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Edge computing dominates the tech industry today and in the future. Edge computing has revolutionized the way data is processed and delivered across multiple devices worldwide. Edge computing continues to grow due to the rapid growth in IoT devices and the 2innovations of new applications that require real-time computing power.

The technology was initially developed to support IoT devices that connect to the internet and receive and send data to the cloud. Edge computing is now one of the most sought-after languages.

10 Best Amazing Edge Computing Devices

It can be used on a variety of platforms and devices, to generate huge amounts of data. We have listed the top edge computing devices businesses should be looking out for in 2023.

1. IoT Greengrass

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2. Cisco Catalyst IIR8100 3. NVIDIA EEGX 4. Eaton 5P UPS

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5. Edgeline EL8000

This rugged, convertible edge system uses built-in AI/ML capabilities to generate insights from data at the extreme edge. It includes video analytics, data reduction and visualization.

6. Google Edge CPU

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7. Microsoft Azure Pro R

It is a high-quality edge computing device under Microsoft’s Azure Stack Edge portfolio aimed to deliver hardware-as-a-service. This device can be used to solve edge computing and machine learning problems.

8. Dell PowerEdge XR11 or XR12 9. Schneider Electric’s APC Smart UPS Ultra

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10. Lenovo ThinkEdge Se30 and ThinkEdge S50

These are edge devices that Lenovo makes. They’re powerful and able to handle the information processing and security requirements. This device is suitable for many applications that require more data processing and analytics.

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Top 10 Outstanding Iot Edge Computing Platforms Of 2023

The top outstanding IoT edge computing platforms of 2023 help keep all data of organizations closer to the edge

The growth of IoT devices and new applications necessitates real-time computing power. Edge computing and 5G accelerate the support of real-time applications or creations such as AI, analytics, robotics, and self-driving cars, among others. As businesses increasingly adopt IoT technologies, the demand for high-quality IoT platforms grows. IoT platforms enable the creation of hardware and software products for collecting, storing, analyzing, and managing massive amounts of data. Edge computing platforms’ use cases are in healthcare and also in industrial settings. Platforms can be open-source or paid, and the choice should be determined by the organization.

Here are the top 10 outstanding IoT Edge Computing Platforms in 2023:

Microsoft Azure IoT Edge

Microsoft’s open-source Azure IoT platform allows you to quickly build scalable and secure edge-to-cloud solutions. It helps to create flexible applications that meet the needs of the business by utilizing ready-to-use tools, templates, and services. Some features include data security extending from edge to cloud, the ability to use Azure IoT Edge even when it is not connected to the internet, Integration with other Azure services is seamless, Improved AI solutions.

Amazon AWS IoT Core

Amazon AWS IoT Core, a market leader, enables the connection of devices to AWS cloud services without the need to manage servers. The platform ensures the reliability and security of millions of devices. By deploying APIs and tools to locations outside AWS data centers, the cloud giant enables enterprises to have data processing, analysis, and storage close to their endpoints. IoT applications can be built using AWS services such as AWS Lambda, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon CloudWatch, Alexa Voice Service, and others.

Cisco IoT Clous Connect

Cisco IoT Cloud Connect began as a service for mobile operators. This cloud-based mobility software suite for industrial and individual use cases is among the best Internet of Things cloud platforms. Cisco also offers dependable IoT hardware such as switches, access points, routers, gateways, and other devices. Cisco IoT Control Center manages cellular connectivity flawlessly, allowing you to integrate all of your IoT devices into a single SaaS solution.

Aruba Networks

Aruba Networks, a subsidiary of HPE, is a major player in edge networking hardware, software, and services. The company introduces its Aruba Edge Services Platform (ESP), which enables businesses to accelerate digital transformation through automated network management, edge-to-cloud security, and predictive AI-powered insight.

IBM Watson IoT

A fully managed cloud service for device management, flexible and scalable connectivity options, secure communications, and data lifecycle management is an IoT platform built on IBM Cloud. It helps collect insights from automobiles, buildings, equipment, assets, and things using IBM Watson IoT.

Google Distributed Cloud Edge

Google Distributed Cloud Edge is a fully managed service that leverages Google cloud infrastructure. It was released as part of the Google Distributed Cloud suite in 2023. On the Google Distributed Cloud Edge platform, you can buy serverless infrastructure and containers to run IoT applications. With this platform, users can easily transition from the edge to the cloud using Google cloud architecture services.

