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Roku is one of the top streaming platforms available today, alongside competitors like Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV. The difference is that Roku has its lineup of programming, including “hidden” channels that you need a specific code to find. These channels are just like the ones you can find in the Roku store, but you can’t access them without knowing their channel code.

These hidden Roku channels have an even more extensive range of programming and interesting content than you would find by default. Channels are available across all Roku devices, so it doesn’t matter whether you have a Roku, a Roku Ultra, or another device. You can still access the channels. We’ve gone through and searched for the most interesting picks.

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The 13 Best Hidden Roku Channels You Need to Check Out

These are the best-hidden channels on Roku. We hope that you enjoy some of them!

1. Odeon Theater

If you’re a cinephile, The Odeon Theater is a must-have channel. It gives access to classic and indie films with no commercial breaks. Each film is also accompanied by a short fact sheet at the start telling you trivia and tidbits about the movie. 

Channel Code: odeon

2. The Silent Movie Channel

Like the name suggests, the Silent Movie Channel gives viewers access to silent films from the early 20th century across a breadth of different genres. If you are a cinephile, you need to check this out. 

Channel Code: rollem

3. The Space Opera Channel

Another channel for cinephiles, the Space Opera Channel streams classic space opera movies like Flash Gordon, Undersea Kingdom, and similar movies 24/7. 

Channel Code: soctv

4. Cowboy Classics

Love John Wayne? Can’t get enough of The Alamo? Add Cowboy Classics to your Roku for films from more than six decades and watch The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly for the 32nd time. 

Channel Code: CowboyClassics

5. Video Games

If you long for the old days of G4, when you could sit down and watch someone play through your favorite video game, check out the Video Game channel. It includes full-length playthroughs of different titles, the majority of which are classic games.

Channel Code: T6PH2V

6. Neon Party Games

Neon Party Games is a channel specifically for party games. An unlimited number of players can join in the games and play through their mobile devices. Games like Tag, Puck, Geometry, and others are all available to play.

Channel Code: H2CLHP

7. The Aimless Cook

Whether you’re a fledgling chef or experienced in the kitchen, The Aimless Cook is a great channel to check out. It features recipes from all over the world, with easy-to-follow recipes. The Aimless Cook introduces a lot of different ideas for recipes for every meal of the day.

Channel Code: TheAimlessCook

8. FoodMattersTV

FoodMattersTV, or FMTV, is home to documentaries about food and nutrition, weight loss, gardening and sustainability, and much more. It also shows recipes, interviews with experts, yoga and mindfulness practices, and much more.

Channel Code: FoodMattersTV

9. Great Chefs

If you want to learn from the best of the best, the Great Chefs channel is one you should be watching. It started as a PBS show, but has since moved to other networks. It shows chefs in their own kitchens making three dishes: an appetizer, a main course, and a dessert. 

Channel Code: greatchefs

10. EuroRoku

A lot of people forget that there is a world of TV out there beyond the standard programming. EuroRoku provides access to a huge amount of content from European sources for $9.99 per month. You can watch over 100 channels from France, Germany, Holland, and more.

Channel Code: 296XJKP

11. chúng tôi

Just like EuroRoku allows easy access to content from Europe, chúng tôi does the same thing for eastern entertainment. You can see shows from Japan, Korea, and other Asian countries. Just be aware there are no subtitles, so if you don’t speak the language, the show isn’t likely to make much sense.

Channel Code: 5ikTV

12. Armchair Tourist

With so many borders still closed, you might be able to travel as you want, but Armchair Tourist is a great way to experience other countries all from the comfort of your own home. You can see the sights and sounds of exotic locales without ever getting out of your chair. 

Channel Code: ArmchairTourist

13. Science Fiction And Beer

Who doesn’t love sci-fi? And who doesn’t love beer? This channel combines both of these interests into a single channel. It has a limited range, with only a few select movies and programming options, but it’s certain a niche channel to watch.

Channel Code: TZG6P92

How To Add Hidden Roku Channels

If any of these channels look interesting, good news: adding them is a cinch. You can only access Non-certified channels by entering their code into your Roku.

    Enter the channel code in the box, select the captcha to verify, and select Add channel. 

      If the channel is non-certified, a warning will pop up that Roku can not guarantee the content. Select OK.

        A screen will appear showing you the channel. To confirm, select Yes, add channel.

        That’s all it takes to add a new channel to your Roku. You can begin watching content right away, no update needed.

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        25 Best Chatgpt Chrome Extensions You Need To Check Out

        Ever since it came under the public eye, ChatGPT has exploded in popularity. The chatbot launched by OpenAI only a few months ago is famous to the point that servers are struggling to keep up. While we have already listed the best ChatGPT alternatives, today, we will dive into tools that further extend the functionality of this AI chatbot. We have scoured the internet and found the 25 best ChatGPT Chrome extensions for you to do just that. So without further delay, let’s check out the top 25 ChatGPT Chrome extensions.

