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This story has been updated. It was originally published on May 20, 2023.

You might be used to throwing out or giving away gadgets when they reach the end of their useful life, but listen: you’ve got options. Many of the electronics you consider outdated can be upgraded rather than abandoned or replaced.

We’re not talking about projects that require a high level of technical skill or a lot of money, either—there are simple ways to give your gadgets years of extra life. Here are five of our favorite strategies for reinvigorating old tech.

1. Get more storage for console games

Sony has its own step-by-step upgrade guide, and if you’re using a Microsoft console, we recommend iFixit’s walkthrough. In most cases, you’ll need nothing more than a new hard drive and a screwdriver. Of course, If you’re willing to spend a little more money for an easier upgrade, just buy an external hard drive and plug it right into your console.

Hard drives specifically suited for PS4 or Xbox One systems will often come branded as such, and there’s a wide selection. If you’re looking for an internal drive, you could go for the 2TB Seagate BarraCuda ($72 from Amazon), while one external option is the 4TB WD Gaming Drive ($105 from Amazon).

2. Put more storage on your smartphone

They’ve got games on their phones. More than they could ever play. vladteodvladteodor95 / Depositphotos

That is, if your smartphone has a memory card slot. Many still do, including the Samsung Galaxy S20 (but not the S21) and OnePlus Nord N200. When you go looking for add-on storage, you could consider the 128GB Samsung EVO ($17 on Amazon) or the 128GB SanDisk Ultra ($18 on Amazon), for example. Just make sure you confirm your preferred card is compatible with your phone.

The iPhones and Google Pixel phones, however, are among those that don’t have a memory card slot. Instead, you could consider upgrading to get more cloud storage. Apple iCloud upgrade prices start at $1 a month for 50GB of room, while Google One prices start at $2 a month for an additional 100GB.

3. Get a new keyboard, stand, or monitor for your laptop

This upgrade won’t improve your laptop’s performance, but it will make it easier and more comfortable to use. A desk stand like the Lamicall Laptop Riser ($35 from Amazon) or the Aoou Cool Desk ($70 from Amazon) gets your computer closer to eye level and reduces strain on your neck from peering down at it.

Laptops, of course, come with a built-in keyboard, but it may be easier to use a separate keyboard if you’re using a stand. Buy a larger model and get the added benefit of more finger room and access to a proper number pad—you can connect to your laptop via USB or Bluetooth. Models like the Logitech MK270 ($25 from Amazon), which comes with a mouse, or the Macally Ultra Slim ($40 from Amazon) are worth considering.

Another useful upgrade is an external monitor, though it’s debatable whether this purchase fits the “cheap” theme of our roundup. If you have the budget, monitors like the 20-inch Sceptre E205W ($121 from Amazon) or the 21.5-inch Asus VP229HE ($150 from Amazon) can give you more than double the room for viewing apps, documents, and websites.

4. Add smarts to an old speaker

You may already have a number of Amazon Echo speakers around your home, but the Echo Input (if you can get one—it’s currently unavailable on Amazon and may have been discontinued sometime in 2023) will add the same artificial intelligence-powered smarts to any speaker that has a 3.5-millimeter audio jack.

That means you can keep the high fidelity and punchy volume of your existing hi-fi speaker or TV sound bar, and still access tens of thousands of Alexa skills at the same time. Check the weather, control your smart home, find the latest sports scores, set timers and alarms, and much more.

The Echo Input requires a separate power connection, but once you’ve got the necessary cables in place, you can get up and running quickly with the free Alexa app for Android or iOS. These will easily connect accounts such as Google Calendar and Spotify for you.

5. Make any old TV smart

If your aging television set has an HDMI port, you can instantly add some smarts to it by plugging in a streaming dongle. You’ve got several inexpensive options to pick from, which will give you access to the likes of Hulu, Netflix, Spotify, and more.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick ($20 from Amazon) focuses mainly on Amazon services like Prime Video and Prime Music, but you’ll get access to a ton of other apps and games as well. The Google Chromecast ($30 from Google), meanwhile, includes access to YouTube TV and works with many audio and video apps on your phone, including Netflix and Spotify.

