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5 best smart home apps for Windows 10/11




Looking for the best smart home apps for Windows 10 PC? We got you covered. Read this guide to learn what are the best smart home programs to use in 2023.

This post gives you some of the best smart home programs that can be used to automate your home devices. The software reviewed in this article differ from each other in terms of some features —  though they all provide general services which ensure convenient automation of devices.

OpenHAB has a large following among smart home users, as it has an active community of users. The software uses a stable open source Javascript which allows multiple support of devices and ensures you can easily integrate different devices on the software. This tool uses a powerful software engine which enables users flexibility as there are several plugins which can be installed to ensure user preference is achieved.

Your devices can easily be controlled using specific apps and users can customize the software with the inbuilt design tools. So therefore, OpenHAB is an excellent home software app to use due to its flexibility and compatibility to hundreds of devices.

⇒ Download OpenHAB

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Castle OS is a popular smart home software that has integration with over a hundred different smart devices. Users are able to use the various features to conveniently automate their homes. Castle OS supports several popular home apps such as UPB, WeMo, LightwaveRF, Sonos, Ecobee and Nest,

Users can access the unique voice control system by connecting a Microsoft Kinect, this allows ease in controlling several devices by saying command prompts.

Meanwhile, Castle OS helps keep track of your home energy consumption which allows you to know the devices consuming much power in your home.

The scheduling feature is also effective as you can easily create time scheduled events and receive notifications of events via Email or SMS. Also, Castle OS is an excellent Home software to employ for your Windows O.S and is compatible with Windows 10.

⇒ Download Castle OS

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When it comes to a home apps that features state of the art technology and features, Creston is up there. The software may be of a premium price to other home app software but it gives good value for the price.

Creston specifically develops devices which can be purchased in addition to the software. The user interface allows for customization by users and it can be ideal for setting up a conference center.

The voice control is also automated to allow ease and convenience in controlling smart home devices.  Overall Creston is a good solution for smart home users as they get extensive features from the software.

Expert tip:

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Iobroker is a budding smart home apps software which has a thriving community and offers quality services. The software can be used to control devices in all areas of your home from the garage, kitchen to individual rooms in your home.

It is compatible to multiple devices which makes it ideal home app software. iobroker uses an open Javascript and supports Windows,Linux, OSX and Raspberry devices.

The user interface is clean and easy to use for beginners with all menu arranged precisely for scalability. You can easily set voice controls and use the command prompts to control various devices in your home or office.

Lastly, iobroker is an efficient home app software as it performs the basic needs of a smart home owner and supports numerous operating systems.

⇒ Download Iobroker

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EventGhost is a simple automation software that allows users to access different input devices to trigger control of connected devices. It does not provide extensive features like the other software on the list but it lightweight and can perform the majority of the tasks needed by a smart home user on a small scale.

In addition, EventGhost allows the use of input devices like wireless remote to control home devices. The interface as to be expected is simple with different task icons in the menu which have specific functions.

To enjoy more features, you would need to download several plugins which could be the downside of the app. Infrared motions work exquisitely and can be easily setup by following the tutorials on the software website. You can always try EventGhost since it is free to download and check out the features.

⇒ Download EventGhost


These are the best smart home software for smart home owners. They have been tested and found to possess features needed. In addition, they are all compatible with Windows 10.

Meanwhile, EventGhost is lightweight to use but with limited features while Creston is the most expensive of the apps listed above. Our recommended smart home software to utilize in your home is OpenHAB, as it gives all the necessary features and compatibility needed for a smart home software.


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4 Best Youtube Volume Booster Apps For Windows 10/11

4 Best YouTube Volume Booster Apps for Windows 10/11




YouTube volume booster apps enhance and improve the video-watching experience.

In this article, we explore the best volume booster apps for YouTube.

The list contains both standalone software audio enhancers, as well as browser extensions.

Some of the products on this list are pay-to-use, while some are free, or offer a free trial.

Depending on the audio gear you are using, at times, you may feel the YouTube volume to be on the lower side.

This is mostly the case when using a lower end or old headphones. This where the YouTube volume booster apps come in handy.

Volume booster apps help increase the overall volume of your headphone and speakers and make it sound louder without distorting the audio.

