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Like playing games on your Android device? If the answer is yes, then you’ll be overjoyed to know that a handful of premium games are currently available for free or have received a hefty discount just in time for Black Friday. This collection is spread across the spectrum and each of the game titles hold a spot in the top 10 of their individual genres. So, without wasting any time, let’s check out the games that are available in the Google Play Store for free right now.

Free Games on The Play Store 1. Get Her Back

Download (Free, sale ends in 5 days)

2. Reed

If you’re into 8-bit graphics, you’ll love spending time with Reed while trying to help him save the world. Reed is a tiny creature that’s been created by an old supercomputer and the latter is dying off. You have to collect the required cubes to save the supercomputer.

Download (Free, sale ends in 2 days)

3. Cell 13

In Cells 13, which is a puzzle platform game, you have to have to help Chester move from one cell to another cell by solving amazing logic puzzles ranging from simple to impossibly difficult. This is a mind-boggling game and you will have to think outside the box to use an object, apply physics and use them in innovative ways.

4. Project Alnilam

Project Alnilam is an abstract, atmospheric, mindbending puzzle. And as user reviews put it, it is fun puzzle game but is fairly short. It will come to an end just when you’re starting to enjoy it to the fullest. So, download this game from the Play Store in the time when its free and have some fun on the subway.

Download (Free, sale ends in 5 days)

5. Note Fighter Unlimited

Download (Free, sale ends in 10 hours)

6. AngL

Here’s another amazing puzzle game for you, that’s available for free on the Play Store at the instant. Your goal for this minimal puzzle game on Android is to bounce the ball around at different angles to reach the diamond.

Download (Free, sale ends in 6 days)

7. Minesweeper Pro

Enjoy the nostalgia-filled Windows game, which is a classic in its own right, on your very own Android device for free. You must already be acquainted with the rules of this game, so there’s no use spending a lot of time explaining it. If you’ve not yet tried Minesweeper, then here’s your chance to download it for free in the Google Play Store.

Download (Free, sale ends in 6 days)

Paid Games on The Play Store 1. Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition

One of the popular games on PC, Don’t Starve, is a survival game that has garnered a lot of praise for its gameplay. You play as Wilson, who’s been trapped in a mysterious world, and he now needs to adapt and exploit his surrounding to escape. If you enjoyed playing this game on PC, then you’ll have a good time on Android as well. So, download it from the Play Store right away.

2. Mini Metro

If the subway system tickles your funny bone, then you’d have a gala time trying to build out the metro map of a growing city from scratch. You need to take into account all of the limited resources to draw lines between stations and run the subway efficiently. You could decide to redraw subway lines to change routes according to the resources at hand.

Download ($0.99, sale ends in 6 days)

3. Monument Valley

Download ($1.29, sale ends in 6 days)

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Steam Games Not Launching Or Opening On Windows 11/10

Are you unable to launch or open your Steam games on your Windows 11/10? Steam is one of the most popular universal game launchers for Windows PC. It contains most of the free and paid video games that users can download & install and play on their PCs. However, several Steam users have reported that they can’t launch any or some of their installed games via the Steam client. While the Steam app is opening and working properly, the games just won’t load or launch.

This issue could be caused because of various reasons. Here are the potential causes:

This issue might be caused if Steam or the games lack essential permissions to run properly.

If you are trying to open some older games, there might be a compatibility issue which is why the game is not launching.

Outdated Windows OS and graphics drivers can be another reason for the same issue.

A corrupted Download cache on Steam can also trigger this issue at hand.

If there is an interruption by your security suite, the game might not launch.

In case the installation of the Steam app is corrupted or faulty, this issue can occur.

Now, if you are facing the same problem, this post will interest you. We will mention all the working fixes for the “Steam games not launching” problem. You can apply a suitable fix and get rid of the issue.

Before using any of the fixes, make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements to run the games in question. If your PC is too old to run new Steam games, you will have to upgrade your hardware to be able to launch the games. Also, reboot your computer and then try launching Steam games. It could be some temporary glitch causing the issue at hand. If that doesn’t work, follow the below-mentioned fixes.

Steam Games not launching or opening on Windows 11/10

If your Steam Games are not launching or opening on your Windows 11/10 PC, you can use the below methods to fix the issue:

Launch Steam and the game as an administrator.

