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Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

As a journalist writing about some of the best Android smartphones, I usually have one or a dozen phones at any given point. Some have personal accounts logged in, others have work accounts, while yet others might be used for very specific use cases. Sounds fun? Not quite.

Making sure you don’t miss out on notifications or text messages is a problem you have to deal with daily if you’re toting multiple Android phones like me. I’ve been using Pushbullet to manage that chore. However, the notification mirroring service goes far beyond plain and simple, well, notification mirroring. I’ve got it plugged into servers, I use it for file sharing, and much more. There have been several Pushbullet alternatives and competitors over the years, but ten years later, here’s why the OG is still my go-to.

Do you still use Pushbullet?

5989 votes

One-stop notification hub

Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

I don’t know about you, but I often keep my phone silent when focusing and chasing a deadline. However, this usually means missing important text messages or notifications. Being a Mac user, my options are a bit limited with ways to fire away notifications from my phone to my computer unless I use an iPhone.

Pushbullet comes in clutch for Mac users to enable deeper integration with Android phones.

With the Pushbullet extension installed on my browser, notifications from all my phones sync conveniently both within the browser and to my Mac’s notification hub. Pushbullet lets me interact with those notifications to send quick responses in supported apps like WhatsApp. So when I get a text message from a friend or family member, I can reply or ignore it right there from the comfort of my computer without breaking my flow. For my use case, I prefer to glance at notifications and respond directly via my phone, but the functionality is there if you need it.

It’s not perfect, but it gets the job done

Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

For all its simplicity and seamless usability, Pushbullet isn’t quite perfect. For one, I’d like to see local LAN based syncing for devices connected to the same network. This would make the lightning-fast service even quicker. Moreover, the company pulled its iOS app a few years ago and has made no effort to bring it back. For a service that initially started as a way to unify all your devices, the lack of iOS support is disheartening, and I miss the ability to have the same notifications accessible on my iPad. Couple that with a glacial pace of feature development, and you might be led to believe that Pushbullet is abandonware, even if it is not.

Despite the glacial pace of feature development, Pushbullet is a de facto install for me on any new phone.

In almost a decade of use, there are very few services, and apps that have stayed with me and become de facto installs on any new phone. Pushbullet is one of those. Despite its limitations and misses, the utility it adds is critical for power users like me, and I don’t see myself switching to another app anytime soon.

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Pruitt’s Replacement Won’t Be Any Better For The Epa

The head of the Environmental Protection Agency has stepped down from his position, according to a Twitter announcement from President Donald Trump, but there is little reason to believe his replacement will deviate from the agency’s current deregulatory agenda.

Assistant administrator Andrew Wheeler assumes duties as acting head on Monday, July 9, Trump said in his tweet Thursday afternoon acknowledging that he has accepted EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s resignation.

“I have no doubt that Andy will continue on with our great and lasting EPA agenda,” Trump tweeted.

In his 504 days as head of the EPA, Pruitt has become known as much for his steady string of ethics scandals as his “back to basics” agenda, close ties with industry, and refusal to settle lawsuits with environmental groups.

“We could not have a better example of Trump’s failure to drain the swamp,” says Benjamin Longstreth, senior attorney for the Climate & Clean Energy Program at the Natural Resources Defense Council. “We are definitely concerned [Wheeler] will continue Scott Pruitt’s record of hostility to environmental protections.”

During the Senate committee hearing ahead of his confirmation for the deputy administrator position, Wheeler expressed his wholehearted support for President Trump and Administrator Pruitt’s “ambitious agenda” to return “EPA to its core mission and purpose.” This irony is that Pruitt’s “back-to-basics” approach to environmental regulation, which includes cleaning up toxic pollution sites, is about shifting federal authority to state and local regulators and prioritizing “an environment where jobs can grow.” In contrast, the EPA was born from an environmental movement in the 1960s to protect public health and and safeguard the nation’s air, land, and water.

Wheeler’s lobbying client echoes a similar industry-first vision for the EPA. CEO Robert E. Murray, who gave $300,000 to the president’s inauguration, handed Vice President Mike Pence a 16-item deregulatory wish list that has been published in the New York Times. The plan targeted policies that reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from coal-fired power plants, including the Clean Power Plan and U.S. participation in the Paris Climate Agreement, as well as programs which encourage the development of wind and solar energy.

“I gave Mr. Trump what I called an action plan very early. It’s about three-and-a-half pages,” Murray is quoted saying in a Frontline documentary. “He’s wiped out page one.”