In this article, we explore the best volume booster apps for YouTube in Windows 10.

Experience an error-free music streaming service

If you are a music aficionado and have a paid plan for YouTube Music, Spotify, or Apple Music, access them in a browser that has built-in integrations: Opera GX. It’s light and fast, so you’ll get buffer-free music, plus it has a built-in sound booster to tweak your volume.

The browser is great for music streaming, with quick access to your favorite platforms, permanent login to avoid server connection issues, not to mention a built-in VPN to change servers whenever the service may throttle.

Opera GX

Get perfect audio quality and stream your favorite tunes with built-in support for music apps!

Free Get Opera GX

If you are looking for an all-around tool to increase the volume and enhance the audio, Boom 3D from Global Delight is a premium tool to consider. You can enjoy enhanced audio with all your media on both Mac and Windows systems.

Boom 3D is the enhanced version of Boom 2 and comes with additional features, including a pan system volume booster that works with YouTube on Chrome and other web browsers as well.

Boom 3D

Boost your YouTube volumes using this powerful sound customization software today!

Free trial Visit website

Volume Booster, as the name suggests, is a Google Chrome extension that increases and amplifies your max volume. It works on any web apps that you are playing on your Chrome browser, including YouTube.

Dragging the slider forward and backward will increase and decrease the volume for the current tab. When enabled, it will show a blue shared rectangle icon on the tab to let you know it is working.

⇒ Get Volume Booster

FxSound2 is a freemium YouTube volume booster tool. Similar to Boom 3D, FxSound2 comes with some audio enhancement features along with built-in presets.

Furthermore, you can select the device to enhance the audio and use the predefined presets like Movies, Music, and Bass Boosting to get the best out of the tool.

⇒ Get FxSound2

LetaSoft Sound Booster is a premium sound booster software for Windows 10. It is a client-based app that offers system-wide audio enhancement.

LetaSoft Sound Booster claims to boost your system volume above a maximum of up to 500%. Apart from the browser, it can also amplify the volume of communication software like Skype and media players.

To boost volume, LetaSoft Sound Booster uses two methods – Code Injection and APO effects. In addition, you can enable SuperBoost to add an extra boost.

⇒ Get LetaSoft Sound Booster

If you listen to music on YouTube, try the YouTube Music app as it offers enhanced volume control and loud output.

To increase the YouTube volume externally use volume booster apps like Boom 3D, FxSound, or the Chrome extension.

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5 Most Vulnerable Smart Home Devices

What is IoT?

IoT refers to the ‘Internet of Things’. When various smart devices work in collaboration with each other, they continuously transfer information to each other to function properly. This constant supply of information creates a WEB of its own which is known as the ‘Internet of Things’.

To explain a bit in detail, if you have equipped your Smart Smoke Detector to work with Smart Bulbs so that in an emergency, the lights start blinking automatically. This requires a constant flow of information from your Smart Smoke Detector to Smart Lights. Throw in a couple of smart devices more on the web and it becomes a whole Internet of Things.

IoT Security Risks – Risks Involved in Creating an IoT and using Smart Home Devices

Let’s now name a few most Vulnerable Smart Home Devices that you may have at your home:

Here Are The Most Vulnerable Smart Home Devices: 1. Smart Doorbells:

Though Smart Doorbells are generally considered to be safe and useful, they are highly vulnerable to leaking confidential information like Passcodes, Network Passwords, etc. which in turn can threaten your whole network system. Hence, the answer to the question can smart locks be hacked is yes, they can be.

2. Smart Smoke Detectors: 3. Smart Thermostats:

Smart Thermostats are both Environment and Budget Friendly. They can help maintain a reasonable temperature at all times while still maintaining a low energy consumption. But a lot of cyber-security companies have found these thermostats highly vulnerable.

4. Smart Lights:

You wouldn’t think that a device like a Smart Bulb which is controllable by your Mobile phone and which you bought as you wanted to change colors for fun can provide hackers access to all the devices that are connected to your home network, including your phone and PC.

5. Smart Toilets:

Smart Toilets aren’t as popular as other Smart Devices mentioned above. However, it does give us an idea of how far-reaching IoT can be in the coming times and how vulnerable the world is going to be.