The Roku Streaming Stick+ ($30 from Amazon) is worth considering too, as it supports 4K HDR video for apps (like Netflix) that support it. It also covers just about every video service, from Apple TV to HBO.

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Top 5 Easy Ways To Speed Up Macos Ventura

Top 5 Easy Ways To Speed Up macOS Ventura Here’s How To Speed Up macOS Ventura

1. Stop Applications/Programs To Launch Automatically At Startup

Examine the number of starting apps on your macOS Ventura Mac if you discover that it takes a while for it to boot up. You may have several more automated app launches than you actually need. Some apps offer the choice to run automatically after installation. Turn off login elements to speed up your macOS Ventura:

Open the “Apple Menu” and choose “System Preferences.”

Under system preferences, choose “Users & Groups.”

Now head over to the “Login Items” tab and here you will find a list of all startup applications/programs there.

Press the Minus “-” button after selecting the things you wish to get rid of. To save changes, press the “Lock” symbol again.

2. Disable CPU & Memory Intensive Programs/Applications

Activity Monitor, a built-in software on Macs, that allows you to keep an eye on CPU, memory, and storage usage. The program shows which processes are running and how much Memory/RAM each one is utilizing.

Press the “Command” key with the key “Spacebar” to open the “Spotlight.”

Now search for “Activity Monitor” in the spotlight and open it.

Now select the “Memory” tab in the activity monitor window.

The Memory tab shows a list of all currently active processes and their RAM usage.

Closing the memory-intensive apps will help to speed up macOS Ventura.

Perform the same action for the “CPU” tab also.

3. Clear Cache Memory

Your MacBook stores extra temporary caches as well as logs the more operations you perform on it. Your Mac will ultimately run faster if you delete all of these unnecessary files.

Use these steps to manually remove cache memory:

Now browse these folders: – ~/Library/Caches & /Library/Caches

Remove cache files by going into each subdirectory of the Cache directories.

4. Clean Your Desktop

From the menu bar, choose “Finder Preferences.”

Now select the “Sidebar” tab.

Close Preferences after choosing what to display in the Finder sidebar.

After that, just simply drag the files from the Desktop area into the appropriate Finder directories. You may organize your files/documents into as several groups/folders as you like for easy access.

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5. Check Your Internet/Wi-fi Connection

Or you can call your Internet service provider for poor and slow internet connection.

Writer’s Tip: If you hate doing this manually, then don’t worry we have the solution for this as well. Using “Cleanup My System”, an application designed & developed by Systweak Software is the quickest way to make the Mac run faster.

“Cleanup My System, a software for cleaning up your Mac provides quick fixes for enhancing it. It efficiently deletes junk files after automatically analyzing them. Additionally, you may remove unneeded, memory-consuming programs and unnecessary big cache files with the aid of this software.”

Get Cleanup My System

Read Full Review Of Cleanup My System

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5 Top Most & Easy Steps To Solve Your Email Problems

Introduction to Email Problems

Whether you agree or not, if you are one of those people who gets distracted easily, email is one of the main reasons. You have done tweaks and many tricks, but your inbox doesn’t seem to work as you want it to. In this article, you will learn to be an email ninja who masterfully handles all email problems. All you need to do is pick any of the following methods, and you will do it.

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You need sanity first. But articulating methods will not help you deal with such an overwhelming distraction. So, let’s bring some sense to your email problems, and then we will talk about 5 simple things you can use to end all your email account problems.

Bringing Sanity

How many times did you check your emails per day? If you are a working professional or someone who needs to read a lot of emails, the numbers would be 100, 200, or even 500. But how many people do you know who check their inboxes (multiple) 500 times a day and feel sanity? You are right. There can’t be anyone on earth who would love to check emails 500 times a day. But they don’t seem to stop their addiction.