Run older games in compatibility mode.

Install pending Windows updates.

Update/ reinstall your graphics driver.

Update DirectX.

Verify all game files.

Delete the Steam Download Game Cache files.

Disable antivirus/ firewall temporarily.

Reinstall the Steam client.

Perform a system restore.

1] Launch Steam and the game as an administrator

The first thing you should do is to run Steam and the game as an administrator. It might be the case that you lack the necessary permissions to launch Steam and your games. And thus, Steam games are not opening or loading on your PC. Hence, if the scenario is applicable, you should be able to fix the issue by launching Steam and the games with admin rights. Here’s how:

Now, select the Properties option from the context menu.

Next, go to the Compatibility tab and check the Run this program as an administrator option.

Repeat the above steps (2), (3), and (4) for the game executable.

Finally, open Steam and then try running the game and see if it opens or not.

If the problem is resolved, do the same for all your Steam games. However, if the issue remains the same, move on to the next potential fix.

Read: Fix Steam needs to be online to update error on Windows PC.

2] Run older games in compatibility mode

If you are trying to run older games that are designed for an earlier version of Windows, you might be dealing with a compatibility issue. So, you can launch them in compatibility mode and see if the issue is fixed. Here’s how you can do that:

Firstly, open File Explorer using Win+E and go to the installation directory of your Steam games.

In the Properties window, move to the Compatibility tab and tick the checkbox called Run this program in compatibility mode for and choose an older version of Windows to run the game.

If running in the compatibility mode works for you, repeat the above steps for all other games.

3] Install pending Windows updates

This issue can be caused if your Windows OS is outdated. Hence, update Windows by downloading and installing all the latest Windows updates. Open Settings, go to Windows Update, and press Check for updates to scan and download pending updates. Then, reboot your computer and see if you are able to launch Steam games or not.

See: Steam Service Error: Steam Service requires some maintenance.

4] Update/ reinstall your graphics driver

If updating doesn’t work, it is quite possible that your graphics driver is corrupted. And thus, your Steam games are not launching. Hence, uninstall your graphics driver and then reinstall it to fix the problem at hand. However, if you still face the same problem, go ahead and apply the next fix.

5] Update DirectX

The next thing you can do to fix the problem is to update DirectX to its latest version. A lot of games require the latest DirectX to run properly. Hence, you should ensure that you have installed the most recent version of DirectX on your PC. If it is missing from your computer, download and install the latest version and then check if the problem is resolved.

Read: FATAL ERROR: Failed to connect with local Steam Client process.

6] Verify all game files

It is quite possible that your game files are corrupted and damaged which is why no Steam game is launching on your PC. This might have happened due to malware or virus present on your PC that infected all your game files. Hence, to counter the problem, you must run an integrity verification check on your game files and fix the broken ones. Steam provides a dedicated feature to do that. Here’s how:

First, open the Steam app and go to LIBRARY.

Now, go to the Local Files tab and press the Verify the Integrity of Game Files button to start verifying and repairing the bad game files.

Finally, when the process is successfully complete, try launching the game and see if the problem is fixed or not.

You can repeat the same procedure for each problematic game. If you still can’t launch Steam games, move on to the next solution.

See: Fix Steam Missing File Privileges error on Windows PC.

7] Delete the Steam Download Game Cache files

The corrupted download cache stored in your Steam app can be one of the reasons that you are unable to launch your games. Hence, if the scenario is applicable, you can delete the Download Game Cache files and then try launching the games. To do that, here are the steps to follow:

You can now try launching your games and see if the problem is resolved.

Read: Fix MISSING DOWNLOADED FILES error on Steam.

8] Disable antivirus/ firewall temporarily

Many antiviruses and firewalls are known to cause issues in the launching or working of various games. Hence, try disabling your antivirus or firewall temporarily and then check if you can launch the games on Steam or not. If yes, the main culprit is your security suite.

Now, we don’t recommend keeping your PC’s security at stake by turning off antivirus protection. Hence, to fix the issue permanently, allow the game through your antivirus and firewall. To add an exception for your games, you can open the main settings of your antivirus and then move to the Exceptions/ Exclusion/ Whitelist settings. After that, add the main excitable of your games to the list and save the new settings.