Like Murray, Wheeler is also skeptical that climate change is cause by human activity, despite overwhelming scientific consensus to that fact.

Wheeler’s past clients also included regional electric and natural gas utility Xcel Energy, uranium mining company Energy Fuels Resources, liquified natural gas exporter Bear Head LNG Corporation, and biofuel trade association Growth Energy.

During the confirmation process, Wheeler told the EPA ethics office he would refrain for one year from working on issues that involve clients represented by his former law firm, unless otherwise authorized. Nevertheless, Wheeler’s public calendar shows that his deputy administrator job has him meeting regularly with renewable fuel and energy groups.

“We need to have someone in office who doesn’t have these ties to regulated entities,” Longstreth says. “We shouldn’t have somebody who is coming from a position where they were lobbying on behalf of a regulated entity.”

Even more concerning, Longstreth says, Wheeler could be “a more effective architect at dismantling environmental protections” than Pruitt. Pruitt was known for changing environmental policies with guidance memos and following up with rulemaking later. If Wheeler is more diligent about how he carries out his environmental rollbacks, they could be harder to challenge in court, Longstreth says.

Andrew Wheeler, the new administrator of the EPA EPA

Unlike Pruitt, however, Wheeler has managed to stay out of the limelight and avoid personal scandal during his long career inside Washington.

Wheeler started his tenure at the EPA in the Office of Pollution Prevention, then worked for Oklahoma senator James Inhofe, who famously used a snowball as evidence against global warming while speaking before the Senate in 2024. Wheeler then moved to the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, where he worked first as the clean air subcommittee staff director and then as the Republican committee staff director.

When asked about his greatest accomplishment, Wheeler told the Senate Environment and Public Works committee, “I have been in this town almost 30 years, and I would like to think that I have kept my personal integrity the entire time.”

Pruitt leaves the agency as the subject of 13 federal investigations into his spending and administrative decisions, according to the New York Times. The investigations, which will continue after his departure, include misusing a provision in the Safe Drinking Water Act to increase the salaries of two aides who had followed him from the Oklahoma attorney general’s office, wasting taxpayer dollars on extravagant travel expenses, purchasing an unauthorized $43,000 soundproof phone booth for private communications, and renting a condo owned by the wife of a lobbyist for just $50 per night. In return, Pruitt’s landlord used her access to speak to Pruitt about a family friend who was applying for a policy position at the EPA, according to emails obtained by the Sierra Club in a lawsuit.

Other conflicts of interest that kept his name in the headlines involved using EPA staff and security to run his personal errands. Examples include asking after the price of a used Trump International Hotel mattress, finding job opportunities for his wife, and picking up his favorite brand of luxury lotion.

In an unapologetic resignation letter heavy with religious overtones, Pruitt cited “unrelenting attacks” that took “a sizable toll” on him and his family.

Trump told press pool reporters that Pruitt resigned of his own volition, and that there wasn’t a final straw resulting in Pruitt’s departure. EPA staffers reportedly learned of his resignation via Trump’s tweets.

I Stop Keeping My Phone For Better Life

When I could not sleep, I’d turn to my mobile to get a gateway to a different world. However there were definite drawbacks to scanning Instagram at the Wee Hours.

When I was a child, I believed that monsters came from the dark. Turns out, they come from this light. Much like you, I conduct my own life over the supercomputer in my pocket. At night I’d put it under the cushion and fight to place it out of thoughts, its glowing display a gateway into other worlds.

Sure, the majority of Twitter is bile, but social media matches my exhibitionist soul; I need to be front and center of whatever talks are occurring. As a journalist, I’m supposed to be. When I explained I wanted to receive my phone from my bedroom, then a colleague half-jokingly asked: “What if something happens?”

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I read if I must have slept. I read humorous takes on the most recent meme. I browse the takedowns of Donald Trump’s most recent outburst. I read folks I believed I wholeheartedly making explanations for cruelty as lightly as cruelty appears to be creeping into public life. I read somber upgrades on new tragedies. I didn’t find the connection between bingeing on terror rather than sleeping.

Your 30s are tough, together with increasing responsibilities. Everybody else copes with it, why can not you? These ideas whirred around my mind as I stared up at the ceiling, sensing my heartbeat rising the longer I wondered why I was awake. When heavy breathing did not do the job, I’d turn into the phone under my pillow. No new mails, barely any fresh tweets except for Americans. So I would go on Instagram, where I felt depressed because I followed the others living their lives without me.