So, these are the most common and vulnerable smart home devices that we have seen at our home. Let’s now move forward to see the safety measures that we can employ to prevent attacks on these devices.

Tips to Minimize Risk of IoT Attacks: 1. Don’t be Basic with your security:

Don’t be shy to put a Strong Password on your Wi-Fi to better protect your security. Also, don’t put just a basic router for the internet and buy one with a Built-in Firewall to further protect your network.

2. Use a Separate Network:

If you happen to have visitors over very often and you, as a host, give away your Wi-Fi passwords to every other person, you are in big danger. Either share your password with only the family members or just get a separate connection for your smart home devices.

Use a VPN:

Last but the most important step is to employ a VPN on your Router. A VPN employs a whole lot of different techniques to safeguard your data and privacy over the web. For example, A VPN encrypts the data flow that makes it nearly impossible for hackers to get any information out of it. Hence, it is of utmost importance to use a VPN on your Router.

Though there are a lot of VPN solutions available in the market, I suggest using NordVPN to protect all your devices from Cyber-threats.

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NordVPN is one of the most widely used and trusted VPNs of all. It employs industry-leading techs to safeguard user data and Privacy. Some of the most highlighted features of NordVPN are:

NordVPN can help promote Anonymity by masking your device’s original IP Address with that of the Router.

All the Data that you send or receive over the VPN is encrypted with AES 256-Bit Encryption to make the data unusable to anyone except for the intended user.

NordVPN comes equipped with an Automatic Kill Switch that drops all the working internet connection as soon as it detects a sudden drop in the VPN network.

With all these amazing features and more, NordVPN is one of the most secure VPNs available in the market.

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8 Best Voice Recording Apps For Windows 10

8 Best Voice Recording Apps for Windows 10 [Free, Paid] A carefully-curated list of top-notch recorders you can always use




In order to successfully edit audio and voice on your PC, you will need specialized sound and voice recording apps.

Most of this software include a variety of editing options for voice, different sounds, and notes, integrate different audio formats, trimming, and merging.

You can keep your recordings in the cloud for further editing, send them through email, share them on social media, and even move your work to other audio editing programs.

The options are numerous, but this thorough list of audio editing software we compiled for you will undoubtedly have an answer.

I remember that among the first things that I did when I got my first computer was playing around with the sound recorder function.

With the coming of Windows 10, we kept this secret passion, and whenever we have a free moment, we start singing and then laughing, listening to what we just recorded with our beautiful voices.

Microsoft has a pretty Voice Recorder app inside Windows 10, but it’s rather basic, with a simple and clean interface.

We will talk about Windows’ sound and voice recorder options, and bring up a shortlist of apps from the Microsoft Store that can do just the same, and maybe with some added features.

RecordPad is a sound recording program that lets you record sound, music, audio, and narration snippets.

It is a sophisticated program that enables you to record with various devices. With a command-line option, it may also be easily connected with other programs.

With RecordPad Sound Recorder, you can easily discover your audio by utilizing the filter and speech search features. Adjust your audio clips using the play options, and then burn, convert, transcribe, or add your clips to an existing project when you’re through.

RecordPAD can record sound, speech, notes, music, or any other type of audio. Audio recordings may be stored in WAV, MP3, and AIFF formats.

You may also use the Express Burn software to burn the recordings directly to a CD. System-wide hotkeys allow you to control recording from the keyboard while working in other apps.

You can use batch files to automate this application since it supports command line parameters.


RecordPad is perfect for adding voice and other audio to digital presentations, producing audiobooks, or recording a message.

Free trial Visit Website

Adobe Audition is our top pick in this guide as it provides various sound and voice recording features, and everything is packed in a visually pleasing user interface.

What makes Audition stand out from the crowd is the fast processing speeds it offers and also the variety of other useful features.

It’s a high-quality audio editing, processing, and mastering software with multi-tracking capabilities. It does not, however, support MIDI. Therefore, if you wish to mix and master in Audition, every track you produce must be audio.

So, for example, you might export MIDI files from a DAW to audio tracks and then import them into Audition; but, Audition cannot handle MIDI data.