        1. WebChatGPT

        Even with its wise, confident answers and informational database, ChatGPT still lacks a central thing; access to the latest information on the Internet. Since ChatGPT’s knowledge is limited to 2023 data, this makes the answers out of date for anything that happened after that time. However, one of the best ChatGPT Chrome extensions, WebChatGPT, helps overcome this limitation.

        This extension augments the bot so that it adds relevant web results to whatever you ask it. Upon entering a prompt, the extension lets ChatGPT search the web for relevant links. The bot then displays the search results and compiles information based on these links. You can further choose from different filters like time, region, and the number of results. You can even turn off the extension using the toggle to get native ChatGPT functionality back. While the extension does increase the text response size by a few paras, I believe it’s worth it. Though, it only adds to our concerns about plagiarised content.

        Get WebChatGPT

        2. Perplexity AI

        Perplexity AI can even read selective content like entire websites or a single webpage. So once you’re on a particular piece, you can use the AI to comb through a long article and ask it questions. Because of its versatile use and the ability to cite sources, Perplexity AI is definitely one of the best ChatGPT Chrome extensions.

        Get Perplexity AI

        3. ChatGPT for Google

        If you have used this AI chatbot, you know that ChatGPT is restricted to a single browser tab. So if you’re someone who wants it accessible at all times, you have to keep that tab open. This ChatGPT extension solves that problem and brings the bot to search engines. True to its name, the ChatGPT for Google extension displays ChatGPT’s response alongside Google search results. All you need to do to set up is log in to OpenAI using the extension, and you’re set.

        The extension comes alive anytime you’re using Google and doesn’t require any special prompts. To get started, simply search for any topic on Google as you would normally. Replacing the existing knowledge panel on the right, you will see a new ChatGPT panel in its place. This is where ChatGPT renders a response right from your Google search results. Since it treats your search query like a prompt, you don’t need to do anything else. Much like the website, ChatGPT here can provide responses, write code, answer questions, and more.

        4. Compose AI

        True to its name, Compose AI is a ChatGPT Chrome extension that helps people effortlessly write e-mails by having the extension automate it all. The AI sits directly into any text field and can be used without problems. Most notably, you can use the composer to well, compose all types of E-mails. Simply type its shortcode (//), and the menu bar opens up.

        Compose AI provides a plethora of options, including the option to write outlines, bullet lists, headlines, paragraphs, sentences, ideas, e-mails, and more. Simply type out your use case and enter. The AI will dish out a neatly worded output in less than 30 seconds, and it’s quite nice. Compose AI gives 1,000 words for free, after which you can purchase 15,000 words per month for $9.99.

        Get Compose AI

        5. TeamSmart AI

        While most of these ChatGPT extensions leverage only a feature or two, this ChatGPT extension does it all. TeamSmart AI has a complete collection of AI agents designed to help users out. Each virtual agent has its own specialty that can help users with different needs. So while Marc, the software engineer, will help you with queries, Rose, the mental coach, will help you through your times of trouble.

        Get TeamSmart AI

        6. ChatGPT Writer – Write Mail and Messages with AI

        Upon receiving the prompt, the extension dishes out a response almost immediately. While the extension is made for emails and texts, you can use it actually to talk to ChatGPT as well. The responses take longer than usual, but you can do that if you want. Nonetheless, I suggest sticking to its original intention as it is one of the best ChatGPT Chrome extensions for the task.

        Get ChatGPT Writer

        7. Wiseone

        All one must do is hover over a concept one doesn’t understand. Within seconds, Wiseone opens up a box with the proper explanations and context. It can even provide competitor articles if the reader wants to expand their perspective. For those too lazy to read, the extension also has a handy summarize button that explains the entire text in a few paragraphs. You can even turn it into a subject expert by asking it various questions. So if you struggle with complex concepts, ask the Wiseone.

        Get Wiseone

        8. Superpower ChatGPT

        This Chrome extension adds many different features, but we will focus on the one we found really nice. Essentially, superpower ChatGPT adds the ability to create dedicated folders to store your AI chats. You can create a variety of different folders depending on your chats. Once done, simply drag and drop the relevant chat inside the folder and close it up. The Chrome extension stores these chats, and users can easily retrieve them later on.

        Other features of Superpower ChatGPT include being able to store multiple custom prompts, browsing for them online and even changing the tone of voice, writing style, and language. You can also download the ChatGPT chats as they are synced with your device itself. Even with all these features, Superpower is free to download. Check it out.

        9. Merlin – OpenAI ChatGPT Powered Assistant

        If you liked the ChatGPT for Google extension but want it browser-wide instead of just the search engine, well, here’s an alternative for you. Merlin is Open AI’s ChatGPT-powered extension that works across the entire browser. Since the extension relies on Open AI’s GPT AI model, it gives the same responses across a wide variety of prompts.