Aarna Networks

Aarna Networks founded in 2023, is on a mission to simplify enterprise edge orchestration through private 5G and enterprise edge computing application automation software. Aarna Edge Services, the company’s SaaS platform, offers zero-touch orchestration for edge infrastructure and public clouds. Aarna Edge Services provides compute, storage, and network connectivity from the edge to the cloud.


Macrometa, a privately held company founded in 2023, provides its Global Data Network and edge computing platform to help developers build real-time applications and APIs. The California-based company announced several partnerships, including a September partnership with DevCycle to launch Edge Flags and content delivery network services provider Akamai Technologies, which will include product integrations.

Eclipse ioFog

Eclipse ioFog platform is a complete edge computing platform that includes everything needed to run and build enterprise-scale applications at the edge. It is an integrated development environment created by the Eclipse Foundation and supported by IBM. Using Eclipse ioFog’s built-in connectors, users can connect cloud infrastructure to the edge.


Top 14 Artificial Intelligence Startups To Watch Out For In 2023!


Reducing company costs, generating customer insights & intelligence, and improving customer experiences are the three most popular ML and AI use cases

Here we are presenting 15 promising AI startups around the globe


The global data science market was valued at around 3.93 billion in 2023. The market is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 26% from 2023 to 2027. In today’s scenario, one out of 10 enterprises uses more than 10 AI applications ranging from a chatbot, Fraud detector, security, and more. Machine learning’s increased adoption across the industries has proved how it’s algorithms and techniques are efficiently solving complex real-world problems.

At the forefront of this situation, are multiple AI Startups that through their innovation and improving technology are solving problems at a pace never seen before. And there seem to be no breaks to these developments in the AI industry by these startups.

Here we are listing down some leading AI startups who are shaping the AI industry. Of course, the list is not exhaustive.

Data is the fuel of the machine learning industry. Keeping this in mind, the company was founded in 2024. AI. reverie is a New York-based simulation platform that provides synthetic data designed to make AI and machine learning algorithms training affordable, fast, and productive.

The company provides synthetic data and vision APIs across industries like smart cities, defense, retail, Agriculture, and more. It was amongst the Top 25 Machine learning startups to watch in 2023 by Forbes. Also, it is named as Gartner cool vendor for 2023 in core AI technologies.

Anodot is a United States-based startup, founded in 2014. It is an analytics platform that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to constantly analyze and correlate every business parameter, providing real-time alerts and forecasts using real-time structured metrics data and unstructured log data.

Anodot has more than100 customers in digital transformation industries, including e-commerce, FinTech, AdTech, Telco, Gaming, with tech giants like Microsoft, Lyft, Waze, and King.

It was also named in the Forbes’ Top 25 Machine Learning Startups to Watch in 2023.

Dataiku is an AI and Machine learning startup founded in 2013 it’s headquartered in Paris, France. The company announced its Data science studio in 2014, which is a ‘predictive modeling’ software for business applications. The product is available in ‘free’ and ‘enterprise’ versions. The company’s goal is to bring data analysts, engineers, and scientists together to create self-service analytics while operationalizing machine learning.

Dataiku has big enterprises like Unilever, General Electric, and Comcast as its customers.

In 2023 Alphabet Inc. joined the company as an investor also achieved unicorn status. Dataiku is named a Leader in the Gartner 2023 Magic Quadrant for Data Science and Machine-Learning Platforms.

Eightfold Ai was founded in 2024 by world experts in deep learning and is headquartered in Mountain View, California with the mission ” Right career for everyone in the world”. The company delivers a talent intelligence platform to enterprises that manage the whole talent lifecycle. The platform uses AI in the most effective way for organizations to retain top performers, upskill and reskill the workforce, recruit top talent efficiently, and reach diversity goals.

Also named in the Forbes’ Top 25 Machine Learning Startups to Watch in 2023.

Frame AI a startup founded in 2024, is a developer of a collaborative messaging platform designed to improve business conversations. The platform is an early warning and continuous monitoring system that makes the customer voice an effective operational tool to inform data-driven CX priorities.

The company uses Natural language understanding and allow companies to listen to their customers at scale across the many channels available for customer communications and make them actionable immediately. CX teams use Frame AI to identify the “why” behind customer outcomes so that they can scale what works well, and limit the impact of what does not.

In it’s latest series A funding round company raised $ 6.3 M in April 2023.

BigML is a leading machine learning company that makes ML easy, beautiful, and understandable for everybody. It helps thousands of businesses around the world make highly automated, data-driven decisions using (MLASS) machine learning as a service.