You add effects to several recordings to obtain the exact sound you need for TV, film, or the web. You can effortlessly integrate audio into other Adobe products if you have Adobe Creative Cloud. If you do not have Adobe CC, you may export the audio and import it into your preferred video editing program.

Adobe Audition also comes packed with various sound effects that can be customized to suit your needs.

Here are the key features found in Adobe Audition:

Adobe Audition

Adobe is a complete sound recording and editing solution, and it’s the choice for most professionals.

Free trial Visit Website

With GiliSoft Audio Recorder Pro, you can record music from YouTube, Pandora, or any other streaming audio website, online radio programs, and parts of a movie. The recording result can be played on a PC, a portable mp3 player, or a car audio system.

This streaming audio recorder connects directly to your sound card, allowing you to record any sound or music in near-perfect clarity.

Record all voice conversations, including those with Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, and other VoIP apps, and store them as wav, mp3, Ogg, or WMA files. It may record automatically (when you make a call or have a voice chat with any VoIP application) or manually. You may configure it to run automatically with Windows.

Before starting a recording, you may use the recording preview function to preview the outcome using the specified audio recording device/source. It can work with more than one sound card (including a USB sound card).

What makes it different is the predefined audio recording to aid the fast setup and management of recording parameters, recording schedule, and voice activation when there is no sound to record.

Gilisoft Audio Recorder Pro

A useful and reliable tool for recording sounds to MP3, AAC, M4R, or WMA audio files.

Free trial Visit Website

NowSmart Sound Recorder is an easy-to-use app to record other apps, web pages, and many more.

You wish to record music from YouTube, Pandora, or any other streaming audio website, as well as online radio programs or the audio portion of a movie so that you can listen to your favorite audio material later – on a PC, a portable mp3 player, or your car’s audio system.

Audio Record Wizard in Windows 7, 8, and subsequent versions have a new function that allows you to record both computer noises and speech at the same time. In other words, it can record both sides of a Skype or Google Talk discussion.

The app is free, and you can download it from the Microsoft Store.

⇒ Get NowSmart Sound Recorder

Audacity is an open-source sound/audio editor that is both powerful and free. It also functions as a multi-track recorder.

It can only record and play sounds and import and export Wav, AIFF, MP3, and OGG files.

When these files are loaded, you may modify them by utilizing tools like cut, copy, and paste, combine multiple tracks, and apply various effects.

Use Audacity if you have a music track, a narration track, and some sound effects that you wish to combine into a mixed soundtrack. That’s what it’s made for.

Create a mashup of some of your favorite songs, and experiment with it to see what you can come up with.

There are several options for removing background noise when recording. So it’s a wonderful recording program that’s simple to use and can be utilized in various creative ways.

Audacity is fairly capable of doing tasks such as deleting vocals from music or vice versa.

⇒ Get Audacity

Lucky Recorder is the right tool for you if you’re looking for a professional audio recording app. It features a simple and intuitive user interface.

High-quality audio recording with an easy-to-use user interface and settings provides you with a clear sound if you want to Karaoke or record your voice when translating books and other media. You may export to file, upload to OneDrive, and email the file.

This app can record meetings, lectures, personal notes, and more. If you need to listen to particular recording parts, you can always play back your audio files and share them.

⇒ Get Lucky Recorder

Lexis Audio Editor is an audio recorder and editor with lots of features.

You can create or edit audio files and then save them in multiple formats. Other features include normalizing, noise reduction, recording and importing into existing files, and a 10-band equalizer.

You can also change the tempo, speed, and pitch, then save the recordings in mp3 (-320kb/s), wav (16 Bit PCM), WMA (-192kb/s), and m4a (-192kb/s).

Furthermore, using the Cut, Copy, and Paste features, you may select which sections of a music file to record into an existing file. You may also import a voice or sound into an existing format, resulting in a mash-up of customized sounds.

Perhaps some voice recordings do not require any background sound, allowing you to remove, insert silence, normalize noise reduction, and fade in and out to create the perfect speech.

Lexis Audio Editor has a free version and a paid one, the only difference between them is that saving in mp3 format is only available in the paid version.

⇒ Get Lexis Audio Editor

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Inside Windows 10, there used to have been two solutions for recording sounds or just your voice: the old Sound Recorder and the new, official app of Voice Recorder.