My very first efforts to sleep meant keeping the phone near. I downloaded a program of calming sounds, listened to some crackling fire through cans and, even when this did not work, switched it to full volume, which your phone warns can harm hearing. It makes as much sense as determining which, as a campfire is not warm enough, you need to place your head on it.

I went to work and sensed that my eyes drooping at 11 am. I took caffeine pills and got on with it.

Shortly after, I had been sitting at a pub cafe together with my mother and sister, fearing a second year once I felt like I had not done a fantastic job of this previous one. I clarified that I wished to eliminate this phone but I wanted its one unarguably essential function: the alert. My sister vanished into”go to the restroom” and 2 weeks after I unwrapped a retro alarm clock in the gallery store.

In the home, I snapped from the AAA battery set the wound and time the alert hand around to 6 am. This was it. However, the difference was instant. That night I left the phone in my living room couch, wondering if I’d last the night without needing to receive it. I recall no matter what happened. I must have dropped asleep too fast.

Ever since that time, I’ve slept fine. The phone’s lack is calming. Despite feeling anxiety, I haven’t yet felt that I must get my mobile phone in the middle of the night and deliver the entire world running to stave off bad ideas. I’ve actually slept through my causes for not sleeping, such as going to bed than seven hours prior to when I need to get up, which was used to direct to me lying awake reflecting the way I could no more have seven hours’ sleep.

My weekly swim isn’t any more a desperate effort to drill out. I read a novel a week later studying 12 in seven weeks. The cushion next to mine is strewn with publications. I like the serendipity of finding something I wish to read inside something little someone else has curated. You can not curate the entire internet.

The alarm clock, with its purpose, has begun to feel like a neighbor who constantly helps with this 1 job you dread. It’s comfortable, secure — something which my phone never was. Pushing down the large button on the best to quiet the alert is much more satisfying than some of those countless occasions I’ve tweeted, either emailed or Googled. The clock moves. It simply sits there, offering me the tiniest gesture of stability and control.

I love my mobile phone. In the evenings, there’s more to catch up on after a rest and I expect, less chance of others by viewing their Instagram narrative within seconds of those submitting it. 1 night, Twitter users began joking about”feral hogs”. Seven hours later, they’re going, and that I doubt after it resides helped anybody understand why. I belatedly joined in and went to work.

The alarm clock enabled me to learn to accept the world continues to turn without me. It’s not a gateway to a different planet, it’s a reminder to awaken and reside within this one.

Here are 7 strategies I found useful to prevent phones from taking over our time and attention:

Use airplane mode, even when you’re not in the air.

Do a phone swap.

Designate a “distractions” device.

Make more social.

Create a “Mindless” folder.

Mind the gaps.

Think twice before adding a new device to your life.

Eight Years Later, Indian Apple Stores Finally Look Set To Open – Hiring Underway

Opening Indian Apple Stores has been high up Tim Cook’s to-do list since at least 2024, and after a huge number of challenges, setbacks, and delays, it looks like we will now finally see at least two major stores open this quarter. Hiring of retail staff is underway, with some applicants already announcing their successful appointments.

The step is a hugely important one for Apple, as it seeks to grow its business in a country whose population now rivals that of China, and which has a rapidly growing middle class …

Why India matters

Depending on which source you consult, the population of India is either just below that of China, or has actually overtaken it to become the most populous country in the world.

For a long time, that didn’t much matter: the vast majority of India’s population was never going to be in a position to afford an iPhone. But, as with China before it, a rapidly growing middle-class population means that India has become an important market for Apple.

The most recent estimates by market intelligence company Counterpoint Research suggest that the iPhone 13 became the best-selling smartphone in the country in the final quarter of last year – the first time a premium phone has ever topped the sales lists.

While that’s of course still not Apple’s latest flagship, it’s a massive change over the course of just one year: the top sellers in Q4 2023 were budget models from Realme, Oppo, and Redmi, whose prices maxed out at around $200.

The long and painful journey toward Indian Apple Stores

The Indian government has never been afraid to apply protectionist measures, and it has effectively blackmailed both Apple and India by imposing strict conditions on the opening of single-brand stores.

In order to be allowed to open retail stores, the government originally said that iPhones not only had to be assembled within the country, but that a full 30% of the products sold in the stores had to be made in India. For a company like Apple, which relies heavily on a massive supply chain inside China, that was a virtually impossible goal to hit.