The company offers a wide variety of basic Machine Learning resources that can be composed together to solve complex Machine Learning tasks. Customers can access those resources using the BigML Dashboard, an intuitive web-based interface, or programmatically via its REST API. In addition to commercial activities, it is also playing an active role in promoting Machine Learning in education around the world through its education program

The company has raised $2.2M in funding over five rounds since it’s founded in 2024. Their latest funding was raised in April 2023, from a Seed round.

Alation is a data catalog company aimed at making a data fluent world by changing the way people find, understand, and trust data. The first to bring a data catalog to market, Alation combines machine learning and human collaboration to bring confidence to data-driven decisions.

More than 100 organizations, including the City of San Diego, eBay, Munich Re, and Pfizer, leverage the Alation Data Catalog’s mission is to fundamentally improve how healthcare is delivered in the world, through intelligent software that promises to reduce time to treatment, improve access to care, and increase the speed of diffusion of medical innovation.

In April 2023, chúng tôi has launched its Viz COVID-19, a COVID-19 patient triage software to improve patient management and allow for a safer hospital workplace during the pandemic. chúng tôi has won the prestigious UCSF Digital Health Award for Best New Application of A.I.

Found in 2023, Luminovo is a deep learning company helping corporations develop tailored applications in the electronic industry. The company aimed at bringing innovations faster to everyone by reducing the time and resources needed to go from an idea to a market-ready electronic product. Luminovo is a SaaS provider for the electronics industry.

Luminovo has raised a total of $2.5M in funding in a Pre-Seed round raised on April  2023. It is also listed in Forbes list of Top 25 machine learning startup to watch in 2023. was founded in 2024 with its headquarter in Asia-Pacific. It uses deep learning technology to help fashion e-commerce companies to understand consumers’ shopping behavior and preferences to help them to personalize on-site product recommendations. The company focuses on the fashion industry, and dives more into fashion, e.g. apparel, cosmetics, and accessory, and to build deep learning models and algorithms suitable for the use case. has raised two rounds. Their latest funding was raised in March 2023, from a Convertible Note round.

Mixmode is an AI-driven cybersecurity startup company. It is the first to bring a third-wave, context-aware AI approach that automatically learns and adapts to dynamically changing environments. The company is a developer of a predictive cybersecurity platform designed to reduce the number of alerts. Its platform delivers a continuous baseline of networks and allows users to focus on alerts that deserve their attention.

MixMode’s AI-Powered Network Traffic Analytics Platform provides deep network visibility and predictive threat detection capabilities. That enables the client’s security team to efficiently perform real-time and retrospective threat detection and visualization.

ModelOp is a Chicago based provider of ModelOps software and services for major enterprises. It puts models in business with the industry’s leading enterprise-class ModelOps software solution. Also, it enables large enterprises to address the scale and governance challenges necessary to gain the most value from enterprise AI and Machine Learning investments.

The companies across the industry use ModelOp platform to integrate their models into operations. ModelOp is a Series A “venture-backed startup”, was founded in 2024 by industry veterans with deep expertise in data science and large-scale enterprise IT operations.

OctoMl is a startup founded by a team behind the Apache TVM machine learning compiler stack project. Their mission is to enable more developers to more easily and safely deploy ML models to more hardware. The core idea behind OctoML and TVM is to use machine learning to optimize machine learning models so they can more efficiently run on different types of hardware.

OctoML has raised a total of $18.9M in funding over 2 rounds with the latest series A round in April 2023.


Innovation has been the backbone of humanity’s extraordinary progress. In the 21st century, these AI startups have become the pole-bearers of innovations, solving many problems plaguing humanity. This is just a peek at the most exciting AI startups in the domain currently. There are a lot more organizations working towards developments in various areas of life using Artificial Intelligence.

I recommend you go through this article to get a gist of where artificial intelligence and machine learning is progressing in 2023-


Latest Scams To Watch Out For!

Latest Scams to Watch Out for!

In this article we will try to explain some of the latest scams.


It is the latest form of attack developed by attackers to target mobile phone users. What the hackers do is they trick the user into downloading a Trojan horse, virus or other malware onto his smartphone via SMS.

SMiShing is abbreviation for “SMS phishing”.

Hackers send a message to users stating there’s a problem with the bank account. If user responds to such message, scammer gets to know he has got a genuine contact number and then he starts using all the tactics to get more personal information of the user to hack into his account.


