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Without a doubt, one of the best things happening in the UK search and social industry for 2010 is the launch of SAScon…even if, as one of the organisers, I do say so myself!

SAScon has all the calibre you would expect from a conference keen to make a huge impact on non-professionals and professionals alike, but before you sit back and get sold the following 14 reasons to attend SAScon, check and clear your diaries to make sure the 28th April is free!

So here we go…

Reason 1: Fantomaster – talking ‘blackhat’ and link-building – certainly a session not to be missed.  Aaron Wall described him as “one of the most insightful minds and original voices in the search game” and so certainly not a session to be missed.  I can’t wait!

I bet by this point you’ve already bought your ticket?!  Well, carry-on reading anyway…

Reason 2: Andy-Atkins Kruger – a true specialist in multilingual-SEO and pan-European / global SEO campaigns.  If international SEO is something that tickles your boat then Andy should be able to provide some great insights.

Reason 3: Yoast / Joost de Valk – a speaker with great charisma, charm and of course is an all-round nice guy.  Not only that, but hugely smart and influential in the word of search with his ever-growing SEO gizmos and WordPress plugins.

Reason 4: Ben Jesson, CEO of Conversion Rate Experts – a very well regarded guy in the arena of maximising returns on SEO and paid search investments.  Somebody, most search pros can learn from.

Reason 5: Rishi Lakhani – a super sharp in-house SEO, and hugely sociable on Twitter too.  Someone that has really impressed me with his fresh thinking and an opinion I’m looking to hear more from in the coming months and years.

Reason 6: Malcolm Coles – an internet marketing consultant who is very vocal on high-profile SEO and PR matters.  Nothing beats a well-considered and bold opinion!  Looking forward to hearing what Malcolm has to say for sure.

Reason 7: Dixon Jones – Marketing Director at Majestic SEO tools and Director at internet marketing agency, Receptional.  I Love Majestic and what it is looking to deliver with ongoing developments and partnerships, so will be great to hear more from Dixon at SAScon.

Reason 8: Lyndon Antcliff, world renowned social media marketer specialising in link-baiting.  If you’re looking to understand more about gaining links en masse then fighting for a front-seat with Lyndon’s session might not be a bad idea at all.

Reason 10: Richard Gregory – an all-round nice guy, smart, and oh, did I mention he oversees the delivery of all search engine marketing campaigns for Latitude – one of the largest digital marketing agencies in the UK?

Reason 11: Judith Lewis – Search Director at i-level, blogger at SEO Chicks, chatty lady – just don’t get your Canada’s and USA’s mixed-up in front of her!!  😉

Reason: 12: Will McInnes – someone that really believes in and drives digital PR and social media – Managing Director for NixonMcInnes, a social media / web dev agency.

Reason 13: James Yancey, MD at SearchIgnite analytics software – smart PPC / SEO management and reporting software with oodles of features and keen to share conversion, tracking and attribution management thoughts.

Early Bird & SEJ Reader Discount

Ben writes about SEO consulting on his blog, Just Me and My, he’s an organiser of SAScon, and all whilst working as an SEO Director at Mediaedge:cia, a WPP company.  Ben is quite the busy bee!

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Best Epub Readers For Windows 10

Best [Free] EPUB Readers For Windows 10 Best Free portable EPUB reader for Windows 10 What is EPUB?

EPUB stands for Electronic Publication and it is one of the most commonly used eBook formats which uses “.EPUB” extension. EPUB is compatible with almost all e-readers, smartphones and computers. This format was accepted as an official technical standard for eBooks by the International Digital Publishing Forum in 2007.

What is the difference between EPUB and PDF?

One of the first and most popular formats for any digital document was PDF which stands for Portable Document Format. It was developed by Adobe in the 1990’s and it still widely used in official paperwork. The digital copies of many books were released in PDF format. However, eBooks in PDF format has declined after the invent of EPUB. The reason for this decline is the difference between the two formats:

PDF files are static and once set they appear alike in all devices and can be printed in the exact same way from any printer. However, EPUB was designed to be more dynamic and adjust the content according to the device it is opened on especially mobile phones and tablets.