Now you can only access Voice Recorder by typing voice recorder in Windows Search.

The Voice Recorder app for Windows 10 is quite fun and incredibly simple. After recording your voice or the sounds around you, you can choose to play, trim, delete or rename the file.

You may easily share your recordings with friends and family or transfer the recordings to other audio editing applications. Note significant moments in the recording, and have your best sounds saved for later use.

The recordings are saved in the Voice Recorder app menu. On Windows 10, Voice Recorder has a brand-new interface that is much lighter and simpler than the one available on Windows 8.

⇒ Get Windows Voice Recorder

How to record sound with Voice Recorder App on Windows 10?

Those are the simple steps to follow to record with the built-in app on Windows 10

That’s it for our list of the best sound & voice recording apps for Windows 10. We hope that you found the perfect tool that you were looking for.

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Microsoft Introduces Dev Home App For Windows 11

Microsoft rolls out a preview of the Dev Home app for Windows 11.

The app has been designed to help developers work more efficiently while building new experiences.

In addition, the Windows Terminal is getting AI integration with the GitHub Copilot X.

Finally, Windows 11 is also getting native support to open tar, 7-zip, rar, gz, and more.

Microsoft introduces “Dev Home,” a new app for Windows 11 that will improve how developers set up, test, and build applications. According to the official announcement, the app will streamline the workflow with several new features, including using the Windows Package Manager (winget) command tool to make it easier and faster to set up a development environment and the new “Dev Drive” feature for better file system performance and a new dashboard to track your workflow.

According to the company, the new experience will make it easy to connect to GitHub and set up your machine to code, including installing the tools and packages you need. In addition, you can also use the app to configure your coding environments in the cloud using Microsoft Dev Box and GitHub Codespaces.

In addition, the app also introduces a new “Dev Drive” experience that allows developers to create virtual hard disks using the Resilient File System (ReFS), which, combined with a unique performance mode capability in Microsoft Defender for Antivirus, offers up to 30 percent file system improvement in build times for file I/O scenarios. The new performance mode is more secure than a folder or process exclusions. However, it appears that the “Dev Drive” isn’t a feature of the “Dev Home” app. Instead, it’s a link to the “Disks & volumes” settings that will now feature the ability to create ReFS virtual drives.

Finally, the app features a customizable dashboard to help you manage any project, including those that involve Windows, cloud, web, mobile, or AI.

Furthermore, the app also supports GitHub widgets to efficiently track all coding tasks or pull requests and projects from one central location and system widgets to track CPU and GPU performance. Microsoft says it is working with Team Xbox to bring the GDK to Dev Home to make it easy to start game creation.

Dev Home is an open-source application, which means that the community will be able to provide input to improve the experience over time. You can download a preview of the app now from the Microsoft Store.

Windows Terminal with AI

In addition to the new app, Microsoft also announced that the Windows Terminal is getting AI integration with the GitHub Copilot X. Users with access to the GitHub Copilot experience will be able to use the natural language AI both inline and in an experimental chat experience to recommend commands, explain errors and take actions inside the Windows Terminal.

As part of the Windows Terminal improvements, the company is adding tab tear-out, allowing you can easily organize your different shells into windows.

You can sign up to get early access to the Copilot Hub at GitHub.

Windows 11 with libarchive integration

Also, the team is integrating the libarchive open-source project into Windows 11 to bring native support to open additional archive formats, including tar, 7-zip, rar, gz and many others.

The Best Lunar Calendar Software For Windows 10/11

The best lunar calendar software for Windows 10/11






To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

There are many tools out there that can teach you more about the stars and planets. If you’re interested in astronomy — in particular, the Moon — you might want to check out this lunar calendar software for Windows 10.

What is the best lunar calendar software for Windows 10?

Moonphase is simple and free lunar calendar for Windows. The tool has a slightly outdated user interface, but it offers all sorts of useful features. As soon as you start the application you’ll see an animated picture of the moon that represents the moon phase. This picture is animated and will change according to your location or selected date.

In addition to current moon phase, you can also see upcoming phases along with the appropriate dates. The tool allows you to choose your time zone, but you can also enter geographical coordinates for more accurate or just different results. Moonphase also has support for summer time to keep your lunar calendar accurate throughout the year.

