third-party apps that could be causing conflicts with Instagram.

Just be sure you’ve backed up your data before proceeding with this step. To erase all contents and settings on your iPhone:

Go to Settings → General.

Choose Transfer or Reset iPhone.

Enter your passcode and confirm to proceed with the reset.

After everything is done, start setting up your device as new and re-download Instagram.

What else you can do?

If you’ve exhausted all the troubleshooting tips above and Instagram still keeps crashing, it’s probably a good idea to reach out to Instagram Support directly. The friendly folks there are usually pretty helpful and should be able to provide you with further assistance on how to get your app back up and running.

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