A PDF file maintains static images, tables, and other elements but EPUB supports re-flowable content which allows all the content to be optimized to provide a better reading experience to the readers.

PDF files are more secure with the users to have options to place a password to prevent others from opening the document without authorization. That is the reason why it is used in Official documents across Banks, Educational Institutions and even the Government. EPUB does feature digital Rights Management but not as requisite and efficient.

PDF files can be edited and used for taking notes and annotate an important part of the document with Adobe Acrobat. EPUB, on the other hand, does not support any form of editing.

Here Are the Best Free EPUB Readers for Windows 10 1. Icecream eBook Reader

2. Adobe Digital Editions

3. Freda Ebook Reader

4. Bibliovore

Bibliovore is another one on the list of best free eBook readers for pc. It is a trusted app as it is available for free on the Windows Store. It allows you to manage a large collection of books with ease and allows the users to customize the themes, font size, font color and change the background colors. Bibliovore can sync all your books across all the devices using OneDrive. It also creates links through the table of content provided in the eBook and can provide direct access to a chapter or section. users can switch between displaying one or two images at once and download books directly inside Bibliovore from online libraries. Bibliovore is one of the few EPUB viewers for windows 10 which has the fastest eBook loading facility along with opening the last page read.

5. Bookviser

Bookviser is an EPUB reader for pc which open the eBooks in a real book theme. The user interface allows the user to turn pages as if in a real book. Just like Freda eBook reader Bookviser also enables the user to download and read free classics from public catalogs including Smash words, Feed books and Project Gutenberg. It also provides an opportunity to highlight in different colors. The simple and clean interface has attracted over 4 million people to use this application across the globe. Users can customize many features of Bookviser like setting color and genre themes, adjusting line and margin spacing, switching from landscape and portrait modes. In addition to this, adding/removing on-page indicators like the battery, time, page number and sharing snippet from the eBook truly make it the best EPUB reader for windows 10

Best Free Portable EPUB Reader for Windows 10

A portable EPUB Reader is a program that does not require installation and can run from a simple executable file. It may not have many of the sophisticated and fancy features like the above-mentioned programs but can fulfill the simple purpose of reading an eBook while traveling. Instead of carrying your eBook Reader or Laptop with you all times, you can carry a copy of these portable EPUB Viewers for PC along with the eBook in a flash disk and connect it wherever you get a chance to access a computer. A list of five best Portable EPUB readers for Windows 10 is:

1. Calibre EPUB Reader

Calibre EPUB Reader is a portable EPUB viewer for windows 10 which offers all features an EPUB reader for pc can offer. It can manage your library of eBooks, convert the eBooks into various formats and even can help you find the cheapest price for eBooks. Calibre EPUB Reader also has a unique feature of fetching news from across the globe and display them to the user as an eBook.

It is also an excellent choice for reading magazines and comics apart from simple novels. The portability feature is also the reason for including this application in the list of the best free eBook reader for pc.

2. Sumatra

Sumatra is not exactly one of the apps having a beautiful user interface, but it is free, simple to use and supports almost all formats of digital documents like CBZ, CBR, XPS, EPUB, PDF and many more. The extraordinary feature of this application is that it is one of the few EPUB readers for pc that does not require installation and can be carried out in any Flash disk.

3. Cool Reader 4. FBReader

FB Reader is an EPUB viewer for Windows which is open-source and that provides a limitation as it cannot open any eBooks protected under Digital Rights Management. It can, however, open all the free eBooks and support all major formats,

5. SeaMonkey Portable

SeaMonkey Portable is an EPUB reader for pc that does not require to be installed. It can run from an executable file stored on cloud storage like OneDrive, External Drive (Flask Disk or Hard Disk) or even from any folder on your PC. it is available currently in over 15 languages including French, Spanish, and German. Best Portable EPUB readers for Windows 10.