        Merlin is an extension that one can enable by pressing the CTRL (CMD on Mac) + M keyboard shortcut in the browser. The extension UI is modern, with rounded corners. As for how it works, you enter a query like you would on ChatGPT, and Merlin will give a reply within seconds. As mentioned above, Merlin works across the entire browser on any webpage. So the next time you need a quick reply to a work email or a quick HTML code, call this extension for help.

        Get Merlin – OpenAI ChatGPT powered assistant

        10. chúng tôi Use ChatGPT AI Anywhere Online

        Tired of switching tabs to access ChatGPT and work simultaneously? Meet chúng tôi – Chrome extension that puts ChatGPT on any tab. When this ChatGPT Chrome extension is enabled, a sidebar appears in the browser tab you are working on where you can access the AI bot. Not only chúng tôi brings ChatGPT anywhere online, but it also packs other popular AI chatbots including Bard, Bing AI, and Claude. This is really the fastest way to access ChatGPT on the internet. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Cmd/ALT +J to access the chatbots.

        Get chúng tôi Use ChatGPT AI Anywhere Online

        11. YouTube Summary with ChatGPT

        Instead, we want to use the “View AI Summary” functionality, which opens a new tab with ChatGPT. Here, the extension pastes the entire video transcript and runs a command to provide a quick summary. Once you get a reply from ChatGPT, you can ask it to continue or be done with it. The level of accuracy depends on the AI chatbot, but this extension works well for most videos, provided they have clear audio. YouTube Summary is possibly one of the best ChatGPT Chrome extensions because of its ability to save precious time.

        Get YouTube Summary with ChatGPT

        12. SciSpace Copilot

        All you need to do is visit any type of complex document and tap the extension icon. Depending on how long your research paper is, SciSpace might take a long time. However, once it’s done, a chatbox will open up where you can ask your questions. You can go ahead and ask anything to the Copilot and answers it all effortlessly. Try this ChatGPT Chrome extension the next time you feel confused.

        Get SciSpace Copilot

        13. ReaderGPT

        Finding difficulty in understanding the contents of a webpage? Enter ReaderGPT, which is a ChatGPT-based web page summariser that is available as a Chrome extension. You can use this ChatGPT Chrome extension to summarise an article in three concise bullet points, or an article in 50 words.

        In addition to the default prompts, you can also add custom prompts to summarise content as per your requirement. For example, you can add “simplify the following text for a five years old,” or “write a caption based on the following text”.

        Get ReaderGPT

        14. Talkberry – Talk to ChatGPT

        Talkberry is another ChatGPT Chrome extension that allows you to interact with OpenAI’s AI chatbot using your voice. This Chrome extension comes packed with features and you can use it to save a ton of time if you use ChatGPT regularly. Talkberry is powered by ChatGPT – 4 and comes with support for multiple languages including Spanish, French, and Mandarin.

        The company behind the Talkberry Chrome extension markets it as a personalized tutor. Using the mic on your device, you can interact with ChatGPT and get tips from the AI to improve the language you want to learn. The extension is quite easy to use – simply go to ChatGPT’s official website and there you will get an additional set of tools including a microphone option to speak to the bot, language options, and playback speed.

        Get Talkberry – Talk to ChatGPT

        15. tweetGPT

        You can keep redoing these categories for new tweets, but I personally found most of them quite funny. tweetGPT is one of the funniest and best ChatGPT Chrome extensions you can get your hands on.

        Get tweetGPT Chrome Extension

        16. Engage AI

        Get Engage AI

        17. Summarize

        The YouTube Summary extension we listed works well for all manner of videos. However, it’s naturally restricted to just videos. The Summarize Chrome extension offers the same functionality but for text. The extension itself is again baked into Chrome and does not need you to visit the ChatGPT website.

        Get Summarize

        18. GPT for Sheets & Docs

        For starters, in Google Docs, users can completely mess around with their text, including things like summarizing it, checking it for grammar, rephrasing it, or even re-writing it altogether. Google Sheets brings its own customization options, including creating formulas, simplifying complex data, and more. Because of its varied functionality, GPT for Sheets and Docs is definitely one of the best ChatGPT Chrome extensions.

        Try GPT for Sheets & Docs

        19. ChatGPT Prompt Genius

        There are a lot of cool things you can do with ChatGPT. From simple articles to full-fledged coding, there’s a lot you can do. However, you might run out of prompts to have fun with the chatbot. ChatGPT Prompt Genius fills that void by giving users all the prompts they could wish for and more added features.

        Try ChatGPT Prompt Genius

        20. Botrush Browser Plugin

        ChatGPT, while extremely useful, can get bland due to its standard chat design. However, for those who believe variety is the spice of life, Botrush is the Chrome extension to do that. The tool focuses on revamping the ChatGPT experience by allowing users almost completely to change their UI, including colors and even font styles. There are over 15 different colors and 25 different fonts to choose from.