To allow the game through Windows Firewall, here are the steps to use:

Now, from the right-side panel, tap on the Allow an app through firewall option.

Next, tick the checkboxes associated with your games and enable both the Public and Private networks checkboxes.

Finally, try opening Steam games and see if the problem is fixed.

9] Reinstall the Steam client

If none of the Steam games is opening, there must some corruption with the installation of the Steam client. Hence, the last resort to fix the problem is to uninstall Steam from your PC completely and then install a clean copy of it on your computer. Before uninstalling Steam, it is recommended to create a backup of your games folder and other important data.

Read: Can’t sign into Steam with the correct password.

10] Perform a system restore

There might be some system corruption which is why you can run Steam games on your PC. If the problem just occurred recently after making some changes to your computer, you can perform a system restore to a previous point where you were able to open Steam games. Here’s how you can do that:

Firstly, open the Run command box using Win+R and enter rstrui in the Open box to launch the System Restore window.

Next, choose a restore point and press the Next option.

After that, follow the onscreen instructions and reboot your PC.

Finally, open Steam and try launching your games to check if the problem is resolved.

Hopefully, you will now be able to open Steam games.

Why is Steam not working Windows 11?

If the Steam client is not working on your Windows 11/10 PC, it might be the case that Steam servers are not available or are down at the moment. Besides that, a lack of admin permissions, outdated device drivers, corrupted Steam Cache, overclocked GPU/ CPU, antivirus and firewall interference, and third-party software conflicts can be some other reasons that the Steam app is not working on your PC.

Why is Steam not letting me launch games?

If you are unable to launch games on Steam, the problem might be caused due to faulty and broken game files that are infected by malware or virus. Hence, you should try verifying the integrity of the game files of the problematic games and then launch them. Apart from that, missing administrator privileges, interruption caused by your antivirus/ firewall, outdated device drivers (especially graphics drivers), and compatibility issues can also cause the same issue.

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25+ Free Rockstar Games Accounts

Rockstar Games is a prominent video game developer and publisher that has made some of the most successful and innovative games in the gaming industry.

Their most notable contributions include producing game series such as Grand Theft Auto, Midnight Club, and Max Payne, and pioneering open-world game development.

Established in 1998 by Sam Houser, Dan Houser, Terry Donovan, Jamie King, and Gary Foreman, the company has grown to become a division of Take-Two Interactive.

Currently, Rockstar Games comprises ten individual studios that have launched 45 games as of May 2011.

Is Rockstar Games Social Club free?

Rockstar Social Club is a free social platform created by Rockstar Games that allows players to interact and engage with the company’s games and community.

Players can create profiles, join clans or crews, and participate in online events and activities.

The platform provides leaderboards, stats tracking, and special in-game rewards for participating in certain activities.

It also allows players to connect with each other, share their achievements and progress, and collaborate in multiplayer game modes.

How to get GTA 5 for free

To get GTA 5 for free, you can sign up for survey programs like Survey Junkie.

These programs offer surveys for you to complete for rewards like PayPal cash.

1. Survey Junkie

With Survey Junkie, you can exchange your earned cash rewards to buy GTA 5.

Trustpilot has recorded over 40,000 reviews of the platform, with an average rating of 4.3 stars.

Sign up for free on Survey Junkie, fill out your profile, and confirm your email address to start earning rewards.

Complete various surveys and share your opinions to receive rewards instantly.

2. Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars allows you to take paid online surveys to earn cash to buy GTA 5.

You can also get rewarded by playing games like Outspell, Candy Jam, and Mahjonh Solitaire.

Get cashback for online shopping, free discounts from top brands, and saving tips.

Get paid to read emails or complete the offer for more earning opportunities.

You’ll get a free $5 bonus when you sign up for an account now.

Earn cash and gift cards for grocery shopping and scanning your receipts or trying deals.

3. LifePoints

LifePoints is a survey website that rewards its members for completing surveys.

You can join the website for free and there are no requirements.

To get started, you need to register for an account, verify your email address, and complete your profile to get survey opportunities.

After you’ve verified your email address, you’ll get survey invitations via email.

When you complete a survey, you’ll earn LifePoints that can be exchanged with gift cards, PayPal credit, and more.