Final thoughts on Best Free EPUB Readers for Windows 10 Quick Reaction:

About the author

Dheeraj Manghnani

Dheeraj Manghnani is a tech writer who writes about anything that has tech into it. He has written over a 1000 blogs on tech news, product comparisons, error solving and product reviews.

Reasons To Hire Professional Proofreaders For Your Assignment

Editing and proofreading can be time-consuming and frustrating for college students, and it can be easy to underestimate the time and work required. For college-level writing, editing means revising a paper to check the text’s tone, structure, and content.

The objective is to guarantee logical and coherent flow and ensure that the work expresses your ideas clearly. On the other hand, proofreading means checking the text for content and appearance consistency and correcting spelling, typing, and grammar errors.

Although editing and proofreading are important steps of the writing process, they can be time-consuming and challenging. Those who don’t know how to revise papers end with error-strewn work.

They end up risking their grades and academic futures. When you doubt your editing skills or lack time to finetune your document, engaging a specialist editor is a logical thing to do. Here are some benefits of working with skilled proofreaders and editors

Benefits of working with skilled proofreaders and editors

You Get a Fresh Pair of Eyes

One of the main reasons why students hire professionals to revise their academic manuscripts is the chance to get a fresh view of the text. If you have been working on the project for quite some time, you are likely attached to the work and may not notice certain mistakes and inconsistencies.

Whether you are a seasoned writer or a novice, it can be challenging to edit your work. Getting a fresh pair of eyes to go through the text can help you detect any overlooked mistakes or typos. Some editing companies also provide custom essay writing service.

You Get to Save Time

Another reason to hire professionals for your work is that it saves you time. By the time you reach the editing stage of the research project, you have already spent hours or days planning the work, gathering and analyzing data, and creating your initial draft. You are likely exhausted and may spend more time finetuning the document than is necessary.

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You Benefit from the Services of a Professional and Avoid Frustrations

Even seasoned writers know that editing written work can be frustrating. There are often several elements to consider, and it can be easy to miss certain details. Remember, the objective of editing specialists is to correct mistakes and improve the quality of your writing.

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You Get Error-Free Work

Working with professional editors and proofreaders is the ideal way to ensure that you submit error-free writing. These professionals have invested heavily to acquire and perfect their skills and are likely proficient in their roles. They can use those qualifications and experience to ensure that your work meets your professor’s requirements.

Also, since professional editors work with many clients over time, they may know precisely what your document needs to be considered perfect. Most professionals are conversant in the latest formatting and citation styles and understand what to look for when revising different texts.

You can expect the content revised by an editor to be error-free and easily understandable. You can relax and focus on other things as the specialist takes care of your project.

You Get Valuable Feedback to Improve Your Skills

Editors also give suggestions and changes to enhance your text’s flow, structure, clarity, and coherence. The professional will give back a revised version of your draft with modifications and recommendations marked. The suggestions are easy to follow and offer ideas on how to improve your writing skills.

Editing and proofreading are important but frustrating stages in the academic writing process. The good news is that students can work with seasoned editors online, who can revise their work and make suggestions for improvement.

The insights students gain in the process can improve their writing and editing skills. Most importantly, professional editing saves you time and ensures you have error-free work.

Uk Carriers Band For Nfc Payments Joint Venture

Posted 16 June 2011 / Corporate

Ground breaking venture promises to accelerate the development of innovative mobile services for consumers and business customers

Consumers will be able to replace their physical wallet with a secure mobile wallet using Near Field Communications (NFC) technology to pay for goods and services

Consumers will also benefit from relevant offers and coupons, delivered direct to their phone

Everything Everywhere, Telefónica UK and Vodafone UK to provide start-up investment

Everything Everywhere, Telefónica UK and Vodafone UK today announce plans to create a standalone m-commerce joint venture (JV). The new entity, the first of its kind in the UK, will bring together the expertise and technology of the UK’s leading mobile operators, enabling the rapid development and delivery of new mobile marketing and payment services.

The JV is subject to competition clearance and is aiming to launch before the end of the year.