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Shimmers Generally, chip based cards are on target as they are now used mostly. Tech-support Fraud

It is not something new but the tactics used these days are new. Sometime or the other we all face problem with our PC – it freezes suddenly or displays pop up messages that annoy us. When we want to fix them, a small message with a phone number appears, mentioning they can help to fix the problem. What user does is he calls on the number in hope of getting the issue fixed, without realizing he is falling for a trap.

This scam is referred to as class of telephone fraud where scammer claims to be legitimate technical support, but in reality, he is scammer. It is a form of online scam that is gaining popularity and is on the rise. The scammer uses social engineering and anxiety strategies to trick the user and make money. If you fall prey to any of these tactics you should handle them intelligently. If you receive any tech call and they ask you to pay for a plan to get the things fixed, don’t share your card number with them. Tech support scams are rapidly increasing and one small error made by us can make us pay a huge amount. Therefore, being cautious is the best way to stay secure from such attacks.

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We hope you found this article helpful and it will help you to stay safe from such scams.

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5 Digital Trends To Watch Out For In 2024

Every year brings with it new opportunities for digital success, and in this post, you will see my digital movers and shakers watch list for 2024.

The focus has been on the top search marketing and digital trends to keep a look out for so you can consider adding them into your marketing mix more effectively (or for the first time) as we move further into 2024.

Social Media Slows but Will Continue to Grow

I feel like I am cheating slightly by adding this in, however, when looking at the dominant, unstoppable forces for 2024, I cannot omit social media. With new social media platforms entering the market and existing channels continuing to grow, this social media take over is far from over, although I expect the channel specific growth to slow somewhat.

Search Engine Journal’s Aki Libo-on wrote about this social media growth infographic that covers everything from active users and annual growth, through to user demographics and platform stats. Here’s a snippet from the infographic:

According to a recent report from Our Social Times:

Over a nine month period, the growth of Instagram far exceeded that of other social media platforms, including a growth spurt (between March and December 2014) where it surpassed the 300 million user mark and expanded its audience by approximately 50 percent

Facebook, surprisingly, had more video views in a single month that YouTube from desktops, however, the change in the Facebook video ‘auto play’ functionality likely had a direct impact on that

Snapchat is one of the fastest growing social media and messaging apps with six monthly growth in 2014 exceeding that of Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, and many other alternatives

Low-Cost Marketing Will Expand—It’s Not All About Emails

When you think of low-cost marketing the first item that often springs to mind is email marketing. By 2024, I would imagine that a vast majority of businesses have trialed incorporating emails for newsletters, company  updates, industry changes, promotions, exciting news and more. By comparison, a fewer percentage will have expanded this low-cost marketing scope to incorporate items like text marketing (also known as SMS marketing and mobile marketing), but there is a growing trend.

According to UK SMS providers, Textlocal’s M-Commerce’ white paper, a company who I work with,:

Almost 4 million men and women in the UK are keen to hear from retailers by text at least once per month.

When you begin to broaden the types of low-cost marketing and expand the areas within the marketing mix that to employ, you will be surprised by the responses gained, even from the same distribution lists. One of the factors for this is that people digest communication differently, so acknowledging that in the diversity of approaches to your target audience will improve key performance metrics like open rates, response rates, and more.

Digital Marketing Will Become Even More Integrated in 2024

When you have distinct search marketing and digital expertise collaboratively working, you will be able to mitigate most of the drawbacks of one marketing channel with the benefits of another. From initial objective setting and strategy creation, through to identification of key results, metrics for defining success, and ultimately actions completed – many more businesses will be investing in integrated search marketing as 2024 progresses.

Below you can see an example of a digital integrated working model:

To support effective integrated working, companies will become more creative in their delivery approaches including internal staff interaction, as well as the working relationships with external service providers, changing the historical outsourcing approach to increase the external team mentality.

Omni-channel marketing (really another means to describe multi-channel marketing) was a quickly growing buzzword in 2024 (starting its growth in late 2013), and the trend is set to continue globally in 2024, too. Here is an example of what this trend looks like (you can see the Google Trend here):

Mobile Will be Included in Every Marketing Strategy

The growth of mobile search has been well documented and a recent study from Smart Insights tells us that this trend is going to remain active for some time to come. Mobile device targeting is not a new trend, but many businesses have not yet embraced it fully, or focused on the mobile opportunity enough to see it reach anywhere near its true ROI potential.  A few key points from this recent study include the following.