How to create a Rockstar Games account

Select “Join Social Club”.

Fill out the registration form with your email address, username, and password.

Review and accept the terms and Privacy Policy.

Check your email inbox for a verification message from Rockstar Games and verify your email.

Free Rockstar Games accounts

Free Rockstar Games Social Club accounts

The table above contains a limited number of Rockstar Games accounts and you have to log in before someone else does.

The majority of these accounts are created with temporary email addresses, which are inaccessible if they are deleted after use.

If you are unable to log in to an account, it’s possible that the password has been changed by someone else.

Alternatively, the account may have been deleted or banned, or you may have entered an incorrect password.

If an account does not have a GTA 5, it’s likely that it has expired or not been renewed.

If that’s the case, you can attempt to log in to another account.

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Renegade Wlans: Parasitic Or Free

In the wake of Sept. 11th, many high-tech firms that lost their wired Internet connections are turning to a band of wireless renegades who combine low-tech antennas, leading-edge networking tools and a spirit of the 1960s.

is scouting the rooftops of downtown Manhattan to place their home-made antennas allowing them to broadcast wireless local area network Internet connections to the many employees knocked off-line last month. The group is also looking for companies with excess bandwidth to donate idle connections.

When we envision wireless networks, we think of multi-million dollar national systems with expansive infrastructure or well-financed corporations at the leading edge of the mobile industry. Not often does our picture of wireless networking include a Pringles can, a broadband connection and tech geeks infused with the spirit of the 1960s.

Young wireless enthusiasts, following in the footsteps of pirate radio, ham radio and Linux hackers across North America and Europe are using 80211b to open free public access points. While operating now mostly under the radar of most consumers and wireless providers, the trend poses questions for those seeking to charge for a service these scattered volunteer organizations see as essential as water.

Essentially, free community wireless access is achieved by a person volunteering to broadcast his DSL or cable modem connection allowing anyone nearby to use the signal for checking out Web sites or sending and reading e-mail — all at a speed greater than dial-up or third-generation wireless services. All for free.

Well, nearly free. People in these wireless clouds need an inexpensive 802.11b, or WiFi, networking card and the volunteer broadcaster uses some software to turn his computer into a wireless base station. A high-gain antenna can be created with an empty Pringles container or a coffee can and some wires, say those involved. These bottom-up wireless networks can be received up to 300 feet from the home-made access point.

; started off with Anthony Townsend propping up an antenna outside his NYU office. The antenna gave visitors to New York City’s Washington Square broadband wireless connectivity for free.

Independent consultant Terry Schmidt joined NYCWireless in May after creating a free wireless network in an Upper Ease Side coffee shop. The group hopes to establish 15 more sites where people can get free wireless access in New York City.

Groups such as NYCWireless bristle at the term “parasitic networking.” They point to the high access rates charged by large service providers as being parasitic. Instead, they see the movement as a way to bring communities closer together, offering services to those organizations typically unable to afford the latest technology and a way to harness unused computing power.

Wireless giants such as Verizon, AT&T and Time Warner view the move to free wireless networking as possibly violating usage agreements. They also believe such sharing will degrade network performance as well as leave the persons volunteering their broadband connections open to lawsuits if anyone misuses the piggybacked services. While no lawsuits are currently being considered, backers of the free wireless networks see a test legal case as inevitable.

Along with New York City, there are 20 free wireless access points in Seattle, where mayoral candidate Scott Kennedy uses an empty canister of Pringles chips as a high-gain antenna at his Bit Star Cafe to boost customers’ reception. Wireless users can also find free broadband connections in San Francisco, Aspen, Portland, British Columbia and London.

What’s the future hold for these public networks? While they are faster than proposed 3G, they won’t challenge the high-speed mobile networks. Third-generation networks are too ubiquitous. NYCWireless calculates one person a day uses the free networks.

The public wireless networks aren’t a threat to the big service providers. The volunteer WiFi systems have no roaming and little security.

But Townsend and Schmidt see the day when wireless consumers will be able to scan the available networks and choose whether to use a fee-based service or a free public mobile network.

This article was first published on 802.11 Planet, an chúng tôi site.