Enabling mobile payments

The JV will deliver the technology required for the speedy adoption of mobile wallet and payments. This will enable consumers to transfer their entire physical wallet into a new secure, SIM-based wallet regardless of which NFC enabled mobile device, or mobile network they are using.

Companies and organisations that provide anything from credit, debit and loyalty cards to membership cards and transport tickets will be able to create secure mobile versions of their products. Consumers will be able to use their mobiles to pay for goods, services and travel using contactless technology (NFC) with one touch of their phone, or online via mobile or PC.

Enabling brands to reach consumers on the move

Everything Everywhere, Telefónica UK and Vodafone UK will continue to develop their own competing products and services tailored to their own customers, which will be based on the open platform infrastructure provided by the JV.

“And for partners operating in these industries, having a one-stop shop to deal with will make things quicker, easier and more efficient. This Joint Venture will further reinforce mobile as the essential 21st century device at the heart of people’s daily lives.”

“The mobile marketing and payments market is extremely fragmented. By creating this new business we will underpin this nascent market, providing real size and scale, allowing consumers to benefit from new and innovative services, like the mobile wallet, and giving them more of the things they value, through offers and deals that are truly relevant to them. At the same time business customers will reach a vastly increased audience, utilising a single platform for sales, delivery and payment.

“This is not just something that is unique in the UK, but a JV that will create a model that many countries around the world could follow.”

Guy Laurence, Chief Executive Officer of Vodafone UK, said: “Since Vodafone made the first ever call just 26 years ago, mobile phones have transformed people’s lives. Along the way, the mobile phone has become the one item people really cannot be without. It is the first thing they reach for in the morning and the last thing they check at night. Over recent years it has integrated new gadgets such as digital cameras and music players as they have become popular. The new generation of smartphones is even taking on desktop PC by providing internet on the move and removing the need to be in the home or office.

“Currently people take their mobile, wallet and keys when they leave home. In the near future, people will now start leaving their wallet at home, and in the mid term their keys may also be integrated into their mobile as NFC allows the mobile to act as a digital access card. The joint venture is the next phase in realising that ambition.”


Notes to Editors

Best Camera Lens Protectors For Iphone 14 And 14 Plus In 2023

There are great cameras on the new iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus. If you’ve bought one for yourself, it’d be best if you could use camera lens protectors to keep them safe. However, if you plan to choose one, it’s going to be challenging because of the range available in the market. So, to ease things for you, I’ve chosen some of the best camera lens protectors for iPhone 14 and 14 Plus.

1. Spigen Optik Pro – Editor’s Choice

If you’re looking for the best protection and an easily applicable lens protector, you should undoubtedly go for the Spigen Optik Pro. It comes with 9H-rated tempered glass for better durability. Additionally, an oleophobic coating resists fingerprints on the lens, so you don’t have to worry about fingerprint smudges.

The packaging comes with an EZ Fit tray that lets you align them perfectly with the camera lenses on your iPhone. Furthermore, as expected, you’ll see two lens covers and a cleaning kit.


Better fit

Installation guide included



Check out on Spigen

2. ESR tempered glass protector – Best individual protection

If you want something stealthy and don’t want your camera to protrude with a protector, ESR’s solution is the right one for you. The ESR tempered glass lens protector has individual glass protectors for each lens, and since this tempered glass is scratch-resistant, it’ll keep your lenses safe.

You can apply them on top of each camera lens, and the strong adhesive will keep them in place. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about bubbles when applying them. These lens doesn’t obstruct your camera’s angles or views, so you get great photos while keeping it safe. These glasses don’t block and scatter your camera’s flashlight, either.


Great build quality

Bubble-free application

Protection for individual lenses


Will need replacement after a while

Check out on ESR

3. QHOHQ – Scratch-resistant protector

If you’re looking for a cheap yet reliable lens protector for your iPhone, QHOHQ might be your best bet. It’s a 9H, 0.3mm tempered glass made of polymethyl methacrylate. There’s also a Korean imported adhesive that leaves no fingerprints and a bubble-free installation.