Global mobile device users: Mobile users exceed desktop users on a global scale, this means that the opportunity to generate business value from effective mobile marketing has never been greater than it is right now. An increasing number of marketers are changing their approach to reflect this, and I see this continuing to build some momentum through 2024. There is some suggested plateauing of this, but I do not see 2024 being the time-frame in which this comes to fruition.

Internet access types: People are spending the majority of their daily internet viewing time using mobile devices, in fact, 51% of the total time spent in 2024 was with mobile phones and devices. When you consider the often intermittent mobile internet access (consider items like walking to and from locations, periods of working day downtime (breaks, etc.) and often quick internet access actions between tasks) this will shape many marketing approaches based on this and other behavioral identification too.

Data: It’s Getting Bigger and it’s Real Time

When looking at digital industry trends and key movers and shakers influencing approaches to service delivery, you cannot overlook the role of big data and real-time data. Marketers have access to more information than at any other stage of human existence, and the challenge for successful digital marketing in 2024 and beyond is making meaning from all this data.

Data fuels everything from content creation and insights, through to reporting and strategy refinement. If you are making any digital decisions without data, you are likely overlooking a wealth of extra opportunity.

Here’s an example of a deep data platform in action. This is the Apollo Insights platform with information from the agency I work for, Vertical Leap. The screenshot demonstrates agile dashboard functionality, pulling in unique data sets for generating insights from information:

What’s Next?

The digital industry is always moving at a fast pace, and perhaps it is the speed of change that is the main constant.

While I am confident in my predictions for 2024 digital trends to watch out for, I am aware that there is so much more that can be added to my list. On this point, I would love to hear what you think about my predictions for digital trend movers and shakers in 2024, as well as your own predictions.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback.

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Best Content Marketing Strategies To Watch In 2023

Content marketing is a crucial development strategy for all businesses in 2023. With content marketing, you can help address crowd issues, fabricate trust, improve your change rate and draw in with target clients. Numerous buyers expect the brands they follow to convey superior grade, accommodating data, and if businesses do exactly that, they can hope to be essential for dynamic excursions.

What Is Content Marketing?

As I would like to think, Coca-Cola’s “Offer a Coke” crusade is probably the best illustration of content marketing somewhat recently. Coca-Cola made content that empowered purchasers “to discover bottles with names that held individual significance to them, share them with loved ones, at that point tweet about their encounters utilizing the hashtag #ShareaCoke.”

Content marketing isn’t about your brand; it’s about the crowd and what they care about. Spotlight your procedure on giving something that no one else does, and on hoisting your brand from an item or administration to something individuals backer and embrace.

Instructive articles, how-to recordings, online courses and digital books are altogether mainstream content marketing procedures to respond to client questions and give a reaction that no one else can offer.

Content Marketing in 2023

Here are a few systems that I’ve seen are driving the path in content marketing in 2023.

Live Video

Live video viewership became because of the Covid-19 pandemic, and it probably isn’t disappearing in 2023. As per one study of 1,000 grown-ups, 80% would prefer to watch a brand’s live video than read a blog. Also, one investigation found that “shoppers are 39% bound to share content if it’s conveyed by means of video.”

AI-Powered Content

Man-made consciousness can take information and make outlines, inscriptions and surprisingly full-length articles or blog entries.

The innovation is getting all the more openly available and looks set to take off in 2023. For instance, a characteristic language age programming called Quill has been utilized to produce new stories, reports and features for at any rate a couple of years now. At that point there’s the GPT-3 content generator.

OpenAI delivered projected valuing plans for its API, which gives admittance to the GPT-3, back in the fall. It works by breaking down a colossal measure of content and realizing what letters or words will in general follow one another. A year ago, Reddit was taking a gander at how the program may assist with content balance.

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Content in the Buyer Journey

Numerous customers expect a prompt answer right now they need to know, do and purchase. Content marketing can help satisfy that need. You can utilize a portable first methodology that incorporates applications, warnings and marketing.

Likewise, guarantee that you comprehend purchaser brain research and ideas like Maslow’s chain of importance of requirements to help you shape your content and connect with your crowd.


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Content marketing is a ceaselessly developing field. Notwithstanding the techniques referenced above, new innovations, for example, virtual, increased and blended the truth are probably going to begin changing the game soon. Advertisers are continually searching for exceptional approaches to stand apart from the rivalry, and great content is among the best procedures for doing exactly that.

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