This left Apple dependent on authorized resellers, such as the deal with consumer electronics retail chain Croma to build Best Buy-style stores-within-a-store, with an Apple Store look and some Apple-trained specialist employees.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has been personally lobbying Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi since at least 2024, trying to negotiate a relaxation of the rules. There were numerous stumbling blocks and false starts along the way, before agreement was finally reached in 2023.

This allowed Apple to launch its online store first, to great success, with the first retail store originally set to open in 2023. The pandemic then put a halt to that, initially pushing the date back to 2023, and later to 2023.

Hiring now underway

The Financial Times reports that the hiring of Apple Store staff in the country is now finally underway, with some applicants already announcing their appointments.

On Friday, Apple’s career page listed openings for 12 different job functions it seeks to fill in “various locations within India,” including technical specialist, business expert, senior manager, store leader and “genius”.

Many of the job descriptions refer directly to flagship retail operations. “The Apple Store is a retail environment like no other uniquely focused on delivering amazing customer experiences,” says one.

The 12 listings imply hundreds of job openings, as a typical Apple Store has at least 100 employees and flagship locations can have up to 1,000 workers.

Some applicants have been celebrating their success by announcing their new positions on their LinkedIn profiles. This appears to have been authorized by Apple, as the company’s head of recruitment in India, Renu Sevanthi, linked to several of them.

Counterpoint Research analyst Neil Shah said that an upward spiral was already being seen in the country, where iPhone sales are rapidly increasing, and that in turn boosts demand for other Apple products.

It’s expected that a Mumbai store will open by March, and another in New Delhi shortly afterward.

Photo of Mumbai Airport: Vaishag Menon/Unsplash

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After Testing A Sonos, I Realized I’m Better Off With A Dumb Soundbar

Do you own a smart soundbar?

2406 votes

Doing double duty is doubtful for a smart soundbar

Bogdan Petrovan / Android Authority

For people like myself, one of the overriding problems with a smart soundbar is having to share it with others. My wife and I have been together since 2014, and if at least one of us is off work, there’s a strong chance the TV is busy. Our son arrived in 2023, and he’s old enough now that he can launch apps by himself.

When someone else is watching TV, a smart soundbar might as well be out of bounds.

The issue is that if someone’s watching, say, The Northman or Golden Girls, it’s rude to ask Alexa or Google Assistant to set a timer on a soundbar, never mind hijack it with music or a podcast. Even the shortest requests are going to temporarily mute someone’s content. And regardless of who’s doing what on a TV, if it’s in use, you may still find yourself having to shout or mute to make voice commands heard, neither of which is ideal for a couple or family.

The Sonos Playbase doesn’t have a microphone, but was a potential source of conflict in our household anyway, since it was possible to accidentally cast audio to it when we meant to select different outputs. A “dumb” soundbar avoids any kind of social pitfall.

There are better places for smart speakers

Roger Fingas / Android Authority

Potential social troubles aside, there are often more useful places to put a smart speaker than next to your TV. If I’m listening to something instead of watching, it’s probably in my office, kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom. Back when our son was a baby, I’d sometimes put naptime music on a nursery speaker. Whenever I get around to building a home weightlifting gym, I’ll want one there.

Often there’s not much going on in a living room that really demands voice control. Yes, some people do like hands-free TV viewing, or even kicking back on the couch for a ’70s-style listening session, but if you’ve got a decent smart TV or media streamer, a remote is probably all you need for input. The main exception to this is adjusting accessories like smart bulbs and thermostats, but of course, not everyone has those. In my case, I’ve also had separate smart speakers for years, so while something like the Sonos Playbase might sound better, I’ve always got accessory control on lock.

Often, there’s not much going on in a living room that really demands voice control.

Heck, even general knowledge questions seem to make more sense away from the TV. It’s when I’m in bed or getting breakfast that I want to call up news, weather, or my calendar — not when I’m sitting down to watch a show.

Soundbars without direct voice support, like the Playbase, can actually introduce more friction in the living room. Since the best way to control them without a TV (or a separate speaker) is a phone, I can unintentionally find myself fiddling with apps, whether it’s to find content or change settings. That might happen anyway with an interface like Apple TV or Google TV — I’m picky about the media I consume — but at least that cuts out the middleman.

A question of value

You can speak directly into the remote or say, “Hey Google,” to activate the soundbar’s microphone.