But amid this addiction, can you see that due to this inbox addiction, you are missing out on your precious hours regularly, day in and day out? And your best work is still undone, your dream project is yet to master, and your life is still on hold.

What you Should do if you want to bring Clarity and Sanity to your Days?

Below are some tips mentioned to bring clarity:

1. Put off your internet connection 2. Set a time when you use email

If you are addicted to your inbox, it would be difficult to let go of the addiction. The best way to reduce your habit is to set a proper time when you will check your email account problems. Maybe twice a day. For some, it’s not enough to check emails twice daily. In that case, set your time and then check during those blocks of time. But don’t go more than five times a day.

3. Get rid of the device

In this age of modern technology, everybody has a smartphone, and thus, checking and answering emails has become significantly easier at the same time. All the time, we get notified about how many emails we receive. But we get scared at the idea of getting rid of the smartphone. But if we can do it, we can bring so much sanity to our lives that we can’t understand now.

Yes, maybe. This is against reality. The truth is you are not paid for checking emails. Rather you are paid for doing meaningful work and contributing to your client in a way that makes the client happy. So even if you can’t get rid of the phone, put it in airplane mode or turn off the internet when you are working. It will save you a lot of time and help you become saner.

4. In search of a quiet life 5 Simple Tricks to Solve your Email Problems Forever

These are the 5 things you can do to solve all your email problems forever. No, they are not technical. Yes, they can be done by anybody, irrespective of their career or professional life.

1. Use 80-20 principles in your email and inbox

You would agree that most emails don’t add value to your life. They don’t. Of course, few do, and let’s deal with only those that add value to your life.

What we suggest to you is these:

Recognize which email senders you get maximum value from. Add to your address book so that you don’t miss out on emails from them.

Unsubscribe from all the rest of the email senders.

How would you do it? You need to use a measure to limit your email subscription. Track how many emails you receive per day. Let’s say you receive 100 emails a day. Now tracking 100 emails is tough. But you don’t need to deal with 100. See how many you want in your inbox (suppose 18-20) and let go of the rest. Subscribe and report spam if they seem to load your inbox even after unsubscribing (many of them do).

According to Pareto Principle, only 20% of things make 80% of the difference. That means you can use the same principle to filter out the ones that create maximum impact and let go of the rest.

2. Have you heard the word ‘delete’

If you are not able to do that, certain things will guide you on your way to creating an empty inbox:

An inbox full of emails creates visual and gradual mental ambiguity. It reminds you daily how much you don’t need them but can’t muster the courage to delete them immediately.

The reason why you are not able to delete them at once is that you, like many of us, suffer from ‘in-case syndrome. We keep things or emails or messages, just in case in future we need them. But if you have not opened them for the last 3 to 6 months, trust that you won’t need them anymore, yes, not even shortly. You can still check and delete the emails you want to delete, but that is a long process.

You can also use step by step deletion method. Decide to delete 10 emails every day after checking. And don’t let any new emails sit in your inbox if they are unnecessary to delete. For old emails, read them and delete 10 emails per day. It will make things easier for you.

3. Writing and responding to email problems

This may be termed minimalist propaganda, but this method has many benefits. If you use it, it will save you time and effort and will help you cut short your email time.

Whenever you write or respond to any email problems, make sure your email should be 5 sentences long. Yes, there may be emails in which you need to write the whole agenda of the meeting or the transcript of an entire report. But in that case, make sure you use an attachment (.doc or .pdf, or .xls). Don’t use your email space for writing the whole thing because the report or agenda can be made at different times with or without the need to process emails.

The benefits of writing just 5 sentences in an email are to save time on your part, and at the same time, it will keep the time of people who read your emails. So, write only 5 sentences email and no more.

4. Create labels

If you use Gmail, you can go to settings and create labels. Creating labels will solve most of your issues with dealing with your inbox.