Since it has an oleophobic coating, you get protection from dust, water, oil, and scratches. The 2.5D curvature of the glass feels smooth to the touch and hence, never gets scratched. On top of that, it comes with anti-reflection technology which transmits 99.99% of the light your camera sees. Furthermore, the flashlight also gets protection, but that doesn’t affect its usability at night.


Scratch resistant

Anti-reflection technology

No flashlight refraction


Less resistance to hard drops

Check out on Amazon

4. iVoler camera lens frame – Great slim option

If you’re looking for a thin lens protector, you should consider this offering from Voler. Maintaining a slim profile doesn’t refract the light and rejects glare simultaneously. Moreover, it comes with anti-dropping technology that allows it to resist daily wear and drops.

Furthermore, it comes with a Night Circle function that allows you to take better photos even with the flashlight. Moreover, it is a 9H tempered glass protector with an oleophobic coating that repels oil, dust, and water. Also, it’s easy to install on your iPhone with little to no hassle.



Anti-dropping technology

No flashlight refraction


Prone to damage on hard drops

Check out on Amazon

5. Fewdew camera rings – Metal protection

The Fewdew protector comes with a shockproof cover film that protects individual lenses. Each lens protector is a 9H tempered glass and comes with a metal housing, ensuring better protection. Furthermore, it has an oleophobic layer that repels water, dust, and oil, leaving no residues when you take pictures.

When taking pictures during nighttime, the Night Circle function allows no blue light when using a flashlight. Nonetheless, the installation is straightforward, with an installation tray that leaves no bubbles. There’s also a removal tool included in the packaging to remove the lenses quickly when needed.


Metal rings


Individual ring for each lens


Needs replacement after some time

Check out on Amazon

6. Ringke camera styling – Multicolor options

If you are looking for something different other than glass, the Ringke camera styling protector is perfect for you. Instead of tempered glass, it uses aluminum to protect the camera frame. However, it doesn’t cover the lenses giving you an unhindered photography experience.

Its surface is anti-reflective, hence doesn’t affect your photos when you take images at night. It is entirely shock-absorbant yet lightweight. The packaging is kept minimal to keep it eco-friendly. Furthermore, the installation is straightforward, and you wouldn’t need much assistance.


Aluminum build




Doesn’t cover lenses completely

Check out on Amazon

7. Jeluse lens protector – Metal and glass combo

This one is for you if you want individual camera lens protection yet want metal protection. It comes with 9H tempered glass housed inside an aluminum metal ring. While it protects your camera lenses from drops and shocks, it also repels water, oil, and dust protection, providing clean photos for you.

On top of it, anti-reflection technology doesn’t reflect flashlights during the nighttime. Also, it has patterns on the surface that sparkle in any lighting. It arrives with an easy installation kit and demolition sticks, letting you remove it whenever you want to switch things up.


Aluminum ring

Drop and Shock resistance

Multiple colors available


Might look too flashy

Check out on Amazon

8. Tensea camera lens protector – Shiny lenses

If you prefer to go bling-bling over stealth, Tensea’s individual lens protectors are the right ones for you. It has a 9H tempered glass protector housed in an aluminum ring casing. The aluminum ring has a 3D texture that shines in different lighting conditions.

This lens is available in multiple colors, and since it’s easier to apply and remove, you can switch between different colors anytime. Moreover, you don’t get any haze when you take photos at night with a flashlight. It fits perfectly with iPhone 14 and 14 Plus lens cutouts. Moreover, it is shock-absorbant while maintaining a slim profile.


Aluminum ring

Drop and Shock resistance

Shiny in different lighting


Color might fade over time

Too thin

Check out on Amazon

9. Goton camera frame – Eye-catching design

If just bling-bling for individual camera lenses isn’t enough for you, Goton’s solution makes your camera shiny. It combines metal and glass materials to provide excellent protection to your iPhone’s cameras. Also, it’s entirely covered with sparkly rhinestones laid under the glass, making it shine under light.

It comes with 9H-rated drop and scratch protection and doesn’t affect your photos when you use a flashlight. Applying it is convenient, and you’d not see bubbles after that. It’s available in multiple colors if you want to switch styles.