        The color selection is actually quite impressive and, when combined with fonts, gives a new and attractive ChatGPT UI. Besides that, however, Botrush Browser Plugin also attaches copy and continue buttons to every chat and even lists out the answer and thread count. You can even download the conversation in different formats to keep for later. Unsurprisingly, this tool comes in one of our best ChatGPT Chrome extensions.

        Get Botrush Browser Plugin

        21. Promptheus – Converse with ChatGPT

        Since this is a simple add-on, all it requires is an install and holding the spacebar to use it. My experience with ChatGPT was made a little better because of the microphone input, and it might be what many people need to interact with this chatbot more easily. Just ensure you have a working microphone on your machine, or else it won’t work.

        Get Promptheus – Converse with ChatGPT

        22. Talk-to-ChatGPT

        While Promptheus is only limited to getting your voice across to the AI, this handy Chrome extension lets ChatGPT respond back to the user. Talk-to-ChatGPT, true to its word, is a simple plug-and-play extension that lets users speak to the chatbot using their AI. Whatever the user says is dictated and typed out. However, the magic lies in the response. Talk-t0-ChatGPT makes the AI chatbot speak out its response immediately. The response is quite quick and coherent.

        You can choose from a variety of voices. While some sound downright robotic, there are a few that are pretty good. All you need to do is press Start and begin your conversation. Talk-to-ChatGPT is completely free to use and requires no account creation so try it out and let us know if it’s one of the best Chrome extensions you’ve used.

        23. Fancy GPT

        Fancy GPT makes its way into our list of the best ChatGPT Chrome extensions because of its design. Fancy GPT is an extension designed to beautify your ChatGPT conversations by adding different design elements to them. No matter what type of conversation you have, Fancy GPT can export them all. The extension currently supports Neon and Sketch styles and may expand to more in the future. Furthermore, it can also cover SVG path images, highlight segments of ChatGPT’s responses, and more.

        Try Fancy GPT

        24. ShareGPT: Share your ChatGPT Conversations

        Try ShareGPT

        25. ChatGPT to Notion

        If sharing your conversation but a bit more privately is something you want, Save to Notion is the more apt extension for you. This ChatGPT Chrome extension simply sends any of your conversation messages to Notion. When setting up the extension, you must configure it by choosing a specific database and doc.

        Once done, just tap the pin icon that now appears on the side of any message, and it will automatically go to your chosen doc. While this is a very specific use of a ChatGPT Chrome extension, we believe it’s one of the best because of how quickly and well it works.

        Try ChatGPT to Notion

        8 Best Kodi Alternatives You Should Check Out

        Kodi is the talk of the Web and with good reason. It’s easily the most robust, most flexible media center out there, allowing you to do everything from managing your in-home media library to using add-ons to stream content from all over the world. There’s nothing quite like it, yet sometimes it’s good to have an alternative.

        After all, the Kodi interface isn’t great, and sometimes you have to do quite a bit of tweaking to get the best out of it. Whether you’re looking to stream stuff from the Internet or from other devices in your home, in this article we’ll go over the best Kodi alternatives across the three major platforms: macOS, Windows and Linux.

        1. Kokotime

        Platform: Android

        One of the more fresh-faced media centers, Kokotime is a dedicated Android app that lets you browse files on your home network, peruse your playlists, and stream it all to your Android device (or indeed any device that your Android is streaming to).

        Kokotime does a great job of organizing the media stored on your network, be it by genre or the rating you gave it. It has Chromecast support too, but actually goes one better with a feature called Universal Cast which is capable of streaming media from your storage devices to your phone or to any output devices connected to your network.

        Even though it’s fairly young, Kokotime has a decent repertoire of third-party add-ons that’s only likely to increase over time. Impressive.

        2. Universal Media Server

        Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

        This app has a simple presentation, letting you stream media between different devices and even software within those devices such as web browsers. Universal Media Server has DLNA support as well as alternative streaming options for non-DLNA devices and is capable of streaming (and quickly transcoding) content between computers, games consoles, and smart TVs.

        It’s not the easiest software to set up, but once you get there, the whole process of consolidating your media is nice and smooth. It has a small but solid selection of plugins, and more tech-savvy users can even configure it for web streaming.

        3. OSMC

        Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

        If you don’t want to stray too far from the Kodi you’ve familiarized yourself with over the years but just want something a little more open and versatile, then the Open Source Media Center (OSMC) is a no-brainer. It’s actually an entire Linux distro based on Kodi, bringing a modified version of the Kodi front end to a number of platforms that wouldn’t be able to have it by default, such as Raspberry Pi and Apple TV.

        It has a slightly different interface to the default one that ships with Kodi with a nice radial menu home screen that points you to all the features of OSMC, which include live TV, local library streaming, TV tuner support, and, of course, support for all the wonderful Kodi addons you could dream of.

        4. Plex

        Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS

        It is impossible to talk about alternatives to Kodi without mentioning Plex. This software makes it easy to have a centralized solution that can manage your media just like Kodi. The benefit to Plex is that it runs from a server instead of from a dedicated PC or appliance. Media can be accessed and streamed from the web and several different operating systems via apps.