Use the following steps to handle your inbox efficiently:

First of all, create three labels to process. The first label would be “immediate”, the second would be “important”, and the third would be “eliminate”.

As you go along in your schedule, check your emails and put them in the labels you created.

With the emails stored in the label “immediate”, deal them immediately. And if the work is done, process it to the third label, “eliminate”.

The label “important” has more significance than any label in your inbox. Thus, give more emphasis to this. In the title “important”, you will have emails about long-term projects or something that needs more attention than a few seconds or minutes. As you finish them, process them to the “eliminate” label.

Lastly, whatever you will get in the “eliminate” label, see them one by one and delete them from your inbox.

Structure your strategy. The most important thing is to have a technique for your inbox. Any method would do if it helps you create inbox sanity. You may not use this method.

5. Be mindful while processing your emails

In this age of insane productivity, professionals have forgotten the value of mindfulness. And mastery over inbox is no concern. Even when you think about emails or inboxes, you all feel about increasing your productivity. But the truth is presence is more important than productivity. You don’t need to worry about finding the time if you are present. You have time. And with the company, now you have sanity as well.

Use the following steps to be mindful while processing your inbox:

Whenever you schedule to process your inbox, slow down. Don’t hurry. Be mindful of your every move. Do it as if you are on medication for 15-20 minutes.

Don’t go to any other email account problems until you are done with one. Do deal with email problems in your inbox, one day at a time, and you will see that the process will become smoother and easier.

Whenever you reply or respond to anyone, type the sentences as if you are completely aware of how you are typing, processing information in your mind, and addressing it.

Give more preference to presence over productivity, even while processing your inbox.

The above tips may not be found in a self-help book or an article dealing with inbox mastery. If you follow these tips, you will see that email and inbox don’t loom large in front of you, and thus you can do your greatest work. Inbox mastery is not about how you can categorize or process your emails (though we have mentioned that as well); it’s more about how not to lose your sanity.

Pick any one of the above and try to implement it. See how you can effectively help yourself deal with the heap of email problems in your inbox.

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0X800F0830 Windows Update Or Upgrade Error: 6 Easy Fixes

0x800F0830 Windows Update or Upgrade Error: 6 Easy Fixes Easy-to-follow solutions to quickly update or upgrade the OS




The Windows update error 0x800f0830 in Windows 10 is one of the tricky ones and takes some time to troubleshoot.

The error usually arises due to missing updates, problems with the current installation, or third-party conflicts.

To fix things, use specialized repair software, check for corrupt system files, or perform an in-place upgrade.

Updating or upgrading the OS is usually a hassle-free process and shouldn’t take too long. But we often come across Windows Update errors. One such is 0x800f0830, encountered both during the update as well as installing a new iteration of the OS.

It could also be a slight variation, but the fixes usually remain the same and are generally simple. So, let’s get straight to it.

What is the 0x800F0830 error?

The Windows Update error is encountered when running the installer and appears after the process fails due to one of the following reasons:

Problems with the BIOS: In most cases, it’s an outdated BIOS or misconfigured settings that lead to the update/upgrade error in Windows.

Corrupt Windows Update components: When there are corrupt Windows Update Components on the PC, you are bound to face issues installing updates.

Third-party software blocking the process: Often, third-party software could conflict with the process and trigger the Windows updates error 0x800F0830.

How do I fix 0x800F0830 0x20003??

Before we head to the slightly complex solutions, here are a few quick ones to try:

Restart the computer and try the update/upgrade again.

After downloading the ISO file, disconnect the PC from the Internet, either disable Wi-Fi or unplug the Ethernet cable, as the case may be, and then run the setup.

Use the Disk Cleanup utility to clear storage on the PC.

Install any pending Windows updates.

Disable the installed antivirus, firewall, or any other similar security software. If that works, we recommend you proceed with the installation and then get a reliable antivirus for Windows.

Check for corrupt system files by running the DISM commands and the SFC scan (sfc /scannow).

If none work, move to the solutions listed next.