Play Playstation 4 Games On Mac (Or Windows) With Ps4 Remote Play

Want to play Playstation 4 games on your computer? Now you can thanks to PS4 Remote Play, available for Mac OS X (and Windows PC). The Remote Play app basically allows you to control the Playstation remotely from a computer, streaming a PS4 game from the Playstation 4 itself to the Mac or PC over a wi-fi or ethernet connection, allowing you to play whatever game is in the PS4, except on the computer.

Requirements are pretty straight forward for PS4 Network Play to work; you’ll need a PS4 console updated to the latest version of Playstation system software, a relatively new Mac or Windows PC with decent hardware, a broadband internet connection that is legitimately fast, with good local networking performance as well, a PS4 controller with USB cable, and a Sony account (like you use on the Playstation). Once you meet those requirements, the rest is easy:

Playing Playstation 4 Games on Mac or PC with PS4 Remote Play

Be sure the Playstation 4 and computer are on the same local network and using the same router*

Go here to download the Remote Play app from chúng tôi and install the app on the computer

Enable Remote Play on the PS4 by going to Settings, then to ‘Remote Play Connection Settings’, and choosing to turn on “Enable Remote Play”

Connect the PS4 controller to the computer with a USB cable, then launch the PS4 Remote Play app and login with the Sony ID, the app will search for and connect to the Playstation and the PS4 or game screen will load in a moment

* After PS4 Remote Play has been setup, you can connect to the Playstation 4 remotely through WAN as well, assuming both the home and remote internet connections are sufficiently fast. Yes that means you can play a PS4 game at home, remotely from your Mac at work or school, assuming the bandwidth is sufficient.

PS4 Remote Play should load the game without issue and you’re ready to play it in windowed mode or full screen mode on the computer.

Adjusting PS4 Remote Play Performance & Resolution

The PS4 Remote Play app allows you to adjust resolution and frame rate as needed through the Preferences, which also may impact performance depending on the computer and networking conditions. If the performance is suboptimal, reducing the resolution can benefit, whereas a fast network should be able to handle 720p gaming at a high frame rate without issue. For best results, be sure the network connections in use are strong with little interference, as a weak signal on wi-fi can cause performance issues.

If you have any problems with configuration or issues with the general setup, the previously linked chúng tôi article has a few troubleshooting tips, but generally speaking as long as the PS4 has been updated to the latest system version, the feature has been enabled, and the associated internet connections are solid, it should work just fine with minimal effort.

This is a particularly great option for Mac gamers to have access to a much larger gaming library, and if you already use a PS4 controller on the Mac you may as well go a step further and setup PS4 Remote Play to play the games in Mac OS X as well. Perhaps a similar app will be made available for Playstation 3 and Xbox One?


Free Up Drive Space On Windows 10 (Ultimate Guide)

It’s also possible to use the legacy Disk Cleanup tool to free up space on your computer.

Other methods to free up space on Windows 10 include uninstalling apps you don’t use, disabling hibernation, resetting the search index, and transferring files to another drive.

On Windows 10, you can quickly free up space on your computer’s hard drive in a number of ways, and in this guide, you will learn how. When the “C” drive is full without reason, or the device starts showing signs that it’s running out of space, it’s critical to remove unnecessary files to have more room for other files and prevent performance problems. Using a computer without enough available space will slow down the system and cause errors. It’s never a good idea to use more than 70 percent of the total capacity of the hard drive, whether it is a Solid State Drive (SSD) or a traditional hard disk drive (HDD).

Windows 10 offers many ways to free up space when the hard drive on your device has low available space. Some of the easiest methods include using the Temporary file settings, Storage Sense, and you even still use the legacy Disk Cleanup. You can also reclaim some additional space by uninstalling apps you don’t use, disabling hibernation, and resetting the search index.

This guide will teach you different easy ways to declutter the hard drive on Windows 10.

Delete temporary files on Windows 10

The “Temporary files” settings allow you to delete unnecessary files to run Windows 10 to quickly free up hard drive space. For example, leftover files after installing a new version, upgrade logs, error reporting, temporary Windows installation files, and many others.

To delete temporary files to free up hard drive space on Windows 10, use these steps:

Check the temporary files to remove to free up space on Windows 10, such as “Windows Update Cleanup,” “Recycle Bin,” “Windows upgrade log files,” “Temporary files,” and “Temporary Windows installation files.”