Metal and glass protection

Great after-sales support

Multiple color options


Might look a little thick

Check out on Amazon

10. Amovo camera lens covers – Minimalistic

If you want a simple yet effective protector, consider Amovo. It’s a camera frame with 9H-rated glass that protects your camera from external damage and scratches. The glass is also hydrophobic and oleophobic, repelling water, dust, oil, and even your fingerprints.


Slim profile


Multiple variations available


It can break when dropped hard

Check out on Amazon

Final thoughts

Apple claims that its iPhones are strong enough to withstand usual drops. However, it’s best to stay a step ahead and keep your brand-new iPhone 14 and 14 Plus safe. These were a few options to protect your camera lens, but you can also find some good rugged or thin cases if you prefer them.

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Sajid is an Electronics and Communications Engineering graduate who loves writing about tech. He’s primarily interested in writing about Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. You’ll find him watching Anime or Marvel when he’s not writing.

How To Fix Ios 14 & Ipados 14 Wi

Some iPhone and iPad users have updated to iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 and discovered wi-fi issues that did not exist before the update, whether it’s that a wireless network suddenly doesn’t work, or the connection is dropping, abnormally slow, or some other wi-fi difficulty. Considering that nearly everything relies on the internet these days, having wi-fi problems and connectivity issues can be very annoying, so resolving wireless network difficulties is of the utmost important.

This article is going to walk through various steps to troubleshoot wi-fi problems that may be encountered with iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

0: Install Available Updates to iOS / iPadOS

The first thing you should do is check for and install any available updates to iOS or iPadOS. For example, iOS 14.0.1 and iPadOS 14.0.1 was released and includes a fix for wi-fi issues, and that may resolve your problem.

Don’t forget to backup your device before installing any software updates as well.

1: Reboot the Device

Sometimes a simple reboot of the iPhone or iPad will resolve connection issues.

You can either soft reboot or hard reboot. A soft reboot means turning the device off, then back on again. A hard reboot is forcing the device to restart, and the procedure for that varies per iPhone or iPad.

For newer iPhone and iPad models, like iPhone 11, XS, XR, X, 8, and iPad Pro, press Volume Up, Volume Down, then hold the side Power button until the device restarts with an  Apple logo.

For iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, hold Volume down button and Power button until the device restarts.

2: Forget the Wi-Fi Network, Toggle AirPlane Mode, then Rejoin

Open the Settings app, then go to “Wi-Fi”

Find the wi-fi network you’re connected to, then tap the “I” button next to the network name

Tap on “Forget This Network”

Exit out of Settings

Turn on AirPlane Mode by pulling down Control Center and tapping the AirPlane icon (or by activating it from Settings), leave it on for a few seconds, then turn AirPlane mode back off again

Return to the Settings app and go back to “Wi-Fi”

Re-join the wireless network you were previously connected to

3: Reset Network Settings

A common resolution for networking issues is to reset the network settings on the device. The downside to this is that it loses saved wi-fi network passwords and other customizations to network settings, so be prepared to re-enter that info if needed:

Go to “Settings”, then to “General” and to “About”

Go to “Reset”, then choose “Reset Network Settings”

Confirm to reset network settings

4: Disable Private MAC Address

If the wi-fi problems are only happening on a specific network after updating to iOS 14 or iPadOS 14, you may also try disabling the Private Address feature, which randomizes MAC addresses when joining wi-fi networks.

Open the Settings app, then go to “Wi-Fi”

Find the network you’re connected to, then tap the “I” button next to the network name

Toggle the switch with Private Address to the OFF position

5: Delete or Disable VPN, Reinstall VPN

That alone may work for some users. If it does, be sure to update the VPN app from the App Store, or contact whoever your VPN is run through to find additional troubleshooting steps from them, as there may be configuration issues with the VPN.

Of course if you delete a VPN it will no longer be usable, so you’d need to add one again, either by reinstalling the relevant VPN app, or by re-configuring it again if you have a manually configured VPN.


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