1. Use a specialized repair utility

So, the best PC repair software for Windows might provide an easy fix for error 0x800f0830.

2. Change the Secure Boot settings


The BIOS interface is different for each manufacturer. So check the official website for the exact steps to access and change the BIOS settings.

Expert tip:

Secure Boot in BIOS

So, check the current Secure Boot setting by accessing the BIOS, whether enabled or not, and choose the opposite state. For instance, if it’s enabled, turn it off, and vice-versa. Once done, verify whether the 0x800f0830 error is fixed in Windows 10.

3. Reset the BIOS 4. Uninstall third-party antivirus

If disabling the antivirus didn’t do the trick, and the other solutions, too, didn’t help get rid of the 0x800f0830 error, you could always uninstall the program. Also, you could use an effective uninstaller software to delete any left-over files and registry entries.

5. Perform an in-place upgrade

When other options fail work to work, an in-place upgrade usually comes as a savior and helps fix the 0x800f0830 error in no time. And you don’t lose any files or installed apps in the process. Once done, check whether you can now upgrade the OS.

6. Install Windows using a bootable USB

In case nothing worked, we recommend you upgrade Windows using conventional means, though it’s slightly more complex. So, start by creating a bootable drive for Windows 10.

Installing Windows from a bootable USB

Now, connect the drive to the computer, restart it, access the boot options, and boot the PC through it. When the Windows Setup appears, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

One of these solutions should have helped fix the error 0x800f0830 in Windows 10 and allowed you to update or upgrade to the desired version finally.

And once done, do check some quick tips to improve the performance in Windows 10.

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5 Ways Social Media Could Hurt Your Business

There’s no denying that social media is a powerful resource for brands. With 74% of online adults on social media, it’s an effective way to reach and interact with your audience and share information about your brand.

However, social media can also do harm to your business if you don’t understand how to properly manage your social media channels. Check out the examples below to learn more about the pitfalls many business owners run into.

Spam Sandwich

As the co-founder of Buddy Media, Michael Lazerow, told Matthew Bishop on LinkedIn that the goal for marketers on social media is to engage them by discovering “how do you as a brand get into the conversation.” In other words, you need to create content that your audience wants to share and discuss.

Customer Complaints

In years past, it was possible for a business to still thrive despite having a rude owner or poor customer service. The Internet has absolutely changed that game because of the power consumers have to talk about their experiences with a business via online review sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor. Remember, one bad experience shared on a review site could potentially be seen by hundreds, if not thousands, of people.

The same can be said about social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Remember the whole Amy’s Baking Company fiasco? Instead of addressing consumer complaints and finding out why there were negative reviews, the owners went ballistic. In fact, the debacle has become a classic example of what not to do on social media.

While some would argue that getting your name mentioned is better than being ignored, that’s not an excuse to make it a habit. Customers are likely to forget about a hiccup here or there, but with so much competition in e-commerce, it’s not difficult for customers to turn to brands with better customer service.

And, it’s just not the handling of customer service that is important. It’s how promptly you respond to customers as well. Convince and Convert have found that 42% customers who have a complaint on social media expect a response within 60 minutes. Whether that’s realistic or not isn’t the issue; it’s the fact that customers demand a speedy response.

In short, if you aren’t equipped to handle the questions or concerns from customers, then social media can be a dangerous game to play. Always make sure that you’re helping (and not attacking) customers and that you respond in a timely manner.

Drunk Dialing

The combination of communication and one too many Friday night cocktails can turn a social media presence into an embarrassing situation for the wrong business owner. I’m sure in the ages of physical mail and telephone cold-calls there were minimal opportunities to drunk dial a customer. That’s not always the case nowadays.

With access to mobile devices 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it’s extremely easy to forget when to leave business at the office and not bring it into our social lives. It’s far too easy to let out a few drunk tweets or Facebook statuses while you’re sitting at your favorite watering hole or office party – it even happened with the Red Cross in 2011 and backfired when JCPenney sent out seemingly drunk texts during the Super Bowl.