As anyone who’s shopped for them can attest, smart soundbars are often expensive. For the price of a Sonos Beam ($499 at Amazon), you can get a conventional 5.1-channel surround setup or a Dolby Atmos system, albeit not a spectacular one. For the cost of a Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar Max ($1999.99 at Amazon), you can shake the earth and make neighbors call the police.

Moreover, the functions in smart soundbars can be redundant, as I hinted earlier. Many modern TVs support not just Google Cast and AirPlay but direct control through smart home platforms like Alexa, Google Home, and/or Apple HomeKit. When they don’t, add-on media streamers will often do the trick, and some TVs (like Amazon’s Fire TV Omni series) have built-in microphones so that you don’t even need a remote, much less a smart speaker. As long as your TV is on, you’ve probably got smart tech, so it often makes more sense to focus spending on improving sound quality.

What should you consider instead of a smart soundbar?

Chris Thomas / Android Authority

The side speaker grilles hide four side-firing channels.

While smart soundbars are increasingly common, there are still plenty of vanilla ones out there, if usually at the lower end of the performance spectrum. In fact that suits my personal interests just fine at the moment — money is tighter than I’d like, so if I was buying something right now it’d be a 2.1-channel product like Vizio’s V214X-K6 ($182 on Amazon). It’s very affordable and if I really wanted to, I could still connect my phone via Bluetooth. I care more about bass and vocal clarity than I do smart functions or even spatial audio.

One thing you should also always consider is room size. You don’t necessarily need more than a budget soundbar in a small room, especially if you’re in an apartment, where a dedicated subwoofer might generate noise complaints.

A 2.1-channel setup with Bluetooth can be excellent for a lot of people.

Others may want to step up in quality, in which case they should check out mid- to high-tier brands like Samsung and Klipsch. Anything with spatial audio support typically comes with at least some smart features in tow though, so don’t expect to save cash if you want that feature. Just avoid setting up smart options if there’s nothing for you to gain.

If you’re seeking high fidelity without smart tech, you may need to bite the bullet and hunt for separate wired speakers. They’ll be more complicated to place and connect, but your ears will thank you in the end.


Some cinema purists might say so, but otherwise, absolutely not. All smart TVs have internal speakers, and some of them are pretty decent now, if not spectacular. You can always buy detached speakers too.

Possibly, but I’d normally recommend against it. They don’t offer the best of Roku or soundbar technology, so you’re probably better off pairing a Roku Ultra or Streaming Stick 4K Plus with a different bar. If you insist on an all-in-one solution, you could do far worse.

Only partially. For TV audio, you generally need an optical or HDMI ARC/eARC connection, though if you have an Apple TV 4K you can set a Sonos speaker as temporary wireless output. All Sonos speakers connect to Wi-Fi for independent music, podcasts, voice commands, and smart home functions.

Some low-end soundbars are barely better. Most, however, deliver noticeably improved volume, bass, and clarity. They can potentially enable spatial audio formats like Dolby Atmos.

13 Windows 10 Tweaks For Better Performance

Whether your computer is old or new, you need it to deliver optimum performance to enjoy your work, gaming or media streaming experience.

There are many reasons why the device may feel sluggish, but you can make it run faster. Whatever your reason may be for wanting to speed things up, we share some tweaks to speed up Windows 10 and get the most out of your device.

Table of Contents

How to Tweak Windows 10 to Improve Your Computer’s Performance

Windows 10 works fast on modern hardware, but over time, the operating system may start degrading due to viruses, bugs, compatibility issues, hardware problems and more. There are several things you can do to speed up and speed up Windows 10 on your computer when it gets slower instead of replacing it altogether.

Here are some simple hardware and software tweaks that can significantly speed up, optimize and improve Windows 10 no matter the configuration.

1. Check for and Install Windows Updates

To get the most out of your computer, you need to install the latest version of Windows 10. As you check for Windows updates, your PC also searches for the latest device drivers, which translates to better performance.

Select Windows Updates on the left pane and then select Check for updates.

Check if there are any updates available or pending updates, and then select Install now to install them.

2. Open Only the Apps You Need

Too many apps, browsers and tabs or programs open at the same time can slow down your computer and reduce its performance. This is because each app eats up RAM, CPU and GPU performance, disk space and system resources.

To resolve this and speed up Windows 10, close any apps that you don’t need as well as any browser tabs or programs that aren’t in use and see if your computer performs better.

If you have apps designed to work with older Windows versions running in Windows 10, check whether the developer has an updated version or use the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter to see what apps are affecting your computer’s performance.

To run the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter, type Troubleshoot in the search box and select Troubleshoot settings.