        Plex is the perfect alternative, as it can run on all sorts of servers, not just Linux. Officially, it supports Linux, macOS, Windows and even FreeBSD server operating systems.

        5. Emby

        Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

        Emby has long been considered the open-source alternative to Plex Media Server. Like Plex, Emby runs on a server and has official support for Mac, Windows, Linux and BSD server operating systems. Media can be accessed via the web interface or by many of the Emby apps available for mobile and even game consoles.

        If you’ve tried Plex as an alternative to Kodi but want to try something else, consider giving Emby a try.

        6. Stremio

        Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS

        Stremio is a local media center program for Mac, Linux and Windows that supports playback of live TV and local media. Features include support for add-ons, auto-detect subtitles, and “instant HD playback,” as well as the ability to broadcast media via DLNA to the Apple TV, Chromecast and other devices. If you prefer a centralized media center like Kodi but need a solid alternative, give this software a try. You won’t regret it!

        7. MediaPortal

        Platform: Windows

        Media Portal is a Windows-only media center that operates very similarly to Kodi. Like Kodi, users can tune into live TV, record live TV, and install plugins. Additionally, the software can be customized with different skins as well as handle multiple types of media (music, photos, etc.). If you’re a Windows user and are in need of a good media center alternative, this software should be your first stop.

        8. Usher

        Platform: Mac

        Looking for a good media management system for macOS? Try Usher. This software makes media management easy on the Mac, as it can handle your iTunes library as well as your photos and other media libraries on the system. A lot of the media solutions on this list are packed full of features. Things like add-ons, DLNA, and mobile support are nice but not essential. Usher is for those just looking for an easy way to manage and watch media on the Mac and little else.


        Kodi is on a lot of PCs, tablets, and even hobby boards like the Raspberry Pi. Still, this software isn’t for everyone. Some might find that it is a bit lacking in terms of looks or features. That’s why it’s so important to shed light on some quality Kodi alternatives. From Plex to Media Portal, for those looking to get off of Kodi and onto something else, this list has you covered.

        What’s your favorite Kodi alternative? Tell us below!

        This article was first published in March 2023 and was updated in June 2023.

        Image credit: gsloan

        Robert Zak

        Content Manager at Make Tech Easier. Enjoys Android, Windows, and tinkering with retro console emulation to breaking point.

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        With Iphone 13 Reviews Out, Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Trade Ins

        The iPhone 13 was announced last week, and now the reviews are out! Chances are you’re thinking about upgrading, but how do you make sure you get the most you can for your device in time to get the new model? Here’s everything you need to know about trading in or selling your old iPhone now that pre-orders are open.

        Tip 1: If you can, sell ASAP

        The first thing you need to know is that trading in your device is time is of the essence. The second Apple showed off that iPhone 13 on stage at the event, trade in values for devices are dropped across the board. It’s too late to trade in pre-event, but you can still lock in the best value by trading in or selling your old device as soon as possible, or at least using a trade in site that will guarantee your rate.

        Of course, this is going to mean a few extra steps. Some people keep an old iPhone sitting around for just this purpose: so they can have a stopgap device between their annual upgrade. This way you still have a phone to use between snagging the best price for your old device and making sure that you get your iPhone 13 shipped to you as soon as possible.

        If you’re already planning on selling your device through a trade-in site, here’s all the latest values from top trade in sites that we recommend.

        iPhone trade in values by device Tip 2: Sell it the right way for you

        As we’ve discussed in detail in our ultimate guide to trading in your iPhone, you have lots of different options for going about this, spanning from selling your device in person through Craigslist to using our own trade-in partner which will take care of everything for you, including shipping you a prepaid label and box. There are also options in between, like eBay or Swappa, which let you sell your device directly but give you more control over who your buyer is.

        Tip 3: Protect your data and prepare your device!

        One thing that most people forget: If you want to sell your device before you have the new iPhone 13 on hand to transfer all your data to (to lock in the best second hand or trade in price!), you need to make sure you back up all your data either to the cloud or to a personal computer. Apple themselves have put together a great guide for what to do to before you sell or trade in your iOS device.

        Tip 4: Sell or trade in other devices you don’t need

        It’s easy to remember to sell your old iPhone before you buy the new iPhone 13, but what about other devices you have laying around that can help you pay down the balance on that new phone? We have guides on how to trade in your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, MacBook, and even your AirPods to pad our your down payment on a brand new iPhone 13. If you have older stuff that you might just want to recycle, you can use our trade in portal for that, too.

        If you have an older device that isn’t an Apple device, you can check out our roundup of some of the best trade in values over at 9to5Google — there you’ll find prices for Samsung Galaxy and Pixel devices you might want to ditch in favor of an iPhone 13.