Sending out a drunk tweet or Facebook status isn’t that uncommon, but it can be damaging for a brand if it becomes a common occurrence. Resist temptation and make sure that you leave your brand’s social media accounts in the hands of responsible team members who won’t make any bad decisions with these technology assets.

Too Much Exposure?

Not only does that phone in your pocket have the ability to ruin your business’ reputation while you’re finishing up your last beer, there also happens to be a camera attached to it – which can visually capture you enjoying your night out as well. Over the last few years we have seen important political figures and sports heroes make fools of themselves with racy pictures on social media.

In case you already forgot, Apple recently ran into a PR issue when it was discovered hundreds of nude celebrity photos were leaked online after someone had hijacked the cloud. Imagine the horror if those pictures had been of well-respected CEOs or faces of a major company or brand. There would be some serious explaining to do.

Unlike a celebrity or well-known CEO, a small business owner doesn’t have the resources to handle such a nightmare. Think of the backlash a local shop owner would face if they sent out inappropriate images.

If for some reason you do snap racy pictures – which is not recommended – keep the pictures to yourself! Furthermore, make sure that you only share content that is PG. Not only do you want to avoid the embarrassment, you don’t want to lose your integrity and customers down the road. Both American Apparel and VietJet have recently dealt with the repercussions of sharing lewd photos on their social media accounts.

Hash Tag Hijack

Who doesn’t love a good hashtag hijack gone awry? If you’re unfamiliar with the practice, it is when companies latch onto trending hashtags on Twitter and Instagram and then see how they can attach marketing messages to that hashtag – often without researching the meaning of the hashtag. It’s actually a great way to get the attention of people while staying up to date with buzzing topics and current events – when done correctly. Oreo perfected this tactic during the blackout at Super Bowl XLVII.

If you perform your due diligence and really understand why a hashtag is trending it’s pretty easy to prevent an embarrassing situation. However, if you don’t understand the meaning behind a trending hashtag, you could face some much-deserved backlash. For example, DiGiorno recently used #WhyIStayed, which was a trending hashtag regarding domestic violence. In DiGiorno’s attempt to stay socially relevant they used an extremely sensitive hashtag to sell frozen pizza. Can you say epic fail?

Always remember to read other tweets so you can understand the origin of a hashtag before you attach it to any marketing or branding messages.


Social media is one of the best ways to spread brand awareness and engage with your audience. However, it can also be detrimental if you treat your brand’s account like that of a college student. Always be professional and avoid scenarios that include anything that is sensitive to your customers.

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7 Ways To Get 5

Reviews and testimonials are crucial aspects of any business. Before investing money in a product or service, customers like to see if they’re partnering with the right business, and quality reviews play a vital role. Notice that emphasis on quality…

Not exactly a quality review.

And one of the top places people look for reviews is on Google. Not only does your business need more Google reviews to thrive, but you want loyal customers to leave quality reviews to give a complete view of what your business has to offer.

As a consumer, you’re probably already familiar with just how important Google reviews can be. For instance, when you want to buy a laptop and are confused about some options, what do you do? You probably read the reviews online to ensure you’re buying the right device for your needs.

In this post, we’ll talk about all things Google reviews to help you improve the quality of your online reputation, including:

The benefits of getting more Google reviews for your business.

How to get Google reviews for your business.

Google review FAQ’s.

Table of contents

Let’s get started!

Why is getting more Google reviews important?

Google is one of the most influential sources on the internet to look for social proof around a business and to determine whether or not a customer wants to move forward.

In fact, 90% of consumers look at Google before visiting or buying from a business.

Here are some ways Google reviews can help your business:

1. They build trust for your business

Customers will only buy from you if they trust you’re the perfect solution to their problem. Be it a product or service–trust and transparency play an essential role in influencing the buyer’s journey. Not only that, but 93% of people read online reviews before making a purchase.