Once you complete the steps, the junk temporary files will be removed from your computer, freeing up space for more important files on Windows 10.

Run Storage Sense on Windows 10

To free up space with Storage Sense on Windows 10, use these steps:

Open Settings.

Turn on the Storage Sense toggle switch.

Check the “Delete temporary files that my apps aren’t using” option.

Select when to run Storage Sense automatically, including “Every day,” “Every week,” “Every month,” or “During low free disk space”

Under the “Temporary files” section, check the “Delete temporary files that my apps aren’t using” option.

Choose when to delete files from the Recycle Bin using the “Delete files in my recycle bin if they have been there for over” setting. (The “Never” option disables the feature.)

Choose when the OneDrive files synced to your computer will become online-only files using the “OneDrive” setting to free up space.

Check the “Delete previous versions of Windows” option (if applicable).

Once you complete the steps, Windows 10 will free up hard drive space making more room to store other files. Also, since you are enabling the feature, Storage Sense will run automatically during low available drive space.

Run Disk Cleanup on Windows 10

The “Disk Cleanup” tool has been available for a long time, and it allows you to select and remove unnecessary files from your computer.

To remove temporary files on Windows 10 from Disk Cleanup, use these steps:

Open File Explorer.

Check the items you want to delete. For instance, “Temporary Windows Installation Files,” “Windows upgrade log files,” “Recycle Bin,” “Temporary Files,” and “System created Windows Error Reporting.”

Once you complete the steps, temporary files will permanently be deleted from your computer, making room for new files.

Uninstall apps on Windows 10

Uninstalling apps from your computer can help free up disk space on your computer. Over time, you may accumulate a lot of apps you no longer use or need, and these can take up valuable storage space. By uninstalling them, you can reclaim space and improve the performance of Windows 10.

To uninstall an app on Windows 10, use these steps:

Open Settings.

Under the “Apps & features” section, select the app (or game).

Quick tip: If you have a lot of apps, you can use the search box, the “Sort by,” and “Filter by” options to find the app faster.

Quick note: If this is a classic desktop program, continue with the on-screen directions to complete the process.

After you complete the steps, the app will be removed to free up space on your computer. You can also check out this guide with many more methods to uninstall applications.

Free up storage space by eisabling hibernation on Windows 10

Hibernation is a feature that allows the computer to save its current state to the hard drive and power off completely. When the computer is turned back on, it can quickly resume from where it left off. However, this feature requires a large amount of space to store the hibernation file. When disabling hibernation, you can free up valuable space on Windows 10.

To disable hibernation on Windows 10, use these steps:

Open Start.

Type the following command to disable hibernation to free up space and press Enter:

powercfg /hibernate off

Once you complete the steps, the feature will be disabled, potentially freeing up several gigabytes of disk space on your computer.

Reset search index database on Windows 10

The search index is a database that stores information about the files and folders on your device. Although it helps to show results quickly when using the Windows Search feature, it can also take up a significant amount of space over time. If you reset the search index, you can clear out any unnecessary data and start fresh with a smaller, more efficient database. This can help improve system performance and free up valuable storage space for other files and apps.

To reset the search index on Windows 10, use these steps:

Open Settings.

Once you complete the steps, the index database file will be deleted and replaced with a new smaller version freeing up some additional space on Windows 10.

Transfer files to another drive on Windows 10

Alternatively, you can connect a secondary storage using an external USB drive or internal hard drive to transfer your files to clear space in the system drive.

To free up space relocating files to another drive on Windows 10, use these steps:

Open File Explorer.

Open the folder with the files to transfer.

Quick note: Usually, you want to change the location for files that take up a lot of space, such as images, virtual machines, videos, etc.

Open the new drive location.

Once you complete the steps, the system drive will have more space for other files. You may have to repeat the steps to transfer other files and folders. In addition to using File Explorer, you can also perform the same task faster using commands with the Robocopy tool. 

If, after using these methods, the computer continues low in drive space, you may want to try resetting the system or performing a clean install of Windows 10. You can also Free up storage space by moving large files, such as videos, images, and virtual machines, to an external hard drive.

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