        Best carrier trade in deals

        Carriers are one of the best places to trade in your old iPhone this time around, especially if you’re going to add a new line or switch carriers. To paraphrase my colleague Blair:

        Top iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 trade in values Special deals and trade-in coupon codes for 9to5Mac readers

        For a limited time, get 10% extra through Decluttr (max $30) w/ code 9TO5MAC (valid til 12/31/21)

        If you’re looking to trade in an iPhone 11 or iPhone 12, you can find all the top trade in values right here:

        Top iPhone 12 trade-in values Top iPhone 12 Pro trade-in values

        Note: Apple does not accept trade ins for the latest model iPhone until after the newest model is announced.

        Top iPhone 11 trade in values Top iPhone 11 Pro trade-in values Read more about the new iPhones:

        Be sure to check out the following guides for more detailed information on your device trade in options:

        FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links. More.

        Steam Summer Sale: 20 Best Deals You Should Check Out

        One of the biggest things PC gamers all over the world look forward to is the coveted Steam Summer Sale that brings massive discounts on hundreds of games. This year is no different. Steam Summer Sale 2023 has officially kicked off this weekend and will run until 8th July. And there is a chock full of games worth getting during the Steam Summer Sale. However, we understand that going through the entire collection can be tiresome. So we did it for you instead. Yeah, we have compiled a list of the best Steam Summer sale deals you will find on the platform. Check it out and get gaming.

        Best Steam Summer Sale Deals You Should Check Out (2023)

        We have divided the list based on the type of games. So depending on what kind of gamer you are, use the table below and jump to your favorite section. Pro Tip: Don’t forget to check out the sweet discounted bundles below.

        Games You Can Play with Friends

        Online gaming has immensely increased in the last few years. With features like Steam Remote Play, the process has gotten even easier. So if you’re a gamer who wants some new games to play with friends, check out these Steam Summer Sale deals below.

        1. Among Us

        The crewmates must complete the tasks assigned to them, but there’s a catch. There are impostors on board whose only job is to cause chaos and kill the crewmates. If you want to ruin your friendships, we recommend picking up Among Us during the Steam summer sale. You could hop onto one of these Among Us Discord servers to find new friends and betray them in-game. Discounted Price: $3.99

        2. Sea of Thieves

        If you are among the lot who fantasized about sailing the high seas and becoming a pirate with your mates, Sea of Thieves is one of the best games to get during the Steam Summer sale.

        3. Project Winter

        Based on a similar concept as Among Us, Project Winter puts players in a group of eight, trapped in a snowy wasteland without help. The survivors must complete a series of objectives to call rescue vehicles and escape this snowy hell.

        4. Hunt Showdown

        Taking a step in a monstrous direction, Hunt Showdown is a game set in 1895 where you are a Hunter tasked with killing monsters who inhabit Louisiana Bayou. The game supports up to 12 players in a single match and features various modes that task you with bounty hunting, where you seek and kill monsters that are truly terrifying.

        However, Hunt Showdown adds extra tension to the match in the form of other players who try to steal your bounty and ruin your hard work. Hunt Showdown is a game that requires organized teamwork and a strong heart. Go hunting if you dare.

        5. Dead by Daylight

        Better not make a sound if you want to survive in the world of Dead by Daylight. This five-person team horror game puts a twist on escaping by making one player a savage killer and others as survivors.

        Placed on different deceitful Killing Grounds, the survivors can either work together and escape or offer their teammates up to the killer for mercy. The procedurally generated levels in Dead by Daylight ensure that no object is in the same place as the last map, and players are always on their toes. If you are looking for goosebumps, you will find them here. Definitely check out Dead by Daylight in this year’s Steam Summer Sale.

        6. Rust

        However, Rust doesn’t make it easy since the island is populated by other players of different levels who can destroy anything. So if you are thinking logging off in a makeshift shelter is the way to stay safe, you might be sorely surprised the next time you log on. Get Rust during the Steam Summer Sale for a true survival experience.

        Single-player Adventures

        Jumping into the world of single-player games, the titles listed are more than just stories. They are whole experiences that you must live through at least once. So if you are looking for good single-player games, this year’s Steam summer sale has some amazing options.

        1. Red Dead Redemption 2

        Red Dead Redemption 2 is a worthwhile game to pick up during the Summer Sale for many reasons. Whether it is the multi-layered story that will have you sobbing towards the end or the graphics that transport you to 1899 America, this game is a work of art. For players who want to pick up a rich story game and have a great time, go for Red Dead Redemption 2.

        2. A Plague Tale: Innocence

        If you want to get your heart broken and experience a flurry of other emotions, well, A Plague Tale: Innocence will do just that. Set in 1349 France’s black plague, the game follows young Amicia and her little brother Hugo as they struggle to survive.

        3. Resident Evil 7

        A major installment in the Resident Evil franchise, Resident Evil 7, brought back the horrifying true survival horror elements into the game and defined first-person survival horror. Set in rural America, the game follows Ethan Winters and his quest to find his missing wife Mia, whom he thought dead.