Customer reviews on Google can help potential customers gather more information about the effectiveness of your product, the kind of customer service you provide, and if you’re the right fit for their requirements.

Customers trust reviews and honest feedback given by other customers more than claims by the brand itself because reviews are seen as impartial and, therefore, more trustworthy.

Positive reviews on Google and how you respond to them can help build consumer trust in your brand.

2. Google reviews can increase online visibility through SEO

For example, if you’re a digital marketing agency and have optimized your listing for local SEO, you can get found easily.

And, good Google reviews can increase your chances of showing up for relevant local searches–especially those with “best” in the query. For example, when someone searches for “best dealership near me,” Google will only show Google Business Profile listings with a star rating of 4.0 or above.

This means if you have a high star rating, your listing could show on the search results page above traditional organic listings which can drive more traffic to your website.

3. Reviews can help convince and convert more customers

For brick-and-mortar businesses, having a good number of Google reviews can increase customer visits to your location and increase conversions. The reviews set an automatic sales funnel for your business where the customer reviews do the trust-building and your website does the persuasion.

Related: Check out online review stats that show the importance of Google reviews. 

How to get more reviews on Google

Here are seven ways to get more Google reviews for your business.

1. Ask for Google reviews

The number one way to get more reviews is to ASK. And, not just some customers, but every customer.

So, once you’ve finished working with a customer or are in the middle of a project with a client, ask them to leave you a review.


But remember, it’s imperative to ask for a review at the right time. And the best time is when your customer is happy.

Here are some best practices to ask for a Google review:

Tell them the exact steps to follow to leave a review.

Provide them with a direct link to your Google Business Profile.

Share some examples of your top reviews so they can get an idea of what others have said about your business.

If applicable, give your client a review on their GMB listing or LinkedIn profile to reciprocate.

Asking is an easy step to make, but many businesses are afraid of asking for a review in the fear that they might get a negative one or the customer may not prefer giving one. However, you need to take a leap of faith. (Plus, 70% of people will leave a review if asked!)

2. Add a review link to your website or thank-you email

Make it easier for your customers to leave you a Google review by adding a review link on your website or sending a custom link via email. It makes the process easier because now the customer needs to fill in the details without doing any hard work.


To generate a custom Google review link, follow these steps:

Sign in to your Google Business Profile account.

Select the location or business you want to manage.

Share with your customers.

Use this link on your website as a pop-up or in your targeted email while you’re thanking the customer or sending them the invoice. The idea is to make it easier for them to follow along so they leave your business a Google review.

Related: Get free email templates to help you ask for reviews. 

3. Provide excellent customer service

A sure-shot way to land more Google reviews is to provide great customer service, which compels them to leave you a review voluntarily. One of the most significant aspects of a business is that you can completely turn it around based on how you treat your customers.

If you build a relationship with them, provide exceptional services, and express gratitude for them being your customer, you win.

Here are some ways to better meet your customer needs:

Go beyond traditional support and provide personalized help.

Take feedback from your customers regularly and work on it.

Identify things you can do better for an improved customer experience.

Train your team members to be polite and empathetic.

Make it easy for customers to get in contact with you.

Humanize your business by extending personal support and offering exceptional services to your customers. Once this happens, you won’t have to worry about asking for reviews.

4. Respond to your existing Google reviews

If your customers are taking out the time to leave you a review, you must reply to them. Inevitably, no business gets only positive reviews. There will be negative reviews, as well. However, the key is to respond to both of them with politeness and gratitude.

For negative reviews, many businesses don’t reply. However, your response to those reviews is essential because that shows how much you value your customers and how seriously you take feedback.

When you get a negative review, consider the following best practices:

Apologize for their experience.

Understand the situation by getting in touch with them personally.

Ask them what happened and how can you improve it.

Offer them an incentive that makes up for the negative review or service.

Image source

When you get a positive review, thank them.

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However, there are times you may need to delete a Google review if you feel it violates Google’s terms.