The tool has a built-in calendar with which you can see the moon phase for any date. In addition, you can also enable the option to show the best days to fish. The tool also offers some extra information regarding the moon, like the exact time the Moon rises or sets as well as moon transit time. In addition, you can see brightness percent and Moon distance. It’s worth mentioning that similar information is available for the sun as well.

Moonphase also has a built-in map you can use to choose your location quickly in order to get the most accurate results. Although the map is useful, it doesn’t support zooming at all, making it harder for you to select your precise location. Despite that, Moonphase is a solid lunar calendar and it’s available for free so you might want to download it.

QuickPhase Pro offers extensive information about the Moon and Sun. The application is split into three sections, and the Day section shows you current information about the moon. This section will show you the picture of the Moon in its current phase. Of course, there’s a wide range of information available such as phase name, brightness, Moon rise and Moon set time, etc. The same type of information is available for the Sun, so you can see both the sunrise and sunset times, altitude, declination, hour angle, and other important information.

Regarding the Month section, you can use it to see the moon phase for any day of the year. It’s worth mentioning that this application supports dates ranging from 4713BC to 8000AD. By hovering over a specific date you can see the basic information at a glance, but you can also select individual date to see the detailed information. We have to mention that this tool supports exporting, so you can easily select Moon or Sun data and export it. You can also choose the desired time period and export the table in CSV format.

QuickPhase Pro supports multiple locations which can be useful for some users. The application will automatically recognize your location so you can start using this application immediately. As for adding new locations, you can do that by using the built-in map or by entering the exact latitude and longitude. If needed, you can also save specific dates and access them later for comparison.

In addition to tables, the application allows you to save your data as an image. By doing so, you can save the information from Day or Month section as an image and easily print it. The application also supports dynamic resizing, so it will adjust as you resize the window. As a result, you can view your information on any display regardless of its size.

QuickPhase Pro offers amazing features and great user interface. Although this is a great application, it’s not free, but you can download and use 15-day trial version in the meantime..

If you’re interested in astronomy and the Moon, you might want to try Lunar Phase Pro. Unlike other applications on our list, this one allows you to view Moon charts and explore the surface of the Moon. This is a great feature and is useful for astronomers. The tool has a detailed model of the Moon and you can rotate it to see its details. We also have to mention that this tool allows you to view NASA live streams on your computer.

Since this application supports Moon charts and printing, you can choose which parts you want to print in order to save your ink. Lunar Phase Pro also uses high-resolution maps, so you can zoom in and see all the necessary details easily. The tool is perfect for astronomers because it allows you to add notes directly to the application and compare them later.

Lunar Phase Pro will also show you the current moon phase as well as its age, distance, and visibility. Of course, you can see its upcoming phases as well. In addition to the Moon, you can see information regarding the Sun such as sunrise and sunset time. There’s also a built-in calendar so you can check the moon phase for a specific date easily.

Lunar Phase Pro offers wide array of options, so it’s a perfect tool for astronomers. Regarding its flaws, it seems like this application hasn’t been updated in a while. As a result, the application has an outdated user interface that some users might not like. As for availability, you can download and try the free demo version. If you want to get access to all features, you’ll have to purchase the full version.

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VeBest MoonLight is a simple moon calendar software for your PC. The application will show you the picture of the Moon along with its visibility percentage. In addition, you can also see the name of the current Moon phase. The software also allows you to see the previous and upcoming phases along with the appropriate dates. Of course, you can easily navigate to next or previous days and see how the Moon phase looks for those days.

The application also has a built-in calendar that allows you to quickly find the desired date. We also have to mention that this tool allows you to enter your location in order to get the most accurate results. The application also offers some astrology information, which can be useful to some users.

VeBest MoonLight offers simple user interface, so it will be perfect for basic users. This isn’t a tool for astronomers, but if you need a simple lunar calendar, this application will be perfect for you. A free demo is available for download, but if you want to access all features, you need to purchase the full version.

Desktop Lunar Calendar

The tool offers basic configuration and you can change the size of the Moon icon or the color of the calendar. The calendar also shows you upcoming and previous Moon phases along with its illumination percentage, phase name, and corresponding date. Regarding the calendar, it can show the current date and time, the illumination percent or phase name.