Select Additional Troubleshooters.

3. Use ReadyBoost

ReadyBoost is a disk caching software by Microsoft, which was developed for Windows Vista. The software may be useful in limited circumstances and allows you to use a USB flash drive (500 MB) or other removable drive to help improve performance and without adding more RAM or opening your computer.

Note: Windows will notify you if your device cannot use ReadyBoost, and then determines the free space required to optimize memory and speed up Windows 10. However, ReadyBoost can’t work if you’ve installed Windows 10 on an SSD drive because the latter is already fast.

Select OK to reserve the free space for ReadyBoost to use it.

4. Enable Automatic Page File Management

Automatic page file management ensures that the system can manage the page file size. Windows uses the paging file area on your hard disk like memory and manages it automatically for better performance.

Next, select Advanced tab in System Properties and then go to the Performance section and select Settings.

Select Advanced tab in the Performance Options section and then go to Virtual Memory area and select Change.

Next, select the box next to Automatically manage paging file size for all drives, and then restart your computer.

5. Free Up Space on Your Computer

If there’s limited space on your startup drive, your computer will work harder at finding room to store your temporary files and apps. 

Moreover, the system also reserves disk space for virtual memory so when the space gets tight, your computer’s performance will slow down while it tries to manage all the storage tasks.

To ease the overhead, make sure your computer has about 10 to 15 percent of free space to avoid dramatic slowdown due to storage in Windows 10. You can use the built-in disk cleanup utility to free up some space or uninstall apps you no longer use or need.

6. Adjust Visual Effects in Windows 10 for Best Performance

There are many visual effects in Windows 10 including shadow effects and animations, all of which look great, but hog system resources and slow down your computer.

To adjust visual effects in Windows 10, type performance in the search bar and then select Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows.

Select Adjust for best performance on the Visual Effects tab and then select Apply.

Reboot your computer and check whether the performance improves after adjusting the visual effects.

7. Pause OneDrive Syncing Temporarily

In Windows 10, you can choose where to save your files by default. For instance, you can choose to save them locally on your computer or to OneDrive and sync files. This way, you can access your files from any location or device provided you’re connected to the internet.

Saving to OneDrive also keeps backups of your files in case your computer is damaged or gets lost. However, syncing can slow down your computer, but you can pause syncing to OneDrive temporarily to speed up Windows 10.

8. Disable Startup Programs

When you power on your computer, you’ll notice that some programs start automatically and run in the background. Such programs slow down your computer, but you can disable them especially for programs you don’t use often as they increase the time Windows takes to start.

Find the program you want to stop in the Startup Apps area and set it to Off.

Note: If you turn off a startup program and it still starts automatically when you turn on your computer, run a virus and malware scan.

9. Scan Your Computer for Viruses and Malware

Viruses and malware are known to slow down your computer’s performance. When your computer is infected with viruses or malware, you may notice the sound of your hard disk constantly working, programs unexpectedly start automatically and there are unexpected popups.

Make sure you have the best antivirus that can nuke any virus or malware and keep it up to date. Run regular scans and make sure you don’t install multiple anti malware or antivirus software to avoid software conflicts that also affect your computer’s performance.

10. Switch to a New Power Plan

Windows 10 optimizes power usage through different power plans such as Power Saver, Balanced and High performance plans. The High Performance plan is ideal for better performance as it allows your computer to use more power and work faster.

Select Additional power settings under Related settings.

Next, select Create a power plan and then select High performance power plan.

11. Disable Search Indexing

The Windows search indexing process may hog system resources and negatively impact your computer’s performance. You can disable the search index to improve system performance using these steps.

Next, select Advanced Search Indexer settings under the More search indexer settings.

Select Modify.

Next, select Show all locations.

Clear all the selected locations under the Change selected locations area and then select OK.

Windows will no longer index the specified locations and your computer’s performance will improve.

12. Perform System Restore

If you installed a new device driver, system update or app and your computer’s performance began to slow down, you can use a System Restore to return the device to a previous working state.

Note: A System restore removes system changes, drivers, updates and apps you installed after the restore point was created, but your files will be preserved.

13. Factory Reset Your Computer

If you’ve tried all the above solutions and your computer’s performance is still dismal, you can factory reset your computer as a last resort. Doing this will reinstall the operating system, give you a clean copy of Windows 10 to start from and boost your computer’s overall system performance, battery life, startup and shut down.

Boost Your Computer’s Performance

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