5. Share your positive reviews

Any positive Google reviews your business receives should be celebrated! Be sure you share positive reviews on your business’s website and social media platforms to help remind other customers to leave their feedback.

Not only will this help highlight any great Google reviews you get, but it can also entice other customers to follow suit and leave even more feedback. Not every potential customer may make it to your Google listing initially, so promoting your positive Google reviews across other marketing channels will broaden the awareness of your Google presence.

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6. Invest in review generation tools

If you’ve tried multiple methods of getting reviews from your customers online and still haven’t managed to score a greater number, don’t worry. There’s another comparatively simpler way to do that–a review generation tool.

These tools automate the process to help you ask verified customers or clients for reviews.

Review generation tools have templates to use your brand voice, colors, and style to create campaigns that ask your customers for feedback. You just need to insert your customer details once, and it will send out review requests and follow up with them.

It’s a great way to automate review generation and ensure every customer is leaving you a review.

7. Frequently update your Google Business Profile

When customers jump to your Google Business Profile to leave a review, you don’t want them to feel like they’re in the wrong place. Be sure your customers know they’ve landed on the correct and most up-to-date listing for your business by maintaining brand consistency throughout your profile.

This means your listing should include high-quality photos, a thorough business description, updated operating hours, and Google Business Profile Posts to showcase the latest news from your business.

This updated Google Business Profile makes leaving a Google review for this small business both easy and enticing.

Google review FAQ’s

Still have questions when it comes to getting Google reviews for your business? We’ve got you covered:

Where do Google reviews for my business show up?

Google reviews appear on the search engine results page when you search for a particular business.

Can you purchase Google reviews?

No, Google reviews are given by customers and cannot be manipulated by your brand. In fact, putting money behind your Google reviews violates Google’s guidelines. This is the reason why customers worldwide depend on Google for authentic reviews about a business!

Can you ask for 5-star Google reviews?

While you can’t pay people to leave reviews for your business or provide an incentive for them to leave reviews, asking loyal customers to leave Google reviews is both recommended and encouraged to help grow your business’s online presence! However, Google does prohibit soliciting reviews in bulk or asking for specific types of reviews. Get more tips on how to ask for reviews here!

Do people trust 5-star reviews?

Yes! In fact, 72% of people say that positive reviews make them trust a local business more. Moreover, 92% of people will choose to do business with a local business if it has at least a 4-star rating.

However, a mix of both positive and negative reviews is ideal. That’s because bad reviews can be good for business, too, as 82% of people look for bad reviews specifically to help them set their expectations accordingly. Often, how you respond to reviews matters more than the type of Google reviews you get.

Can you get fake Google reviews?

There are times you may need to delete a Google review if you feel it violates Google’s terms. Unfortunately, fake Google reviews may pop up occasionally. While Google will automatically remove any reviews that are inappropriate, profane, or offensive, it’s important to regularly check your Google reviews. That way, you can flag any fake reviews for removal through your Google Business Profile.

If it’s coming from a customer who doesn’t sound or look familiar, or someone who hasn’t frequently reviewed other businesses in the past, that could indicate your Google review could be fake.

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Can you delete Google reviews?

Yes! If a review violates Google’s policy, it can be flagged for removal. Check out our complete post on how to delete Google reviews that breaks down easy steps to handle any rogue Google Business Profile activity.

Start getting more Google reviews for your business

Google reviews are the best free promotion you can get online. Customers listen to other customers, and when you provide excellent services, they become your brand ambassadors.

Be it for an online store, a home services business, or any business in between, reviews can significantly influence your potential customers and convince them to swipe the card.

So, create a review generation strategy for your business to get more feedback from your customers and stand out from your competitors.

To recap, here’s how to more Google reviews in seven easy steps:

Ask for Google reviews

Create a shareable review link

Provide excellent customer service

Respond to existing reviews

Share positive reviews

Invest in review generation tools

Frequently update your Google Business Profile listing

Want to know how your Google Business Profile and other listings look online? Try our free business listings grader!

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