        4. Disco Elysium – The Final Cut

        One of our personal favorites, Disco Elysium, is unlike any other roleplaying game you will experience. You play a detective with a unique skill system at his disposal trying to solve a murder case. The world of Disco Elysium is a vast one, full of characters with complex emotions and voice acting that will awe you.

        The game, in part, plays out like an interactive novel that lets you explore around the map and highlights the views of the characters around you. Furthermore, you can mold your own detective as you wish. Solve a murder case, beg for money, take bribes, and indulge in drugs, among other things. It’s all on you. Check out Disco Elysium if you are in the mood to play a good RPG game.

        5. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – GOTY Edition

        Dark Souls veterans and general gamers who like a pure challenge will naturally gravitate toward Sekiro. Set in 1500s Sengoku Japan, you are the one-armed wolf, a warrior brought back from the brink of death. When your lord is captured and your honor is in danger, you must fight bloody and take on various enemies who will not let up, including the Ashina Clan.

        Sekiro is a game full of dangerous enemies, an amazing combat system, and graphics that show Japan in all its glory or gory in this case. If you have ever wanted to feel like a Samurai while dying constantly, Sekiro gets you pretty close. Pick up a copy and let us know how you find it.

        6. Hades

        Hades contains thousands of build options as players create their own build set full of abilities and weapons. Like all roguelikes, Hades will have you dying over and over again, but with the help of gods like Zeus, Athena, and Poseidon, you will come back stronger every time. Roguelike fans should definitely get Hades this sale.

        7. Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition

        One of the most awaited PC ports of 2023, Horizon Zero Dawn, is an action role-playing game developed by Guerrilla Games, the same company behind the Killzone franchise. Zero Dawn follows Aloy, a huntress who lives in a post-apocalyptic world where human progression has been thrown centuries back, and technology is once again a thing of the past.

        8. Outer Wilds

        However, every time the loop ends, we get to keep the knowledge we have earned for further exploration. The world of Outer Wilds is a beautiful scary one that packs hidden locations and weather effects in an ever-shifting landscape. If you are one for space exploration in singleplayer, listen to the reviews and the low price tag and buy it already.

        9. Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition

        Even though Titanfall 2 is a few years old now, the game maintains a religious following through gamers worldwide. Titanfall 2 is a first-person shooter sequel to the multiplayer-only Titanfall. Set in a world where soldiers control Titans (giant exoskeletons), we play as Jack Cooper, a soldier from the Frontier Militia. After Cooper is saved by his mentor, who dies in the process, Cooper gets his Titan BT-7274.

        Cooper and BT’s shared journey and an intense friendship form the crux of the story. Titanfall 2’s gameplay is an enhanced mix of FPS shooting and parkour action combined with an arsenal of weapons that cause immense destruction. However, what takes it away is the rich story and the attachment you will feel to BT in the game. Standing proud in 2023, Titafall 2 is a definite buy you should make this Steam summer sale. Trust Us.

        Steam Summer Sale Insane Bundles 1. Wolfenstein Alt History Collection

        The Wolfenstein bundle is perfect for gamers wanting to get into the amazing world of Wolfenstein. The Alt History collection is an all-in-one bundle that contains four games, each connected to a central storyline. Set in an alternate history where Nazis succeeded in world domination, you will play B.J. Blazkowicz, a Jewish American Army Captain. He is set on defeating the Axis Powers and destroying the central villain of the series, Adolf Hitler.

        The Wolfenstein bundle packs over 35 hours of gameplay, with the story starting during the 1940’s war and going all the way through the 1960’s Nazi empire. If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at killing Nazis, now’s your chance.

        2. Bioshock: The Collection

        Bioshock Infinite revolves around a former Pinkerton Booker DeWitt and his quest to find a woman known as Elizabeth. The world of Bioshock is a bendy one that will have you fighting terrifying sisters in Rapture or battling a giant eagle up the skies of Columbia. Fans of the steampunk genre looking for an immersive story should check out the Bioshock collection this sale.

        3. Metro Saga Bundle

        The world of Metro is full of hostile mutants and humans, with the gameplay being a mix of intense survival horror and plenty of action. The Metro Saga contains the remastered versions of all the Metro games, and all are connected through a central storyline that beings at Metro 2033 and ends at Metro Exodus. If you want to experience a harrowing story while being scared out of your wits, consider getting this bundle. Discounted Price: $27.48

        4. Dishonored Complete Collection

        The series that put Arkane studios on the map, Dishonored is also set during the time of the black plague and takes place in Dunwall. You are Corvo Attano, bodyguard to the Empress and her most trusted confidante. After Corvo fails to stop her assassination, he is framed for her murder and destined to death. The story of Dishonored is based around Corvo clearing his name and making his way to the late Empress’ daughter Emily Kaldwin.

        5. Halo: The Master Chief Collection

        The series that defined the console age, Halo is a series of games interspersed across various storylines and characters. The science fiction series largely focuses on Master Chief, a Spartan supersoldier trained from childhood for combat. The storylines of Halo focus on Master Chief’s battle against human insurgents and an alien legion of various races known as the Covenant.