Desktop Lunar Calendar is a simple application and offers the most basic features. The floating Moon icon can be useful if you want to quickly view information about the current Moon phase at any time. The application has a humble user interface, which can be a flaw for some users. This tool is available as a free trial and if you want to continue using it, you need to purchase a license.

Expert tip:

Lunar Calendars and Eclipse Finder is a simple application that works as a lunar calendar. The application will show you the current date, but it will also show you the date according to Julian, lunar, solar and many other calendars.

Lunar Calendars and Eclipse Finder offers a lot of information regarding the calendar and the current Moon phase. Available information includes the name of the phase as well as the percent of illumination. The application also has a picture of the Moon that represents the current phase. If you want, you can see the Moon phase for the next or previous day, or navigate to a specific date.

We have to mention that this tool also allows you to search for a specific Moon phase in the past or future. In addition to Moon phases, you can search for eclipses as well. Lunar Calendars and Eclipse Finder is a decent tool and offers a simple user interface that might be difficult to use. The application is available for download as a free trial, but if you want to continue using it, you’ll need to purchase a license.

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The tool doesn’t have a built-in calendar, its biggest flaw. Moon Phase is a free, lightweight and simple tool that will show you the current Moon phase along with the necessary information. Unfortunately, the application doesn’t have a built-in calendar, which can be a major flaw for some users.

Another simple Moon phase software is MoonPhases. This tool is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers, and it requires Adobe Air in order to run. The application will show you the current Moon phase along with two upcoming phases. If you require additional information, you can view it by hovering over a specific Moon phase. If you hover over the current phase, you’ll see the current date, name of the phase, as well illumination percent. In addition, you can see how many days are left until the new or full Moon.

MoonPhases tool will also show some astrological information regarding the current Moon day. There’s also a Moon astrology sign available, and you can read additional information about it right from the application. MoonPhases is a simple and lightweight application, and it’s perfect if you want to see current and upcoming Moon phases. The application doesn’t have a built-in calendar, and that’s one of its biggest flaws. If you’re looking for a simple and free Moon phase software, we recommend that you try MoonPhases.

If you’re looking for a basic Moon phase software, you might be interested in Moon Phase Calculator. This application offers a humble user interface and you can see the current Moon phase with its image. The tool will show you the current date as well as the lunar day, name of the phase, and percent of illumination.

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The tool also offers the most basic calendar feature and with it, you can navigate to any date in order to see its Moon phase. Regarding the customization, you can change the date format or choose your hemisphere. Moon Phase Calculator is an extremely basic tool and offers a basic interface and  features. We have to mention that this application is available as a free trial, so if you want to continue using it you need to purchase a license.

The tool has a plain user interface that isn’t friendly to new users. It seems that this application hasn’t been updated in a while and that’s the reason for its outdated interface. MB Free Moon Phase is a decent application, but its outdated and unfriendly user interface will turn off some users. While the application isn’t free, you can download and use its free trial version for 30 days without limitations.

If you’re looking for a simple lunar calendar, you might want to consider this tool. The tool offers simple user interface but will provide you with the necessary information you need. The application will show you the current Moon phase, along with additional information. Available information includes twilight, sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonset times. In addition, there’s also brightness percent available.

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The software has a basic calendar that you can use to select a specific date. This allows you to see the Moon phase for past or future dates with ease. The application will also show the dates for the upcoming phases which is rather useful. Moonrise also allows you to set a specific location in order to get the most accurate information. You can also view the list of summarized information for the current month.

Moonrise is a decent tool, but it has an outdated user interface that some users might not like. Despite this flaw, the application offers decent features so be sure to download and install the free trial version.

There are all sorts of lunar calendars, and this is one of the simple ones. The tool has a basic calendar that will show you important Moon phases. To make the viewing process easier, you can choose any date from the calendar. Of course, if you want more precise information, you can add your current location.

This is a simple lunar calendar with basic features and humble user interface. The tool is available for free trial, but you’ll need a license if you want to continue using it.

Lunar calendar and moon phase software can be quite useful if you’re interested in astrology or astronomy. There are all many different applications available, and we hope that you found the suitable application for you on our list.


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