        The Master Chief Collection also contains Halo Reach, which serves as a prequel to the original trilogy and gives more insight into the world of Halo. So if you have always wanted to get in the world of Halo, the collection is flat 50% off. Check it out below.

        Bonus: Other Amazing Games You Can Buy in Steam Summer Sale

        While the above games are one the best deals you can get, we dug a little deeper for you and made a small list of other amazing deals you can check out.

        Amazing Discount Deals During Steam Summer Sale

        6 Best Youtube White Noise Channels

        Do you have difficulty falling or staying asleep because of all the little sounds of the night? Or, perhaps your baby is having a tough time sleeping. Consider using white noise. To find the white noise that’s right for you, try the 7 YouTube white noise channels we think are the best. Combine them with other sleep improvement devices and you’ll feel like new in no time.

        What Is White Noise?

        There’s “white noise” and then there’s white noise. What the average person calls white noise is any indistinct sound that has a hissing but pleasant sound and masks other sounds. These “white noises” could actually be white, brown, pink, or some blend of them.

        Table of Contents

        Real white noise is a random sound signal which has the same intensity at all different frequencies, measured in kiloHertz (kHz). White noise helps mask other sounds and may help with sleep and concentration. 

        Brown noise is sound at lower frequencies. Think of it as bass white noise. Brown noise may help with focus, better sleep, and relaxation. Notice the decibel (dB) key. The darker the color the lower the decibels or loudness.

        Pink noise is a sound where intensity is at higher frequencies. So it’s a more treble, or higher pitched, white noise. Pink noise may help with the quality and duration of sleep.

        What we’re looking at on YouTube is white noise in the general sense. So any random, repeating sound that might help you sleep, study, or focus is considered white noise.

        Number of Videos: 49

        Play Length Range: 10 to 12 hours

        The analysis shows that the sound is more pink than white, and there are distinct frequency bands within the lower part. Is that the key to reducing baby stress?

        Number of Videos: 17

        Play Length Range: 3 to 12 hours

        Producing music or sounds to increase focus, help with meditation, and aid sleep is what Jason Lewis does. Along with his isochronic tone tracks, he has a solid playlist of colored noise with white, brown, and pink noise. The Smoothed Brown Noise 8-hours track has over 7 million listens.

        It’s much closer to the classic brown noise pattern and is deeper in tone. It sits in the background of your hearing, smoothing things out. Jason Lewis claims it may even help soothe tinnitus.

        Number of Videos: 6

        Play Length Range: 3 to 8 hours

        You probably know, or even use, the Calm app. This is their YouTube channel. Most of the videos have music or storytelling, but the Soothing Sounds Playlist is white noise as generated by nature. Enjoy the Rainstorm Sounds for Relaxing, Focus, or Deep Sleep. The sound of rain falling is random and makes for a peaceful night or a natural backdrop for meditation.

        In analysis, the rainstorm seems to sit somewhere between a pink and brown noise. If you like a bit higher tone overlaying a deeper one, this will work for you.

        Number of Videos: 3

        Play Length Range: 9 hours

        A lesser-known white noise channel, SleepySounds has a nice mix of noises and environmental sounds. Although not in the White Noise playlist, try the Forced Air Heater track. If you find the sound of large ventilation systems relaxing, this will put you out for the night. It might also remind you of the library and induce better studying.

        It falls into the brown noise range for sure, but look at the lowest frequencies. It drops off and there isn’t much there. Perhaps that’s the secret to this sound. 

        Number of Videos: 6

        Play Length Range: 3 to 8 hours

        When you visit Frank Battiston’s channel you’ll think you’re in the wrong place. It’s mostly video walkthroughs of cruise ship suites. But Frank has 4 white noise videos tucked in there. The White Noise – Black Screen – No Ads – 10 hours – Perfect Baby Sleep Aid video has almost 4 million views in 2 years. Clearly people like it.

        Notice that this track is also missing the lowest frequencies but resembles Brown noise. It’s interesting that it starts to break up around the 15kHz mark.

        Number of Videos: 42

        Play Length Range: 8.5 to 10 hours

        Randall is out there doing the Sandman’s work. He handcrafts each of these fan sounds with real fans. Box fans, ventilation fans, even dehumidifier fans. If you like fans, well Randall is your man. Who else would create Fan Noise of 12 Fans for 12 Hours?

        You probably never wondered what 12 box fans together look like, let alone what they sound like, but here it’s. And now you can see what the sound of 12 box fans looks like too. Note the high decibels down near the 0 kHz range.

        Sounds Like a Lot

         If you travel or need the sounds to play without the screen on, you could rip the audio from YouTube or download whole playlists. We’ve provided you with over 100 white noise videos with over 1000 hours of playtime. You’re ready for any situation requiring white noise.

        Update the detailed information about 13 Best Hidden Roku Channels You Need To Check Out on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!